46 Landscaping Hits and Misses

When one thinks of landscape architecture or garden design, it’s understandable to assume that much planning and prepping is involved. Landscaping, when done tastefully, can be an artistic expression that brings together function and beauty. Sometimes, when we look at a finished product, we try to get into the mind of the person or team that came up with the overall concept. When we consider a personal DIY home gardening project, it’s usually planned and decided by the person or team executing the job.  It’s natural to come across some bumps in the road, and problems are to be expected. However, when we consider projects that were done by cities, we know that bureaucracy and a significant amount of red tape are involved.  Getting a state-approved landscaping job goes through multiple departments requiring permits, and zoning authorizations, not to mention the legal aspects involved. It’s also a given that in most city-based landscaping design jobs that at least one team or individual is responsible for a project from conception to completion. 

Some ‘hits’ that made our list may be seen as disasters or in poor taste, but that’s really just a matter of opinion. While some of the ‘misses’ we also found to be artistic and visionary. And, there’s a number of them should’ve have scrapped their ideas altogether during the brainstorming stage. 

Beware: Tree Ahead

Believe it or not, this particular bike path mishap is studied in landscape architecture courses. We’re pretty sure it falls under ‘don’t let this happen to you.’ We admit it, this made us giggle, just by looking at it. Trying to maneuver ourselves around the tree while on a bike can be tricky.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

Look, we can understand that the tree protruded unintentionally through the pavement. What we’re not accepting is that the tree has been around for years, based on its size and, no plan to remove or alter the path was even attempted. This gets a ‘miss’ from our team, and if we could issue a fine to the genius who painted the arrow on the tree, we probably would. Images of the Road-Runner and Wile E. Coyote are in our heads, and even they’re laughing at this hot mess.

Trick or Treat!

Ah, to be creative on Halloween, what a joy.  We love remembering our childhood when we went trick-or-treating. What a thrill it was coming upon those houses that went all out with decorations, and we’re talking way more than cut up pumpkins and cardboard skeletons hanging on the door.

Image courtesy of thegardenglove.com

What a great idea to simply place a pair of big plastic googly eyes onto an existing bush. So simple, yet so genius at the same time. This inexpensive and easy DIY trick gets a big ‘hit’ from us. We’re pretty sure this house had the full-size candy bars as well. Well done!!

Recycling Bras is a Thing

It’s fair to say that not most would look at an old bra and think ‘planter!’ But the owner of this pink silk brassiere seemed to think it was too good to toss or donate.  It’s pretty simple to create, and from a quick Google search, it seems to be a way of passing the time during a lockdown or two.

Image courtesy of za.pinterest.com

Some even think these are good enough to sell, and they can be found on Etsy. One worthwhile organization used this original idea to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and created an entire campaign around this. The campaign was used to raise funds for the charity and came with instructions for creating your own bra planter at home. For this alone, we’re calling it a ‘hit.’

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Part 1

This amazing Sleeping Beauty is one of the many treats awaiting you at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. The landscaping was so intricate and amazing to view; we gave this must-see garden two mentions in our article. The park was initially built during WWI in the UK on an estate and boasts over 200 acres of lush, jungle-like treasures.

Image courtesy of orderisda.org

The enormous garden is located within the walls of the estate and is pure fantasy for kids and adults alike. It takes approximately four hours to view all the sculptures and greenery, but it’s time well spent for lovers of natural art. This once-forgotten Victorian garden was neglected soon after WW1, and we were elated when it was restored to its original glory in the 1990s.

Shocking and Amazing

In northern Italy in a suburb called Viterbo is a park called Sacro Bosco (Sacred Grove), which was created in the 16th century. In the park are statues depicting monsters, created in the Baroque style, typical for the century it was built. The park was built in the 16th century by Pier Francesco Vicino Orsini, an art lover, and military leader.

gardens of bomarzo portmobility.com

The park and the statues were created with the intent to shock those who came upon the eerie sculptures and grounds. Just take a look at this open-mouthed monster. We love the moss growing around the monster’s features. This is a definite ‘hit’ on our list and should not be missed when next traveling to Italy.

