45 Funny Photo Bombs That Made Someone’s Vacation Even More Memorable

Who isn’t excited to explore the world?

While on a trip, these people were able to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and speak languages that played on their tongues. Carrying only a backpack and the bare essentials, they would take photos of the landscape and admire the beauty of every sunrise. It seems like the sun sets differently every time, depending on where you’re viewing it from. How can anyone top off that background?

While going through their pictures, they noticed one inescapable fact – they were photobombed. These shots were totally unplanned. And it made them all the more treasured. Those sunsets, landscapes, and beach fronts are a thousand times more amazing given the stroke of timing.

Who’s More Photogenic

Let’s face it; some people look good on camera. Whether they’re sporting plain tees or messy hair, they manage to seize your attention. What is it about them? As this unkempt stranger peers from over this man’s shoulder, we can see what’s common among photogenic people. They have undeniable charisma.

Image Courtesy of hot.travelz / Instagram

Sure, you could say the background looks fantastic. Machu Picchu, Peru, features mortar-free stone blocks that date back to the Incan empire. The vast green terraces highlight the Sun Temple. Thee only thing that could make this photo better, was the addition of a Llama who decided to photobomb the picture.

Just A Couple of Strangers

They’re just a couple of strangers, but they’re graciously helpful. Now, if you’ve ever considered traveling to Europe, you might have been forewarned about its residents being disagreeable. But this just disproves that. On their own initiative, they decided to jump into her photo of Brussels, Belgium, making her photo all the more memorable.

Image Courtesy of ajciao / Instagram

It might have taken them a couple of shots, but very little planning. All these guys needed to do was to strike a fun pose, and the rest, as they say, is history.. Lining themselves up quickly, they made their move to emphasize the woman in the foreground. She makes for a lovely subject, don’t you agree?

Knocking on the Gates of Heaven

Not only is it breath-taking, but it is one of the most sacred places in Bali, Indonesia. Pura Lempuyang Luhur is a complex set of temples arranged up a trail -at the lowest temple, an amazing view awaits visitors. Before you start out, know that the hike takes up to two hours. If you undertake the journey, make sure never to complain en route. Otherwise, locals believe you will never make it to the top. And that would be a darn shame!

Image Courtesy of celeste_and_the_sea / Instagram

Despite its majestic view, it is only visited by a few tourists. As if to discourage you, you need to access the island’s eastern end. Locals hadn’t intended for this to happen. These temples were simply built before monks entertained the idea of tourism. This place is so ancient; it predates other Hindu temples. This had been the first abode gods graced their presence with, hence the name Sad Kahyangan Jagad ( place of the gods).

Someone’s In a Great Mood

There are so many levels of happiness. There’s calm and collected, grateful, and then there’s Disney-level-type-of-happiness. Now, how about you look at the picture below and match the figures to the description. Esmeralda would be calm and collected. The one sporting yellow-tinted sunglasses would be grateful, whereas the man behind them looks like he just sprung out from a children’s book.

Image Courtesy of postcardsinmypurse / Instagram

If only we could experience that type of exhilaration in our daily lives. We can only count the number of days we imagined ourselves on the stage. In it we would be clicking our heels, opening an umbrella, and being whisked away to the streets of Budapest, Hungary.

Beat You to It

In case you’re wondering, the best months to travel to Bali, Indonesia fall between April to October. It’s the island’s dry season. You could walk the kilometers-long stretches of white sand or chill under the shade of your beach tent. You could climb the rocks and hike your way through the mountains of Jimbaran Bay, where you’re likely to befriend this creature.

Image Courtesy of off_the_beatenpath / Instagram

He just wanted to be included in the photo- to say hi! This Long Take Macaque might climb atop your shoulder and comb through your hair to find bits and pieces of food. While he’s preoccupied, we suggest you tuck away loose clothing or bag straps and towel wraps. He might pull on them, in which case, yield. Sometimes, these monkeys make their way down to the beach or at a private pool. Just like you, they’re just there to have a bit of fun.

Is That a Bird?

It had been a peaceful afternoon in the city of Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Poncho Alarcon had just risen from his siesta and was stretching his arms. From his hotel window, he saw a vast expanse of blue, with hints of cotton so close you could pluck them from the sky. He just had to take a picture of it!

