5 secret places in Ipoh Malaysia

Ipoh was listed on Lonely Planet as the best Asian destination to visit in 2016, so it’s right for you to skip by!

But reading the Internet is not everything for Ipoh. It is a city with many twists and turns around the corner.

Walking on the track

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Talk about the memory or, as the locals call it, Loken or Pasar Karat, which means Rust Market, which alludes to the antiques that are usually abundant here. Here you will find antiques dating from the mid-1800s to the early 90s. Remember that you want to be there at least at 7 in the morning and everyone will start packing when the sun reaches 11 o’clock.

Drink it in Jeff’s basement

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When you’re ready to drink and go on an adventure, consider going to Jeff’s basement. It is located in Banjaran Hot Spring Ipoh. The bar itself is located in a limestone cave with natural running water, which gives the whole place a cozy but at the same time top-class atmosphere. It’s perfect for dating and having fun with friends!

Discover the Old Bank vault for cheap books

If you are a bookworm and interested in history, or maybe someone who just likes to do rad selfies, this is the place for you. BookXcess has relocated an old bank vault to hold these books. Everything there is intact and all the vaults are still working, which gives it a secret refuge. Did we also mention that all (brand new) books are over 50% cheaper?

Go back in time to the Han Chin Pet Soo Museum

Ha Chin Pet Soo is a museum like no other. You can dive into the history of Ipoh because the exhibits are made in sections and rooms, so every time you enter a section; it’s almost as if you just sat with a family from the 1900s to sit down to dinner.

Image courtesy ipoh-city

Be amazed by the intricate miniatures of the Miniature Wonders art gallery

This particular place is full of the talents of those who make miniature exhibits that introduce life in ancient China. The sculptures look amazing and it will shock you when you see the amount of detail worn when creating a scene.