50 Fugly Pictures Of People’s Pets Posted Online

Twitter has done it again with an online challenge unlike any other that we have seen in a while, and it caught on like wildfire. Someone set the contest for the world to send in the ugliest and most unflattering pictures of their furry children, and Twitter users responded by uploading the nastiest shots they have of their pets. Some pets were shrieking. Others were caught mid-yawn. And then there were a few pets whose business it was to look as unattractive as possible. Some photographers were clearly to blame, while a few pets were unapologetically just unphotogenic. But not to worry, each fur parent loves their child dearly. There is nothing but love for each pet’s gawky stare or clumsy fall. If anything, these pets seem more loveable because of their flaws.

Caught Red-handed

Like us, pets like to spend some time grooming in private. They dislike having to conform to niceties when they’re picking their teeth or sharpening their claws. How would you feel if someone walked in on you, rubbing your rear on the carpeted floor? Bet you would screech for the intruder to scram.

Image courtesy of Hanna Bernstein / Twitter

We could take Hanna Bernstein’s word for it. She says her cat is yawning like the monster that it is. But it looks to us that it needs some alone time. It might have been the partially digested buttered corn that is causing it to scoot. Or mum might have simply forgotten to deworm this kitty. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty hard not to laugh at that ungodly scream.

Planning World Domination

For the most part, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Labradors rule the canine kingdom. But pugs and bulls can be pretty ambitious too. Take Hypacia’s dog. While lounging on the living room couch, he smiles to himself as he maps out the detail of his plan – world domination.

Image Courtesy of Hypacia / @Hypacia / Twitter

mehehehe. Oh, and all the Huskies would bow down to me – their tails wedged between their legs. I will have the brief by my side. Inside it is a nuke button. I will have absolute control of everyone and everything. And every animal will pay tribute by giving me a belly rub or a scruff in the neck!

Perfect Timing

If you have got a rad cat like this, you will want to take selfies with it frequently. So when Twitter user @vaarda_ chanced upon her cat staring idly at the walls, she picked him up and told him to say cheese. Her cat must have misheard. It perked its ears and purred meeeow?

Image Courtesy of emo amy march / @vaarda / Twitter

Beautiful. Just beautiful! Fur mum @vaarda tells her kitten. She shows him the picture on her phone. Look at you! It didn’t matter that he was mid-meow. Even if it had been a candid shot, her purr buddy still looked great on cam. Guess it takes after its owner.

Find Me A New Salon

Twitter user @SmudgiesMom thought it would be a good idea to set an appointment at a pet salon. She thought her cat needed the extra attention. She had told her kitty, Miss Jade, that she would be taken good care of. But the latter had been unimpressed with her salon appointment.

Image courtesy of @smudgiesMom / There is no Dana, only Zuul / Twitter

You call that grooming? They might as well close shop this early. This kitty couldn’t help but scowl at the sheer amount of fur @SmudgiesMom had untangled from her back. Why I really ought to have shown that receptionist how it’s done. She raked her nail against the bed and then licked it clean. Then she smoothened her fur with it. Don’t think that this score has been settled, hooman.

Almost Perfect

When Mrs. Donald had seen the Twitter thread, she immediately scrolled through her phone. Now, she’s the type of parent who thinks her fur child is perfect. But just to be sure, she might have a compromising picture of him somewhere. Lo and behold, she did.

Image Courtesy of Mrs. Donald / @AleciasWifey / Twitter

It took her a couple of attempts. The first few ones were botched because she didn’t have good lighting. In some of the pictures, her dog moved quickly. The result had been a blurry shot. But by the evening, she had taken this picture which was a crowning glory. He happened to look crazily at her when the flash shone at him.

Taking A Selfie

For the most part, bunnies look good on camera. They don’t have to rely on lighting to do the trick. Their snowy fur does that for them. But like us, they don’t look too good when opening the front camera. Just look at Murph, the rabbit. He tried hiding that double chin. But so far, all efforts have been in vain.

Image Courtesy of Louis / @LouseGrouse / Twitter

His ears twitch in anticipation. In a couple of seconds, the camera should be able to focus. He wags his tail and hops on his feet. He turns to his good side and waits for the shutter to click. A couple more shots are taken until he is certain that his fur-mum can upload one on Twitter.

