A Mother Finds out an Unexpected Surprise From her Adopted Children

Women all over the world have their own desires for the outcome of their future. Some might work hard to build their own businesses, others might go on solo trips. While other women prefer to raise children and start their own family. It’s a life decision that takes careful planning and a sound head and heart. Katie Page was one of the women who wanted to have their own family. After splitting up with her ex-husband in her thirties – she chose a new direction in life.

Read on to see Katie’s story and the incredible discovery that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You’ll surely feel like you’ve witnessed one of the greatest moments in mama history.

The Tough Ending

In some cases of marriages, they can fail for many reasons. Some people will choose to work it out with a mentor or even try to talk their issues out. This 36-year-old woman from Colorado was married but shortly after decided to get in a divorce in her early 30s. She even discussed openly her infertility with ABC News saying that she was having some issues.

Search for Purpose

After the tough break up, Katie decided to create her own life’s purpose. After all, she wasn’t going to throw away her dreams of having children due to reproductive restrictions. She made a big career shift and moved to Denver.

Where she began work in the commercial construction department. This was in 2015 and this period marked a huge shift in her life starting her whole career and life anew in a different city.

Independent Living

At this point in Katie’s life, she was was overcome by happiness and decided to purchase a four-bedroom home. She wasn’t getting any younger and she had to make a wise investment to house her future children. Her friends could see how happy she was and she truly put all her efforts into building her dream haven.

A Natural Homebody

Katie wasn’t the type of woman who would sit back and relax. She wasn’t fond of asking people to construct her house and instead opted to purchase a house and fully renovate it complete with furnishings.

This time would keep her busy in the meantime while she focused on her future goals. She had almost everything a typical person needs to survive but still, there was a missing space in her heart.

Filling the Void

This time, she had a beautiful home she could be proud to live in and say that she renovated her self. Katie also mentions “It was on my bucket list and I also always wanted to adopt.” Adopting children had been on her mind and soon after putting up her new home – she would be taking the necessary steps to reach the goal. After all, if she can renovate a home by herself, she exudes determination and commitment enough to start her own family.

Blessing in Disguise

Katie was going through a tough time figuring out how to fill in the puzzle pieces of lacking children in her life. She decided to turn to Jesus and the church for advice. One day, the church was holding a seminar on foster children’s care. She took this as a sign and realized that it would be the perfect time to be a foster mom.

Jumping into the Jungle of Life

Katie realized that she wasn’t getting any younger and it was high time for her to become a mom. In 2015, she applied to be a foster mom and realized that this was her true calling. It certainly was no easy feat at first and she also had her doubts – but she remained steadfast in her decision.

Testing the Waters

When Katie applied to the agency to become a foster mom – she was disheartened by the choices of children. Mainly because they never grew up with parents and some suffered from painful experiences in the past. She fully enjoyed fostering children which is why she did it for over a year. After fostering children, the idea of adopting a child appealed to her and she was digging more in-depth in the whole process of it.

Baby Dream Come True

The energy and intention that we project into the universe always returns back to us. Especially if we set out good energy. In only less than 3 weeks after she decided to adopt her own kid – a caseworker phoned her to tell her about the baby that was left by his mother.

In an instant, she flocked to the center to collect her baby with her heart brimming with happiness when she walked out of the center. Her heart was more full than when she had first entered alone.


Troubling Times

The doctors broke the news to Katie when she adopted her son that the child had parents who were involved with drugs. She sought to undertake immediate action to make sure that the effects on her child wouldn’t be permanent. Her child went through extensive tests to ensure his mental and physical well-being. No easy feat comes without trials and Katie was ready to embrace all the challenges.


Introducing Grayson The First

Katie was extremely happy to retrieve her child and she wanted to give him the best possible life. She had dreams of raising him properly and being the best mom she could possibly be. After contemplating baby names, she opted for her favorite male child’s name: Grayson. Which complements his gray eyes don’t you think?

Connection Unlike Any Other

Katie has much experience with taking care of foster children especially children who suffered some kind of emotional trauma. She has a tremendous amount of love and patience for younger children.

