45 Ways the Kardashian-Jenner’s Spend their Millions

We can argue the reasons for the Kardashians-Jenners’, aka KarJenner, mega-success. Some say it was the binge-worthy reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which debuted in October 2007. Others claim it’s due to self-proclaimed momager Kris Jenner’s calculated strategy by shopping that legendary tape starring Kim Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Ray J. sharing a ‘private’ moment. What isn’t up for debate is that this close family has taken their 15 minutes of fame and catapulted themselves into super-stardom, resulting in staggering wealth. Their show has made them multi-millionaires and given the term branding a whole new meaning. They are masters of social media who know how to use the platform to their benefit. They have used their successful reality show to create profitable spin-off shows, clothing, and makeup lines, lifestyle brands, and so much more. All their hard work has resulted in fat bank accounts, allowing them to live their best life.

Let’s take a look at how the KarJenners spend their hard-earned cash. Some of their purchases show they are savvy investors, but there’s a growing list of questionable purchases that have us scratching our heads. We’re talking gold toilets and diamond grills for their pearly whites. Agree or disagree with their opulent lifestyles and life choices; they know how to keep our interest. With hundreds of millions following them on Instagram, liking, and commenting on their every move and purchase, they must know something the rest of us don’t.

Luxury Cars are a Way of Life

While Kylie Jenner probably has some cash stashed away for a rainy day, she’s not shy about enjoying that lip-kit money. Accused by some of showing off and being lambasted on social media for overspending, the self-made billionaire isn’t letting a few naysayers keep her from adding to her collection of sleek automobiles.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

Her fleet of luxury cars includes a Ferrari, Range Rovers, several Rolls Royces, a Buggati Chiron, and more. It has been reported that her impressive collection of cars is valued at over $15 million. The generous creator of Kylie Lip Kits has been known to gift cars to family and, um, significant others.

Real Estate

From palatial family homes to bachelor pads to luxury condos and vacation getaways in the desert, this family is wisely investing their cash. We admire how tight-knit they are, choosing to live close to one another. Khloe is currently considering listing her pad for nearly $19 million. That’s the same home we saw Koko struggle with her ‘Khlo-C.D.’ and physically cringe at every scuff mark and scratch after spending a fortune remodeling.

Image courtesy of cheatsheet.com

With amounts of money any average person would have a hard time spending throughout their lifetime; this family is savvy when it comes to purchasing properties and has been making hefty profits along the way. Let’s not forget KUWTK spin-off ‘Flip It Like Disick’ that proves flipping houses can be quite lucrative.

Lavish Gifts for the Grand-Kids

Stop trying to figure out how much Kris Jenner’s 10% comes out to from managing her offspring, — it’s a lot, Nuff said. Granny Kris is one of the most generous nana’s around and loves treating her growing brood of grandkids to goodies whenever the mood strikes her.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

Kim’s firstborn was the lucky recipient of this $3,500 Louis Vuitton music box. When the box is opened, it plays ‘Rock-a-Bye-Baby’ and even has an adorable girl twirling around inside. A must-have for any newborn, to help with those sleepless nights.

$4.5k, Judith Leiber Crystal Encrusted Designer Purse

Looking for that perfect birthday gift? Look no further. Check out the gift Kim gave Khloe for her 35th birthday. It must be hard coming up with original gift ideas, and we’re pretty sure no one else showed up with an eggplant shaped purse.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

The Judith Leiber original purse retails for $4.5k. The pricey gift was also a real conversation piece. Older sister Kim quipped that the purse had a phallic shape, resembling the male anatomy, and was intended as a joke for the single Khloe.

Black Toilet Paper

Reports claim Kris Jenner has black toilet paper in all her bathrooms. Pretty sure it’s factual because Kourtney has been heard to complain that black paper leaves its mark after use. Initially, it was intended for a black marble bathroom but has since appeared in all mom’s bathrooms.

Images courtesy of eightieskids.com and eveningstandard.com

It seems that even the black tp comes with its own drama. Kris reportedly told Ryan Seacrest that the paper has clogged the plumbing in her guest bathroom, on several occasions! To avoid problems in the future she has detailed instructions framed in the guest bathroom explaining how the paper is to be flushed down the pipes.