Image Courtesy of ponchoalarcon / Instagram

And out of nowhere, something flew past him. He couldn’t make out what it was, so he reviewed the picture. Was that a bird? Was it a plane? Because if it were, it was flying too close to ground. It couldn’t be Superman, of course, not in this shy city of Monterrey. So best bet? It was a hummingbird.

Spread Your Wings

We’re feeling like seeing a little French Gothic architecture. For our next trip, how about we fly to the city of Milan, Italy? In it, you could tour several churches, with each bell giving off a distinctive ring. Cities and towns were built around these churches. After each toll, residents would flock to hear mass, and then celebrate local festivities. This practice bred a deeply-seated loyalty for their township, hence the term campanilismo. Now, it just happens that the bells tolled just when this picture was taken.

Image Courtesy of feartattoodom / Instagram

So this Rock pigeon spread its wings and flew towards its coop. Did you honestly think that only the residents have a strong sense of belonging to their place of birth? Even birds do. Up to now, deeply rooted rivalries exist between different towns, regions, and provinces. Now, move out of the way, stranger. No ways you want to be in the middle of this pigeon fight.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

You remember the story, right? There were three goats who happened to pass the bridge. Under it lived an ugly, horrendous troll. Each goat tripped and fell over the bridge. The first two pleaded mercy so that they wouldn’t be eaten, telling the troll he’s better off eating the biggest goat. So the troll waited for that Billy Goat Gruff with two spears and a body as heavy as two curling-stones.

Image Courtesy of savannahedevolder / Instagram

When the biggest Billy Goat Gruff arrived, he threw himself at the troll, crushed him to bits, and then threw him into the stream. That story has inspired this Fremont Troll statue. Steve Badanes had created it for an art competition. Now, this horrendous troll fends off drug dealers and loiterers from ruining the area under the bridge. He’s still waiting to win against the Biggest Billy Goat Gruff.

Abrupt Cut

What do you feel about cycling? It’s not our most favorite sport. It requires excellent resilience and balance, especially if we stumble over a rock, but it’s a great way to view mountains and alpine resorts. When Patrick Jäger, rode his mountain bike down Austria’s first-rate bike trails, he was met with a picturesque view of Vorarlberg.

Image Courtesy of jap_cycling / Instagram

For a brief moment, though, he skidded to a stop. He saw something moving out of the corner of his eye. Taking a few seconds to scrutinize what it had been, a cat came scurrying out of the background. If it hadn’t been for this picture, he might not have believed what caused the stir. With nothing to worry about, he resumed cycling and reached one lodging resort.

Say Cheese

When you’re traveling during peak season, there’s one thing you’ll find yourself complaining about- the lack of space. Whether it be on the plane, the subways, or even at a park, you’ll have to scoot over. In time you’ll find yourself sharing the same background for a shot.

What do we suggest you do about this situation? Time the cameras so that you’re both looking at the same lens at the same time. You would be smiling in both pics – yours and that stranger. You may never see each other again, but at least she’s got a souvenir of you, once upon a time, while you were both standing in front of the Cloud Gate.

Keep The Beat to Four Fours

What do you do when the conductor raises his hands and gives the cue? Well, then play the instrument at a steady beat! Check the music sheet from time to time without losing track of his hands. Remember, you’re here to impress the audience with the beauty of music. The performance is only as good as the whole.

Image Courtesy of hieucow / Instagram

That’s what it had looked like when Instagram user hieucow posed in the pedestrian square of Place Dela Comedie. The place itself is the junction of modern-looking neighborhoods and classic Montpellier. Should we say that the picture of her and the man is oddly representative of that? It makes for a wonderfully orchestrated harmony.

One With the Team

When in Italy, it would be a sin not to visit the Piazzale Michelangelo. It’s one of the best places to watch the sunset over Florence. During the day, however, we suggest you visit galleries such as The Uffizi and the Palazzo Pitti. Make sure to wear comfortable yet classy clothing. You wouldn’t know when you’ll need to take a shot of the background.

Image Courtesy of joyage / Instagram

She looks like she had just gone out of the Uffizi. Dressed stylishly and posed like the subjects on any of the Renaissance paintings, she probably hadn’t counted on a couple of strangers stealing the show. If there’s one thing you should keep in mind in Florence, it’s to keep on moving. There are so many more iconic works to view and backgrounds to pose in front of. So we would take this in our graceful stride.