Her love for Grayson blossomed and they were almost inseparable when she first took him in. He even went through a pre-eye-crossing surgery due to his lazy eye and Katie walked him through it every step of the way like a loving and attentive mother.


Missing Pieces

Even though Katie took Grayson in, there were still questions that needed to be answered. Such as the location of the whereabouts of his biological parents. The caseworkers were on it and fervent about finding his true parents but unfortunately, they came at an impasse.


Almost a Year Passes

In the past year, they’ve spent together, Katie experienced immense happiness and officially became his mother on paper in the year 2017. Since Grayson was exposed to drugs in his system at a young age because of his parents – Katie did everything in her power to make sure that his physical and mental well-being was taken care of.

An Abundance of Love

Katie was the type of woman who would just keep on giving herself even when she would be exhausted. She expressed her desire to take in more children and even received multiple requests for placements of the children even if it was for a brief period. She decided that during this time, Grayson needed her attention more than ever and so she decided to spend most of her time with him during his formative years.


Katie is an Empowered Woman

On Instagram, she’s very active in posting quotes to encourage more families to be more involved in foster care. She even uses the hashtags #adoptionrocks to showcase her love for caring for children. In the end, she mentions that seeing their smiles is all she needs.


Another Baby On The Way

One day, just shy of a month of becoming Grayson’s legal mom, a nearby hospital asked her if she’d like to adopt a baby girl. She didn’t expect the surprise phone call at all and was quick to act on the decision.


Similar Storylines

The interesting fact of the matter is that the baby girl – who would soon be named Hannah was born in the same hospital with the same condition Grayson was in. She was a child born out of drug abuse and she was in dire need of a loving home.

“Over the next 10 minutes and subsequent phone calls I made that afternoon, the phrase ‘I know I am crazy, but God is telling me to say YES’ kept coming out of my mouth.” She knew instantly that she wanted Hannah to be a part of her family. What happens next? We’ll soon find out.

Following The Same Pattern

Katie had gone through the whirlwind of emotions the first time and was ready to receive another child. After she laid eyes on her, Hannah joined her family just a few hours after. Katie noticed a few strange similarities with her and Grayson’s birth mom. The bracelet she was wearing when she arrived home indicated the same birthday as Grayson’s mother. Is it a coincidence or not? We’ll soon find out.


Motherly Instincts

Her inner emotions indicated that the drug exposure similarities and the birth dates were quite similar stories. The caseworkers even agreed that it wasn’t a typical situation. “Grayson is half African American with beautiful darker skin and dark curly hair,” She wrote on her blog. She went on to write; “Baby Girl has a pale white skin tone with straight red-blonde hair.” Because of this, there were still doubts.

Searching for Answers

Katie dug up as much research as she could find about Grayson and Hannah’s parents’ whereabouts. The pieces didn’t fit naturally since the last name and date of birth of her son’s biological mother was inaccurate by a day when it came to Hannah’s mother. Still, she was relentless to find the truth and trusted her wild hunches.


We Found Her!

Luckily thanks to Katie’s incredible intuition and detective skills – she was able to contact Grayson’s caseworker as well as Hannah’s to piece up the missing puzzle pieces. She could finally meet their biological mother and get to the bottom of the strange occurrence that transformed into a blessing.

The Meeting

Initially, Katie was nervous to meet her adopted children’s biological mother but they hit it off quite well! Hannah’s mom attested to giving birth to another boy but she wasn’t able to provide the proper documents. At least Katie’s quest for finding their biological mother had finally been solved.

There’s More to the Truth

Katie and Hannah’s mother was open enough to share their experiences with each other and her mom didn’t hesitate to give her the right answers. She mentioned to Katie that she already had a few children of her own.

She wasn’t able to share all this information initially but after speaking with Katie, she then decided to bring the missing information to the caseworkers in case they need it for their record.

The Universe Provides

“What if the baby girl had gone to another family?” Were the words Katie shared on her social account. “We would have never found her or Grayson’s mother. The connection would have never been made! I could not believe the miracle that had just happened.” Miracles really do come true and they can be found in the form of a baby. This was a truly remarkable coincidence that ended up being the perfect plan.