Organic Towels

Undeniably the health-nut of the bunch, Kourtney isn’t apologizing for her healthy lifestyle. We got our jollies watching Kim and Kourt battle it out when the eldest sister wanted to go sugar and gluten-free at North and P’s Candy-Land themed birthday party.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

Kourt, the co-founder of Poosh, is quick to pass on her tips for a healthier life, and organic towels are a must-have. The toxic-free cotton is super absorbent and reasonably priced, starting at just $10.00. An inexpensive way to feel good and pamper yourself like a Kardashian.


It’s understandable why Kim keeps her jewelry simple. After her terrifying ordeal in Paris in 2018, when she was held at gunpoint and robbed of her 20 karat diamond engagement ring, we’d also be wary of flashing our bling. The ring was valued at $4.5 million and has since been replaced, along with other valuables that were stolen that fateful night.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

While we don’t know exactly how much the women in this family pay for their jewelry, we do know that they’re huge fans of Elaine Schwartz’s designs. They are regularly seen adorning the jeweler’s coveted designs. Khloe is a fan of long nails and elaborate diamond rings, and her latest swag includes a ring and necklace spelling out True’s name in diamonds.

$12k Fendi Stroller

After months of speculation and rumors around Kylie’s pregnancy, we were all salivating when the new mom was snapped taking a stroll with 4-month-old Stormi. It wasn’t just any pic of mom and baby enjoying a sunny day they were decked out in Fendi’s finest. From the pricey stroller to the attire, Fendi might consider a collab with the lip-kit queen.

Image courtesy of teenvogue.com

The pram retails for a staggering $12k. Sure, money’s not an issue for this family, and only the best will do for this clan, but let’s hope that Kylie uses the pram for the next child or passes it on to Stormi’s growing group of cousins.

Private Jets for Traveling

For most of us common folk, luxury travel means upgrading from coach to business using our travel miles, and if we’re really lucky, we’ll end up in first class. But commercial flying and the Kardashians don’t seem to meld well. On bunches of occasions, we’ve seen them fly private for quick getaways to Vegas and Mexico.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

When the family jetted off to Armenia in 2015, and again in 2019, Kim didn’t think twice about chartering a Boeing 747 that comes equipped with full-size beds, spacious seating areas, and comfortable bathrooms. It’s been reported that Kylie plunked $70 million for her own private plane.

Designer Kids’ Clothing

Grandma Kris is known as “Lovey” by her many grand kids, of which there are ten, as of the last count. Being a descendant of Lovey has its advantages. Kris recently plunked down $3.5 thousand for eldest grandson Mason, for a Versace bomber jacket.

Image courtesy of hollywoodlife.com

Designer clothing is pretty much to be expected for these kids. Although rumor has it, Kourt and Kim are keeping it real, and the younger kids have been spotted in the hand-me-downs of older siblings. Considering the KarJenners share each other’s clothes, its’ no surprise that the younger kids are doing the same.

Home Gyms

Once labeled, the ‘fat-sister’ Khloe has coined the phrase ‘Revenge-Body.’ This fitness addict isn’t playing games when it comes to keeping her rock-hard body toned. She and the rest of the family have collectively installed state of the art home-gyms.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

The family also employs trainers and nutritionists to help keep them in tip-top shape. A home gym is a luxury for nearly everyone on the planet. But, when you’re being chased by photogs, looking to capture every move, it just makes sense to workout at home.

750k Gold Toilets

We loved getting an inside tour of Kimye’s ‘humble’ abode, and their minimalist design is either appreciated or regarded as a fad. What doesn’t make sense is that with all the earth tones and wide-open spaces, how do gold plated toilets, costing a whopping $750k fit into this home’s specific design aesthetic?

Image courtesy of complex.com

But let’s be fair, the $750k is for four gold plated toilets and not one because that would just be cray-cray. The rapper and successful designer is very particular about how his wife dresses and is mainly responsible for the home design, to each their own.

Glam Rooms

Kim and little sis Kylie are raking in the bucks with their makeup lines. Many of us bow down to these two, quickly picking up tips and tricks to look our best. But all the women in this family have taken it a step further, by having in-house ‘glam-rooms.’

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

One can’t expect these women to go out and get hair and makeup done at the neighborhood salon. Considering they are gracing red carpets regularly, it’s understandable that they needed to streamline the getting-ready process. They have their team of makeup artists and stylists prepping the gals in the comfort of their own homes.

$12 Million Vacation Home

Die-hard KUWTK fans remember the much-planned girls’ trip to Kris’ new vacation hideaway in Palm Springs. For those who don’t recall, Kris’ bf Corey Gamble was there, and Khloe was not happy. They tried to make the best of it and we were entertained in the process.

