40+ DIY Fails That Need to be Seen to Be Believed

Many of us get a pure rush of satisfaction when we attempt to fix something around the house, and we’re successful. But wait, we’re not talking about just home projects; we’re also referring to DIY hacks to make our lives easier. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment when we do the job well. There are many reasons for attempting some tasks on our own, including saving money, no one can do it as well as we can, or maybe no one thought that a hack was even needed. For many of us, though, once we partake in a somewhat ambitious project, we begin to feel we may have taken on a bit too much.  Admitting to ourselves that we have gotten in over our heads is half the battle. The other half lies with chucking the project and not completing it, but that may be a blow to our egos that we’re not ready to face. This article shows what happens when we refuse to admit defeat and the sad results that are achieved. While some are downright funny, others are hazards and need to be handled by professionals. We’re not talking about changing a lightbulb or figuring out how to paint a room; we’re looking at bigger projects and how they went oh so wrong.

So let’s see what others have attempted and decide for ourselves if we could have done it better or faced reality and asked a professional for assistance. Some of these projects left our staff scratching our heads, questioning what the initial thought process was. So, sit back, enjoy, and judge away.

A Useless Driveway

By looking at the slope of this driveway, it’s clear that there wasn’t much thought given. Seriously, one wonders how they’re supposed to drive up that steep terrain while keeping their foot on both the brake and gas at the same time.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and tradesman4u.com

The ground wasn’t properly leveled to allow for proper and convenient entry into the garage. If this was, in fact, planned by a professional, then he or she should be called out for this disaster waiting to happen. If the homeowners did this, then they should immediately stop and consult a professional.

His and Her’s Toilets That Appear Sexist

We are having a hard time understanding why these toilets are so close to each other, and even more puzzling is that they’re different sizes. While we don’t have the backstory on this nightmare of a bathroom, so we’re just going with what we have, and we’re not liking it.

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

Forget the issue of the two toilets side by side. No matter how well the relationship is going, no one needs to be doing their private business alongside their significant other. From the looks of it, it appears to be a bathroom in a public space, which is even odder. Yeah, we do not like this, and there’s no swaying us on this.

An Original Expression of Love

This one creeps us out, and we’re sure we’re not alone here. We get that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but can be expensive. We’re even okay with ditching the engagement ring altogether. In short, anything or nothing has to be better than this questionable expression of commitment and the promise of marriage.

Image courtesy of thesun.co.uk

Be honest; we’re all wondering how the recipient responded to getting this engagement ring made of human hair. Personally, I’m wondering if it was created from hair left in a hairbrush, or did the person proposing go ahead and pull out the hair from their own head? We’re passing on this ‘creative’ gesture of never-ending love.

A Top of the Stairs Bathtub

We all love unwinding in a warm bath, surrounded by candles, scented bath oils, and maybe some mood music. We’re fortunate if we have the time and facility to indulge in such a luxury. But if our bathroom doesn’t have space for a bath, please, we beg of our readers, don’t think it’s okay just to plunk a tub anywhere in the house.

Image courtesy of Facebook and Vansessawv

The fact that this homeowner decided to place one at the top of his stairs has us bewildered. Not only is it bizarre and with a complete lack of privacy, but the thought of splashing water on the stairway could cause slippery stairs resulting in an injury. And from the looks of the pic, we do not understand how to safely get in and out of the tub without tumbling down the stairs.

Another Driveway Not Intended for Cars

From the look of this, it’s a completed driveway. Check out the sapling tree just before the pavement. There’s no reasonable way a vehicle can access this area, and we’re trying to figure out what the point is. This is a prime example of why professionals should be consulted before embarking on a project.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Ariana Pluhi

Had the homeowners done their homework, surely they’d have understood that the pavement needed to reach the curb, allowing a car to enter easily. We’re not dissing the job, which looks fine; we’re just rolling our eyes as to why it wasn’t done properly.

Original Proposal 2.0

Well, this is definitely a step up from the engagement ring made out of hair. Good thing that the guy didn’t hold off proposing, causing the avocado to blacken. The fact that he created a makeshift engagement box out of an avocado is a bit strange, though.

Image courtesy of dailymail.com

From the look on his face, the recipient or possibly the one proposing seems happy with the unique ring-box. Maybe we’re stereotyping, but we’re figuring the happy proposal occurred in California, the state that worships avocados and all things green and healthy. Kudos on the original idea.

