50 Times Life Gave Us Lemons: the Most Ironic Moments that have Graced the Internet

Everyone has experienced it.

It’s that dreadful feeling of you waking up past 6. The alarm had gone off, and somehow, today, you slept through it. You hurriedly change clothes, drop your pens into your bag, and then race off for class, hoping that you’ll make it in time for your exam. You shouldn’t have done an all-nighter. Regret fills you until you realize that it’s the weekend. The alarm hadn’t gone off for a reason.

It’s that mortifying feeling that life has served to these unfortunate people. Life has served them lemons.

Now, just because they had been served lemons doesn’t mean we can’t make lemonade out of them. Why would we let perfectly ripe lemons spoil? There’s a lot of laughs to be shared and moments to be cherished at the expense of someone else.

The trick is to be a sport and to allow life to happen through you. That way, you won’t feel so beat up when everything blows up in your face. Next time, you might as well hand life the pitcher and ice…kind of like the way we’re serving you this list of hilarious moments.

Rated 0 Stars

It’s guaranteed to stop your pet from chewing. Formulated to be thrice stronger than other sprays, Stop Chew is a simple deterrent that saves your favorite tees and furniture legs from canine teeth. Customers say it is 100% effective; this spray bottle dog-proofs your entire home! Buy now at $5.99.

Image courtesy of constative.com

As your dog eyes you from the side, you carefully lift the bottle and swallow a lump of regret. The thing speaks for itself, don’t you agree? Ain’t no spray bottle that can keep him from destroying your Uncle Bob’s favorite seat. It’s his! And he knows what you tried to do.

Beating the Paper Boy

It’s odd. This newspaper company doesn’t need further attention. This publication is a well-acclaimed analysis resource that gives readers timely and accurate news. It’s tagline is “where the news hits home”. They took it too far this time, or should we say they took it too literally.

Image courtesy of b4f / Reddit

Nobody wants their newspaper delivered this way. Never mind the paperboy who throws the paper a meter short of the porch. As long as he doesn’t damage property or hit the neatly-trimmed shrubs, it’s all good. Reckon they reported this ironic mishap on the daily news?

Mother Nature Taking Its Claim

How do we know pollution has gotten really bad? It’s when a freshwater alligator is munching on a plastic croc. Now, don’t get us wrong. We agree that that particular footwear is notoriously ugly. It‘s basically trash, but what are the odds that a croc is eating a croc?

Image courtesy of NY Daily News

Both thrive in water, are incredibly stress-resistant, and apparently, have thick skin. With its full force, this croc couldn’t even tear the footwear apart. So it’s easy to understand why a crowd gathered around the salt marshes in Huntington Beach State Park. This sight is something to behold, and it is a once in a lifetime. Don’t worry, he got tired eventually and spat it out.

Fire Extinguished

We couldn’t stop laughing at this. We bet you won’t either. What do you do if the one thing that’s supposed to save you, ends up needing saving? To put things in perspective, it’s only a first line of defense. But it’ll get you thinking, what will you do next time.

Image courtesy of Sneaky_Asshole / Reddit

At least it’s attached to the wall. Imagine if that fire extinguisher was placed near objects. That might have been catastrophic. We suggest that they have the can inspected, or better yet, replaced with a new one. You wouldn’t want to come up short with a fire extinguisher when you encounter hostile fire.

Giving Feedback

This is a great attempt to remind drivers to drive carefully. For X number of years, it had worked, until this driver thought of breaking the status quo. We guess it’s his way of giving his feedback. He probably doesn’t want to be told what to do.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail UK

But good for us, he missed the sign. He crashed just a stone’s throw away from it. He probably wanted to keep the competition open, just in case someone else wanted to beat his record. We hope this county didn’t enforce stricter protocols.

Fresh Out of College

As an undergrad, you couldn’t stop dreaming of the day you’d wear your gown and then move that tassel. When that day came, you couldn’t wait to get a job. And when you were applying for one, you badly wanted to do college all over again. “Tough luck”, you think, as you’re confronted with this signage for your 8 am appointment.

Image courtesy of Awesome Inventions

You’d be lucky if you could even get past the door. Sometimes HRs post the most unreasonable qualifications. You have to have experience to gain experience. And the only references you have are your parents. It’s as if that sign is telling you how high you’ll rise in the company. Just put your resume here…in the bin.