Image courtesy of hgtv.com

Kris reportedly paid over $12 million for the luxurious home, in the swanky La Quinta neighborhood in the desert. The home boasts 14 thousand square feet of living space and the outside is 11 thousand square feet, not too shabby. The home also has 7 bedrooms and get ready for this, 10 bathrooms.

Diamond-Encrusted Dental Grills

Thankfully this trend was short-lived and quickly forgotten. While we’re not sure how much Kiki laid out for the bizarre jewelry, she was raked over the coals for making the purchase. She must have appreciated her fans’ input because the fashion statement disappeared rather quickly.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

Getting diamond dental grills isn’t cheap, and prices range anywhere from a thousand dollars to a whopping $150k, which will get you 160 diamonds embedded in 24 karat gold. We do know that hubby Kanye paid $60k for his set.

Kendall’s Horses

Supermodel Kendall is not nearly as flashy or in-your-face in comparison to the rest of her sisters. But, don’t be fooled, Kendall’s flush with cash and using it to reignite her love of horses. The model got her first horse when she was just 10-years-old, and she’s an accomplished equestrian.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

Kendall stables her horses a few miles from where she grew up in Calabasas, CA. While the supermodel is busy owning the catwalk, in her free time, she still manages to return to her first love, riding. Her most recent purchase was in 2018 when she added Dragon to her family of European mares.

Sterling Silver Ice-Tongs

This isn’t a debate questioning if KKW’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries was a publicity stunt, it’s about the family’s spending habits. Now that that’s been settled, let’s take a look at the couple’s wedding registry, which included these sterling silver ice tongs. The tongs from Vertigo retail for $260, and the only question remaining is, were they returned or did the couple split the gifts?

Image courtesy of instagram.com

If we’re going by etiquette rules, they should have been returned, but Kim decided to do things her way, naturally. Thank you cards were sent to guests stating the cost of the gifts would be donated to the Dream Foundation. Kim even made sure to note that she was doubling the amount for the worthwhile organization.  BTW, we still have no idea where those tongs ended up.

Exotic Family Vacays

For us true KarJenner fans, we look forward every season to the family vacations. We have to see who went along, who stayed behind, and who had a meltdown. Everyone’s got a favorite destination this family visited, and we are green with envy at the first-class travel and accommodations but refuse to miss a single minute of their getaways.

Image courtesy of insider.com

Wherever they land, drama and fun are bound to ensue, and we can’t get enough. We loved watching Scott and Kourtney in Iceland co-parent their kids while making sure Scott’s girlfriend, Sofia Richie, felt included. We couldn’t get enough of their visit to Greece, which included Caitlyn Jenner’s sons Brody and Brandon.

Over-the-Top Christmas Parties

Kris’ annual Christmas parties have become legendary over the years. We loved watching the last couple of seasons when mom passed the torch to her daughters to plan the parties. Whether it was held at Kim’s or Kourt’s, we didn’t care as long as we saw the drama ensue surrounding the planning.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

This clan doesn’t believe in less is more, in fact, quite the opposite—no such thing as too over the top when it comes to their traditional holiday parties. The latest shindig hosted by Kourtney in 2019 was rumored to have cost $1.3 million and included a performance by Sia.

Designer Handbags

For some of us common folk, snatching up the latest designer handbag shows the world we’ve arrived. But when you’re a member of the KarJenner family, that feeling had to have been reached by season two of their reality series. But their obsession for the uber-expensive bags hasn’t waned in the least.

Image courtesy of purseblog.com

For Kim’s 39th birthday, celebrated in Palm Springs, she received three bags totaling $12k, not a bad deal, considering her often seen black leather Birkin retails in the range of $19k. Kim’s growing bag collection consists of the required Louis Vuittons, Judith Leiber, Dior, YSL, and others.

To Die For Walk-In Closets

One wonders if the sisters in this family consult each other when designing their to-die-for walk-in closets. The design involved in getting to see all your goodies displayed in a tidy yet practical manner has us drooling and wanting the same.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

Their closets closely resemble luxury boutiques on Rodeo Drive, only with a better selection. The Louboutin and Manolo pumps are proudly displayed next to the latest Birkin and Prada bags. Their dressing rooms are similar in that they all have massive islands in the center for their pricey lingerie and eye-wear.

