56 Ways to Stand Apart from the Crowd This Halloween

Are you excited for this year’s Halloween?

Because we are! There are so many ideas to choose from. And after going through this list, you will want to share them with your friends too.

You could go out as gumball dispensers(the hot kind); Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men; or any of her dragons; or Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball. Yes, you’ve read those right. You’d be amazed by how these people have materialized art. Can you imagine – making gumball dispensers an enviable costume? Believe us; all the guys would be poppin’ your gum by the end of the night.

If all else fails, you can always dress up as ghouls. Welcome the souls of the dead into your home. They’ll be happy to see a familiar face. It’s during this time that the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. They will want to learn how you designed your costume, or how you can fare better next year.

Until then, have fun scrolling!

Nothing Beats a Classic

This costume is a bit cliche, but if you see how well she has worn it, you’ll understand why it will never go out of style. It’s an absolute classic, as is her beauty. With fiery red hair and captivating green eyes, this model stares out dreamily, thinking of a better world for citizens in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.

Image courtesy of @epicfail_geeks / Twitter

Feel that? It’s like she has shot us with organic webs from her wrists. We’re definitely stuck under her spell. This costume fits her – with her super-human beauty and cosmic bodily proportions. With a crowd of admirers, how else are we going to catch her attention? We know! We’ll dress up as her nemesis. Now, move aside, Watson.

In Need of Resuscitation

Who do women look up to? Gal Gadot, Heidi Klum, or any of the Kardashian sisters. To characterize any of these celebrities, think Victoria’s Secret Angels! They’re tall, lean, confident, and absolutely divine. Men worship the ground they walk on!

Image courtesy of Society 19

They don’t even need those feathery wings. With just a pair of pumps, silk robes, and loads of confidence, they managed to make our hearts stop. Who wouldn’t want to get the kiss of life from any of these angels? Just think about the lingerie they’re wearing underneath…if they’re even wearing any.

Wing it Like Marcel Marceau

Okay, if you don’t know who he is, he was this French actor and mime artist. He referred to his work as the “art of silence.” And we couldn’t agree more. In this day and age, pictures take the form of mimes. Snaps like these do the talking for us. Would you ever dress like one?

Image courtesy of Discover Lifestyle

We suggest that women dress up as mimers at least once for Halloween. That way, they wouldn’t have to deal with rude people at parties. All they have to do to brush off unwanted attention is to rely on facial expressions and precise actions. Then they can slide their way through to the side and run like hell!

Once Upon A Time

You’ve heard the tale. One morning, a young girl decided to visit her grandmother. She told her mother she’d be back before eve. So she filled her basket and then wore her red riding hood. Kissing her mother goodbye, she was cautioned not to talk to strangers. Well, at this party, this little red riding hood is going to end up talking to a lot of them.

Image courtesy of Diane Penelope

Rad makeup! This riding hood was able to talk to her grandmother on one side, and then turn in to the bad, hungry wolf with just a turn of her face. It says a lot about us, don’t you think – that we’re naive and predatory all at the same time. So being half and half to create the whole ensemble should make a great bedtime story on Halloween eve.

Your Favorite Treat

Who doesn’t love Kit Kat? Created in 1935, it nourished infantrymen during the war. The war similarly shaped “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp”. (Yes, that’s what it was called back then.) Launched in London, it made its way worldwide, and is now infamously eaten during break time. Since Halloween is a break from the ordinary work life, these women thought of dressing themselves up as your favorite treat!

Image courtesy of Hive News

Guess it helps that they’re twins. They’ve complimented the look with thigh-high stockings. They must have thought of inspiring the same feeling among party-goers. After all, eating chocolate can feel like a guilt-trip. It’s a sexy indulgence. How about taking that break now?

Pretty as a Sunflower

There are a lot of things we know about sunflowers. They’re known for being “happy” flowers. They symbolize loyalty, attraction, and healthy life. It makes sense; after all, they know how to adapt to the changing position of the sun. Like this woman, they radiate joy and happiness. Now, who doesn’t want to bathe in this aura of positivity?

Image courtesy of Daily Army

Look how she has created the look by using net cloth material. Underneath, she wears tight shorts – allowing her ease in movement—simply hot glue sunflowers to a midriff top. If you’re a bit conservative, you can add string beads to cover your bare stomach. It can also accentuate your hard-earned abs.