Good Value for the Price

Invisible sprays exist. What for? They’re used to make street art. They appear to the naked eye, but only when it rains. It’s a great way to break the law. Now, your artwork is no longer an eyesore for neighbors, but it can still rack up admiration from passersby. After all, your sensible neighbors wouldn’t be caught walking out in ta downpour! To make some artwork for ourselves, we decided to stop by the local mart. This brand is good value for its price.

Image courtesy of Steemit

It’s so good, we ended up staring blindly at the rack – confused if the spray bottle were as invisible as the contents. Don’t worry, we ended up bringing nothing to the counter. When it had been our turn, we laid down the “bottle,” and the attendant looked at the “item” and back up at us. What should you expect if you want to buy a bottle of invisible spray?

VIPs Only

This is an odd-looking club. Unlike other five-stars joints, it doesn’t have a bouncer by the door. Neither does it have a queue of people standing along the side. Best believe it’s a high-stakes game you’ll be playing when you run through these doors. It’s a matter of life or death.

Image courtesy of Tudo Interessante

And only a few people who have keys to the Master lock can live. Guess the company got tired of the alarm ringing so often that it decided to lock the emergency doors for good. How would you feel if the emergency exits were padlocked? It’s like reason has been thrown out the window long before an alarm could strike.

Advertising Fail

Domino’s Pizza is the best pizza there is. With its gluten-filled crust and savory toppings, its pies awaken the soul. In fact, you’re probably drooling a bit more as you’re imagining a box of it sitting in your lap. Every bite gratifies your taste buds and invites your stomach to consume more. Since the thought itself makes you order pizza, maybe the company shouldn’t rely on campaigns such as this to advertise them?

Image courtesy of u/[deleted] / Reddit

This…is an advertising fail. This campaign is giving anything but the message that the company wants to send. It hasn’t kept people from ordering pizza though. In fact, dining in has become funnier because of it. People are sharing not only the food they love but the image of the dominos dominoed.

Blowing in the Wind

These folks were in for a ride when they arrived at the amusement park. They couldn’t keep their excitement at bay. She was hopping towards the ticket booth, and he was busy trying to keep his food down. They could see the lights from the Wind Seeker. But that excitement quickly turned into resentment when they saw the sign.

Image courtesy of Blaze Press

To be fair, they were able to visit the park because of the brutal weather. Their boss told them to close shop early. Stay home and keep dry. The opportunity presented itself; they could finally ride the adult swing. But everything turned anticlimactic and kind of ironic. Shall we say better luck next time?

The Flight was a Breeze

It sure looks like this woman had the flight of her life. We can’t see why she would even bother finishing this book. She hasn’t gone halfway through, and yet we can see the impact it has had on her life! We hope it’s the same for other self-help books – making us Musk-level intellectuals with Sinek’s emotional intelligence.

Image courtesy of Healthy Children Org

To be fair, we could have just recommended her the 13th edition of University Physics by Young. It would have given her the same result at record-breaking speed. Last time we read it, we dozed off at the sight of his acknowledgments. But it would have been too heavy to bring on the plane.

Terrifying Pit

You should expect to encounter a Bullmastiff or a Dobermann as a guard dog for folks who have got expansive backyards. There’s no way a single person could man the fort. With agile limbs and a killer bite, these dogs can ward off just about anyone. So there’s good reason to beware if you see this sign.

Image courtesy of Awesome Inventions

Who wouldn’t be caught off guard by that dog? It’s so adorable…so vulnerable exposing its tummy like that. Wanting to be petted, it even came closer. There weren’t any gnarls or unforgiving growls. There was just a need to be played with. There’s no way we could refuse that cute pup.

Secure Attachments

It had been an ordinary day when locals breezed through Walmart, lists in hand, desperately trying to avoid discounted potato chips. One woman went directly to aisle 13, eyed a handy-looking brush, and then came upon this. It’s funny. At the far end of this aisle, fasteners were put on sale.

Image courtesy of The Urban Daily

She smiles and pushes her cart past the signage. She looks for an attendant to relay her concern too. Within a couple of minutes, she does, and they share a laugh before the manager opens a box of fasteners and securely attaches the signage to the post. Good thing it’s on sale huh?