Such Social Creatures

A man stumbles upon a stranger. Uncertain how he should proceed, he stops mid-track. He sees the stranger spit – a thick blob lands on the overgrown weeds by his feet. He cocks his head and thinks to himself, “What an odd creature, but one I wouldn’t miss having a picture with”. So he takes out his camera, calmly puts his hand over the stranger’s back, and takes a snap of them.

Image courtesy of animals_selfie / Instagram

This odd yet adorable stranger is a common sight to visitors in the Andes Mountains. It’s mostly because they are social creatures. They can make anyone laugh with their sly grin and bucked teeth. Sometimes, they might even hum to you. We can’t imagine any trip to Machu Picchu being complete without a picture with these Llamas. They are the true wonder of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What’cha Looking At?

It’s funny how some people pass along a street or a park without looking up from their phones. It’s like they find it difficult to appreciate the beauty around them. Is it because they have passed by these places too often that they’ve lost interest in them? We daresay, it’s because they have gotten into the habit of only appreciating novelty. Take this cat, for example, who had gotten so accustomed to seeing this iron tower.

Image Courtesy of maomay / Instagram

Foreigners, like us, would never tire of seeing the Eiffel Tower. But it’s like this Parisian cat is asking us, “What are you looking at? What fish-out-of-water thing has caused your mouth to hang open like that?”. Funny, this cat should be more appreciative of the World Wonder. After all, cats love heights!

Seeing a Familiar Face

This is a classic among photobombers. While holding their selfie sticks or phones, they will take in the surroundings, breathe in the air and marvel alongside other people at the historic monument they’re standing on. While doing a 360 turn, they might chance upon someone taking a picture with them in the background. Now, act like you’ve seen a familiar face!

Image courtesy of tina.obermeier / Instagram

Enthusiastically wave your hand, the way you would if you saw your grade school crush(the one you’ve gotten over), or a long lost friend. Now, this might be a one in a million opportunity. So, bridge the distance, and say hi! That smile will come naturally. Then as quickly as those emotions surfaced, turn your back round and walk away casually. Be cool. Don’t hoard all the space in their pictures. Let them enjoy the scene at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.

All Smiles

You know you have a gracious host when they bend over backward to make you feel comfortable. When these visitors arrived unannounced, their host gladly ushered them in, gave them a tour of the crib, and then entertained them. We know, it sounds like any regular host. But wait until you see who did the welcoming.

Image Courtesy of mark.sg / Instagram

That’s right. These fellas have come for a meet and greet with a few giraffes at the Giraffe Center in Nairobi, Kenya. You could buy a few pellets and then feed them from your hand. Take a sniff. Try to see if you can decipher what their favorite snacks are. These pellets are usually made of corn, grass, wheat, and molasses. Rest assured, your tall hosts are guaranteed to blow you a kiss.

Flying With Billy

Billy Wilson grew up in Dallas, Texas, and always dreamt of becoming a pilot. He enlisted for the Air Force and became a full-fledged pilot by 2001. He served the country for six years before becoming a Southwest Airlines pilot. Granted the fly ride he’s sporting and the bulge of those muscles; he has every reason to flex on social media.

Image Courtesy of flywithbilly48 / Instagram

Seeing that it had been a sunny day, he decided to take a selfie. He saw that some of the crew wanted in on it. “Why not?” he thought. He doesn’t just share the cockpit with them, he also invites kids in. What a perfect way to give them a memorable experience! He has, however, warned people to expect a little trash talking if he sees you wearing a non-Dallas Cowboys jersey.

The Art of Photobombing

In the lively city of Paris, introverts and artists find silence and enjoy the cadence of time outside the Palais Royal(The Royal Palace). It’s an under-appreciated tourist attraction, although not necessarily a disadvantage for recluses like us. So when photographer Anas stood idly by the outer courtyard, he felt like capturing a stranger’s view – a view of Paris from the outside looking in.

Image courtesy of anas_photolab / Instagram

At the same time, a kid pedaled his way in front of the camera. The whirring motion was a blur against the slow movements of the people in the backyard. Anas chose to upload the picture. Beside it, he wrote “The Art of Photobombing.” It still makes for a beautiful shot. It is untimely yet perfectly taken.