For When You’ve Outgrown Your First Car

There are numerous websites dedicated to teaching us how to turn old car parts into useful elements to enhance your garden. Look at this car, which has seen better days. The owner of this car is likely a sentimental softy who refused to part with this piece of metal. Some will feel it would have been better to junk the old clunker, but we’re not here to judge. Well, we are, but just a little.

Image courtesy of thenewswheel.com

We can appreciate the work that went into this and even admire the choices of plants. But we’re giving this a ‘miss’ due to its size. It might have scored a hit had the car been repainted and shown a little more love before becoming home to a variety of plants. To us, it looks more like an afterthought, and it was scored as such.

Let’s Not Rush to Stock Up on These Clearance Items

Yep, we all love a bargain. Many of us even flock to the clearance rack when we’re out shopping. No one wants to miss out on a great deal. But sometimes, even a marked down red-stickered clearance item should be avoided.

Image courtesy of retailunderground.com

We’re passing on these less than attractive planters. The hot pink pots attached to feet adorning flip-flops just isn’t cutting it for us. There’s a reason these landed in the clearance aisle, and it’s more than understandable why the shelf is still full of these. It’s a ”miss,’ and we’re hoping bargain hunters steered clear of these. It’s just too wrong for words.

Octopus’s Garden

For die-hard Beatle’s fans, looking at this whimsical creation, we’re reminded of their classic hit ‘Octopus’s Garden.’ This original idea gets a ‘hit’ from our judges, and we’re sure it’s unanimous. The creativity used here to bring sea and land together is appreciated.

Image courtesy of gardenpowertools.com

This park area has us thinking about how we’d adapt it to our own backyard. It’s a sure-fire hit with kids, who would have a blast climbing and playing in a similar setting. Before attempting it on your own, we recommend going to your local nursery and consulting with the experts. It’s imperative to use paints that can withstand the elements while not harming the tree.

Someone Had To Approve This, But Why?

Not sure if it’s the fault of the city or the contractor who built this. All we know is we can’t figure out where the stairs under the walkway lead to. All we do know is that this is the result of a renovation, which required various permits from the city. So more than one individual approved this.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

What we don’t know is how this got approved. No matter how much time we spend on this, we can’t figure out the purpose of the stairs. This just proves what we should already know — hold back some cash till the job is done to our satisfaction. Had the client not forked over the entire sum for this ‘job,’ it might have turned out differently. Oh, almost forgot, ‘miss!!’

The Perfect Gift… Not!

Don’t even consider these as Mother or Father’s Day gifts, unless you’re looking to creep out the recipient of this questionable gift idea. We’re all for mugs with our faces on them, not to mention proper portraits, but this just isn’t doing it for us.

Image courtesy of thisiswhyimbroke.com

These questionable planters emblazoned with faces of our loved ones have us questioning the concept. These look like chia pets on steroids. We’re not digging the plants replacing the individual’s own mane of hair. We’re giving this a ‘miss’ and hope you agree.

Introducing Hippie Jerry

This planter is named ‘Hippie Jerry’ and is proudly sold at nurseries and supply stores around the country. We’re loving the hip 60s vibe this cool cat is giving us. This peace-loving guy is weather-resistant and holds a 4″ pot while making us yearn for the days of Woodstock.

Image courtesy of desertcart.com

We wholeheartedly gave this one a ‘hit.’ We love the way the fern is acting like wild hair, and we’re questioning what this guy went through during the era of ‘Make love, not war.’ This is a welcome addition to most home gardens, and if anything, it’s a great conversation piece. We dig it.

Still Trying to Figure Out the Parking here

While we’re not sure of the exact location of this epic fail, and it doesn’t really matter. How this got approved before execution still has us scratching our heads. We’re figuring plans are required before an accessible spot is implemented, and at least more than one person needed to approve this disaster.