The Problem with Idioms

The problem with idiomatic expressions is that they are only understood by a select group of people who share a common history or heritage. Plus, they require a little brainpower. An outsider may take them literally, and one thing will likely happen. It will be a source of confusion.

Image courtesy of 17th Shard

Is that supposed to be a meme? Because its funny – to outsiders and natives alike. Believe us when we say this is a bestseller on online platforms such as Etsy. They purposefully engrave it on stones. Guess, over time, steps or usage will wear away those engravings. But it’ll take nearly a millennia until that happens.

Gonna Need That Butter

This is how it is with most companies. They try to sell you a product, and you sit there staring, as if in a trance. Next thing you know, you’re rummaging through the store’s stocks to find this particular brand of the item. You come home eager to use i,t and there’s this sticker that you can’t get rid of.

Image courtesy of Blaze Press

You’re going to need that butter now. Probably dab at the sides and then claw carefully with your nail. You wouldn’t want to peel with a knife, lest you scratch the non-stick coating. If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to leave it on the kitchen countertop with warm water inside.

Taking Life Seriously

This college student has got her priorities in check. On a weekday, in a well-known university, she carried her backpack and sat five rows from the front. The professor started discussing some pressing philosophical issues. Without wasting any time, she opens her laptop and takes notes. Wonder what kind?

Image courtesy of Chaostrophic

Hi, may I take your order? She’s a professional waitress at level 49 with 90,000 XP player points. That still won’t hitch her grades higher than a B minus. With the high tuition fees, wouldn’t it be better if she ditched virtual reality and actually applied for the job?

Widely Distributed

Trust us; our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. They hadn’t drafted the Constitution and sent men to war to just to hand over American liberty to outsourcing. If you don’t believe us, just look at this box right here. It’s widely distributed, as it shows America who’s boss.

Image courtesy of CGvu9gn / Imgur

Guess in more ways than one, America has learned how to humble itself in the world arena. It needs to outsource materials and labor from other countries to make thrice or a hundred times the profit. Is it worth it, though? At this rate, it’s ceding its superpower status.

Barren Art

Wanting to make extra income, the local county allowed logging companies to cut down trees in its territory. You would hear trucks moving to and fro, and men yelling “timber” every now and then from dusk until dawn. It seems like everyone benefited from this project, except for the townsfolk who are left with a barren patch of land.

Image courtesy of Klyker

What was once a teeming forest of green, is now a barren inverted tree. Men would enter the park and branch right and left to collect sizable Pinewood trees. Afterward, they would haul these into their trucks. After starting their engine, their trucks would lurch their way back into the trunk of the path, out into the roots of the city.

No More Table Reservations

We hadn’t frequented this place for a long time. Since its a restaurant that offered fine dining, you’d expect it to offer overpriced meals. Plus, you’d have to book reservations about a week in advance. You could book a table quickly if you knew the host. But lately, we have been able to impress dates for a discounted price.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

We just don’t tell them about the lack of pest control. We wouldn’t want them to get an upset stomach. Let the food do that to them! Otherwise, sweep things under the rug. We’ve gotten used to it by now. We can always rely on the LA County Department of Public Health to do its job.

Blaming Goleman

Daniel Goleman, a renowned psychologist, states that our attention should be managed. If your grip on it is too tight, you’ll end up having tunnel vision, and your view of reality is skewed. If your grip is too lax, you could be a scatterbrain. Guess which end of the spectrum this guy is on.

Image courtesy of Blaze Press

We love that he’s reading, but this is the old-school version of driving while texting. Worse, it requires both hands to hold that book upright. You needn’t get midway through that book to understand that focus is context-dependent. When driving, be mindful of the road signs, the traffic lights, the pressure put on the steering wheel, and your speed. Daniel Goleman would have a field day with this pic!

Marked Used?

One of the worst things to arrive on your doorstep when anticipating a delivery is a box that has been ripped open. There’s nothing like it to make the blood boil, especially when the item delivered has been exposed to damp weather. How can you tell the extent of the item’s damage?

Image courtesy of Crafty Diply

We’d be laughing dryly at this sight. We might even suggest that the courier buy sealing type from our shipper. It might help boost his business. Have him wrap those items securely so they’ll arrive intact at their place of destination. If he keeps this quality of service, he might lose more customers.