Toilet in the Entry

Those with large families might see the need for an extra bathroom, but this is taking it a bit too far. The owner of this attractive home decided the perfect spot for an extra toilet should be placed right by the house entrance.

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

We are questioning why the extra toilet wasn’t enclosed into a more traditional setting, say with a door and a couple more walls. Nothing like having our guests take a potty break for everyone to witness. And from the looks of this pic, that’s a wrought iron tub in the bottom corner as well; add eye-rolling emoji right here.

Not the Ideal Space for  Ceiling Fan

This one garnered a real chuckle from us. We all love the breeze a good quality ceiling fan can supply. It’s a great energy saver, and we’re all for it, but only if the ceiling space allows for it. In this case, it’s obvious that not enough thought was put into this simple project.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Pascal Meyssonier

Sure, installing a light fixture with a fan can be a simple DIY job for most novices, but some basic know-how is still required. The chuckle from us came at the number of times the user attempted to turn it on to achieve these holes in the wall. Either the walls are flimsy, or that’s one powerful fan. Better luck next time.

Yet Another Vote for a Professional Consultation

This just makes us cringe. From the looks of this, it appears that a professional had to be involved. From what we know, not too many DIYers are capable of cutting through a stone countertop. If that’s true, in this case, we’re hoping the customer withheld payment for this disaster.

Image courtesy of sugardaddy.com and Reddit.com

The angle of the sink, along with the protruding cabinetry, is just wrong. If this was a DIY project, it’s a shame that it turned out this way. If a professional created this, let’s hope they admitted their mistakes and corrected it before they were shamed online.

Put Another Shrimp on the Shopping Cart?

We appreciate the ingenuity, although we aren’t sure about the actual execution here. While it’s understandable what’s been attempted, it’s more a question of why?  We’re all for repurposing items for other uses, but just don’t understand this point of using a shopping cart as a BBQ.

Image courtesy of urbangardens.com

With a proper grilling station, there are safety factors that were considered. This option seems more dangerous than effective. The fact that the entire cart would most likely heat up, not to mention the wheels can’t be locked, is putting us at risk, which is why we’re giving this a thumbs down.

Bad Taste and Bad Lighting

This is just so wrong on so many levels; we’re not sure where to begin. When done correctly, recessed lighting is a cool and sleek aesthetic that is both appreciated and effective. The ceiling’s popcorn type texture is not only outdated; it’s also not adding to the strangely placed lights.

Image courtesy of d3troit40xz248.com and reddit.com

And, don’t get us started on bulbs used here, which look to be fluorescent. From the appearance of this image, no consideration was put into the lights’ placement other than; ‘the more, the better.’ We’re not sure where this was taken, but whether it’s a home, office, or school assembly, this was done in a less than thought out manner.

Repurposed Pickup

This one got a lot of laughs. We appreciated the thought and understood what the owner was trying to achieve. To save money on purchasing a legit pickup cap that would give the height and storage needed, this DIYer decided to do something original.

Image courtesy of reddit.com

While we can’t deny that height and storage space was achieved, we also can’t deny that it’s just plain ugly. To us, it looks more like a traveling bathroom than a pickup truck. While it’s no doubt an eyesore, we have to concede that it is unique and could’ve come out better had a little more thought and effort been applied.

Another Garage That’s Not Serving a Purpose

Yeah, we know, it looks like we’re focusing on garages primarily, but we couldn’t pass on adding this to our collection. The frustrating part for us is that the tree placed smack dab in front of the garage door makes entering the garage extremely difficult, if not impossible. One can’t help but question what came first the garage or the tree?

Image courtesy of @popmech and twitter.com

While we’re not claiming to be arborists or tree surgeons, we’re wondering why this tree can’t be relocated to another spot. Surely there has to be a way to solve this problem. From the look of the tree, it’s been there a long time, and it’s possible that relocating it isn’t an option.

Stairway to Nowhere

This image makes one wonder what purpose do these recently built stairs serve? We’ve said it before and will repeat the mantra, always consult with a professional before commencing on a construction-related project. Let’s hope this is just a stage in the process.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and @marks.pressley

We’re figuring or at least hoping that the ceiling at some point will be adjusted to allow the stairs to be of use. However, the entire structure looks like it’s in the mid-building process, and the stair guy may not have considered the existing ceiling before completing his part of the job.

There’s Something for Everyone

We all love the ambiance that scented candles give a home. We even admire those who think outside the box and try to create their own handmade candles in an attempt to start a side business. We found this ‘candle’ online for sale, where the main selling points are it’s huge and handcrafted.