How Wide Can It Go

Can you recall anyone yawning and still looking attractive? Pretty difficult, huh. So it’s understandable why this cat had looked even more surly as she yawned atop her fur dad. Just how wide do you think it can go? Her cat goats on command.

Image Courtesy of Gina Zwicky / Twitter

As if on cue, she stretches her paws and then thumbs the flimsy material of dad’s shirt. She can easily tear that apart if she wanted to, just while yawning. She gazes around and then rests her chin on dad’s beer belly. There aren’t any mice to pounce on, so it’s safe to say that she can take the afternoon off.

Just To Make You Guys Jealous

Just like in school, some people are almost always perfect. They may mess up a couple of times, but they wouldn’t be the worst of the bunch. So when the Twitter thread surfaced online, Lizzie Loola thought she could join in the hype. She thought this was her cat’s ugliest state.

Image courtesy of Lizzie Loola / @lizzieloola2 / Twitter

We don’t know about Lizzie. But it seems to us that she’s purposefully trying to rub salt on other fur parents’ wounds. It doesn’t seem like her cat has lost her class in this picture. In fact, her cat might be one of the pristine few who has never known what it feels like to be fugly.

Caught Myself A Meal

One of the worst times for a selfie is when you’re eating. Your stomach is churning. Your eyes are fixated on the food. And you’re sweating like crazy thinking how tasty that prime beef would taste in your mouth. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this snake doesn’t look as photogenic after devouring a mouse.

Image courtesy of Daimera / @thirdrategear / Twitter

Never mind that it had just strangled a mouse to death. What’s important is that it is preoccupied with the digestion of matted fur and meat. It swallows the remaining bulk of the mouse’s tail and then lays at the side of the aquarium. Mice always taste better with a pinch of salt and a dose of fear.

Every Person at a Mosh Pit

We can’t wait for the new normal. How do you reckon mosh pits and music festivals will be held? We have missed how strangers would pretend to play guitar riffs on imaginary guitars, or how the crowd would scream back hard metal lyrics to the lead singer. Everyone at the mosh pit be like…

Image Courtesy of Tsune / @tsunesame / Twitter

Bodies would slam against each other, their faces ridden with sweat and emotion. Most are oblivious to the feet they’re stepping on. Some would hurl themselves at others, thinking, the greater the impact, the better the mosh pit session. By the end of the song, almost everyone is dancing in unison to the beat.

Fix this Darn Underbite

Queen Sarajo and her dog are at it again. She’s trying to defuse the situation while her dog dodges her touch. No. I want to go to the dentist. Set an appointment now! Queen Sarajo tries to keep her dog from yelping to no avail. Have them fix this darn underbite!

Image courtesy of Queen. SaraJo / @QSarajo / Twitter

Queen Sarajo looks unconvinced. So her dog juts out his jaw and shows her his teeth. Aren’t you convinced yet? Just look at that! Once again, this fur mom tries to scruff her dog’s neck. You look beautiful just the way you are! But her dog won’t hear it. He races indoors to beg his dad for a dental appointment.

Looks Staged

As in high school, some people desperately want to fit in. They will go to any lengths to color themselves a certain hue. Take Twitter user @mes2iah. She didn’t have a pet. But she knew one who might look fugly enough. So she rang her friend and asked if she could come over.

Image courtesy of The Messiah BLM / @mes2iah / Twitter

Wis wis wis, here kitty kitty. Her right hand offered a treat. When it had gotten close enough, she tugged at its coat and forced it to look at the cam. That’s fugly enough. Can’t say this picture should even make the cut. It’s obviously staged. What do you think?

Remind You of Anything?

Is it just us, or does this picture of this bald hamster remind you of anything? We will give you a clue. It’s limp and unmoving. But show it a hamster wheel, and it will immediately prick up. Watch its whiskers bristle. Its fingers are itching to grasp the bars and move the wheel.

Image courtesy of C paul / Twitter

It doesn’t help that Cpaul’s friend is holding the bald hamster a certain way. You could tell this hamster needs some rest. But she prods it. How about a run? Just one round! Those pleas fall on deaf ears, and it slowly closes its eyes, content with the marathon it had just run.

Thrown Back and Forth

Even before this Twitter thread became trendy, there had been some dogs that looked funny. How come? They didn’t look like they were dogs. Take rat dogs. We would hate to think that they morphed to look like rats because they were trained to hunt the latter down, but does this look like a dog to you?