Liar Liar

There’s good reason to dislike lawyers. Have you ever sat through one of their hour-long monologues? They price their position papers too expensively, and they won’t even be bothered to explain it to you. As for the quality of their work, res ipsa loquitor( the thing speaks for itself)!

Image courtesy of Just Something

This lawyer is going out of business. We bet the tow guys couldn’t stop mouthing off about it. For once, he couldn’t talk his way out of a ticket, and worse, his car had been impounded. Justice may have come a bit too late for this traffic ticket lawyer, but at least it had been served.

Won’t You Fall Already?

We never understood why some people get hostile against vendo machines. They’re machines, for Pete’s sake! Banging won’t fix it. That is until we came across this picture. Anyone who has worked for 12 hours straight, is dizzy, and is experiencing severe hunger pangs- which would be made worse with intense rage.

Image courtesy of Mens XP

It’s the only moment in history; that we would have wanted something to fall off a cliff. Maybe a few kicks will get it to fall. How about coupling it with some dragon punches, just before we fully blackout? That bar might have only cost a quarter, but it was enough to get our irritation levels up. Low glucose is a killer!

Dramatic Ending

Scottish people think that there are only two things that are relatively accurate about the movie Braveheart – there were rival countries and a man named William Wallace. Despite portraying a brave and heroic rebellion against the English, the Scottish feel anything but pride when watching the movie. To be honest, it kind of feels like this.

Image Courtesy of Honest About My Faith / Word Press

They feel trapped! Scotland had won, but the movie had portrayed them as barbaric huntsmen when they were similarly civilized as the Englishmen. They have met Americans who are surprised that they have cities and supermarkets, and that they aren’t just hillbillies wiping face paint across their faces. What a price to pay for freedom!

Best Way to Give Credit To Your Teacher

Weeks before Teacher’s Day, a group of students came up with a bunch of ideas to thank their teacher. One volunteered to sing; some proposed they’d present a skit, while others voted to give personalized cards. On the big day, they couldn’t wait to surprise their teachers. Of course, their instructors knew, but one particular teacher, was genuinely surprised with her gift.

Image courtesy of A Work Station

She flew off the handle a bit, but then again, who wouldn’t? It was Math class! Why were they giving her a grammar problem? You can bet she referred it to their English teacher. It had been quite a joke. We hope their students weren’t discouraged. Mistakes are a good way to learn.

Marked Off

You can find me on the shelf, so come give me a hug if you into gettin’ rubbed. Sound familiar? You should be tapping your foot to it. In Da Club was one of the best musical hits in early 2000. It catapulted 50 Cent in the limelight. And almost everyone wanted to get a piece of his album.

Image courtesy of Veeduber / Reddit

That was then, though. Now, he’s literally priced as his name. He’s still iconic, but he lost some of his luster dating someone like Chelsea Handler. Plus, that legal suit against VH1 Reality Star Teairra Mari didn’t do him good. Five years ago, he declared bankruptcy, for over $32.5 million.

Collecting Debt

You wouldn’t believe it but this item has been marked out of stock on so many selling platforms. What is it? It’s just a pile of wooden blocks. But the message is meant for materialistic friends. We could suggest a list of things they could do with it.

Image courtesy of IMG Flip

Any person who buys this set of blocks is collecting a moment of debt and kind of ignoring the message the item is trying to send in the first place and is an ideal example of ironic at its finest.

Breaking News

From headquarters in Portland, Oregon, we’re back in a moment with a city that is moving for a shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Today, as part of our series of reports on what doesn’t work, we’re bringing you a picture of what it takes to be banned from the print industry. Our “What Doesn’t Work Report” tonight from The Oregonian.

Image courtesy of Scoop Whoop

That’s a risky move. It almost feels like they’re testing the state’s resolve to ban single-use plastic bags. If they keep doing this, they might just run themselves out of business. How about asking the delivery boy to throw papers onto covered porches? That way, readers won’t have to worry about their paper getting wet.

Calling For Divine Intervention

There’s a good reason you haven’t heard of Joe Powers. He’s haunting, or should we say his performances are haunting. He had been booed off the stage at The Assembly’s 30th Anniversary gala. His knack of trade is unusual – contacting the dead. Well, guess what, the dead don’t want to be contacted either.

