40+ Super Optical Illusions That Mother Earth Has to Show Us

Mother Nature is quite the trickster.

If you think you’ve got her figured out, better think again. She has duped us into believing that tree trunks are made of chewing gum, that the sun is capable of radiating light thrice its heat, and that water drops can be suspended in time. It might take you anywhere from seconds to minutes to make sense of these pictures. But one thing is for sure – you’re bound to do a double-take.

Because your sense of sight isn’t as accurate as you had thought, you might think of booking a trip to some of these tourist destinations. See them up close and tell us if your brain is still playing tricks on you. Either way, it’s bound to be a fun trip!

Lava Falls

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stand at the center of a crater while thick, molten lava engulfs you? It’s not a pretty thought. But we sure bet it’d make for a captivating view. If you’re up to the chase, you could travel to the eastern edge of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. Stand at the foot of Glacier Point, and you will see the magnificence of lava pouring in from all sides.

Image Courtesy of Hybrid Tech Car

The beauty of this trip is that you get to experience the view without the simmering heat. As the sun sets, it casts its light on the Yosemite waterfall. It looks like molten lava, but it’s all just a trickery of light. This happens around the second week of February. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have your Valentine’s date here?

Climbing in Faces

Have you ever tried mountain climbing? It’s a great sport! But it requires a precise degree of coordination, planning, and core body strength. After all, you’re going to be hauling your full body weight up a mountain. When pressed against a corner, you’ll have to dig into crevices or make one. Like any endeavor, it’s best to try this sport in phases.

Image Courtesy of Pakistan Tourism Society / Facebook

Mountaineers swear by periodic training. Over time, your body will grow more flexible. Increased oxygen flows towards all your limbs and helps you move more efficiently. That means less chances of getting cramps, especially while you’re climbing this face of a mountain. This is perfect for beginners. It has so many jagged edges to bear your weight on. It isn’t that steep, nor is it that vertically inclined. Now, how about training?

Caffeinated Sky To Go

Imagine ordering a steaming cup of brewed coffee to go. On this particular day, you’re feeling sweet and creamy. So you head over to the side, take two sachets of cream and a pop of sugar, tear open at the top, and then watch the granules fall into your velvet black coffee. You absentmindedly take the stirrer and then slide it into the liquid. As you stir slowly, you see the cream’s texture and the caffeine melting into each other. Now, picture that as the sky.

Image Courtesy of Cool Weirdo

Look at those rich, textured folds. You clack your tongue against the palate of your mouth and take a gulp. How many pumps did it take for this sky to reach this velvety cream? We sure hope it’ll rain so that we can take a sip of this Irish coffee. We hadn’t known God to be such an awesome barista!

Looking Her in the Eye

We have always been told that Mother Nature is a beauty to behold. But who has really seen her? Ask anyone, and they will probably tell you their own perception of her. To some, she might have long wavy black hair; to others, she might have her auburn hair tucked neatly under a crown of flowers. Well, one thing’s for sure, she has such a captivating eye.

Image Courtesy of @CailloutMichel / Twitter

You can make out the specks of her iris. She stares at you unflinchingly. She knows what you have come here for, and welcomes you, her child, into her arms. As you walk towards the clearing, you feel yourself sinking deeper into those jade pools. She’s quite a beauty, isn’t she?

Hurricane Below

Is it just us, or does that beach look like there’s a hurricane brewing underwater? Hurricanes on land are terrifying. Having them spin cycles at a thousand rotations per minute underwater must be dizzying for sea creatures. You wouldn’t want to be caught surfing the beach on this beautiful day. You might be dragged to the pit of no return.

Image Courtesy of Twisted Sifter

But all this is is an illusion. This island nation can be located in the Indian Ocean about 1200 miles of the coast of Africa. Natives call it Mauritius. Wonder where the sand is being taken to? They’re just being sifted into rotations. Due to continuous movement, sand, and silt shift against the blue landscape. Beautiful, huh?

Hitching the Wave

Pack your bags, tie your shoes, fill those water jugs, and take a hike on The Wave. Located in Coyote Buttes, Utah Arizona, The Wave is the go-to destination for a backdrop of Mars. Just imagine it, you’re in your spacesuit, sticking a pod into some rocks. You’re probably measuring surface temperature and looking for any visible signs of alien life.