Lost in Wonderland

“Contrariwise,’ continued Tweedledee, ‘if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t.” That is probably how you and your pals sound like as you’re sifting through magazine content, social media feeds, and threads. This look is better. No, this one is. Since you sound like the opposing twins, how about you dress like them? “That’s logic.”

Image courtesy of Kiwi Report

Help Alice navigate Wonderland, or better yet, give quests for players during beer pongs, chandeliers, nemesis, or civil war. If they do well, you can give a cool reward and allow the player to move on to the next quest. If they don’t, well, then you can hold hands and block their path.”You can’t go yet…no, we’ve just started.”

How About Some Gum

Who would have thought gumball dispensers could be considered as a hit during Halloween. Let us take the cue from these two women and how they left everyone’s mouths hanging open. How about a quarter for some of that gum?

Image courtesy of I dis Fraz

You wouldn’t want to be short of change once you encounter them. We are wondering how they got this fantastic idea. During planning, it must have been utterly unsexy. Can you imagine asking your galpal to dress up as gumball dispensers? Thank god, they were able to pull it off with just scotch tape, hot glue, and red miniskirts.

Sharing is Caring

Best believe this woman cares about you and your social status this Halloween season! If you can recall The Rainbow Fish, you would remember how the fish would “just glide past” sullen onlookers, inwardly proud and silent. This woman didn’t want anyone to feel that way. So after finishing her look, she quickly took to social media to give people her shiny idea.

Image courtesy of Daily Army

So this rainbow fish gave each of us a glittering scale of an idea. This costume may no longer be one in a million, but at least she has discovered what it feels like to be happy. So do we! If you come up with anything unique too, pass it on to other people. You’ll be happier and more popular in the long run.

Whose Tomb Are We Raiding?

Lara Croft has set the bar pretty high for us women. Highly intelligent, beautiful, and highly skilled in mixed martial arts, she can bust in any archaeological tomb and unravel the mysteries of the unknown. Of course, it helps to want to patch things up with dad. Not that we have any issues with ours, but we would probably have some if we dressed up as Lara Croft.

Image Courtesy of Look Book Nu

This look never gets old. Your ensemble is really just a mix of tank tops, shorts, khaki pants, boots, and Heckler & Koch USP Match pistols. But by God, you will have everyone’s jaw slack and their fingers itching to control their joystick (granted you’re playing PC). Now, how about you set out to make your mark: to find adventure?

True Horror

Take a moment to think about this- what’s the scariest thing our generation has contributed to the age of social media? Ghosting. That is the real horror so many of us face all year round. Anyone is prey (for the most part, Android users are), and you never see it coming. You can be the most attractive person on Tinder and have the most matches, but you’ll never discover the real reason why someone just blipped themselves off your radar.

Image Courtesy of stayfunny_wain / Reddit

And it’s heartbreakingly painful! What compounds the pain is that you probably didn’t even have a label for the relationship. You find yourself trying to explain this ghost, but the reality of the situation sinks in. Maybe you aren’t justified to feel this way, especially because he never agreed to it. It was in your head all along! That’s the common denominator among ghosts.

Where are My Dragons

The only thing that’s missing in this picture is her wing- woman Missandei. Notice how the Mother of Dragon bristles at her late arrival. Her child, Drogon, breathes fire from her shoulder. She stands unfazed, looking into the camera, calmly awaiting the council’s decision. She will have masses freed, and the wheel broken, or all hell will break loose.

Image courtesy of Pop Sugar

There’s no way anyone can survive the dragon’s breath. Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen will not accept defeat. She would rather lay waste to armies that shackle free men and women and burn cities to the ground. She will take what is hers with fire and blood, so everyone at this Comic-con beware.

Looking Like An “Impasto”

Impasto is a painting technique made famous by Vincent Van Gogh. He would thickly apply paint on canvas so much so that the brush strokes or the palette knife are visibly clear on close inspection. It makes everything look like a surrealistic dream. Sourcing the impasto technique, this man applied it on an unlikely medium – his face.

Image courtesy of clio makeup / blogspot

Isn’t he a work of art? It takes some serious skills to be able to pull off a disguise such as this. If you’re an introvert like us and you had to attend a party, we’d probably apply shades of make-up to look like a 2-D painting. At the party, graciously accept a drink and stand next to the wall. All you need to do is sip slowly. Now, you won’t have to deal with small talk.

Livin Lavida Long As A Villain

If there’s anything Batman is good at, it’s striking terror and fear into the hearts of his enemies. Inspired by his heroic acts, Alexandra Corneille dresses up as Batwoman. Believe us, she delivers those punches with full force and has even managed to trap us with her blue eyes.