Image courtesy of Randi Dukes / @DukesRandi / Twitter

True to its name, this rat dog, Ping Ping, bears all the fury and speed as a ping pong ball. Look at its slick, smooth coat and its gleaming eyes. It’s surveying the living room terrain, ready to pounce on a mouse darting from underneath the couch.

Double Identity

Who are you, and what have you done with my dog? Jules eyes the sloppy critter atop her bed. It stares wide-eyed at her. She repeats the question. Where’s my dog? It cocks its head and barks. Jules edges towards the bed. She’s certain that the mutt before her is Daisy. But sometimes, she is convinced that this furball is a rat pretending to be a dog.

Image Courtesy of Jules / @syreanna_ / Twitter

How can the two be the same critter? One is cute and fluffy, whereas the other is slick and agile. This is why Jules has a specific set of instructions for the grooming assistant. You can trim my dog’s fur, but please don’t crop it too short. I don’t want people to think that I have a rat for a pet.

Is He Self-Destructing?

Despite years of living together, cats in this family have much to learn about each other. Just today, this good boi sprung out of his den after hearing something break. He looks to the side, where he sees his brother recoiling from the sneeze. Is he self-destructing?

Image courtesy of Joey BLM Bagadonuts / @Melinoff / Twitter

That had probably been the loudest sneeze he had heard from his brother. He sniffs the air to see if he’s okay. U ok? He boops the other cat’s head and then waits for his brother to look back at him. Oh yeah, it’s probably just the fresh meat I ate. A feather is stuck between his fangs. Must have gone out for a bird kill.

Get Yourself A Dog Like This

There are some dogs whose faces will make you want to scram. And then there are dogs whose faces will make you want to adopt them. What is it about Mena Davidson’s dog? He is totally unaware of how adorable he looks when he discovers something that fascinates him.

Image courtesy of Mena Davidson / Twitter

It could be a doggie treat, drops of water, or a couple of inches of space between the wall and the couch. That’s enough to cause his eyes to widen. What do we have here? He forces his snout inside the small space and decides that it’s a failsafe method to prop his head up while he sleeps.

Flexing Them Glutes

Till this day we can’t tear our gaze away from Jean-Claude Van Damme’s beautifully-shaped rear. It’s muscled and toned, and it serves it purpose well. After all, it has earned the Muscles from Brussels a world record. He had been able to crack 43 walnuts in 60 seconds with it. So it shouldn’t be any wonder, why this hamster flexes his glutes Van Damme style.

Image courtesy of Nora the Explorer / Twitter

There is a Maximum Risk of falling while fencing the walls. But this hamster does it anyway. It’s the only way for him to pry away from the housecat’s claws. He has got Nowhere to Run, and he braces both glutes for the tedious climb. He lives for another day, and he celebrates his success by eating the corn bits while wedged against the wall.

With A Promise of Catnips

Sage has a habit of helping people. When she found out that the internet was short of hilarious pet pictures, she quickly uploaded this picture of her fur child. It stared at her wide-eyed, awaiting the promise of quality catnips. Here, here kitty kitty!

Image courtesy of Sage / @MSageGustafson / Twitter

Its tongue lay still against the roof of its mouth. The only movement you could see was that from his whiskers. It bristled in anticipation of the food that it would be munching on. Give it to meee, hooman. Quick now before I change my mind about helping you with this Twitter thread.

Exorcism Underway

Much as we hate cleaning up after our pets, there is a good reason why we prefer furry ones to short-haired types such as this. You can easily mistake this mutt for a cat. Second, you are more likely to think that an exorcism is underway when really it had just woken from a nap.

Image courtesy of Celi / @CJGTheArtist / Twitter

Celi’s son wakes the dog up. It feels the hand jolting it from sleep and then snarls at the phone lenses. It kicks at the bedsheets and tries to get on its feet. But Celi’s son nudges the critter until it has no choice but to turn on its back and bite the hand that fed it.


Like us, this dog has trouble forcing a smile. When its fur mum asked him to smile, he bared his teeth. Grrr? He looks undecidedly. Am I doing it right? Guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a reason to smile at the camera. How about some premium-grade ribs?

Image courtesy of Queen. SaraJo / @QSarajo / Twitter

Bet it would bark and wag its tail excitedly. Its tongue will lap at its snout, and then it will pounce on its hind legs. Gimme, gimme some! You’re guaranteed to get the fugliest pictures while it’s devouring the whole slab. Watch the grease drip from its mouth and snap away.