Image courtesy of funkyjunk.com

Many of us remember our youth when we melted candles around empty chianti wine bottles and thought it was cool, and it was. But to go from that to this unsightly creation and attempt to charge $200 for it had us wondering if this would sell or not. Our judges found this to be offensive, unattractive, and overpriced. But, there’s a buyer for nearly every item, so we’re sure this will be nabbed by someone sooner or later, and we are guessing later.

Talk About Multitasking

We’re all about being as efficient and productive as possible. Yes, we admit, nearly every life situation relates to a past ‘Seinfeld’ episode, and this kitchen/bathroom combo is no exception. Fans of the show will recall Kramer making a salad in the shower, which could possibly explain why this even happened.

Image courtesy of Facebook and Vanessavw

Although to see a bathtub in the kitchen made us cringe, we had to give a nod to the homeowner’s imagination. We’re pretty sure this was shot outside the US because there are basic health standards and restrictions, barring this from being approved. We’re trying to picture this space being used as intended and are having a hard time unseeing that image in our heads.

Two Fixtures Would Have Worked Better

Looking at this, one has to wonder if the installer even considered two separate light fixtures before carving out a hole to accommodate this mess. We’re not even discussing the bad paint job, but are focusing on the lighting, which was an afterthought.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezburger.com

Even if it was for convenience or issues relating to electrical, we are proponents of aesthetics in addition to practicality. We’re not fans of how shoddily this project turned out and would advise any novice DIYer to go the extra mile. Had a little more thought been put into this, the result would have been far better.

Another Use for Hand Sanitizer

This one got a chuckle from our team. We all know that college students or those living on their own may have to be creative when they lack basic kitchen facilities. While this is funny, it’s also dangerous. Using alcohol gel to heat up Spam or any other food is a definite no-no!

Image courtesy of reddit.com

In an era when hand sanitizer is more popular than ever, we are not suggesting it be used for any other reason than to keep our hands clean, period. The gel should not be heated as the alcohol burns out, which could be a fire hazard. In summary, do not attempt this hack.

Too Gross

We’re all for finding hacks in order to save time and money, but this is just too gross to even be considered a thing. It’s a fact that excessive guitar playing may cause some serious calluses to our fingers. The fact that someone would find a use for the hardened skin is just downright disgusting.

Image courtesy of reddit.com

The musician that created this proudly displayed his creation after his callus naturally fell off. We assume he was feeling creative and figured this was preferable to disposing of the dead skin. The owner of this ‘beauty’ felt it was worthy of sharing with the public, and that’s why we’re sharing it as well. You’re welcome.

Toothpaste to Go

Yes, we’re here to discuss questionable hacks and are divided over this one. Some agree that dabbing toothpaste on a paper plate, drying it out, and using for camping trips is the way to go. Others argue that there’s a reason travel size products exist.

Image courtesy of lifehack.com

So if we’re talking strictly financial, we’re in favor of this hack. But if we’re talking hygiene and ease, we’re more inclined to purchasing a smaller tube and packing it for camping or other trips. Whatever one decides, this is a reasonable hack and nothing more.

Yep, We Found Yet Another Useless Garage

We’re also noticing a pattern here. It seems that garages aren’t as cut and dry as one would think, which is why we’re sharing yet another DIY job gone oh so wrong. We’re still trying to comprehend why so many garage owners don’t take into consideration that a car might want to be stored in one.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Jefsourd.com

It appears that this garage is for storage only. It’s the only thing that makes sense, as there’s no way a vehicle is supposed to enter with any sort of ease. Another option and from the looks of the image, it seems that a garage door was placed where a window could have been just as useful. Thumbs down from us, as we’re still not sure what the purpose of the door is.

‘He Who Plants a Tree, Plants Hope’

This quote was uttered by teacher and poet Lucy Larcom, and it’s very powerful. However, this bizarre hack has us questioning the motive. At first glance, it’s hard to see or maybe not, but the trees have been painted on the window, as was the snow at the bottom of the glass.

Image courtesy of reddit.com

We get that the residents of this home wanted to expand on their natural surroundings, but to paint them on the window really doesn’t achieve this, or maybe it does. We’ll let our readers be the judges here. We’re not fans of this artificial attempt, but admire the detail and work put into this particular creation.