Image courtesy of kangarooni.com

Of course, this gets a ‘miss’ in our books. We’re still trying to understand why only a bicycle can access this parking spot. We’re hoping this was corrected as soon as built, but from the weeds happily growing around the curb, it’s been around for a while.

The Car’s in the Shop for Repairs

This we’ve unanimously decided is a ‘hit.’  The gardener involved in this work of art obviously has a passion for race cars and wants the world to know it. The hedges have been expertly trimmed to resemble a pitstop at a race track, and we’re digging the vibe.

Image courtesy of douglasforestandgarden.com

Imagining the hours involved in getting this just right. We’re applauding this effort and appreciate the work and thought put into this impressive piece. This type of foliage requires regular upkeep to keep the shape, and it’s definitely worth the effort.

What Were They Thinking?

We’re still not sure how this is intended to work. It’s not a practical accessible parking ramp that everyone agrees on. It might be used for skateboarding, but even that doesn’t make much sense either. Someone approved this. But we’re not sure why.

Image courtesy of nodnodwinwin,.com

We’re all in agreement that this is a major ‘miss.’ We’re just trying to figure out if this was built just for the sake of building something. Was there some budget money leftover and the city had to use it or lose it forever? The only consensus is, it’s useless and serves no purpose whatsoever.

There’s More Than One Way to Trim the Hedges

Not sure about you, but most of us were hearing the theme to Looney Tunes in our heads, thinking this isn’t going to end well. We’re not saying we’re against finding an easy way to do a hard job, but this is bordering on just plain crazy.

Image courtesy of travelfunto.com

We have to look at what’s in front of us when we’re judging here. We’re viewing a crew of people hoisting this man and his mower to trim the hedges and are sure that this isn’t the way it should be done. Nurseries and hardware stores are stocked with equipment to make this job quick and easy, but that’s not what we’re witnessing. This gets a unanimous ‘miss’ from us, and we’re hoping all involved came out unscathed.

Sometimes It’s OK to Throw Things Out, Honest

We haven’t figured out if this was intentional or simply a sad result of a neglected kitchen. Either way, we gave this a big ‘miss’ from our judges. Hard to imagine this as a deliberate effort. We’re all for re-purposing items and understand the importance of recycling.

Image courtesy of plumbingzone.com

Let’s assume this was an effort at creative gardening. The remaining dishes in the sink should’ve been removed and the sink should have been prepped before planting. But we’re catching glimpses of pipes, and the faucets are still attached, so maybe these are simply weeds growing in an abandoned kitchen.

He’s Not Fooling Anyone by Painting the Grass

This man took the old saying; ‘The grass is always greener on the other side,’ a bit too literally. It appears that he’s decided to take the easy route and spraypaint his yellowing grass. Whether he’s taking some shortcuts or has given up on trying to compete with the lush lawns of his neighbors, it’s a hot mess.

Image courtesy of douglasforestandgarden.com

We’re giving this attempt a ‘miss.’ Needless to say, dying your lawn is not the way to go. Either hire a professional gardener or consider scrapping the grass altogether and instead try artistically laying a stone walkway and lush greenery.  

A Work of Art, Literally

This lovely garden installation is located in a public park in France. The flowers that seem to be pouring out of the paint tube are gorgeous orange marigolds. Situated in the Boulogne-sur-Mer park, this is a definite favorite of locals.

Image courtesy of gardenpowertools.com

The park is maintained immaculately by the city, and from the looks of it, visitors are helping keep the grounds in pristine condition. Yep, this one is a ‘hit’ and gets a thumbs up from us. We’ll be sure to check it out when in the area.

‘Thing,’ is that You?

Can’t help but hearing the Addam’s Family theme song in our head when viewing this creepy attempt at an indoor plant. We are trying not to picture that hand chasing us around the house, as was Thing’s habit in the 60’s comedy series.

Image courtesy of twitter.com

We’re giving this one a ‘miss.’ We might have voted differently if the plant was more than just a few blades of grass in a plastic cup inserted into this bizarre planter. The planter is kind of cool and given the proper greenery, might have made us smile, rather than looking over our shoulder, checking to see if Morticia was lurking around.