Image Courtesy of Travel Locus Blogspot

Going to The Wave is pretty much traveling to Mars, minus the 21-month travel and space training. You wouldn’t have to deal with the lack of water or the extreme cold temperatures during nighttime. You would be the envy of all your friends. Only 20 permits are issued to allow visitors to view these rock formations in person. We suggest you book your trip between December to February. You will have better chances of securing the permit then.

What Good Tidings?

Remember when Pocahontas would visit Grandmother Willow? Pocahontas would be comforted by the wise words of this sentient weeping willow tree. Sometimes, she might hear her cheeky comeback. We wish we had one too. It’d be nice to be comforted by someone who’s all-knowing. Well, in this forest, we found our own Grandmother Willow, in the form of a sloth tree.

Image Courtesy of My Tree Planet

Given all the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, we wouldn’t be surprised why we would be welcomed by this expectant look. What good tidings have you come to bring? Nothing. Our grandmother tree would probably say we’re up to no good. We’d agree for the most part, but that’s because we’re still learning.

Wearing Different Hues

Let’s see if you can spot the animal in this picture. It’s wearing different hues. But best believe it’s the same furry, drunken child you wish you cared for at the petting zoo. Their fur is supposed to be a great camouflage for their environment; in this case, it is! Another tip – they spend most of their waking hours eating!

Image courtesy of Illustrators Australia

It’s a Great Panda Bear. Can you see him? Bamboo is their main diet, but it seems like it has taken a liking for another type of tree. Sure, they occasionally eat food products other than bamboo, but this one is definitely made out of Sydney Red Gum Trees.

Fun Trivia

Here are a few fun trivia about elephants. Their tusks are actually teeth! Those continuously grow, and once cut, do not grow back. For humans, these are the incisors. Second, elephants communicate through sound vibrations or rumbles. They can sense another animal’s stress miles away, by feeling the ground with their feet. Third, elephants are the world’s largest land animal. Don’t believe us? Look below!

Image courtesy of Unusual Places Org

That’s what we thought! That’s about a mile tall and two miles wide. There’s no mistaking it. Elephants are the only land animals that have large, floppy ears and wide trunk legs. It’s just that this one is made of stone. Since its feet are submerged in water, do you think it can sense the stress of both land and sea animals too?

Safe Anchor

Trees are similar to icebergs. You’re only seeing part of the beauty that comprise the whole. Underneath, a complicated network of roots branches out to provide a safe anchor. Apart from that, roots help store nutrients during Fall and Winter. If you want to observe the tree as a whole, take a look below.

Image Courtesy of picsearth / Twitter

After all, a tree is only as good as its base of support. In case you’re wondering, the bottom halves are merely a reflection of these trees. The pink undertones are a dead give-away, but one thing is for sure, the landscape is breathtaking. Now, who wants to go for a walk in the park?

Taking Guard

Have you ever felt like eyes were staring at you while camping in the forest? We’re sure you have felt the spooks. You turn around often and check your surroundings. You’re certain someone’s looking at you. But you don’t know where. Well, now you know why.

Image Courtesy of NRHatch WordPress

There’s a clearing out in the middle. There, trees have shed their colors. Without the weight of their leaves, they stretch their limbs to bathe in the sunlight. These trees act under the command of a woman who stands guard every waking minute. Once they know they’re safe, they bloom in time for Spring.

Last One is a Coward

If there is anything we’re grateful for outgrowing, it’s childhood games. Sure, some of it was fun, but most of it was upsetting. How come? We had been late bloomers. For us, it’s a near guarantee to lose in competitive games. Take sprints. While our baby fat would cushion us from falls, they would hold us back. We hadn’t even started on reflexes. We always seem to be a second late when we hear “last one to jump in the well is a coward!”

Image Courtesy of Boredom Therapy

To be fair, there’s a good reason to hesitate. This well looks more like an abyss. The Well of Jacob is a karstic spring that draws its water from an underground reservoir. It has been doing so for millions of years. If you jump in, who knows what bones you might find at the bottom. At its opening, it drops down as deep as 30 feet. But don’t let that fool you – its deep recesses go as deep as 137 feet.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Mother Nature sure knows how to bestow gifts. Apart from giving beauty, she has gifted many creatures with adaptability. This is the only way to increase their chances of surviving in the wild. Take it from this butterfly. She has received her share of awe and admiration. But being the shy type, she hides in plain sight.

