4 fantastic activities to try in the woods around the world

The forests of the world are known to the inhabitants of Prince George and their visitors for their endless maze of trails, dense forest and friendly staff. Many families decide to visit the area at some point, many others decide to come back every summer. What makes forests so popular in the world? Let’s take a look at some fun activities to find out there.

You can find more places to visit in Canada on the Prince George (BC) hiking trails.


Guests arriving at the FFTW are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch. Attached to scenic Lake Shane, the facility has many great picnic areas for families to sit and relax.

There are picnic tables around the lake, as well as a covered picnic area with benches and a large trash can to keep the area tidy and tidy.

Dock fishing

Although visitors cannot go fishing in the traditional sense, they can scatter by the dock and do dock fishing.

With nets, their hands and fishing gear, both children and parents try to catch small fish, insects and lice from the Shane Lake dock.


Image courtesy of Free-Photos / Pixabay.com

Forests to the world is a classic picture of the beauty of nature. This makes it the perfect place for a family trigger to get great photos.

The area has two vantage points overlooking Lake Shane and much of the area’s forest, as well as many kilometers of trails worth taking photos of.

Visiting Aboriginal dungeons

Along the Greenway of the world’s forests, visitors often fall in love with the traditional Aboriginal well houses they encounter.

The houses by the track are original and have been preserved for decades, and their routine care and maintenance has been done to make them look new. Guests can go to the houses and explore.