No Swimming Allowed

Many of us dream about a pool in our backyard. For some that have it, it’s fun and a must-have perk. For others, it’s a never-ending expense that requires TLC in addition to extra money for cleaning and regular upkeep. But whether you can afford it or not, pools have a purpose, and being covered in dirt and grass to serve a make-shift lawn isn’t one of them.

Image courtesy of benavidez99 and Reddit.com

This pool/lawn gets a definitive ‘miss’ from us. It’s ok to decide to not use the pool for whatever reason. However, It’s better to drain, cover, and forego until it can be used as intended. This grass-covered pool appears neglected and more of an afterthought than anything else. We’re not liking this look.

From the Spiritual to the Enlightened

This one we had to include in this list and like it or not, it’s registered as a ‘hit.’ This unique, almost disturbing statue is located in a sculpture park in Wicklow, Ireland. Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park is a 22-acre park that contains 14 displays from various Irish artists.

Image courtesy of atlastobscura.com

The private park isn’t for everyone but should be visited if you’re in the area. The park bears a plaque honoring Alan Turing, the famed mathematician. The park and its sculptures are meant to depict man’s journey from spiritualism to progression. We’re not questioning the initial purpose of this hidden Irish gem, but rather praising it for its grounds and artistic statues in hopes it gains further appreciation.

Hope This Landscaper Isn’t Expecting a Holiday Bonus

Yeah, we giggled at this one too. Let’s assume the gardener or landscaper didn’t stand back to admire his handiwork. But someone had to notice this as they were driving up to the building to park their car. While the hedges are well pruned and cared for, the resemblance to the male anatomy can’t be missed.

Image courtesy of roenning.net

Kudos to the uniform look of the greenery, which is well cared for. From the look of this, it’s being left as is, and we’re sure it’s a topic of conversation for those who come across it. We’re giving it a ‘hit’ and like it or not; one has to be impressed with how it turned out.

This Neighbor Went Too Far

This conversation piece is the work of gifted gardener Richard Jackson. Jackson expertly cut his bush to resemble a rude gesture. Complaints citing a public nuisance took eight years to arrive. The talented gardener was instructed to remove the offending hedge, but he’s refusing to comply. The complaints only began eight years after the creative bush made it’s debut, resulting in his refusal to remove it.

Image courtesy of 5gbp.ru

Jackson claims the bush is located on his private property, and the ‘art’ wasn’t meant to insult anyone. He says his neighbors are supportive of his view and have even started a campaign to squash the police order, aptly called, “Save the Bush.” We’re calling this one a ‘hit,’ mainly because it’s not in our neighborhood, and we appreciate the humor in this ‘topiary’ creation.

Keep Off the Grass

We love gnomes and appreciate their historical contribution to our gardens. Believe it or not. Gnomes were originally used as a lawn decoration for wealthy Europeans. In the 18th century, gnomes were regularly found in homes and gardens and considered a symbol of wealth.

Image courtesy of thegreenhead.com

We’re not sure when these quirky statues became kitschy garden accessories. But, we’re liking the feel of this particular little fella and can see it warding off spirits during Halloween. It’s a matter of choice if to add to your personal garden, but we gave it a ‘hit’ because it definitely adds character to this space.

Repurposed Jeans

A lot of us can sympathize with those who have put on some extra weight during the lockdown. Being indoors a lot, less active, and having a stocked fridge didn’t seem to help matters. We love what the owner of these jeans did when her favorite denims stopped zipping up.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

This is a ‘hit’ in our books. Sure it’s not all that attractive, but we awarded extra points for originality and recycling. We are questioning the longevity of these original planters. Depending on the watering and factoring in rainfall, we’re looking at potential mold issues, which could hinder proper growth.

Simply Unexplainable

Let’s be clear when it comes to jobs done by the city, of which we’ve seen a few here. These jobs require the involvement of multiple departments and at least one architect who needs a college degree before getting a job in this specific field. The result of this fail required at least several experts.