This Stairway Needs to be Adjusted

Overall, the work looks clean and well done. What’s missing is more thought. The pull-down ladder leading to the attic was removed, and the homeowners decided they prefer a stairway leading to the space. But from the result, we’re seeing that a professional or even proper measuring wasn’t considered before beginning this project.  

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com

If it’s the first attempt, it’s admirable, even more so if it’s a novice DIYer. Luckily this can still be remedied. The stairs need to be removed, and the space needs to be measured again for proper placement. Important to keep in mind that taller people may need to access the attic, and figuring on above average height would solve the problem.

If These Catch On, There’d Be No More Snow Days

Those of us who were lucky to grow up in areas that get snow can recall days when school was canceled due to snow. But if this hack catches on, school closures due to snow may become a thing of the past. This humorous attempt at creating shoes that double as mini-snowplows is applauded for originality.

Image courtesy of favoritethings.donoah.com

While in reality, this would never work; we loved the thought and work to create these whimsical winter shoes.  To begin with, we’d have attached the plows to waterproof shoes or boots and not fabric sneakers. While it’s a fun little hack, we doubt it’ll ever become a ‘thing.’

Missed Opportunity

We’re not here to make fun of DIY jobs done by novices; honestly, we’re not. But we are here to show what can go wrong if simple planning and forethought aren’t applied before moving forward on a project. Let’s look at this door that wasn’t measured properly.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Luis M.

Had the door been the right size, then it would have opened above the brick flooring. We don’t understand why carving out an unattractive whole was preferable to either replacing or shortening the existing door. Sometimes we get so caught up with thinking we know what we’re doing that we don’t think clearly for the obvious answer. The moral here is to properly measure the door before installing it.

Freshly Pressed Sausage, Anyone?

This is up there with the Spam cooked over hand sanitizer. For many of us, we don’t have much use for irons. Maybe we don’t wear clothing that requires regular ironing, or we have a dry cleaner that we swear by. If that’s the case, then we suggest gifting the unused appliance to someone who can make good use of it.

Image courtesy of mashable.com

We do not suggest attempting to cook on the heated surface of the above-mentioned appliance. From looking at the image, we see a stovetop attached to a gas tank, which is scary enough, but this may be a frat house or even a bachelor pad that’s simply lacking proper cookware. Either way, we do not recommend this method for heating or cooking up any meals.

Lego Lovers, Check This Out

There are many sworn lovers of Legos, and we can’t help but applaud this attempt at fashion. While we cringe when trying to think about sitting in these shorts, we love the originality and respect paid to kids and adults’ longtime favorite. This image went viral, and the comments from readers were epic.

Image courtesy of 9gag.com

For those who don’t know, Lego became a well-loved product back in 1932 and was introduced in Denmark. It didn’t take long for Lego to catch on and become a beloved item for children of all ages. Lego sales spiked considerably during the global lockdown of 2020 when many people spent prolonged periods of time at home.

Artificial Sunlight

Similar to the earlier entry showing trees painted on a window, this went a step further. This wall appears to show the sun streaming through the window, hitting the wall. But in reality, the reflection was painted on, and we’re wondering why.

Image courtesy of reddit.com

We understand that this might give the illusion that sunlight is streaming in in a poorly lit area. We do not like how this would appear in the evening hours when it would just stand out—thumbs up for execution and creativity, but thumbs down for overall practicality.

Maybe Relocate the Toilet!

This image shows why plumbers, contractors, architects, and interior designers have nothing to fear from DIYers’ growing popularity. There’s a reason we keep stressing the importance of consulting a professional before moving forward with a home project.

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

From its looks, and it’s obvious from the flooring evident in the bathroom, this room was modified in some way. We’re not even getting into the flooring that’s not working for us; we’re too busy with the toilet bowl placement that doesn’t allow for the door to open and close. This can be fixed, but most likely, a professional will need to be retained and deservedly so.

Sad Island for One

We all envision our dream kitchen, and for many of us, that includes an island for gathering around with family and friends. But in reality, for this to be realized, the appropriate space and proper planning need to be factored in.

Image courtesy of honesttopaws.com

Islands are a great addition to the kitchen and provide space and seating, although that’s clearly not the case here. This is a lonely and sad island that should never have been attempted. From looking at the image, a bigger and more useful island could have worked here, but sadly that’s not the case.

Wow, That’s All, Just Wow

We get that the sink space here is small, and we’re fine with that. The sink itself works great, and a solution for a corner spot was maximized properly. It’s the mirror, or is that mirrors that were used here that leaves us wondering what happened.