Image courtesy of Cosvijet World Batgirl

Who wouldn’t want to become a villain – if only to invite her to our lair? Hell, she can throw around that Bat-lasso, hook it on any of our neighbors’ window sills, and then climb into our room. We would give in willingly, but that would mean less time to get to know her. So don’t be easy prey.

Becoming the Oogie Boogie Man

It’s Burtonesque – The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is the only treat that you should watch in Octobers and Decembers. In case you find Santa Claus delivering your packages late, then you’ll know it’s because Mr. Jack Skellington has abducted him. Meanwhile, the underrated hero of the movie, Sally, is kept hostage by this hideous creature – Mr. Oogie Boogie.

Image Courtesy of Daily Motion

He might just cook a special batch of snake and spider stew. To top it off, he’ll add a little spice of roly-poly Sandy Claws. If you dress the part, you’ll need bugs and critters to stuff your costume with. You’ll be a gamblin’ Boogieman who doesn’t play fair. After all, how are we to know who’s the masked creature that’s scaring kids to act nice?

Does She Have a Harley King?

Did you know that Harley Quinn is so strong that she outclasses Catwoman, Riddler, Joker, and even the Dark Knight himself? Sure, she has gone a little cuckoo, after having been tossed into a vat of acid. As much as we find her new attitude undeniably attractive, she does exhibit a pervasive and excessive need to be the center of attention. It’s easy for her to be as such.

Image courtesy of The Daily Army

I’m rubber; you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch-diameter exit wound in you. And by God, it shows! Those fishnet stockings and skimpy shorts make for a great tease. Harley Quinn doesn’t even flinch at the bad rep that precedes her. She lives for it, as do we!

Doctor, Doctor

Another great question to ask yourself is, “what had you dreamt of becoming when you were a kid?” and then dress accordingly. Before we were bogged down by grades and other people’s views of us, we had dreamt of becoming doctors. Smart and dedicated, doctors are incredibly sexy.

Image courtesy of Country Living

Just to put things into perspective for you, this had been inspired by the board game Operation. It was battery-operated, and it required you to place or remove organ parts from the patient steadily. If the alarm rang, you were ousted to an assistant surgeon. We wouldn’t want to be sued for malpractice, now wouldn’t we?

How About Wearing This Super Suit

Halloween isn’t just about being the center of attention. You can also enjoy anonymity for the night. Do anything! You won’t have to worry about your social status, how many houses you’ve gone to for trick-or-treating, or how many calories you’ve gained from eating those sweets. For one night, you can be anyone!

Image Courtesy of Discover Lifestyle

So how about going undercover like these superheroes? We understand. You have day jobs and families to go home to in the suburbs. But the world needs saving! With this suit, you can keep working as the claims adjuster and be a superhero in your spare time. As Bob Parr put it, “every superhero has a secret identity. Who… doesn’t? Who wants the pressure of being super all the time?”

Hand Me that Sauce

No dish is complete without some Paprika. So whether it’s chicken wings, nachos, meatballs or steak, our go-to seasoning is Frank’s RedHot Original Sauce. Nothing comes close to it, not even Tabasco. We just love our food served fresh and hot…like her?

Image courtesy of Daily News

At this rate, we may ditch the party. How about dining in? Leave our fave playlist playing in the background, a few candles flickering on the table, and this gorgeous woman eating beside us. Just to be safe, a carton of milk sits by the side of the table. She’ll need that later on.

What the Hell Are You

With its wrist blade gauntlet, formidable size, and superhuman strength, predators are the extraterrestrial stuff of nightmares. That’s why this kid wanted to dress up as one for Halloween. Now, if you’ve ever been to the city, you would understand that finding a costume to be used for one night is both impractical and pricey. So what did this mom do? She hand-crocheted one!

Image Courtesy of Romper

Ohio resident, Stephanie Pokorny, makes them for her four sons every Halloween. The perk of which is that they are reusable, eco-friendly, and each one is a one in a million original! Just how many kids have you seen wear a Predator suit that’s hand-crocheted with such great detail? None! To create the look, Pokorny spends an hour or two watching the movie to visualize the end product and about 40 hours looping the yarn into life. Just so you know, this is a full-body costume!

