2021 Best Travel Destinations

(C) Pexels

2020 may not be the best time to travel, but hopefully 2021 will be full of new destinations. Here are some of the best places to travel in the United States this year. On the next road trip, try to hit one or two.

Burlington, Vermont

If you’re a fan of the Northeast, you’ll need to climb Burlington in Vermont. There are many amazing restaurants, including Deli 126, Orlando’s Bar & Lounge and Grandma’s Spanish Cuisine. If you like alcohol, be sure to turn to ZAFA wines and Shacksbury cider. Snow may be fun, but it’s not a laughing stock in Vermont. They have a ton every winter.

Birmingham, Alabama

The magic city is a great option with quality places to eat, stay and visit. There may not be wizards in the whole city for this funny name, but there are many other nice things. If you are hungry, the Automatic Seafood & Oysters restaurant is for you. Hotel Valley is a luxury way to lie at night. Don’t forget to check out the Railway Park, which is 19 acres of beauty.

The big sky, Montana

Heading west, Big Sky, Montana should be one of your stops. With a 5,800-acre landscape, you’ll love Big Sky Resort, which is more like the European Alps. There is a golf and skiing community where you can be a part of as long as you want to visit.

Astoria, Oregon

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If you’ve watched the movie “Goonies,” you’ll love Astoria. If you want a good giggle, watch the show before the trip. The mountains are to the east and the ocean to the right. What is not to love? From there, head to Cannery Pier Hotel, Buoy Beer and Fort George Brewery.