This doggo has finally found a failsafe way to amplify his bark. See, people in the house don’t take him seriously. His growls can’t pack a punch. They pierce the air, sounding almost shrill. But that changed when he snuck his snout inside this tissue roll.

Image Courtesy of Melissa Rivera / Twitter

Now, you would turn your head on instinct as he barks. It has gotten gruffer and louder. At times, it may sound a bit muffled, as tatters of tissue hang off the sides of his mouth. But now, this doggo can fight off the mailman and deliver a killer bite – all thanks to this cardboard roll!

Mustn’t Fall

This kitty had been dreaming in her sleep. In it, fresh mice were served in a bowl – their tails wriggling from the edge of the rim. There were catnips all abound and fresh milk pouring from kegs. This kitty pawed at the air and felt that she had fallen from the throne.

Image Courtesy of Liz Kaufman / @codingbumblebee / Twitter

She clutches desperately at the sheets and then swings her legs back on the bed. What just happened? Mum hurriedly supports her back and then pushes her safely away from the edge of the bed. This kitty cranes her neck to look around. There hadn’t been a kingdom, but at least she was still the queen in this home.

Routine Self-Care

How do you know a reptile is healthy? Watch the number of times it sheds within the year. This is the second time Twitter user @Hanbit‘s lizard has shed its skin this year. That’s the most it has done so since it grew into an adult. And every time she does so, @Hanbit seems to think she’s still gorgeous.

Image courtesy of Census Cowboy / @Hanbit_ / Twitter

The beauty smiles awkwardly at her, concerned with how high she has been held. But @Hanbit nuzzles her head, and it relaxes in her palm. Certain that she is safe, she looks around the room, taking in every object. This beauty closes her eyes and focuses on self-care.

Give Him His Scratching Post

Everyone gathered around the living room telly. They were watching the last few episodes of Friends. But just then, someone switched the channel. This kitty immediately went to investigate. It bared its claws and turned to look around. Which one of you dunnit?

Image Courtesy of Scummbear 1312 / @scummylildummy / Twitter

Twitter user @scummylildummy fumbled for the remote. He could see his cat inching closer – in its eyes he was this evening’s scratching post. He successfully switched the channel back to Friends and then desperately looked at his cat to retreat. It didn’t. So he hurried to the TV and stood by it. Mission aborted.

I Feel Sick

Like us, cats look less than their usual charming self when they are sick. Their eyes are heavy-lidded, and you might see them walking slumped. Boo, the cat, had been feeling under the weather when his fur mom, Kate Everett, took this photo. *cough cough, Can I get a free pass from using the litterbox today?

Image Courtesy of Kate Everett / @drkeverett / twitter

Kate runs a hand along the length of its back and then scruffs its neck. She surrounds it with some pillows and then leaves it on top of the bed to rest. By tomorrow, it will be back to its old self – wreaking havoc in the living room and doing freefalls on the couch.

Cue Rocky Music

After a couple of rounds, this winner steps out of the ring. His face is lopsided. Blood is oozing from his brow. He can barely see from his right eye. He staggers around until he feels the referee steady his hand. It is raised for the crowd to see. It’s Rocky Balboa – two-time heavyweight champion!

Image Courtesy of hands washed into oblivion / Twitter

Admit it. There’s some semblance between Sylvester Stallone’s beaten face and this little mutt. What ordeal had he gone through? Routine shots. He faced the vet with beady eyes, barking “C’mon, champ, hit me in the face! My mom hits harder than you!”. He survives. And he is whisked away in the safe arms of his fur dad. Attaboy!

Bend it Like Beckham

This kitty has a knack for sports. She’s pretty competitive. But you wouldn’t guess it from the looks of her. What does she love to play? Football. She knows the ins and outs of the playing field, and she can score kicks by curling herself past a wall of quarterbacks.

Image Courtesy of rebecca / @baelien _ vevo / Twitter

Like we said, she knows how to bend it like Beckham. She can squeeze herself into tight spaces, slink her way around figurines, and then contort herself in all sorts of positions. Unlike Beckham, though, this kitty seems to look gorgeous. Whoever said she was fugly?

What To Do Now?