Whisked Away in Oz

Look who got whisked away to the magical land of Oz. It must have been awfully scary – your house being swept up and carried by a tornado. Dorothy Gale hasn’t anyone else to keep her company but her dog, Toto. She has yet to meet the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion.

Image courtesy of Halloween Costumes

But then again, she doesn’t need the three. If there’s anything we should have learned from the Wizard of Oz, it’s self-sufficiency. There are a lot of qualities that are already present in us. We simply fail to recognize them. So how about you? We hope that you have come up with your creative insight for your Halloween costume! It would be best if you had by now.

Beam Up Your Bovine

Here’s an a-moo-sing inspiration for extraterrestrial believers and sci-fi lovers. Remember the cow that got abducted by the aliens? It was peacefully chewing grass until those creatures thought of stealing it. As if a cow would give them insight into our world. Well, bon voyage it went, sucked up by gleaming green light. We didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye!

Image courtesy of Discover Lifestyle

Unlike that cow, this one is ridden with worry. What are they going to do with her? They have no need for dairy milk! In case you plan to wear this outfit, best believe your pals will be howling with laughter. Some of them may even spit milk. It’s such an original. This costume is too hard to top.

Come Play With Us

So here’s a little fun fact – after the actresses played the Grady daughters, they disappeared off the face of the earth. And it seems like we have found them just in time for Halloween! These twins will not only horrify little Danny Torrance, but they will terrify any living soul they will encounter. Come play with us!

Image courtesy of Hive News

The Shining was a hit movie adaptation of Stephen King’s book. Every cinema goer’s spine was drenched with sweat and shivering with fear from the creepy monotone siren call. Thank heavens we were only watching from the cinema. It had felt like we were within the halls of the Overlook Hotel.

Who Wants to Go For a Ride

We would love to ride with them. Do you think they could spare us a seat on their roller coaster? They seem to be having the time of their lives coursing through the motions of the track. Whether its upwards a steep slope or navigating the aisles for a decent Halloween costume, these guys know that it’s always fun to be one of the team.

Image Courtesy of h3yh3yhockeytown / Imgur

Sure, it’s been a fan favorite, but why do people love this costume so much? It’s probably because you get to decide with the team. Brainstorming and coming up with the costume design allows you to bond with them. Second, all of you get a fair share of attention. You needn’t be the butt of the joke for a lame costume, neither do you get unwanted attention for being the showstopper. Lastly, it’s always fun to ride a rollercoaster, don’t you think?

We Don’t Want to Play This Game

Finding a costume that appeals to your spirit animal can be like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s a painful process. You have to take into account your finances, costume materials, your range of movement, and the genre of pop culture you’ll be getting your inspiration from. Whether you live or die due to this ordeal, you’ll have to make your choice.

Image courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Who wouldn’t be scared soulless after seeing Jigsaw at a party? This is a great costume idea for party hosts. Imagine you’ll be supervising the games, and everyone will have to abide by the rules you’ve set in place. By the end of the game, you’ll congratulate those who have managed to stay alive. They would grateful to remain alive after the course you’ve put them through.

Universal Healthcare

Who is this? It seems like the new directress of the World Health Organization. In fact, she’s leagues better than all of them combined. She stands for universal healthcare! Finding it hard to believe us? Every bead in her necklace stands for the planets she travels to and the intergalactic patients she cares for. We hope there were more of her out there.

Image courtesy of Coolest Homemade Costumes

Having donned blue celestial gloves, she’s careful to dust off cosmic waste from her dress. “It had been a long ride”, she says. We can only imagine how many light years it took for her pod to travel from Mars to Earth. We’re absolutely intrigued by the items inside her bag. Given their space tech, we couldn’t even believe they still used stethoscopes.

Weighty Ball of Destruction

It might take you a few seconds to identify what he’s dressed as. To give you a clue, he’s dressed as a thing. This whole ensemble was inspired by Miley Cyrus’ second single off her Bangerz album. As she puts it, all she wanted was to break your walls. To do that, she rode him.

Image courtesy of history by day

Can you imagine her – clad in a white tank top, panties, and black Doc Martens? It sure helps for this guy to have either shaved his head or have male pattern balding. For once, his shiny scalp won’t be the butt of the joke. Only people living under a rock won’t be able to get this costume. We’re pretty sure he’ll have the last laugh at them.

Who Wants to Go On a Part-ay?

If you’re someone who loves anonymity, then this costume is right for you. It’s also perfect for those whose sanity isn’t their strong point. All you need is to tune into your inner Animal and bang your drums until everyone’s eardrums throb. Every now and then, bellow a guttural “Beat drums!”.