Gimme Some Fur

Given all the places you’ve traveled to, we can only imagine how exhausting it can be. Even while sitting in business class, you’re bound to feel dog-tired after an 18-hour long flight! One of the ways you can amp up your energy is by listening to music, stretching your legs, or scruffing up a dog’s neck!

Image Courtesy of tobythesfdoodle / Instagram

Any animal lover would feel their pulse quicken at the sight of some fur (no, not the one worn over your neck). They would coo at it, in the hopes that it would inch towards them. While walking past one, this man behaved like any of us – craning his neck towards the dog and making contact. Ah, if only all airports were dog-friendly like the San Francisco International Airport.

On Greener Pastures

We have always wondered what they looked like – greener pastures. Everyone keeps talking about them. Is the grass really a darker shade of green, and with so many people moving for them, is there enough space left for us too? Turns out there is! With so much space, a herd of cows is scattered all about.

Image Courtesy of mattialezi / Instagram

Sure, the climb is back-breaking. Almost all of your joints feel like they’re mashing against each other. But the view up top is just rewarding! You wouldn’t be able to imagine life any other way. You might give up your job in the city altogether!

Give Momma a Smooch

This is why we love dogs. Sure they’re loyal, but that doesn’t mean they won’t welcome the presence of a stranger. When encountering one, their barks resonate throughout the village. You will see their tails will wag excitedly as if to say, “Who’s this stranger, and what treats does she bring?

Image Courtesy of mosparadisediaries / Instagram

Since they’re more familiar with the territory, they will bridge the distance between you and them. Gingerly, they will sniff the air. These stubby toes remind us of chorizos…but no; they don’t smell like them. They will lick the edge of your foot, and you will kindly scratch their neck. Now, they’ve made another friend, and they can go home, barking the tale to their owner. Wonder where you can chance upon hospitable dogs? Try Bali, Indonesia!

Serving A Drink of Humor

The Bennelong restaurant is located in the iconic Sydney Opera House. Guests suggest that you luxuriate in the fine dining experience before a concert. You could reserve a table in The Circle – an expansive platform that allows you to view the entire restaurant. That might cost you around Aus$345 for a meal for two. It’d be worth it. After all, you’re paying for the location. How about trying the Clouds of Passion and their Pavlova?

Image Courtesy of housewifeofbrisbane / Instagram

And their service? It’s top-notch. As you can see from the photo, they’re ready to serve you with a drink with a twist of humor. If that doesn’t win you over, listen to this – one guest advised the chef that they were celebrating a special friend’s birthday. They were given a table with a spectacular view and a birthday cupcake. If food, ambiance, and service are all five stars, then this restaurant deserves to be visited at least once a year!

Up the Hill

In case you’re visiting Phuket, Thailand, you might fancy going up the hill and encountering these locals. Travelers have said that over-all, they had an enjoyable experience. Just be sure to keep these in mind: don’t leave things hanging from your bag and don’t pick a fight with these monkeys.

Image Courtesy of kraizdj / Instagram

If you do well, you’ll end up with a fantastic picture like Instagram user kraizdj did. Some have claimed they hadn’t encountered any. Turns out that on those days, the monkeys had been fed earlier or they were sleeping. Either way, it’s best to respect these monkeys. How you behave will make or break your stay at Monkey Hill.

Wedding Crasher

Just last year, fur mom Kayley Jackson got married to Tanner Vigesaa, the man of her dreams. They wanted an intimate wedding with family and close friends to cherish the moment with them. Everything went according to plan – rings exchanged, vows promised, and a kiss to seal the deal for all eternity. Might we add, the wedding was held on the beach, so it was pretty idyllic.

Image Courtesy of kayleyj27 / Instagram

It’s just that someone else crashed the wedding. It wasn’t his fault. All he really wanted to do was to ride the waves and probably get a Miami beach tan. We’re pretty sure he wished the couple a spectacular honeymoon, even though he might not have gotten a bite of the cake.

A Crowd Favorite

How about we play a little game. If Canada is known for the Great Blue Heron, and the Philippines is known for the leaping Tarsier, then what is Australia known for? Before you answer, how about we give you a hint – they have strong hind legs that allow them to jump to about 9 meters per leap.