Image Courtesy of Brain Sharper

She deflects the attention to the neighboring flowers. Plus, she gets to travel from one bud to another undisturbed. Humans, after all, have the habit of seizing or capturing creatures they like. If this butterfly were held captive, then she wouldn’t be able to move pollen on their thin, delicate legs. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

Evergreens in Winter

Sure, we love winter. That’s the perfect time for cuddles, chocolate coffee, nutmeg, and reading by the hearth. But the cold snow can be unkind to hikers who walk to and from the cabin. You can say that the blinding white amplifies our loneliness. If only we can see a patch of green to remind us what summer looks like.

Image courtesy of Brain Sharper

Look no further than the lake. Here you can see the Evergreens’ vibrant hue, in contrast to the white flecks decorating each leaf during the winter. On one end of the lake, it’s summer; on the other, it’s winter. Doesn’t it feel like your winter has gotten a bit warmer – with these Evergreens promising the turn of the season?

Frozen in Time

After seeing this picture, we’ve decided to spend more time outdoors. We see cobwebs all the time, but we hadn’t seen them display this degree of magnificence after a spritz of rain. Pearl water drops hang on the thin silk. A spider had threaded these in the hopes of catching prey. Bet, it hadn’t counted on slurping on water for its snack.

Image Courtesy of Izi Smile

Despite the fragility of cobwebs against our fingers, they can sustain the tug and push of air and water weight. Dew trickles down the network and gently patters onto the soil below. These droplets look like they’re suspended in time, but it’s really just the work of the neighborhood spider.

Sold Like a Dali

If your unconscious brain had its own social media account, your feed would be ridden with shots like this. It’s Salvador Dali’s style – very surrealistic! In fact, you might call to mind a melting, buttery clock? The amazing tidbit about this surrealist image is that it isn’t a painting. It’s in fact a real photograph taken of the Skeleton Trees in the arid desert of Deadvlei, Namibia.

Image Courtesy of IFL Science

Creepy huh. If you browse the net for images of Deadvlei, you’ll be met with hundreds upon hundreds of shots like this. They look like surrealist images painted on oil canvasses. Before you travel to Namibia, take note that the desert is quite unforgiving, probably even hostile to tourists. Take it from the name Dead Vlei which means dead marsh. Those dunes have literally rusted from the harsh temperatures in Southern Africa.

Deathly Stones

This natural formation looks like a cut-off from a horror movie. It’s the stuff snuff movies are made out of. There’s the jock, the rich Hilton heiress, the nerd, the female outcast, and the joker. By a twist of fate, their adolescent lives intertwine one uneventful evening. By midnight, they are staring at the unflinching skull of death.

Image Courtesy of @pirategrl79 / Twitter

In case you want to film your horror movie here, book a trip to Skull Hill, Semporna, Malaysia. Throw in a couple of bikinis, fins, and a snorkel. The place is also a dive spot! So after your characters escape the jaws of death, have them jump off the cliff and into the clear ocean. Wouldn’t that make for a great escape?

Knee- Deep

You know what they say about still waters – they run deep. Yet, it’s still hard to imagine this lake as anything but. Its pristine waters reflect the depth of the water as if it were knee-deep. You could see the rocks as clearly as you can see the reflection of mountaintops. Imagine fish swimming aroundof these icy mountains and living inside their caves.

Image Courtesy of Beat Port

Who wouldn’t be tempted to reach out? If we can touch the surface of the water and submerge our fingers a few feet more, we just might be able to grasp the rocks that paint its floor. But that’s wishful thinking. Better keep all extremities within the boat. If you reach too deeply, you just might test how deep the waters go.

No End in Sight

When you’re bogged down by work, the most appealing thing your boss could give you is paid leave. You could treat your friends for dinner or invite them on a road trip. Fancy going to that skiing resort? Pack your bags, load the trunk, and roll your windows down. You’re going on a trip with no end in sight!

Image Courtesy of Raw Designs 2

The travel seems like a dizzying experience. You can feel the wind change pressure as you pedal the gas. And you will feel like a weight has been lifted as you ease off it. Now just imagine how it would feel like when you reach your travel destination.