Image courtesy of Twisted Sifter

If you choose to do tricks, you could present your own version of Muppet Thought of the Week. We suggest that part where Animal was asked to do a performance by parts. Apparently, he couldn’t understand what “Part A” was so, he repeatedly shouted “Part-ay”. For Part B, your other friends, dressed up as Muppets, can perform their tricks.

Guess Who Alexa Is Going Out With

We are referring to Amazon’s Alexa. This cloud-based voice service helps us with just about anything – research, query suggestions, costume designs, and even our date. On the special day, Alexa would be left alone. Not that we have to worry who’s she going to the Halloween dance with. She’s going out with him.

Image courtesy of The Funny Beaver

Prime protagonist and leader of the Autobots, Prime spends his spare time with Alexa. You couldn’t imagine how sweet they are together. With Alexa, they can command everyone to stand against the Decepticons. It would make for a great battle…and victory. Just make sure to set the date on a sunny day. We don’t know how Amazon Prime can survive inclement weather.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

This horror film is a fan-favorite. Fandango and Rotten tomatoes have rated it 83%. Wonder why it was so popular with fans? It wouldn’t hurt to say that Tim Burton directed it. The synopsis was equally spellbinding. Can you imagine enlisting the help of a spirit to scare away people living in your house?

Image courtesy of Spirit Halloween

To be fair, the protagonists in this movie were dead. The Maitlands died in a car accident and were trapped for all eternity in their country residence. They were enraged that within a couple of months, a new family bought the real estate. The couple tried to scare the newcomers away, but the latter stayed put. Enter Beetlejuice and the monster troupe. *drumroll Now we wouldn’t want to ruin the movie for you, so how about you watch it yourself?

Squidward Out of Water

Onscreen, Squidward seems like an ordinary octopus. But on dry land, he is anything but that. With a head thrice the size of a man and tentacles stretched out to about an arm’s length, Squidward is not a sea creature you would want to mess with. If he feels the slightest hint of irritation, he might just ink you.

Image courtesy of Discover Lifestyle

Just look at those eyes menacingly staring at you. He can squirt venomous chemicals to divert your attention. He’ll grab his pumpkin and then be on his way. If you so much as try to grab him, he’ll break off an arm. Sure, he has lots of them; but it’s because he can always regrow them that he’ll obligingly give you a hand.

Who’s This Big Mouth

If this guy doesn’t stop singing, we just might Take Him to the River. Big Mouth Billy Bass knew the best classics and could sing them by heart. The best part was that he sang it while affixed to a wooden award board. From time to time, he would look at you. You’d see the gills and the holes where the fishhook got him. Well, if you’ve got a singing Bass fish, wouldn’t you want to show him off to your friends too?

Image courtesy of Discover Lifestyle

If we pushed that red button, do you think this person would sing for us too? Being non-battery operated, she should. We would probably tell her what to sing and say it casually. Say, can you sing Bad Guy by Billie Eilish for us? Everyone in the party would tune it to this toy gag and wait for his tail to flap.

Apprehending Harry Lime and Marv Merchants

Only Gen Z and those born before them will know who these guys are. These burglars attempted to rob Kevin McCallister during the Yuletide season when he was Home Alone. This movie had been a hit. A kid actually outsmarted two grown men! As the minutes progressed, both their bodies were riddled with bruises and injuries.

Image courtesy of Honest To Paws

To create the look, we’d have to dissect the physical damage they endured. There was a BB gun shot at Harry’s groin. Howling at the insult, his partner, Marv, runs to the basement stairwell – its steps deliberately iced. There had been a series of bumps, and when Marv struggled to stand, he grabbed what he believed to be a light bulb cord. It was actually a steam iron that landed on his face. There was also the hot doorknob Harry held, the blowtorch directed at his scalp, and the shovel which knocked him down cold. If you’re going to dress like the pair, you’re going to need a lot of props.

Do You Want To Float

His face is fringed by rust-orange hair, and his face is matted white. You would too, if you see Pennywise standing before you. Every cell in your body would be screaming at you to run. Keep moving. Not even Georgie could keep afloat and on safe ground.

Image courtesy of Discover Lifestyle

As if to mock you, he smiles cryptically. What did he mean when he said, “you’ll float too?” He probably meant to say that he will drag you down the sewer system, where he lives. In the few moments that you’re screaming for someone to help you, you will choke underwater. Soon your lifeless body will float too – that is certain.