Image courtesy of Live About

The thought of anyone contacting our cranky maternal aunt is terrifying. There hadn’t been a single moment of peace when she was alive. So for Pete’s sake, let us rest. That’s probably why there weren’t many people who were eager to see Joe Power contact the dead.

Bite Book

Much as we love dogs, they’re still animals that could bare their fangs and attack at any moment. It’s just that we don’t think about this too often. We have conditioned them into treating us like family – as if we were a part of the canine pack also. But, how do we respond to dogs who decide, at the last minute, to act on their primitive drive?

Image courtesy of Foozine

We read self-help books or, at the very least, use them as bite books for our dogs to chew on. If all else fails, maybe it’s best if we seek a professional who’ll help us train our dog. We’re still hopeful that they’ll be a part of the family.

He Said, She Said

This seems like a classic case of he said, she said. She was able to gauge from the looks of it. It won’t fit. No way there is enough clearance on the top. But he said, it will, he’ll make it fit. So he rammed it in, and now they’re busy looking for the insurance company’s number on a paper stashed in the glove compartment.

Image courtesy of List 25

Take it from Halfords guys; you won’t always fit. There’s not enough clearance even if you have deflated the tires. It not only ruins the mood, but you’ll end up losing your job. We don’t know why this deliveryman even bothered to attempt this daring maneuver. If he had been meaning to deliver on time, he ended up stuck and delayed.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Can you imagine life without grease – seeping through burger patties and lining your buns with smoked barbecue flavor? We couldn’t. In fact, we were just going to go get take out. Three Whoppers with savory flame-grilled beef, please… that is until we saw this friendly reminder from heart.org.

Image Courtesy of Just Po. st

If we don’t order those Whoppers, we’ll be left imagining biting into them for the whole afternoon. We might skip dinner, knowing we won’t have the appetite to eat mac n’ cheese. On the other hand, if we order those Whoppers, we’d have to deal with guilt. Why stuff all these delicious calories into our bodies? At least, Whoppers have lettuce, pickles and onions! That’s still healthy living.

Absolute Facepalm

America is a pot of blended cultures. It’s beautiful if you take the time to appreciate the differences and oddities between all the people that call this country home. Unfortunately, some people don’t take too kindly to cultures dissimilar to their own.

Image courtesy of Solipsistic / Reddit

Some foreigners speak and communicate English better than people who were born here. This sign seen on a car is absolutely cringeworthy. It kind of makes you want to wince, and disown that you’re a “true American”. If there’s anything that would make America great again, it’s proper grammar and respect for cultural diversity.

Seems Like He Loves It

This pet owner bought his dog a treat! He came across it while he was shopping for tees. It had been marked on sale, and he thought it was a bargain. Rated 4 stars by nearly 3,000 users, it seemed like a wonder product. Now he’s just wondering what had gone wrong.

Image courtesy of New Small Joys TV

Without any warranty, he’s $20 short. He could have used that to buy more tees that his dog will rip into. He carefully walks towards his room and shuts it closed. His dog will have to sleep outside tonight. He can’t risk having Buddy inside the house because God knows he has run out of swatches to patch his clothes with.

Movie Review

Garnering high points in all three review platforms – Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and IMDb, this movie gives one of the best cinematic experiences ever. You’ll find your throat dry, your pulse racing, and your hands gripping the seat while Sandra Bullock mans the pod. Hold on tightly because when you’re navigating space at zero gravity, you’re bound to somersault into nothingness.

Image courtesy of blaze press

It is anything but this fall. Believe us; you’ll want to watch it on your online streaming platform. Alfonso Cuaron masterfully directed the movie. By the end of it, you will want to experience the familiar pull of the world. Better to be dragged down by gravity than to drift in space with little oxygen left.

Child’s Toy

Your dad had advised you to buy a second-hand car. But you insisted on buying a new ride and then pimping it. It had customized bumpers and was inspired by Transformers’ Bumblebee; you had it painted bright yellow. You wouldn’t be caught walking the streets. Like a kid with a new toy, you just have to show it off!