Not Your Typical Painting

It almost looks like it had been painted using colored ink pigments, as the Chinese do on paper or silk. The ink is tightly bound to the paper medium. It’s highly likely that the brown and black ink was water-based. In reality, this painting is an overhead snapshot of the arid desert ground in Baja, California, Mexico.

Image Courtesy of National Geographic

It looks like a Chinese painting because the “ink” that has formed the trunk and branches of this tree is actually water from the nearby desert river. A spring flood causes water to branch out into the desert. This causes a pulse flow. If water is redirected back to the original source, or if the water supply is low, the pulse flow that seeped into the riverbed eventually dries up.

What Would Happen If

the ozone layer covering your city disappeared? The Earth is covered by a thin part of the atmosphere, which absorbs harmful ultraviolet light. This thin layer is called the Ozone Layer. Scientists claim that damage brought to the ozone layer can be visualized as thin patches. We can’t help but wonder if this is what it looks like.

Image courtesy of Courrier International

What were to happen if our ozone layer disappeared? We would be at increased risk for skin cancer, immune system damage, eye cataracts, and genetic abnormalities. Life wouldn’t exist without it. Ultraviolet rays would penetrate and affect every human, plant, and animal. But don’t worry, this is only a version of What Would Happen. The hole you see above is really just a clearing for clouds. It had rained moments earlier, hence the rainbow. Reckon there’s a Leprechaun with a pot of gold at either side?

Welcome to the Pit

Grab hold of your bibles and recite your prayers. You’re going on a trip to the pits of hell. Unfortunate souls desperately cling to each other. Maybe they can hoist themselves up by grabbing another person’s limb. All efforts fail as their bodies melt into the pit. Amidst the anguish stands a woman baring a joyful smile. Who is she, and why isn’t she extending a hand?

Image Courtesy of History Daily Org

That’s because the spirits that you see are actually just the outermost layers of lava that have cooled down and solidified. Believe us, the view from the volcanologist’s standpoint is different from the picture above. From her viewpoint, you’ll only be seeing ragged edges jutting out from each other. If you don’t believe us, try visiting the lava tubes near Mauna Ulu Crater, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Howl at the Bloody Moon

Like Jacob Black, you may have felt like shape-shifting was beyond your control. Your fur bristles. The sides of your lips twitch, and you feel like baring your fangs. Let them give off their shiny, white gleam. The curve of your back forces you to go down on all fours, and you feel the thin skin around your palms thicken into paws.

Image Courtesy of Farmers Almanac

You give off a blood-curling howl – the type to force people to check their locks and close their curtains. All of you shiver. They hug themselves to stay warm, while you draw in the power of the blood moon. It only occurs during a total lunar eclipse. The immensity of your power dawns on you. And you prowl deep into the forest for a hunt.

Physics in Motion

Just like you, these clouds are rare. They go by the name of Kelvin-Helmholtz, owing to the two scientists who had studied them in the 19th century. What’s so special about them? These clouds resemble ocean waves. This happens when air (having different weight) move sidewards at different speeds.

Image Courtesy of Earth Sky Org

Heavier air masses fall and create the break patterns. They eventually return to the body of the cloud where they join with air masses having the same weight. Interesting, isn’t it – how nature mimics other states of matter? Air mimics the ocean, whereas the ocean reflects the blue color of the sky.

Straight Out of Inception

This picture looks like it had come straight out of the Inception movie. We should see Dom Cobb step out of one dimension soon. To keep ourselves from getting lost in the dream world, spin the totem and wait for it to fall. Did yours fall yet?

Image Courtesy of Land and Farm

Because ours did, there hadn’t been any edits when Daniel Hoerr posted this photo of eastern Colorado farmland online. The culprit of this optical illusion had been a snowstorm. Within a couple of minutes, the image was forwarded to The Weather Channel, which had conducted a meteorology report. The snow had been falling sideways, which researchers believe have caused this land to appear two-dimensional.

What’s Brewing

This picture makes these mountains look like giant saucepans. How about taking a whiff from the mountaintop? Stir occasionally to keep the sauce from sticking to the bottom of the pan. The last thing we need is the whole town smelling like burnt onions.