Bringing the Prince Back to Bel-Air

Nowadays, Will Smith resides with his wife in Calabasas, Los Angeles. But way back in the 90s, he used to hold sway over people in Bel-Air. His life got flipped turned upside down when he confronted a couple of guys who were up to no good in his neighborhood. He got in one little fight, and his mom shipped him off to Bel-Air. Looks like he’s still kickin’ it here.

Image Courtesy of Costume Wall

In Bel-Air, he reigns and occasionally sits on his throne, as the Prince. The show has brought Smith much success. Now, he plans to make a reboot of the TV sitcom, with a twist. It will retell the story of Will’s journey, but it will portray the “inherent conflicts, emotions” of, and biases against Black people in America. It still promises to deliver the charismatic swagger and humor the 90s show did.

Becoming a Skywalker

There are only two sides to choose from in the Force. It makes no difference who you are and what you choose; the Force will always even out. This ensures the continuity of life in all galaxies. But whatever choices you make, hold yourself accountable for its consequences. Rey Skywalker chose well because she was responsible for her actions…and this costume design.

Image Courtesy of Astrology Memes

With her buddy in tow, there’s nothing she can’t face. Whether or not you’re critical of the new Star Wars trilogy, you’d have to agree that this costume is adorable. Maybe next year, she can go as a Palpatine to honor her roots? She would have to face many issues, but we bet it’s worth considering.

Sisters Stick Together

Halloween is also a great time to bond with girl friends. Women are incredibly supportive and affirming. Isn’t that why you’re browsing through this list – so that you and your friends can wear a single-themed costume together? How about copying the team spirit of the Sanderson sisters – they’ve always got each other’s backs!

Image courtesy of Hive News

Just don’t wear too much eye shadow. If there’s anything we have learned from the movie, it’s that you shouldn’t trust women who don’t know how to use a timer when making a smokey eye. And for Pete’s sake, how about consulting the cat for your hair choices? Keep it slick, ladies. Nobody wants overgrown hair blocking their view.

Guess Who’s Back

Larry David is! Not that he cares, but he always shows up ill-timed. He’ll give unsolicited advice whether you’re sick in your hospital bed or lacking a Big Johnson. He’s so outrageous that he once told a mailman to ditch the uniform. He said, “if you’re gonna confront somebody, better to do it with pants on”.

Image Courtesy of Huff Post

So how do you go about being a rude gaffer? Use neutral colors and solids. He prefers long sleeves and layered casual clothing. To mimic the hairline, simply wear a latex bald head cap. You will want to use Prosaide or any other type of skin adhesive. You wouldn’t want that cap to be flapping around. Use PAX Paint to match your skin tone; dab with a sponge applicator. Now all you need is to badmouth people in what seems like casual advice.

Totally Clueless About What to Wear

Twenty-Five Years after its debut, Clueless is still a favorite coming-of-age teen comedy film among chicks. Alicia Silverstone wows us with life lessons. Trust us; they still hold true until the present. Some of which include – not relying on mirrors( filters do the job for you nowadays), refusing first offers (know your worth, honey), and avoiding high school boys like the plague.

Image courtesy of Pop Sugar

To be honest, you could avoid boys up until college. Alicia has taught us not to settle – with regard to grades and men. Say, what do you think about this look? It’s anything but a Monet. In case you’re wondering what that means, think of his paintings. A Monet is beautiful from afar, but meaningless up close; zoom in, and you’ll see it’s a total mess!

Hold On

If you see this couple right here, you would be blown away, literally! Indoors or outdoors, there’s always a tornado brewing in the background. That’s why she’s always holding on to her umbrella, and he’s trying to hold her by the waist. Now hold on tight; you might get blown away by the brutal weather.

Image Courtesy of Daily Army

How many hours do you think they spent to create the look? Normally, it would take a woman an hour to get her make-up done. Hair’s another matter. We are guessing they spent about three to four hours coating their hair with gel and hairspray. Just in case you want to recreate this look, better prep half a day before the party.

What a Cute-Tea

Dress up isn’t just made for kids., although having to prepare for Halloween reminds us of the times we would rummage through our parents’ closets. The only difference between now and then is that during Halloween, we can dress as whatever or whoever we want to be. If you want to dress up like Elvis, go ahead. Strum your guitar to his hits. If you wanted to be an inanimate object, by all means, entertain us!