Image courtesy of 5gbp.ru

Maybe it is a question of what came first, ‘the chicken or the egg.’ Assuming the trees were planted first, it’s safe to think concrete blocks would have been set around the actual tree. If the areas for the trees came first, why weren’t the trees planted in their designated spot? Oh, just to make it official, this is an epic ‘miss,’ duh.

We’re Sure No One Will Notice it’s a Fake Tree

Ok, we weren’t fooled. We didn’t think this was an actual tree, not even for a second. Not only is this ugly, but we’re don’t understand why an actual tree is covered in synthetic grass, which is then bizarrely covered with a patch of what appears to be real grass.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

Yes, it gets a huge ‘miss’ from our team. However, it was good enough to make it into a published book appropriately titled ‘Sh** Gardens.’ This one can’t and shouldn’t be explained; it should just be filed under ‘Major Fails.’ We’d love to hear if someone out there can explain this hot mess because we’re at a total loss.

Jeepers Creepers

If you’re looking to creep out your neighbors, then go ahead and try this goth-inspired doll head with plant protruding from head and eye. There are multiple how-to videos and websites dedicated to this growing art form. We’re all for minimizing our carbon footprint and are onboard with re-purposing odd items around the house, even if it means creeping out the neighbors.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

We’re divided on if this should be labeled ‘hit’ or ‘miss’ and will leave the judging to you. We’re a little in awe of how the owner of this turned a seemingly innocent doll head into an expressive form of art. Maybe one or two of these strewn around the yard could be interesting, but please, not more than that.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Part 2

As mentioned earlier, The Lost Gardens of Heligan are a must-see when visiting the Cornwall region in the UK. Dating back to WWI, this garden is located on an English Estate and is home to 200 acres of landscaping and gardening works of art. This head protruding from the ground brings a smile to our face.

Image courtesy of foundshit.com

Getting lost in this garden has to be a treat for the eyes. Coming upon these carefully pruned and cultivated wonders undoubtedly leave visitors in absolute awe. This blue-eyed fellow appears to be constructed of fertile earth and contains ears made of stone. We can’t help but admire the ‘hair’ growing atop his head. We can almost feel the eyes of this guy following us around the grounds, as we explore the wonders awaiting us.

This Sign Serves Its’ Purpose

Signs, in general, are intended to serve a purpose. They show us when stores are open or closed, or they warn us to stop at a busy intersection. But sometimes, they’re placed in areas that have us wondering what we’re supposed to be cautious of. We’re still laughing at this attempt at humor, whether intentional or not.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

This grass-less field with only a tiny patch of grass doesn’t warrant such a sign, but we like it nonetheless. This gets a ‘hit’ from us due to the humor, but also a ‘miss’ if it was intended to be serious. Let’s figure the sign was placed at a time where the field was green and lush.

These Require A Little More Attention

We get it; we’re all stuck indoors looking to keep ourselves busy. We have some junk that’s been waiting to be recycled, and we’re itching to release our inner artist. The idea behind these make-shift planters is admirable but stops short of being statement pieces.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

We admire the initial effort put into taking tossed PC screens and converting them into planters, but think a little more effort is needed. Maybe painting them or covering in some sort of wallpaper, anything to make them more appealing would be welcome here. We’re labeling this a ‘miss’ because more attention to detail was required. These had major potential; they just needed some finishing touches.

This Neighbor Doesn’t Look Happy

Can’t help but wonder the fight these neighbors must have had to result in this intentionally pruned bush. It looks like it was purposefully planted and carefully tended to while waiting patiently to make its debut. We’re admitting that in a childish way, this did bring a smirk to our faces.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

By definition, topiary is the art of clipping perennial greenery to achieve a desired shape or form. From the looks of this piece, the gardener knew exactly what he or she was trying to achieve. We are all about keeping the peace when it comes to neighborly relations. However, we’re giving this mooning hedge a ‘hit’ mainly because of the work and effort put into creating such a finely shaped hedge.