Image Courtesy of Science Education

Geeks call these clouds Lenticular. You might have seen them in hilly areas. It happens when air is pushed against the mountain slopes, up and over the top where it brews upwards and outwards. They’re usually harmless. They don’t bring gloom, doom, and rain with them. We bet we can watch these clouds form all day long.

Preserved in Time

It turns out that not all dinosaurs have gone extinct. In the middle of the forest, someone came across this beautiful structure. She didn’t know whether to run or to stay in place. The dinosaur’s jaws were wide open, and she was fresh bait.

Image Courtesy of Insider

Scientists say that everything has trace memory. From our DNA to rainwater, we can’t help but agree that this tree holds remnants of the past. Dinosaurs might have once inhabited this forest and broke offshoots with their long necks. Can you hear this dinosaur roar?

Holes in Her Wings

As you look at the picture, you might wonder how this butterfly manages to wing it. She’s got holes on both wings! Fear not. This goliath makes up for it in size. The Giant Atlas Moth can grow as big as a ruler. Now imagine that butterfly landing on your chest. Makes for a great design, but don’t swat it away.

Image courtesy of Animal Crossing Fandom

It’s named Atlas for the map-like patterns on its wings. That means there aren’t any holes on either one. Think of those “holes” as islands, adrift in the expanse of air. Some believe that the moth was named after Atlas, the Titan who bears the weight of the world. If you’re a titleholder like this giant moth, wouldn’t you feel the pressure to maintain your popularity? Yeah, that’s what we thought too.

Rainbow Trees

As mother nature shifts through the seasons, so do her children. Snakes shed their skin, trees lose their leaves, and some tree trunks turn into different shades of colors. It’s kind of like children fusing different colored molding clay, and then pulling at the ends to spread them out.

Image Courtesy of Insider

These Rainbow Eucalyptus trees are common in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. As if it were being peeled, its bark falls off throughout the year. Within, you will see freshly-colored green bark. Over time, the green-colored bark turns into different orange, red, purple, and blue hues. This tree sure knows how to age in style!

Bring The Heat On

Depending on the type of person you are, you might love this next bit. Ever wonder what it’s like to have two or more suns radiate heat? Well, that’s what this picture looks like. Bright patches line the horizon mid-afternoon. That should thaw the ice quicker, but residents still find themselves shoveling the same amount of snow out of their driveways.

Image Courtesy of Sun Dog

This rare occurrence is called a Sun Dog. It’s really just the sun (yes, the same singular star), casting its light, which is bent as it passes through ice crystals. All ice crystals bend light as it flows through them; it’s just that these additional patches refract light towards our eyes. That’s what’s causing the sun to appear like it’s giving thrice the heat during the summertime. Ice can be so cold and cunning.

Commanding an Army

When Sheldon Plankton isn’t attempting to rob Mr. Krab’s secret formula, he thrives by the seashore with his family. He distributes flyers and hopes to rally them to his cause. You’d know it’s that time of the month when the sea lights up like this. By morning, there’ll be an army marching for Bikini Bottom.

Image Courtesy of Atlas Obscura

The Maldives is home to phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum. When under stress, like they would be when attempting to steal a secret formula, they give off light. The ebb and flow of water, the sheer force of a surfboard or the splash given off by running children distresses them. Fortunately for us, they make a beautiful sight!

Turning Water into Wine

This man is the modern-day Jesus. In this water-into-wine feat, he shows us that it’s possible for man to walk the clouds. There are no harnesses, edits, or even parachutes involved. This guy has just hurled himself into the air and posed mid-shot for the best proof of a miracle.

Image Courtesy of Red Book Mag

He isn’t starting a new religion. But he’s telling you to get your creative juices flowing. If you want a rad shot like this, then it’s time to use the local lake as your backdrop. He and his friends carefully slid themselves across the lake and stopped about a 100 meters. He did a couple of test jumps, and his friend took a freeze-frame shot. How’s he walking on the sky? That’s just a reflection of the clouds overhead.

Missing Leprechaun

As kids, we were told that we could dream of becoming anything or anyone. While many imagined themselves to be doctors or pilots, we imagined ourselves to be millionaires. It didn’t matter what our occupation would be, as long as we would hit the seven-figure mark. What’s the golden ticket? A pot of gold.