This is probably why pets dislike bathing so much. This doggo looks spent. It had tried putting up a fight with its fur mom but ended up inside the tub nonetheless. Every time it tried to climb out, its soapy paws would slip and rest by the drain. Nope. No use trying.

Image courtesy of I am a Fish / @_iamafish_ / Twitter

In time, it learns to stand still and shake when told to by mum. Twitter user @_iamafish_ covers her dog with a towel, ruffles its matted fur, and then coaxes it out of the room. It slumps over by the end of the couch and then stares blankly. Happy now?

Bad Timing?

Twitter User Nerdy Vixen racked her brain for a mental image of Neville doing something embarrassing. She couldn’t. The most her brain suggested had been this picture of Neville wiping himself slick. But even ill timing couldn’t make this cat fugly.

Image courtesy of @The Nerdy Vixen / Nerdy Vixen / Twitter

It’s 3 pm – time for Neville’s man coochie cleansing. It stretches its legs wide and then starts licking at the leg poised elegantly in the air. It hadn’t been too dirty, so he quickly moves down its length. Then he takes his time to sniff his private bits and then wipe the area down there before moving to the other leg. Bet never has self-care looked as cute as this.

Gots to Have This Stick

Salamander Jill and her dog have a blast hiking in the woods. His dog clears the path Jill will walk on, whereas she throws the stick for her dog to retrieve. He goes nuts trying to find the stick. So Salamander Jill thought it would be a fantastic idea to take a picture of her dog catching one mid-air.

Image Courtesy of Salamander Jill / @salamander_ jill / Twitter

Ready? She waves the stick around—her dog’s head lollies in response to the movement. Salamander Jill flicks her thumb to open the camera and then releases the stick with her left hand. She snaps a couple of photos of her dog as it successfully catches the stick. Bingo! We have got ourselves a winner.

Mystic Creatures

There seem to be plenty of misconceptions about Norwegian forest cats. Unlike your feline companion, these cats hold the mystic of Norse legends. They may have stood guard over Viking huts as their owners rowed to sea. But the reality is vastly different.

Image courtesy of Kari dru / Twitter

Sure, they may be big-boned, and they may cough up more hairballs with their matted fur. They also pride themselves on being able to climb sheer rock faces other cats can’t handle. But they are pretty much doofuses like your domestic feline. Just look at this one trying to reach for her dinner dish atop the stairs.

Waz On Mi Head?

From the looks of it, this kitty is losing the battle. She paws blindly at the air, determined to get the enemy off her. She can’t tell what it is. But so long as it isn’t food, then it shouldn’t be within a foot radius of her. Meanwhile, Ali, her fur-mom, is stifling a laugh.

Image Courtesy of Ali Fernand blm / Twitter

It hasn’t dawned on this kitty that what she’s pawing at is actually cheddar cheese. It’s going to be a painful lesson, especially if she topples over the edge of the table. She does. And as the blanket of creamy goodness falls from her eyes, her tongue darts to lick the slice of cheese. Mm, yum!

Their Two Moods

One of the things we dislike about having cats for pets is that they can be picky eaters. They are willing to put up a fuss if you give them low-grade cat food or substandard catnips. They can always tell. Just look at these two. They have already placed a ticket with their owners.

Image Courtesy of Waffle for fluffle / Twitter

One had wanted tuna. As a sick prank, Waffle for Fluffle decided to give both of them grocery-bought cucumber. One handled it calmly, whereas the other gave an Oscar performance about how horrendous it was. Do you call that food? I ought to make meat out of you!

Straight From the Pits

One of the most important investments you could make is having your pet undergo grooming every few months. Indulge them in half a day’s self-care. You won’t need to exert much effort. Just drive them over and leave them in the capable hands of a professional. That ought to keep them from looking bedraggled like this.

Image Courtesy of Stephanie Renee / Twitter

Part of the reason why this doggo looks insane is that his fur parent hadn’t spent the time and money for good grooming. The fur on his belly is matted, and he is sporting a goatee like it’s the 40s. Too bad it doesn’t look good on him. Now can someone hand us those scissors?

This Catnip is the Bomb

Man, you have got to try this catnip. Here take some. He hands some to you then shoves a couple of leaves into his mouth. His eyes glaze and roll backward. Oh man, what did I tell you! It’s the bomb. Mum bought it from me from the store. But between you and I, I think she got it from her dealer.