Image courtesy of Daily Army

Well isn’t she a cute-tea? We’d love to give her a hug but that might ruin the costume. Now, the only people missing are Mrs. Potts and Chip. Think about it, that would make for a great tea set in a party. In case people want a downer, all they have to do is ask her to give them a few fresh leaves. Drink positive!

Hiking to the Temple of Doom

Reddit user empuerhpalpatea posted that he and his dog would do a couples’ costume every year. Just last year, they thought of going on a swashbuckling adventure to find the magical Sankara stone. On the way, they encountered an ancient evil residing in the Temple of Doom. It sure didn’t help that a secret cult would offer humans to an ancient spirit.

Image courtesy of empuerhpalpatea / Reddit

Since it’s Indiana Jones who had embarked on this journey, you can bet they overcame the evil in the catacombs of the palace. They went from house to house, knocking on people’s doors. And each ghoul would give Indiana Jones’ friend a treat. He didn’t have to do anything. All his friends needed to do was to bark, wag his tail, and sit. Good boy!

Saved by the Bell

This American TV sitcom was broadcast from 1989 to 1993. The plot revolved around six teens, and how they came of age at Bayside High School. Having gone through several misadventures, this tightly-knit group amassed the attention of adolescent viewers on Saturday mornings. With somewhat torturous antics, it became the number one television show at primetime.

Image courtesy of Tole Do Clinics Sleep Medicine

Since fans loved it, a reboot was made featuring Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley. Slater, as seen above, remained active in the happenings of the school. He is employed as a gym teacher, where he runs into Jessie, his former love. It’s quite sad, don’t you think? They had been such a great couple. One quick look above and you’ll see why.

She’s the Person She Knows Best

Look who’s sporting the unibrow. Frida Kahlo has resurfaced to engage us in magical realism. With a couple of dabs and freshly-plucked flowers, she depicts a sur-realistic view of herself in front of the camera. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. She loves self-portraits. When asked why, she answered, “because I am so often alone, I am the person I know best.”

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And that’s more than good enough for us! We always admire women who are comfortable in their own skin and who celebrate their eccentricities. Frida Kahlo shaped our view of women and served as a role model for artists and persons with disabilities. Would you go out in this costume as a tribute to the Mexican artist?

The Reality of Snapchat Filters

This mobile app was meant to encourage a natural exchange of ideas. Inspired by real-life convos(where stutters and idle silence are typical), its co-founder Evan Spiegel, wanted to make media sent available for a short time only. Since messages, pictures, and videos are available for a couple of minutes, your attention will be wholly directed in the present. Lately, this app has been making rounds on social media because of the filters it offers its users.

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To showcase the reality of filters, this couple dressed up as the “before” and “after” versions of the same person. We hadn’t noticed that people could shrink a few inches by using a filter, but they sure look gorgeous. Tell us, does this look like you too? No wonder people are so caught up by their lives online.

Gogh-ing Crazy Over Art

Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high.” Well, we’re going crazy over this moving piece of art. Armed with hair gel, paint, and brushes, this man painted the Starry Starry Night on his coat – bringing Van Gogh to life.

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Given his look, we can’t help but wonder how he’s going to survive the night, willing himself not to sweat. People swear by using setting powder or spray. Others use a thin layer of oil-free primer. Experts say that you should avoid bottles that have “hydrating” or “anti-aging” on them. These always contain grease. We want to make sure that this human being stays a work of art for as long as possible.

An Entire Universe. Once and for All

This list wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to comic characters. When they heard that a squad of goons would be causing trouble on Halloween, they quickly put on their suits and rung their battle cry – Avengers, assemble. Within a couple of seconds, the Black Widow broke through the porch. Thor landed on his knees, hammer in hand, and slowly stood to survey the area. Beside him were two other Avengers.

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This time’s a first. They have never sought reward or attention, but Loki and the Hulk bring an empty bucket to place goodies in. You can bet that the god of mischief will almost always choose tricks. Who doesn’t love to watch someone create chaos every now and then? We would probably lavish him with applause too.

First-Class dining

After going to so many houses, you’d probably feel tired. You may have gone through your bag of goodies by now, or you might skip them altogether. After all, your throat is parched, and your tongue feels like it’s stuck to the roof of your mouth. You want water. A meal wouldn’t hurt either. Well, worry no more, our first-class chef has something prepared for you.