Image Courtesy of Earth Sky Org

That’s why we would rush out of the house in search of the end of the rainbow. We had been told that a pot of gold was waiting for us on either side. Being the treasure that it is, it’s guarded by a leprechaun. We would arm ourselves with slings and stones. But every once in a while, we would be met with these kinds of halo rainbows. They’re every bit as beautiful as the ordinary ones. It’s just that there’s no pot of gold in sight—what a bummer.

Give Her a Smooch

Twist and uncap. Dab the tip of your index finger inside the container, and then apply that shiny sheen onto your lips. Start in the middle and then work your way to the sides. Apply more as needed, pucker up, and then smooch. In no time, your lips should be looking as glam as this. Guess what they’re called.

Image Couresy of News CGTN

Hooker Lips. If Angelina Jolie were a flower, it’d be this. This tropical plant can be found smooching in the rainforests of Costa Rica, Ecuador, and other South American countries. Its lips are lush and inviting. You might be tempted to cup the base with your hand and then lean in to smell its fresh, seductive scent. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself competing with hummingbirds and butterflies.

Lovers in Paradise

In Asia, there’s pre-colonial folklore about the first man and woman. Born to land and the sea, a demigod emerged from the nodes of a bamboo pole – The Strong One. Within a couple of minutes, the bamboo pole beside it swung, and out came a long-haired, lithe demi-goddess- The Beautiful One. Humankind was born to these two.

Image courtesy of Fine Art America

One day, The Strong One grew irate of his insolent children. He chased them and beat whoever he could get his hands on. Those who hid within the rooms became the local chieftains; the children who slid themselves between the walls became the slaves; those who fled to the sea came back light-skinned, and those who covered themselves in ash grew up dark-skinned. In old age, The Strong One and The Beautiful One died peacefully in each other’s arms.

Staring You in the Face

What’s the great equalizer amongst every living creature? Death. We shy away from the concept of it because we dislike an end to things. Kind of like when we reach the pinnacle of our careers, we hope never to come down. Just like the passing of every season, every creature will bare his/her leaves, for a new beginning. When you look at it, death is staring you in the face every waking moment.

Image Courtesy of A Connection Stronger Than Words / Wattpad

The great thing about confronting this skull is that you get to ask yourself what it is you really want to pursue. Each Fall allows you to start over. You can harness your energy during Winter and grow back your leaves by Spring. Wouldn’t you want to live a spectacular life, the same way all things thrive during Summer?

Can You Lick It?

There is only one question on everyone’s minds as they travel to the salt flats in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Can you lick it? Yes, you can. But before you kneel down and bend over, remember that these hexagonal tiles of salt are as dazzling as they are deceiving. Salt flats are basically flat expanses of ground, lakes, or boggy soil covered with salt and minerals. So, it’s possible that the crust of salt can cave as you walk on it, and you could be engulfed by mud.

Image Courtesy of Atlas Obscura

Don’t worry, the salt flats in Bolivia are basically desert lakes that have dried up. You don’t need quick shine to rub over these geometric shapes to see your reflection in them. In fact, Salar de Uyuni is known as the world’s largest mirror. And it doesn’t need a man to craft it. It forms on its own and spans 130 kilometers long. Now, how about inviting your narcissistic friends? They can stare at themselves for days on end in these natural wonders.

Can You Hear the Music

We can’t wait to travel to these islands. They’re perfect for music lovers. If you’re one too, consider booking a room at the Drake Bay Getaway, Costa Rica. You will travel to these islands by boat. For your safety, your guide will escort you there at dawn. It looks like any other beachfront, but wait until the sun sets. Look at Violin Island.

Image Courtesy of Alexandra Phoenix Art / Word Press

Those ordinary stone structures give off the silhouette of half a violin. What are the odds that this bunch of rocks has been weathered over time to create the perfect string instrument? During your stay, you will be met with other musical accompaniments – birds chirping, the call of Scarlet Macaws, and the deep bellows of Caimans. What an ensemble!

Tit for Tat

We don’t think Mother Nature was happy with this bridge. Hundreds of men walked to either end of this river to bring granite rocks. Then they put in hours and hours of work cutting the stones so that they nestled perfectly together. A sturdy base helps keeps the structure intact.