Image Courtesy of misszetarose / Instagram

Kangaroos! That’s just a joey rushing over to his mother. When they’re fully grown, they can travel about 30 miles per hour on those legs. Imagine doing that and weighing over 150-190 lbs; that’s their average weight. We sure wouldn’t want to mess with one. When cornered or provoked, they deliver killer kicks. That also holds true when they’re fighting over mating rights.

Look Who’s Winning

Seeing a fountain spurt up water awakens the kid in all of us. Who isn’t tempted to run riot in the middle, raise their faces to the sky, and wait for the water to cleanse us of our adult responsibilities? Too bad, they had to put barriers to keep people out. Either way, it’s a win for these two!

Image Courtesy of anag97 / Instagram

Now, if we were in this spot, we would feel like doing the dab too. As a matter of fact, we would have invited her to do it with us, plus a jump shot. Tense those muscles and spring just a second short of “three.” All that adrenaline would have us ready to scream during roller coaster rides.

Group Dynamics

Most Millenials travel alone. It’s liberating. They don’t have to deal with the fuss of an itinerary or with a friend struggling to catch his/her breath. To be fair, traveling with a group also has its perks. It’s fun to join in on the headcount. You can have someone to show you the way around town and keep you company onscreen and off.

Image courtesy of valeria_vescovi / Instagram

As this woman was traveling throughout Ingolstadt, Germany, a passerby noticed that she was going to take a selfie. The weather was sunny, and the lighting was perfect. She didn’t miss cue when the woman held out her phone and took a shot of the white building. It would be rude not to say hi.

Feel Like Going for a Midnight Ride

Who wouldn’t think of Revere-ing this statue? Every historical detail is immortalized in a bronze sculpture. Sure, it’s fixed, but it conveys urgency and the full speed at which Paul Revere’s horse galloped to warn his countrymen of invading Brits. One lantern if they were moving by land or two if they were crossing the Charles River. The plan was executed flawlessly.

Image Courtesy of jessica_kae / Instagram

This sculpture has been one of the most photographed monuments in Boston. This woman tried to take a picture of it as creatively as she could. Thanks to this unknowing visitor, it had been one. Could you blame him? It’s that captivating. Anyone would be left thinking, “how amazing – to be able to capture fluid grace and courage in stone.”

Playing Coy

At first glance, your eyes would make a sweeping view of an attractive pair of lovebirds. Then, you’d notice a guy peering out from the corner – his eyes lit with joy. On the other side stands a woman cheekily posing with a sandwich in hand. Want a bite of this?

Image Courtesy of ella_spulber / Instagram

Why yes, of course! We wouldn’t reject a kind offer from a stranger. We might as well munch on ham and bread while wishing this couple a happy-ever-after. You know what they say, share your happiness with others. After all, they shared this picture with us.

Playing Johnny Bravo

If you were a child of the 90s, you would know Johnny Bravo. He was a buff guy who loved to love his reflection. Shallow and self-centered, he would stir every discussion to himself. Thirty seconds into the conversation, a woman would be yawning and looking at her nails. But by God, she would swear that he had a nice body! Well, guess who this man encountered on the beach.

Image Courtesy of viljoen_places / Instagram

That’s the classic Johnny Bravo pose – flexing both arms to the side and looking at how muscular they are. Of course, he had to show off! Almost everyone on the beach pales in comparison to his killer bod. It’s a good thing the clothed guy was facing our direction. Otherwise, he might not have enjoyed his stay at the La Concha – the quarter moon-shaped beach in San Sebastian, Spain.

Wizarding World

Welcome to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where you could cast spells and conjure magic. The first step is to buy a wand. You could choose those associated with Harry, Hermoine, or any of the other characters, or opt for “unclaimed wands.” Recite the incantation correctly while slowly flicking the wrist. Remember, you’re a wizard, not a swordsman. After, watch items take flight with a wingardium levio-saaaah.

Image Courtesy of carabeigel / Instagram

With cold Butterbeer in hand, these teens stood backs against each other and smiled brightly. We don’t know what spell they chanted, but they have managed to invite people to make mischief. Could it be say cheese? Whatever it was, they have given Hermoine a good run for her money. And they were just practicing.

Kids Being Kids

Don’t you wish you could go back to being a kid? You had unlimited access to rides, and you could easily make friends without having to worry about what other people thought of you. Take, for example, these bunch of kids having fun at the Bluegreen Vacations Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in Peoria, Arizona. They needn’t have to worry about sporting a pink flamingo.