Image courtesy of Strange Beaver

That’s why your dad insisted on having you buy a secondhand car. He knew you were a newbie when it came to estimating distances between lampposts and fenders. As you drove backward, your bumper hit a car, and for a moment, a terrible screech echoed throughout the parking lot. It’s as if your vehicle apologetically said whoopsies!

On Point

We’re sure that you’ve experienced this. As kids, we would frequent the teacher’s desk to sharpen our pencils. Nudging the blunt ends into our classmates’ backs, we would urge them to hurry up. Sometimes, we would slap the eraser’s end in our palms. Back at our desks, we lay all our pencils neatly side by side. Since we’ve sharpened our pencils to the point, they often end up like this.

Image courtesy of Philcoiin netnetau blogspot

But that doesn’t keep us from coming back to the teacher’s desk. If any, it affords us time to keep up with social chitchat. Who doesn’t love talking about food for lunch or who has got the most milk money? Everything that happened in school was much like this…pointless, once it passed us by.

New Citizens

There were a lot of things The Simpsons predicted correctly. It was a laughing matter, but who could have predicted what happened four years ago, and who is in charge. When news hit the fan that he was running, a lot of Americans moved to Canada. So if you’re wondering what Canada is presently composed of, look at the cake below.

Image courtesy of E- Baums World

Outwardly Canadian, inwardly American. Don’t worry; only a small amount was able to infiltrate the good-natured, maple-loving country. If you look at their immigration criteria, “it’s anything but a slam dunk”. Plus, you’ve got to be friendly – all the time! That’s hard work. Now, who wants a piece of this cake?

Driving Safely

Given all the training they’ve put you through, keeping your eyes on the road should come naturally. But some people have a way of taunting danger. Unable to wait patiently, they’ll shift their attention to their phones, and probably tweet something like “drive now text later.”

Image courtesy of Silverado Chevrolet

To be fair, both people involved in this photo are hypocrites. One’s in front reviewing his Facebook feed, while the other is silently judging and taking a picture. That’s how this pic is circulating online- uploaded stat with a tagline like “driving now, take a pic later”. Within a couple of seconds, the third car will probably honk its horn. It’s a go!

Ask For Help, They Said

There are legitimate reasons why we’d prefer to keep our problems to ourselves. Not everyone has the capacity to understand what we’ve gone through. They offer unsolicited advice, or they talk about themselves more than asking us about how we feel. Self-help books? They’re a killer too. Just look for yourself.

Image courtesy of al_ien5000 / Reddit

It’s like having a friend tell you that she’s willing to help, only to be told you need a shrink. These self-help books also do the same. You read one to help yourself, but then you’d need the assistance of someone to hold you accountable for your actions. No, thank you, we’re sticking to romance/fiction on the bottom shelf.

College Education

It is as Robert Kiyosaki puts it- college education is a sham. You apply for college to secure a job in the near future. You work your bum off to pay off student loans. And by the time you graduate, you’ll be knee-deep in debt to earn a paper telling you you’re inexperienced. Well, it’s true! What do these kids know about the world?

Image courtesy of Meme Guy

It doesn’t even seem like they care about it. Why else should you take up environmental studies to contribute to the city waste problem? On second note, with the grad fees that you’ve paid, wouldn’t it be more appropriate that the school accommodates you with refreshments other than water. You have a drinking fountain for that.

Raising Awareness

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. Skeptics refused to believe the impact of using leaded gas and air pollution. But that all changed when 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and convention centers to bring awareness to pollution’s profound impact. Since then, people convene and pledge to live sustainably.

Image courtesy of Biggseb / Reddit

Yep, that marathon was held on Earth day. It kind of makes you reconsider whether it should be celebrated at all. It’s better that people stay at home and turn off the lights for an hour, or have students pick up waste off the nearest beach. Those are small habits that create long-term effects…unlike a marathon where people totally miss the point.

Wait, What

Like other maintenance men, these guys take pride in their work. They have been repairing the mall’s pipes, fixtures, and wiring for over a decade now. Looked up to, you’ll see their hands nestled on their belts, and checking up on shop owners- “How’s the temp going for you guys?” They don’t need to hand out business cards but being the humble guys that they are, they’ve posted this outside their office window.