Custom Designed Closet for the Handbags

To die for walk in closets are the norm among the rich and famous. But of course, the queen of lip-kits has to take it a step further. It’s been reported that Kylie spent around $1 million for the custom-designed room dedicated to her growing collection of handbags.

Image courtesy of today.com

Her bags vary from the must-have Birken’s, to hard-to-find Chanel’s and the latest from Fendi and Gucci. At over 400 bags currently nestled in the closet, the only decision is which bag to use for the day. We should all have such dilemmas.

Custom Playrooms

The one-room in Kimye’s home that isn’t following the minimalist flow is the kid’s playroom. The room is overflowing with toys, musical instruments, and even a stage for performing for the family. The house was done mainly in earth tones, but the kids’ room is colorful and inviting.

Image courtesy of people.com

The toys and goodies in the playroom certainly rival what’s on hand at Toys-R-Us. Each descendant of the Kardashian-West clan has its own area in the massive space. Kourtney set the bar for dedicated spaces for the kiddies, by building a stand-alone mini-home just for her 3 kids.   

Birthday Parties are Serious Business

True’s first birthday was caught on camera, and snaps of the event were published for all to see. While we cringed at watching shamed baby daddy Tristian squirm in front of Khloe’s family, he followed baby momma’s lead and smiled for the cameras and attempted to enjoy himself. Mother and daughter went all out for the occasion and wore matching dresses by designer August Getty.

Image courtesy of popsugar.com

Acclaimed party planner Mindy Weiss gave True a dream party full of balloons, ponies, cotton candy stand as well as unicorns and butterflies as far as the eye could see. We didn’t see the final bill for the event, but it was obvious that the budget wasn’t an issue. Happy Birthday True!

Luxury Cars for the Littlest Kardashians

Forget the Lego and jigsaw puzzles, that’s standard. It’s luxury cars; the newest KarJenners are proudly driving around their driveways, and they aren’t even old enough to get a driving permit. Khloe spent $20k on True’s pink Bentley, and the girl is still a toddler.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

Not to be outdone by her big sis, Kylie has purchased a fleet of cars for toddler Stormi, which includes a Mercedes and Barbie-inspired Corvette. Kylie, who’s an avid car lover and collects them like others who collect stamps or beer steins. She even has a dedicated space in the garage for her little one’s cars.

A Gucci Baby Carrier

Money is no object for new mom Kylie. She didn’t think twice about toting baby Stormi in this Gucci baby carrier. The baby carrier is functional and fashionable at the same time with adjustable straps and can carry babies weighing up to 20 pounds.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

When 4-month-old Stormi was snapped in the designer carrier, it quickly sold out. The must-have carrier with the iconic double GG logo retails for $800. Cost-efficient mom’s wanting to copy Kylie’s style have purchased 2nd hand carriers for up to $500.

North’s $3.5k Fur Coat

It’s understandable catching your kids’ every moment on camera, but posting those moments on social media might result in harsh criticism. We can assume Kim lives by the saying, ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity.’ When North West was snapped by mom wearing a $3.5k fur coat, many were quick to pass judgment.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

From PETA and other anti-fur organizations to angered fans, many had an opinion on North’s swag. It hasn’t been confirmed if the fur was real or not, as no comment was ever made by the parents, other than stating their daughter was ‘girlie girl’ who loves fashion.

Self Portraits

Much like her sisters, Kourtney is not shy in front of the cameras. The thing she enjoyed most out of her three pregnancies was posing for portraits and showing the world how her body was changing throughout the process. The mom’s home is plastered with images of her in various stages, expecting her bundles of joy.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

While pregnant, she admitted to feeling her most comfortable and wanted to capture those moments. She had the photos professionally taken. The images fit in with the home’s decor that focuses on natural earth tones. The fact that Kourt is in full control during these shoots may be the reason she’s so pleased with the results.

Stormi’s Designer Shoe Collection

Kylie’s one and only Stormi has a dedicated shoe closet that would leave most of us with our jaws on the floor. When she was just a few month’s old, the infant’s shoe collection was valued at over $20k. The collection includes baby-sized footwear by Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

The mom was quick to post Stormi’s enviable collection for her millions of fans to see and drool over. But, there has been some backlash to the outrageous spending habits of the makeup mogul. Kylie isn’t apologetic about living the good life, and we adore her for sharing it all with us, even if it’s only by way of pix on Instagram.