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Inspired by the movie Ratatouille, this man donned a white apron, a double-breasted jacket, and a Toque Blanche. He and his friend have come up with a world-class course. The least you can do is compliment them both in person. His friend is a tad shy, that’s why he prefers to remain silhouetted inside the white hat.

You Know His Name

What happens if you say it? Try it! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. He should appear before you. Call him anytime you find that the living haunt your house. He and his troupe are sure to find a fun way to bring some life in your afterlife.

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If Michael Keaton’s character inspires you, then wear a white long-sleeved shirt, a striped jacket, and pants. It might help to keep a few bugs in your pockets. After all, Beetlejuice had centipedes crawling out of him. You won’t even have to wait for the host to say “trick or treat.” This natural trickster is bound to give anyone a heart attack.

Caped Beauty

There’s only one question on everyone’s mind – how did she figure out our Kryptonite? She hasn’t even stared us down with her x-ray vision, but she knows that our hearts are pounding like drums. Just cool us down a bit… just a word with your arctic breath and we’ll hit the ground at this Halloween party.

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We know that she has a thing for Lois Lane. It’s adorable and all, but it hasn’t kept us from wondering how we can land a date with Superwoman. How about we pretend to be in distress – just for the night? Kal El’s weakness isn’t just the award-winning investigative journalist, but her desire is to save the people. Hooray for us!

Lego to the Party!

The Lego Movie wasn’t exactly made with stop motion. But it had been equally laborious! The set was riddled with Lego blocks and people sticking pieces to each other. There were also large scale, plastic models of characters and CGI to credit for smooth movement. Good thing dressing up as a Lego character isn’t as exhausting.

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You will need several cardboard boxes, a plastic container (one that will fit over your head), yellow cardboard, rubber gloves, tape, and scissors. Tape the yellow card unto the plastic container, and then cut a pair of holes on one side for the eyes. You can always create the head using paper mache. It may take longer, but at least you can use it for this year’s Halloween and the next!

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

Ring a bell? It should. If you haven’t gotten it by now, here’s the last clue – Tinker Bell. Armed with pixie dust and good intentions, fairies can give you beauty, the gift of song, a carriage made from a pumpkin patch, or social points. Guess how much this woman raked from her costume?

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How about a gazillion? But then again, she wouldn’t need any. She doesn’t live among us mortals. That type of beauty and elegance is common in the mystical world of children’s tales and happily ever afters. We’re grateful that she was able to step into ours just for this single night.

Talk About a Disaster

What’s worse than encountering a shark? It would be a tornado hurling hundreds of them towards you at 70 miles per hour! That’s right. Sharknado is dubbed as a shamelessly brainless movie. It’s “so bad it’s good” for a new generation of book-to-film adaptations. It had been meant as a joke, with only a $2 million budget, but it made over $4.503 billion as a movie franchise.

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We’re uncertain how this guy fashioned his Sharknado costume. Seems like he’s a bit bogged down by it. Other people have fashioned it out of plastic cling wrap, blinky lights, cotton stuffing, and spiderwebs. It doesn’t sound like an eco-friendly costume, but it makes for a rad conversation starter.

Flap Your Wings, Social Butterfly

How about making a parody of people heavily invested in their lives online? To make rounds online and offline, dress up as social media platforms. You could get your inspiration from these ladies. Then wear wings. Your screen name – social butterflies.

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In our opinion, the only person missing is Reddit. Maybe he’s the one taking the shot of these ladies above. We can’t imagine how our digital lives would be without a platform that showcased comments threaded together. On it, this picture would receive thousands of upvotes. In case you plan to recreate this look, what social media platform would you want to be?

Stoking the Embers

Say have you seen Emily? We haven’t seen her anywhere, but we can hear her voice from time to time. We miss hearing her unwelcome comments, and her take on people’s costumes. Why don’t we go around the house to lure her out?

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Imagine calling out to her and then seeing that blaze combust onto the living room floor. For a split second, you might consider getting the extinguisher, until your dear friend says hi with a mocking pose. We’ve always known Emily was hot. Once again, it’s proven that she is.

Who Hates Going to Parties

This is perfect for people who hate going to parties. We understand. People and the conversations they have can be unbearable. Even if you’re an extrovert, there are days you just feel like staying home alone. But no matter what we feel, we have to keep up with appearances.

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Staying loyal to his sentiment, he graced people with his presence – as a party-pooper. Come to think of it, a party wouldn’t be complete without one. An evening of social enjoyment would be a total bore without someone to lull us into reality. Now, we know what to wear this Halloween!