This Bathtub Had Planter Written All Over it

We’re all for recycling and finding new uses for items that would otherwise be tossed out. This was created with a lot of forethought, and we’re appreciative of the work put into this bathtub. The mosaic artwork added to the clawfoot tub is inspirational and gave new life to this otherwise discarded bathroom accessory.

Image courtesy of gardenlovers.com

This got a big ‘hit’ from us. We like the way the plants chosen were well thought out. We appreciate the care these plants are getting, and they appear to be thriving in their home. Tubs, in general, make for great planters as the built-in drains allow for excess water to drip away, allowing the roots to thrive. Great job on this one!

One Man’s Garbage, is Another Man’s Treasure

We all want to prove we’re doing our part to save the planet. We are vigilant about recycling paper, glass, and plastic. However, sometimes some things can be classified as garbage and simply tossed. While we intended to give this a ‘miss,’ it wouldn’t be fair to ignore the charm of this old work-boot that was turned into a planter.

Image courtesy of shelterness.com

It’s getting a ‘hit’ from us because we adore the country vibe and can’t get over how cute the ceramic mice poking out seem to fit in perfectly. Whether this is a real shoe or not, we can’t say, but we are feeling all warm and fuzzy with this cute planter that a lot of us would proudly display on our porch.

Is it Art or Just Plain Creepy?

We’re still up in the air when it comes to this display. We can get on board if maybe there was one or max two concrete and stone heads turned into planters. But a family of them caused a number of us to do a double-take and think a little harder on this one. We admire the work gone into choosing the right plant for the right head, but still, less is more.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

We’d have to see the entire backyard to give a better score, but for now, we’re giving this a ‘miss.’ We’re a bit turned off by the number of heads crowded together. We feel that if spread out in a large open area, we’d feel differently. Points are being awarded for originality. We’re also loving how well the plants are thriving, no small feat.

Creepy Doll Heads

So, it turns out that using doll heads as planters are a real thing, creepy or not, it’s gaining popularity. With numerous pages on Pinterest dedicated to the disturbing practice, we figured this is the place to mention it. We could understand if it was seasonal, say on Halloween, but sadly that is not the case.

Image courtesy of boredpanda.com

I guess for some it’s a great way to keep kids and annoying neighbors from knocking on our doors to borrow some sugar. There’s something macabre about chopping a doll’s head to grow plants in them. The thing that grabbed our attention here is that one of the dolls has appeared to have lost his life during surgery. But no worries, dump some dirt in, sprinkle a few seeds and wallah, good as new. Yeah, we’re giving this a ‘miss,’ and if you don’t agree, that’s okay too.

Stand Back and Admire the Pruning Job

Yeah, we’re seeing it too. The question is did the gardener stand back and admire his job? What was he thinking? Pruning trees and hedges is a talent requiring a good eye for detail and when done properly can be a work of art.

Image courtesy of cheezburger.com

While we’re not sure if it was left this way, we’re having a hard time unseeing this image. It’s safe to say that if it was left as is, neighbors would be quick to complain and demand changes to the tree. We’re divided on this and leaving the ‘hit’ or ‘miss’ tag to our faithful readers.

Travel Plans Have Been Canceled

Sadly the extended lock-down of 2020 has canceled many trips we may have planned. But this time also allowed us to enjoy being home more and get creative in our private abodes. It’s been reported that nursery sales skyrocketed during this period, proving people were channeling their inner-gardener.

Image courtesy of gardenpowertools.co.uk

We love how this old suitcase was repurposed as a planter. We like how the color of the case compliments the blooms. As long as holes were drilled through the case to allow for proper drainage, there’s no reason these beauties won’t thrive for the foreseeable future. This gets two thumbs up along with a ‘hit’ from us.

These Lemurs Are Too Cute and We Can’t Get Enough

This inspiring ode to Lemurs is one of many living topiaries that can be found at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Lovers of horticulture and animals will be amazed at the display in this garden. The garden boasts a zoo full of animals made out of plants and we are loving it.