Life-Size Wax Statues

You decide if you’re creeped out or not. But having a life-size statue of yourself is definitely a conversation piece. On a recent episode of KUWTK we got the chance to see Kris’ wax version of herself displayed proudly in her home

Image courtesy of insider.com

According to Kris, the doppelganger was created especially for her by the Hollywood Wax Museum. While we haven’t confirmed if this was a gift or a purchase, we can attest to the attention to detail. During a dinner party, Chrissy Teigen and hubby John Legend did a double-take at the wax version of Kris sitting in a makeup chair.

$10,000 on Postmates

Kendall is a supermodel with a body that makes one question if the girl ever eats. But we’ve seen this model scarf down carb-laden meals like it was her last meal on numerous occasions. Over a 4-year-period, Kendall has racked up orders on Postmates totaling over $10k, and we love her for it.

Image courtesy of hollywoodlife.com

Kendall makes good use of the app. She’s ordered sushi for close to $600.00 to share with her gal pals. And, we can also relate to some of her less splashy purchases which include American cheese slices and Chipotle burritos.

Worthy Causes

Sure, this family has given us endless hours of binge-worthy entertainment. But what really warms our hearts is that the millions each has collectively earned are also being shared with those less fortunate. We don’t often lump Kardashians and philanthropy in the same sentence, but this family does its share of good deeds.

Image courtesy of youtube.com

Kylie is sharing her makeup profits with worthy organizations such as Teen Cancer America and donated $50k to a school in the Bronx, NY. Kim and Kanye donated $500k to families devastated in the California wildfires. Khloe prefers to donate quietly and without publicity, the way dad Robert Kardashian taught her.

North’s $4,000 Acrylic Crib

The $4,200 acrylic crib by Vetro is a favorite among celebrities. Beyonce’s Blue Ivy and Kimye’s North all slept peacefully in the pricey bed. Sure it’s overpriced, but Kim has stated that the see-through crib has been handed down to North’s younger siblings, making it more cost-effective, yeah, we’re rolling our eyes as well.  

Image courtesy of instagram.com and dailymail.do.uk

The modern design of the crib fits in well with their home’s minimalist decor. All the kids have been snapped napping in the crib, which appeared on mom’s Instagram page. Vetro claims the cribs are made in low numbers, to prevent errors that sometimes occur with mass-produced products.

Sink-less His and Hers Vanity Stations

With a price tag ranging from $25k-$35k, this his and her vanity is a dream for lovers of sleek lines. The lack of sink had us all wondering how water isn’t splashed all over the place. The trick is getting the slope perfectly angled, directing the water down the drain, which is merely a slit in the stone.

Image courtesy of people.com

The sink, which is in the couple’s bathroom, is made of quartz stone and made it’s debut when Kim gave a televised tour of her home. This particular sink left many of us questioning how it functions. Kim once again broke the internet, but this time with her bathroom as opposed to her backside.

Hair Extensions

Fans of KUWTK and their multiple spin-offs can’t help but notice the numerous hairstyle length, not to mention hair colors, for each sister in a single episode. These women never bore us with the same style, which in great part is due to fantastic hair extensions. Kylie reportedly spent over $7.5k for extensions for her 21st bday bash.

Image courtesy of youtube.com

Their stylists are quick to demonstrate their skills at adding extensions, and the net is full of videos showing their handiwork. The add-on hair is used when the ladies are glamming it up for an event, for vacation getaways, or for more practical days when they’re on mommy duty.

Multiple Christmas Trees

Their homes are a designers’ dream and they are featured regularly in respected magazines for their tasteful decor and style. But with huge abodes, boasting thousands of square feet, sometimes it’s hard to get that warm holiday vibe that traditionally smaller homes offer.

Image courtesy of poosh.com

Kourtney found a solution to the issue by having six Christmas trees adorn her home. Christmas is Kourt’s favorite holiday, and she couldn’t resist placing a tree in each child’s bedroom. She was quick to add her tips to creating the perfect x-mas feel on her Poosh website.

Dream Kitchens

Sure we’ve seen plenty of drama and love happening in their kitchens, but we haven’t seen a whole lot of actual cooking going on. We have all drooled at their state-of-the-art kitchens, just trying to imagine ourselves slaving away cooking a holiday meal for our family.

Image courtesy of instagram

Kourtney and Kim’s kitchens are dreams for all us foodies. From the limestone floors to the marble counter-tops and islands that can seat many family members, we would love to share a meal with this brood. Their to-die-for kitchens grace design magazines, and it’s easy to see why.