Image courtesy of E-Baums World

Say what? That makes us question whether we’ll seek their help or find it somewhere else. Not that we mean to hurt their feelings but shouldn’t they have that doorbell fixed? We hope it’s just in need of a replacement and that they’ll look into it soon. Our knuckles are going to hurt just thinking about having to pound on their door.

Fire Detected

You wouldn’t want to live in this apartment. When its owner had a smoke detector installed, she thought she wouldn’t have to worry about the room being reduced to ash on the offchance of a fire breaking out. The handyman assured her that everything would be ok..

Image courtesy of Uber Humor

Except for that smoke detector. Within a couple of weeks, she went home sniffing something burning. Her vision was hazy. She swatted the air as if there were flies before her eyes and proceeded carefully into the room. Afraid that her circuits had fried, she turned off the lights. She flashed the light of her phone towards the spot where her smoke detector was and gave out a disappointed sigh. It went out with a bang.

How About Second Choice

Who wasn’t excited to go to college? Back then, it meant a fresh start, and bigger fish to mingle with in larger waters. We remember receiving our admissions letter and then howling in gratification because of it. We couldn’t wait for school to start. Unfortunately, this freshman seriously reconsidered his options as he gazed at his college building.

Image courtesy of Pirate Otter / Imgur

How about my second choice? English seems like a great major. It makes you sound like a nerd, but at least you wouldn’t look like an impostor like this building. As you go through the list of faculty members, you can’t help but think, “How did they lose a foot of calculation when placing the individual letters?”. So much for architectural planning.

Not Made in China

You know the joke, it’s a quality product unless it’s made in China. The saying states that apparent,y Chinese products do not usually last more than a few months. Since items are mass-produced, you might end up with low-cost material of inferior quality. Worse, it might be a knock-off. Guess where this one was made?

Image courtesy of Crow-Bot / Reddit

Fortune cookies actually originated in Japan. Afraid that people would eat the little fortunes inside, they put the paper outside the cookie. They only became popular in America because army men sought them after coming back home from the Second World War. They had been served these fortune tea cakes as a dessert in California Chinese restaurants. Owing to the demand, Chinese bakeries started producing them.

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

When playing Monopoly, you’ll learn how to do business, how to be ruthless, or both. In this household, four players were sitting across each from each other. One was leading, two were at each other’s throats, while one was scheming. By the end of the game, everyone’s attention was off the money and they were all staring at the dog.

Image courtesy of Veterinary Practice News

The kids hadn’t noticed that their dog had swallowed a Monopoly piece. Mr. M. was bewildered. Where had his faithful Scottie Dog gone? Not to worry, the vet gave the dog a laxative, and Scottie was recovered a short while later. As of writing, both dogs are alive and well.

Start Where?

With the quality of work its employees were delivering, management wanted to repay its employees. It had given them bonuses, lengthened their leave, and wanted to keep them healthy by placing disinfection centers within the factory. None of the employees are complaining, but we hope management kept their part of the bargain. It doesn’t look like it with this unit.

Image courtesy of Klyker

We doubt you’d be able to clean your hands. You might even have cleaner hands before using the Purell unit than after. So if you’re risk-averse, we suggest you skip this station and head straight to the restroom for some soap and water. Nothing is going to beat basics.

Help, I’m Struggling

If you’re wondering how you end up losing money on those TV commercials, look no further. It’s because of situations like this. “Stop struggling”, they say. That woman is showing us how it shouldn’t be done. Bare your teeth or ask someone else if they have a dual-blade package opener so we can open a stubborn plastic package of it.

Image courtesy of The Awesome Daily

We shouldn’t be surprised why this item is marked on sale. Their marketing strategy is a failure. It’s as if this company intended to sabotage itself. Why else would they encase the product like this? They could have made this package slightly easier to open, without needing the product inside. Ironic , dont you think?

Nice Decals

Wonder where we could get decals as cool as this. They look so real! We couldn’t even breathe from where we were taking the picture. A lot of people were amazed at the imprinting process. They came out of their houses and took pictures of the car. It was that rad!

Image courtesy of Short_stuff Reddit

Too bad firemen broke it up. The whole design process was mesmerizing. When firemen hosed the car down, the decals gave off a charred look. There was a bit of smoke billowing from the hood when the owner came out. Turns out he wanted them in a different color.