Image courtesy of Facebook and Vanessavw

From the image, it’s a guest bathroom in someone’s home, ok, got it. It’s the choice of mismatched frames that we can’t figure out. The mirror was clearly cut to accommodate the corner area, but it almost seems that the off-size and mismatched frames were intentional. We will admit it’s a conversation starter and leave it at that.

Country Décor Meets Ugly Execution

This bizarre creation went oh so wrong. While we’re okay with both separately, we can’t fathom why anyone would place a wooden wishing-well type cover to a white electric stove. Even more offensive, in our opinion, is that the add-on was done as an afterthought, which is clear from the image, as it doesn’t fit properly above the stove.

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

While we’re not sure of the backstory here, we are assuming the cook in this kitchen was out for a stroll when he or she came upon this wooden appendage. While the structure is in great condition, it should’ve been used in the backyard above, say a flower-bed where it would make much more sense. Note to the homeowner; ‘Get it out of the kitchen ASAP.

Okay, Toilets in the Kitchen Are a Thing

Yes, we know, this isn’t the first bathroom slash kitchen we’re coming across. We’re mentioning this one because it appears to be acceptable in certain places, only we have no idea in what universe this is okay. The fact that there’s a window by the toilet facing the backyard also isn’t helping matters.

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

We understand that space can be a factor when deciding to design an area, and we get that maximizing every square foot is crucial to some. This might have worked if the toilet area was closed off by a door for both privacy and maybe transferring odors from the toilet area to the kitchen and vice versa.

So Close, Yet So Far

This is a real shame. This ceiling was primed perfectly for the attractive chandelier, and yet the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Looking up makes us wince and feel bad for the DIYer who should’ve done some basic online research to achieve the optimal result.

Image courtesy of Facebook and Vanessavw

While this shows that most of the work was done, it’s trying to understand why the lighting was hung in the corner of the dedicated space that leaves us bewildered. If it was for safety reasons, they should’ve stopped and re-assessed how to do it right, even if it meant swapping out the chandelier for something less heavy.

First a Tub and Now a Toilet In a Stairway

Just when we thought a bathtub awaiting us at the top of the stairs was insane, we came across this questionable feature. We need to understand in what realm this is acceptable. From the looks of the image, it’s not a new add-on and appears to be used regularly.

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

Sure, we can explain ventilation and privacy issues, but we don’t feel we need to, it’s obvious. Come on, people, bathrooms need doors, and to be away from prying eyes. Even if this was created out of necessity, it could’ve been done right, and this wasn’t. And the homeowners lost even more points for the lime green toilet cover on the white ceramic bowl.

This is Almost Perfect. Emphasis on Almost

This could’ve been a real winner if not for the strangely cut door. We love the modern lines and imagine this well-planned attic as a great play area for kids. We like the color scheme, the ladder added in good taste, and overall appreciate the attempt.

Image courtesy of loveproperty.com

It’s the door angle in this pic that appears too narrow for the opening. We’re also a bit put off by how the door was cut at the top, giving it an appearance that much thought wasn’t put into the door itself. Thankfully this is an easy fix; measuring the door size needed and ordering from a reputable supplier will surely complete this area.

Just Move the Beds!

Vaulted ceilings with wooden beams are usually a great feature, but we do need to work with them, not against them. We get that the beam from the ceiling to the floor is part of the room, and we have to adjust for it. It’s obvious from the image that there are two twin beds in the space, and they should’ve been moved to another area of the room.

Image courtesy of piximus.com

While this bedroom has a lot of potential, it’s hard to see it because of the beds’ placement.  From what we see here, it’s better to move the beds the right, just under the window, then the beam won’t be in the way. Also, window coverings would enable blocking the sun in the early morning hours, just a thought.

Spray Painting Upholstery Just Might Work

This image was supposed to end as a cautionary tale, but after our team researched, we found it might actually be okay. We found some spray paints work for upholstery, promising not to fade or transfer the color to the person sitting on it.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and @addict

We’re all for repurposing furniture and updating it for our lifestyle. The only warning on this is to choose a quality fabric paint intended for upholstery and test it out first before ruining the entire piece of furniture. We wanted to call this as fail, but if done right, it’s a winner.

No shoes, No Shirt, No Service

This hack is so funny we had to include it. Although it’s not technically a DIY fail, it is a fail nonetheless. We get the fun of walking around barefoot, we loved running around shoeless as kids. But sadly, we all have to grow up at some point and act like responsible adults.