Image Courtesy Corinne Rikkelman / Twitter

He lays his head on the pavement, and his tongue flicks at the spare sprigs wedged between his teeth. He sucks on it and then swallows. Seeing that you have stopped nibbling, he paws at the bowl of catnips by his feet. Here. Take some. Go on. You deserve it!

Whatcha Got There?

This is probably one of the most horrible questions you could ask a dog. They play pretend, holding grandpa’s dentures fixedly between their teeth, and turn away. Nothin to see here hooman. And as you pry further, they bare their fangs in warning. It doesn’t concern you.

Image courtesy of Hobbs / Twitter

Now, we love furry mutts. But seeing this picture of one makes us reconsider if we should get one at all. There’s no mirth in his eyes. It stares at us, unflinching. If you come any closer, you might just found out what I have got in my mouth. Um, no.

The Many Faces of …

This cat may sport a monotonous shade of fur. But that is the only thing that is dull about it. Look below. There isn’t a single boring moment with it. Some days it will gaze at you attentively; on others, it will plot world domination. After you pet the neighborhood dog, you will see it bristle with jealousy. And finally, you will see its laser mode activated.

Image courtesy of Sirius the Goblin / @ya_ Boi_ Sirius / Twitter

It casts its pitch-black eyes on the target, steadies its fire, and loads. In a couple of minutes, it will pounce. It will land with spikes on its feet and a shrill cry warning the neighborhood dog to back off its owner. Mine! All mine! As we said, there is never a dull moment with Him.

Told You To Leave Me At Home

The weather forecasts had been right on point. Stephanie Campos drew back the curtains to a cloudy day. It was perfect for a hike – sunny enough to see the trail but cloudy enough for a comfortable outing. She looked at her dog and rattled its collar. Let’s get you prepped and ready!

Image Courtesy of Stephanie M Campos / Twitter

Like us, Osiris is the type to spend most of his time indoors. Yes, running in the backyard is still considered indoors. He absolutely hates camping. And this morning, he had pretended to play dead. That didn’t stall mum. Stephanie carried him in his arms and brought him with her. This picture seems like it’s worth taking Osiris to camp.

Hardcore is the Way to Go

Twitter user @strawb3rrydraws is a proud fur parent of two cats – Lilith and Leon. Each is the complete opposite of the other. One is perfect for Instagram, while the other is perfect for brawls. In fact, @strawb3rrydraws claims that while she can get beautiful pictures of Lilith, this is the best she had taken of Leon.

Image Courtesy of Strawberry / @strawb3rrydraws/ Reddit

He had successfully torn the ball from the scratching post. He pads over to mum and brags about it. Leon’s life motto is to do it hardcore or don’t do it at all. You can tell by the flecks in his eyes that this is one intense cat. He may be a handful, but Leon is loved just as much by @strawb3rrydraws.

Tag, You’re It

This kitty is determined to get the rainbow splice mum is waving around. It jabs at it. Right hook, left hook, dodge. This kitty repeats until mum decides that this kitty deserves to feel the woolen texture. But just as mum lowers the stick, this kitty withdraws its neck, wondering what in the muff is this?

Image Courtesy of KT Charton / Twitter

It freezes. Its claws are wedged between the woolen layers of the couch. Before long, it wrangles free and darts from the rainbow splice. Nuh-uh, I’ve just had about of you humans’ optimism. It feels its throat clampdown. That’s too positive for my goth taste. Then it sprints away to the other side of the room.


This picture ought to make it on two Twitter threads – very ugly pictures of your pets and meme-worthy pictures of dogs. With a smart-ass caption, this picture of @_Konichihuahua’s dog can invade the internet. You can see the making of a superstar in him.

Image courtesy of Noi’s #1 Enthusiast / Twitter

In case you’re wondering, this is his default mehehehe look. His eyes bulge out of their sockets, and you can make out the gleaming pink of his gums. His tail might excitedly wag, or he could bark at you in anticipation. Where’s the punchline, buddy? Go on. Throw it!

Sporting New Scales

Twice each year, this lonely reptile undergoes a routine shedding. He will coil around the wooden post, rub vigorously against it, and tear the outer layer of his skin. He rubs his “nose” the most, so it’s the spot that gets the most inflamed. That’s when you know he’s deep into the process of shedding.