Image courtesy of Mind Blowing Facts

Unhappy that these men were disturbing the calm, mother nature decided to draw tit for tat. When they had been able to shape the semi-circle, she drew on rain and immense heat to discourage them. But these men wouldn’t budge. Come rain or snow; they trudged through building the bridge slowly. Only then did Mother Nature accede. She reflected the beauty of the stone bridge as the men were building it so that they could perfect the arc. Now, who’s up for rowing under this magnificent structure?

All in the Golden Afternoon

We prefer reading this children’s tale than actually starring in it, but here we go. You’re lost in a madcap adventure as you tumble down the rabbit hole. You’re gentle and trustful, even as a bunch of snotty flowers welcomes you with distaste. In this golden afternoon, you encounter a rocking horsefly and a rose that studies you curiously. You’re taken aback, for it can talk!

Image Courtesy of Insider Travel

“Of course, we can talk, my dear”, said the Rose. The purple flower fixes her glasses and haughtily states, “if there’s anyone worth talking to.” Yes, that purple flower named Iris can be seen in this golden afternoon at the park. Its large-winged hair falls over the front of its forehead. As the flowers start singing, Iris’ chest puffs out. A melodic tune escapes her lips. She’s quite a beauty!

Surfing the Clouds

There’s one place almost everyone loves – the beach. You can roll up your pants, take off your shoes, and then stretch your toes. Feel the grainy sand scrub the base of your foot. On a beautiful day, the horizon may look like this. It’s as if the sky and the sea have conspired to give you the optimal surfing experience. How would it feel like to ride the clouds?

Image Courtesy of Weather News

It would be divine. As you feel the water gently push you, you swiftly bear your weight on both feet. You spread your legs apart and bend your knees. You feel your hair fall backward- ends getting tangled by the coursing air. Brace yourself for the eternity of those couple of seconds, with water at your feet.

Do You Want the Moon

This 1946 classic brings to mind the doting George Bailey. He courts blue-eyed Mary, whom he visits one evening. He asks, “What do you want, Mary? Do you want the moon? Just say the word, and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.” Well, it seems like George has got this gift secured with a bow!

Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor

George must have practiced on a dozen horses. Because with one deft swoop, he swung the lasso over the moon and tugged at it. With every heave, Mary’s eyes grew larger. Her steps inching closer towards the gift before her. The residents of this town are every bit as lucky. It sure is a Wonderful Life!


We can only imagine the urban legends circulating about this tree. Its whole trunk brings to mind the sinewy elegance of a woman. With roots spreading meters wide, it has withstood several storms. Birds and animals have sought the comfort of its shade, and during Autumn, it lends its hair for the fertile growth of the soil below.

Image Courtesy of One Dio

Any logger would be insane to cut this tree down. It’s majestic on its own. In fact, we should probably learn to look at other trees the same way we perceive this as beautiful. If this tree can bring to mind the silhouette of a woman, imagine what other trees can conjure in one’s mind. It’s really just a matter of perception.

Let’s Go Far(oe) Away

With the pile of work sitting atop your desk, you’d be tempted to yank your necktie, lay waste to the papers and then yell “I Quit”. Sadly, bills don’t pay themselves. How about reframing your view of work? Imagine if you can save up, book a trip somewhere far, Far(oe) away…someplace as breathtakingly beautiful as this.

Image courtesy of CN Traveler

The Faroe Islands are tucked between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean. People flock to this destination for occasional music fests and mosh pits. It makes sense – wouldn’t you want to bask in someone’s body heat in a cold climate? If you’re not the type to rock hard to live music, you can climb up the archipelago’s steep cliffs, hike the trails and take in the rocky coastlines.

No-Face Kaonashi

Animists believe that every object, creature, and place has a spirit. Many movies reference this. Remember Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas, or Kaonashi and the other creatures in the Japanese film Spirited Away? These creatures magnify our best and worst traits.

Image Courtesy of @Abbasali5533 / Twitter

No Face Kaonashi entices everyone around him with pebbles of gold. Once near, he pounces on them and gobbles them up in one piece. He belches. Along with this gaseous release, he incurs the emotions and personality traits of the creatures he had ingested. Why does he do this? To gain the attention of young Chihiro. If there’s anything we should learn about No Face, it’s to temper our greed.