Image courtesy of uDeepSeaMax and reddit.com

We’re calling this guy Peter Pan for deciding to remain a kid forever. Peter figured out a way to embrace the fun of going barefoot while appearing to conform to society’s standards. His sneakers’ soles were removed to allow Peter to feel the floor and ground beneath him, while still allowing him to go out to dinner with friends in more respectable establishments.

Sometimes It’s Okay to Toss the Jeans

Okay, so some of us may have put on a few pounds during the lockdown of 2020, and our jeans just don’t fit as they once did. We suggest looking at our diets and considering physical activity before embarking on a project that’s not only odd but also not the most attractive.

Image courtesy of Phoneaddictanonymous and reddit.com

Yes, we agree, recycling unused items for different purposes is a great way to protect the planet. However, the result of this creepy lounge area that looks like a blue-denim spider isn’t convincing us to pass on a trip to the furniture store. This got a thumbs up for creativity, but a thumbs down on the final result.

A Power Strip Repurposed

Again, we love protecting our planet and encourage recycling at every opportunity; this no one is arguing about. But sometimes items that no longer serve a purpose can be tossed; honestly, it’s okay. This power strip had fulfilled its purpose and no longer worked and should’ve been tossed.

Image courtesy of notsauce.com and reddit.com

However, the owner of this product had other plans. We’re trying to gauge how much time was spent on removing the electrical opening to enable the tea lights to fit in. The execution was done well; that’s not our issue. We just don’t see why it was done. True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sadly we’re not beholden to this.

Please Call a Repairman

A lot of us have a hard time admitting when we can’t fix something ourselves; we totally get that. But sometimes we just have to be honest with ourselves and realize that we aren’t McGyver and we may require a little outside help, and that’s okay.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and nowaygirl.com

This fridge broke down, after many years of faithful service, but the owner of this appliance refused to pay for a service call. He decided he could fix the cooling problem himself and save a few bucks as well. We’re still trying to ascertain if he had the spare ac just lying around waiting to be given a second life. Needless to attaching the AC to the broken fridge didn’t solve the problem but did give us a good laugh.

This is Why We Have Interior Designers

Had these homeowners admitted they were in over their heads, they’d have saved a lot of money and headache. Trust us; there’s a real reason why interior designers learn their craft and charge good money for their services. This kitchen is wrong on so many levels; it’s hard to know where to even begin.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and dwell.in.com

It’s a fact, kitchen remodeling is a big expense, and there’s usually no getting around it. We are all for hiring a professional because they understand how to place appliances, cabinetry, and doorways in the right space. While these DIYers may have saved some money doing it themselves, they are now forced to re-do it again and will hopefully hire a professional next time.

This Takes the Cake

Ok, we’ve seen several bathrooms in the kitchen and rolled our eyes, but this is truly the most unique of the bunch. This full-on bathroom and kitchen combo appears to be relatively new and recently installed. It’s why someone would allow this in the first place, which is the reason we decided it had to be included here.

Image courtesy of kitchenmisteriosdomundo.com

Let’s imagine it’s a loft, and space is an issue. Even in a minuscule loft with limited space, the bathroom area needs to be done correctly, allowing for privacy. While we’ve witnessed too many of these doesn’t make it okay. For hygiene issues alone, this has to be a health concern. Please, we’re begging, make this stop!

This is So Crazy, it’s Genius

Imagine that this was a quick hack intended to work only until the hardware shop opened up. While it’s inevitable and things in our home break down and require repairs, we can’t get over the fact that this simple idea is working.

Image courtesy of theNdog20 and Reddit.com

Sure, plumbers charge a lot of money per hour, and visits in the middle of the night can be costly. We’re not debating that, but this specific fix can easily be corrected by even a novice DIYer. All that’s needed here is a new tap, which is an easy job for most. Kudos on the original idea, though, we liked this one.

 We’re LOL’ing and Facepalming at the Same Time

This DIY fail deserves a spot here, and we’re happy to oblige. This is a common mistake for the inexperienced DIYer, but it’s not the end of the world. We almost want to blame the salesman who helped the individual, especially if both the sinks and faucets were purchased together.

Image courtesy of powersiteblog.com

This could’ve been easily avoided had someone noticed that the faucet was too short and wouldn’t work on a double sink. Again, this is an easy fix and simply swapping out the faucet for the right size will sort out this problem. We do want to thank the photographer for capturing this funny fail and giving us a good laugh.