Image courtesy of terta wasutra.facebook.com

This of course got a ‘hit’ from us and we recommend that next time you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to take time to tour this spectacular garden. The ring-tailed lemur is native to Madagascar and we’re loving the landscaper’s vision in creating this true work of art.

These Johns are Occupied

We’re a bit iffy on the re-purposing toilets into planters. Usually, these get a definite miss from us, but in this particular case, we’re leaning towards ‘hit.’ We’re appreciating the florals that were chosen here. We’re more focused on the actual flowers as opposed to the fact that they’re toilets.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

We’re wishing we had a view of the entire yard before making a final decision, but we’re not hating this one too much. It’s obvious that much thought went into these make-shift planters. We like that it’s not the standard white porcelain commodes and feel that the blue and green sanitary objects meld well with the plants chosen.

Look Away!

Medusa is alive and well in this ingenious creation. We appreciate how the foliage appears snake-like and resembles the mythical creature. If you look at it long enough, you might get inspired to try something similar. You can get creative, depending on the plants used and come up with a curly or straight-haired version.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

Some on our team saw a resemblance to Bob Marley, but the majority saw the monster and quickly turned away before being turned into stone. This one we’re calling a ‘hit’ but will understand if you’re creeped out and consider this a ‘miss.’

This is Just… Meh

Yeah, this one no one seemed to like. We found it to be tacky and cheap looking. We didn’t appreciate the black nail polish or multiple fingers altogether. We’re hoping this was a cheap purchase found on a clearance rack.

Image courtesy of pinterest.co.uk

We find it hard to imagine anyone taking the time to create this monstrosity. This for us was a definite ‘miss,’ and we’re not sure we’d like to meet the folks that are enthralled by this one. Maybe if the nails were painted in another color? Nah, it’s still a miss for us.

This Bug Runs on Flowers

This lovely VW Bug turned into a powder blue planter scored big time with us. We admire the choice of flowers picked for this project. The one really put a smile on our faces. The time and effort, as well as attention to detail, aren’t overlooked here.

Image courtesy of homedit.com

While most would think of an old car on our lawn as an eyesore, this home gardener did it in a way that we’re all wanting one for ourselves. Needless to say, this work of art got a unanimous ‘hit’ from us. The car was properly prepped in advance, and much thought was put into turning this car into a lovely home for these perennials. Check out the green headlights!

When the Only Job You Have is Pruning and You Decide to be Artistic

The instructions this landscaper got were simple. He was told to follow the shape of the hedges, but I guess he had other things on his mind. We can almost envision the chosen gardener as one half of “Beavis and Butthead,” take your pick, and we even heard the snickering in his head as he thought he understood how a woman’s body looks.

Image courtesy of memejob.com

There are endless memes dedicated to the end result and none of them were flattering. Here’s hoping when he stood back to look at the work done and after he laughed out loud, he fixed this hot mess. This gets a whopping ‘miss’ from us and for a variety of reasons.

Next Level Toilet Art

So you just happen to have seven random toilet bowls lying around and are looking to be creative. We’re not questioning why you have so many johns lying around. Let’s assume you live in a mansion and are in the middle of remodeling. But if that were true, you’d probably be able to afford to hire a top-notch landscaper to create the garden of your dreams.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

The reasoning behind this escapes us and we’re not understanding what this is supposed to represent. Imagining walking out into our yard first thing in the morning to greet the day with our hot cup of coffee and staring at this. That image alone is what clinched it for us, and we are giving this eyesore a ‘miss.’

For Those Who Can’t Stand Being Away from Their Garden

We’re wondering how one waters this garden-on-the-go. From this image, it’s safe to say the car is still running, and this is the view from the passenger seat. What we’re not understanding is why anyone would think this is even a thing.

Image courtesy of dumpaday.com

Safe to say, driving over potholes and speed bumps weren’t taken into consideration here. Let’s not forget scorching hot days, where this desert garden would reach insanely hot temps to rival the Sahara. This gets a major ‘miss’ from us and the entire idea should’ve been scrapped in the planning stages.