Image Courtesy of Dominique / @ dom_dif / Twitter

As you can imagine, this routine shedding can be stressful for this reptile. The whole process takes him over one to two weeks. This reptile only does it twice a year, but younger snakes undergo the process more frequently. By the end of this transition, his skin will shine a vibrant hue, and the bluish tinge from his eyes will slowly disappear.

The Final Touch

There is a lot of witchcraft going on in this house. Twitter user @aalien_ sees to it that the potions inside the cauldron are always astir. Each bottle of ingredients is kept full. There are feather owls roaming the room and black cats standing guard. Today, @aalien_ had to create an invisibility potion. The final touch was this cat’s screech.

Image courtesy of Dylan / @aalien_ / Twitter

The invisibility potion is supposed to make any mortal unseen for a day. But the only way to tell if it is effective is if the whites of this kitty’s eyes go completely absent. Its eyes have to turn into slits. Twitter user @aalien_ knows this potion is a success. And he squeezes a drop into a bottle.

Goblin On the Loose

If you have ever wondered why your parents had favorites, then it’s best that you take a look at this picture. Emma is a fur-mom of two. She loves both of her dogs dearly, but one of them can be a handful sometimes. She describes him as a real goblin.

Image Courtesy of @hewwocopter / Emma / Twitter

Without any warning, he will grab the scruff of his brother’s neck. Tag, you’re it. You will hear the cascade of padded feet around the house. Wooden furniture tables will rattle in anticipation until this goblin declares himself the winner. What’s worse? After seeing all the damage, he will blame it all on his brother!

Get Away From My Hooman

This doggo doesn’t take too kindly to sharing his hooman. Every time his older brother sits beside his fur dad, he rushes in between them and bares his fangs. Get away from my hooman. He is never taken seriously. How could they? He’s cute even when he’s angry.

Image Courtesy of CJG The Artist / Twitter

His brother runs his hand along the length of his back. He tries to tug at hand, but he only ends up being cuddled by his fur dad. The sides of his mouth twitch. His barks soften to a growl until his dad pacifies the situation. There, there. Now, how about we watch some tv?

You Got Me What?

Twitter user @kajikokylance felt like his dog deserved a treat. His dog had been a good boy all month. The furball had looked after the family and made sure that they all slept soundly at night. After handing him a bone, he told his furball I’m gonna make you famous!

Image Courtesy of Too Ace To Care / @kajikokylance / Twitter

After taking a candid shot, he showed the image to his furball. Look at that grin! You could fit four tennis balls in that mouth. At the sound of tennis balls, mayhem broke. His dog sprinted to one end of the wall, slid to a stop, and then ran back. Tennis balls! Tennis balls! We’re going to play catch!

Freshly Bathed

Don’t you hate having to bathe your pets? We sure do. They can put up quite a fuss the minute they hear us prepping the bath. Every ounce of their energy is expended at staying out of the tub. And afterward, they will reward you with a barrage of water as they shake themselves dry.

Image courtesy of Erin / @erinwaschcmac / Twitter

Fortunately, Twitter user @erinwaschcmac‘s dog has initiative. He likes to run around the backyard and then jump into the nearby stream. The only sucker is that he would dirty himself before going inside the house. After the bath, he will plow through mud and grass, and he will end up just as dirty as he had been before he was washed.

Make Us Look This Ugly

Twitter user @antihistamean probably didn’t understand the instructions. The thread was supposed to feature ugly pictures of their pets. One look at these two furballs, and you’d be begging to disagree. These aren’t fugly. They’re actually adorable!

Image Courtesy of @antihistamean / Twitter

If Alex considers these two ugly, then, by all means, make us look ugly too. Cover us in silken fur and sparse whiskers. We will nuzzle our snout against your neck and rest our head in the small nook there. We can help you bring in the grocery bags in batches. Or we can help you find your wedding ring – the one that had rolled underneath the fridge.

Rub His Belly

We wished we were as confident as this fur-boy. He doesn’t mind if he’s a bit smaller than the other dogs on the block. He prides himself in having a sturdy back and a snarling growl. What’s his best asset? His bulging tummy. He will lay on his back, exposing it to anyone as if to say, put down that camera and give me a belly rub.

Image courtesy of @yournewtransdad / JJ The Gae / Twitter

We sure would. He isn’t one to shy away from the camera, but he knows where his priorities lie. Above all else, he must get a good belly rub before the day ends. And while you’re at it, how about fixing him a snack? That’s the least you can do now that he has given you some relief from work.