Image Courtesy of allisonnier / Instagram

They would have also took it upon themselves to make that lone boy a friend. Come on over! And as they briefly shake hands, they will splash water at each other – delivering karate chops at certain angles. Then they’ll run about and share lunch. If all goes well, they’ll stay as friends until after this pool party.

Odd Rituals

Branded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stonehenge has puzzled historians and archeologists. It draws so many visitors to raise their own questions. It’s a 5,000-year-old architecture that had survived the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Standing outside the barrier, you will almost instinctively imagine cult worships, the coronation of kings, or even otherworldly magical energies enveloping you.

Image Courtesy of caymd / Instagram

So this should not come as a surprise – a man tackling his son to keep him from running beyond the rope barrier. Don’t worry; it’s all just play. What isn’t, however, are people chiseling off bits and pieces of the Stonehenge. That is why people can only view it from 10 yards away. It sucks, but at least that will help it last for another thousand years.

What’s Up

Instagram user raissa_life_beauty loves to take pictures of Italy. Could you blame her? Even after all these years, the Trulli houses in Puglia captivate us. From afar, they are colored a single hue. But look closer, and you’ll see the definitive cracks and textures of limestone walls. These are houses built atop each other that have survived several generations.

Image Courtesy of raissa_life_beauty / Instagram

Looking like it came fresh from a postcard, Raissa took a photo of the scene. A couple flashed a smile at her as if to say, “what’s up?”. Everything fit perfectly. If you had seen Raissa taking the picture, you would have also seen her bask in the glow of Italy.

Who Got Here First

Who do you think got a better view of the Patar White Beach in Bolinao, Philippines- the trio up top or the female posing seductively by the seashore? If you’re a bit of a risktaker, you’d say the view from rocky heights was better. But if you want to know the shape of the coastline, you might have chosen the racy photoshoot down below.

Image Courtesy of kuya_coy / Instagram

Either way, everyone seems to be happy in their photos. Word is that you won’t find fancy restaurants, crowded resorts, or that many bungalows here. So if you really want to experience a trip somewhere remote, we suggest you book a trip to the pristine waters of Patar Beach. Make sure to bring your tent, food, and some drinking water. You’re going to need it.


Murphy grew up in the streets of New Mexico. He loves to bark at people, walk with his owner, and occasionally harass the fire hydrants. There’s just something about prominent objects that draws him. Guess what he marked as his territory next, and with which body part.

Image Courtesy of murphythehikingdog / Instagram

He couldn’t resist the rich lavender hue these flowers gave. He ran towards them and grunted an oomph as he nudged his nose to the ground. Say, do these flowers make my butt look big? They certainly do, Murphy, but we’re not complaining. Your enthusiasm is very refreshing…even for a dog.

One for the Ride

That castle should tell you where this picture was taken. In case you don’t know, it is in Disneyland, Paris. It’s the third biggest magic castle, but the biggest among Aurora’s AKA Sleeping Beauty. Of course, you might be wondering what the differences among Disney parks are. For one, expect different weather and climate to greet you. Second, expect special versions of classic rides and unique ones too. Third, expect to encounter different guest traditions, like photobombing!

Image Courtesy of britt.travels.on / Instagram

Another type of guest tradition is “running of the bulls.” You would think they only have it in Spain, but it is a practice followed in Tokyo, Japan. People of all ages wait outside the park before opening hours, and then they run amok as soon as the gates open. To keep guests safe, they are encouraged to be respectful of personal space. Now, how about taking a picture before going on a ride?

Gone Astray

The beauty of traveling is discovering new places and cultures that redefine our worldviews. Sure, watching the sunset is beautiful, no matter where you view it. But the time that the sun sets differs from place to place. Couple that with company, and it’ll make for a totally different experience.

Image courtesy of ohmyruthness / Instagram

Covered with her lover’s kisses, and secure within his embrace, Ruth watched the sun bid goodbye. She knew they could only enjoy the ocean view for a couple more days. The only thing she could take from this moment was a picture. So they had someone take a shot. At that moment, they shared a fleeting moment of happiness with these furry dogs. But then again, these photo bombers are common in Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia.