Kim and Kanye’s Walk-In Fridge

Kim K’s massive walk-fridge would make any up and coming chef green with envy. The enormous space rivals the living quarters for some of us.  While the crystal-encrusted fridge, located in the kitchen, is mainly used for beverages, this fridge is where the food is stored.

Image courtesy of poosh.com

The room is temperature-controlled and has sufficient space for fruits, veggies, and whatever else keeps Kiki requires to stay in tip-top shape. She claims that having an industrial-sized fridge is a game-changer, especially when hosting the extended family.

Frozen Yogurt Machine

Kim, Kanye, and kids are living the good life, we see it weekly. With closets full of designer clothes, a driveway with luxury cars, and a fat bank balance, this family is enjoying every dollar they’ve got. But beyond the cars, cash, and couture clothes, one has to throw a shout-out to Kimye for adding an industrial frozen yogurt machine to their custom-designed home.

Image courtesy of insider.com

Sure, it’s a frivolous expense, but admit it, we’d all get one if we could. The thought of craving some fro-yo late at night, and just stepping into the kitchen has a lot of us adding it to our vision boards. Considering all the paps following this family, it’s understandable that they want to keep out of the public eye while enjoying some frozen treats with their kids.

Walk-In Pantries

Khloe K’s super organized pantry has to be giving Marie Kondo a run for her money. The gal who admittedly suffers from OCD when it comes to keeping things organized has us wanting to suffer from the condition as well. KoKo admittedly refers to her pantry as her ‘happy place,’ and it’s understandable.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

We’ve seen her on camera unapologetic while showing us the contents of her fridge, which is color-coordinated, based on the rainbow color scheme. While most of us can’t afford to splurge on such a happy place, she does give us tips for organizing and creating our own bliss.

Bachelor Pads

We’re not questioning who actually paid for Rob’s $2.25 million home. Although we did love watching Kris squirm when the girls accused her of enabling her only son. The house is situated in Calabasas, close to the rest of the family.

Image courtesy of pinterest

Regardless of who paid, the home is spacious with a butler’s pantry, high ceilings, multiple fireplaces, and French doors throughout, allowing for amazing views of the backyard.  The spacious home is allowing Rob the time he needs to re-group and work on himself, and we’re thrilled that he’s once again being seen around his outspoken family.

Swarovski Encrusted Fridge

Sure, we remember when Kim and Kanye let us tour their home. We also remember the Swarovski encrusted fridge that appeared to be lacking in food. It’s been reported that the couple spent close to $1 million on Electrolux appliances for their gourmet kitchen, including the empty fridge.

Image courtesy of trendsupdates.com

While the fridge appeared to require a quick dash to the local market, we were then showed the walk-in refrigerator where the couple keeps their stash of food. The couple is rumored to have a kitchen for show and another for cooking.

Forever Pets

All the family members of this clan love their dogs. We’re not here to discuss the need to adopt from shelters, that goes without saying. We’re here to see how this family spends their dough. It was reported in 2015 that Kylie spent a whopping $50k on Norman, her beloved Italian Greyhound, but this has not been confirmed.

Image courtesy of shemazing.com

A quick Google search, shows the pure breeds sell for around $1k. Kylie was so smitten with Norman and his easy-going temperament, she quickly added more and now has a total of eight of the pure-bred canines living the good life in Calabasas, CA.

Extravagant Birthday Gifts

When money is no object, the only issue might come down to being original. Looking to one-up each other on gifts is no easy task when you’re part of a family that has seemingly endless resources. To surprise baby-daddy Travis Scott, Kylie had to think outside the box.

Image courtesy of highsnobiet.com

In honor of the rapper’s 28th bday, Kylie posted a sign in West Hollywood at the corner of Santa Monica and Cahuenga Blvds. The sign featured mom and baby Stormie with a greeting for the birthday boy. If that wasn’t enough, Scott also celebrated his big day with an Avenger’s themed party arranged by Kylie.


Real estate is a wise investment, but that’s been handled. Now that the family has their dream homes, art needs to be carefully selected to adorn the massive walls. Kris is becoming an avid collector of art and feels the investment will pay off in the long run.

Image courtesy of thegorgeousart.com

Kris is also keen on promoting up and coming young artists, such as UK sculptor Tracey Emin. She recently purchased a neon art piece from the artist that was featured in her home when she opened the doors to Architectural Digest in 2019.  Kris is also a big fan of Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara and his artwork is proudly displayed in the momager’s homes.