Find Yourself a Muse

After an hour-long ride, this man was able to stretch out his muscles and walk the village of Baia de Cascais in Portugal. The hotel where he was staying had an indoor rooftop pool and an outdoor terrace with a view of the ocean. He couldn’t wait to run his feet through the sand. So after unpacking, he proceeded to explore Cascais Marina.

Image Courtesy of vagabond.unknown / Instagram

Of course, he took pictures. Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t? As he gingerly steadied his camera, a seagull landed a foot away from him. He had thought of shooing it away but decided against itit. Its long, white feathers provided a rich contrast to the blue depths of the ocean. No apologies needed dear seagull.

Is It Insta-worthy?

No one in their right mind would leave this beachfront unnoticed. The waters are pristine – giving off a dazzling light blue color in the summer heat. Sometimes it will caress the sand for you to come hither, and sometimes, in its impatience, it will noisily lap the shores. As if to encourage this woman to take a shot, the ocean receded a bit.

Image courtesy of worldofamalou / Instagram

Well, she wasn’t the only one who took advantage of the situation. Could you blame this kid? This beachfront was too beautiful. You would want to stay for just a couple of minutes, enjoying the sounds of the waves, the uncontrolled laughter of kids, and the melodic chatter of people in the background. Try visiting Karma Beach sometime. It’s found in Bali, Indonesia.

Feed Me

If you visit her page, you will be astounded by the places she has been to. Lisa sure knows how to take pictures. Effortlessly, she will pick a spot and angle the camera so that the sun hits her supple, tanned skin. Behind her, Cala Figuera enchants.

Image Courtesy of lisa_fce_ / Instagram

In case you’re wondering, that’s her good angle. This bleating goat had bobbed her head as she walked towards Lisa, her cloven hooves pit-pattering against the stones. Odd, considering there’s no hay within the sandy beaches of Cala Figuera. But that’s okay, at least she met Lisa.

Bad Selfies

This shouldn’t come as a surprise – the great Colosseum in Rome. Given its intriguing history, thousands of guests visit the ampitheater, wondering how it must have felt to roar as a spectator. Beneath them, gladiators threw spears and swung swords until one emerged as the victor. So naturally, this woman took a selfie with the massive brick-faced Colosseum.

Image Courtesy of shanifer_july28_2017

A man eagerly ran to make the shot in time. Good thing, Shanifer took it all in her stride. Without breaking a grin, she snapped a couple more photos of them. Reckon she sent him pictures of them? We would have, as a way of thanks.

Hello, Neiiiigh-bor!

When you hear the word Finland, almost nothing comes to mind. Because that’s exactly what it’s like to be there – peaceful and calm. With so much space, you’d be free of all your worries. No wonder it’s dubbed as the world’s happiest country.

Image Courtesy of sombreroscompreros / Instagram

In case you’re wondering why Finns feel fantastic about their environment, it’s because they have a sense of community. Look at this horse right here. It’s whinnying you “good day neighhhh-bor!”. Who wouldn’t be caught laughing seeing those teeth? Feel happy yet?

Beating the Heat

Here’s another classic case of who wore it better. The attire? Beach water! After a tiresome week, these gals just wanted to bask in the heat of the sun. They put on sunscreen, hydrated themselves with lemon water, and changed into their bikini because they had the right goods to showcase. Everyone huddled in for a group picture, thinking that they might not fit into the shot…until an unlikely showstopper charged in the foreground.

Image Courtesy of lanuovasardegna / Instagram

Woof woof! With all eyes on her, this golden retriever didn’t shy from flaunting her fur and spraying everybody wet. Look at those curves. She’s really putting her backbone into it – whipping all the way around. It doesn’t look like the girls are complaining. In fact, they love having her in the shot. Doesn’t she deserve to be the focal point?

What’s So Funny

Clad in her bikini, Jaymi lay poolside. She loved the summer heat, but she loved basking in it with people around her. To the left, she saw a woman snacking with her grandkids. To her right, she saw a few kids chasing each other as they got out from the pool. Jaymi’s smile was infectious. You couldn’t help but wonder “what’s so funny?”.

Image courtesy of jaymi_van / Instagram

Could it be the guy behind her? He stands unaware that he’s within the frame. Given his location, anyone’s eyes would draw upwards and outwards. Then again, we don’t really need a reason to be happy. Jaymi seems to think so too!