Going Through The Legal Processes

After Katie confirmed that Grayson and Hannah were related, she didn’t stop to think to adopt her as well. She knew that in the future the siblings would be raised in the same family and she wanted more than anything for them to be reunited. Grayson and Hannah got along splendid and they made the perfect pair of children.


One more Court Hearing

December 29 of last year was the date wherein Katie’s family would have to face the judge along with her two children to allow Katie to have the responsibility to take care of both children. It was a happy day indeed once they got their approval and they were ready to start the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

Growing Bunch

Hannah officially became part of Katie’s household after spending 2 years under the care of the foster service. She entered Katie’s life when she was only 2 years old and the situation was bound to happen eventually. When the moment came, Katie and Grayson’s lives were immediately filled with joy. “I was happy to just give Grayson a life, and I thought that that was big, but I didn’t feel like that was enough,” she said. “So to give him a sister, I couldn’t imagine anything better.”

The World Moves in Mysterious Ways

“They were meant to find each other, that’s pretty clear. I think God intended that from the beginning. If they weren’t related, Hannah would not have stayed with our family. She would have been placed with other relatives.” says Katie. Katie keeps mentioning how lucky she is as a parent to have these two little angels in her life.

Being a mom came second nature to her and she knew from an early age that this was her main purpose in life: to be a mother.


Surprise Call

After the next few months together, Katie felt like she was floating on cloud 9. She was spending tons of time with her children and she was also watching them grow and develop their own cute habits. One day the adoption agency called to tell Katie that Hannah and Grayson’s biological mom was about to bear another child and she needed a home. Initially, she was overcome by shock and was hesitant to see how capable she was to raise three children.

Third Time’s the Charm

Since Katie was born with an incredible amount of compassion and empathy for others, her decision to claim the third child didn’t require much thinking. She didn’t want his siblings to be away from him and for him to be adopted by another family. Now Katie was going to be a mother of three. Now that’s a beautiful gift that just keeps on giving – the gift of having multiple children.


Welcome Home Jackson

Katie decided to follow her gut instinct and take in the third child: Jackson. Jackson was a sweet little boy and his siblings welcomed him with warm arms. This year, Katie had another court heating to adopt her third child and she was feeling positive overall about it. She took to social media especially on Instagram to share her unique story.

Privacy Matters

Since Katie’s story about her children became viral on social media, she’s decided to keep parts of her life private which is why she covers Jackson’s face with a white heart until the adoption request has been finalized. Due to her rising popularity, she would still like to keep matters private especially when it comes to her children. Despite this, she still actively shares the improvements in the procedure on her Instagram account and is remaining positive throughout.

Lucky Number Three

Grayson, her first child recently turned three and they had a wonderful day celebrating together. He’s a cheerful, little boy who loves interacting with others and is quite the open-minded type. He loves playing with his little sister and has been a great older brother thus far.


Another Love of her Life

It appears that Katie’s life is falling into place especially now that she has an extra pair of hands to help around the house. While I can’t share his face as I vowed never to post him on social media so I could get him to take a photo with me, I can share how grateful I am for him.

” It seems like she’s very proud of her family and is only looking forward to great things ahead. Also, with another man to help her out in the family, it will be much easier to take care of the children while balancing her self-care routines.


Balanced Lifestyle

It’s all about maintaining a balanced lifestyle even though she has three children. It’s amazing to see Katie grow up to be a well-rounded mom who is also a wonderful sister to her family. She managed to work full time in the construction department (still) while raising three beautiful bouncing babies. Way to go, super momma!


Maintaining 2 Jobs

In addition to working in the construction agency, she also manages a website deemed woodandgrace.net While working her full-time job, he also gives consultation services to Rodan and Fields Skincare company. It seems like this mom can do almost anything. The children are incredibly lucky!


An inspiration to Others

“If people only knew how my children have changed my life far more than I could ever have imagined.” Katie enjoys sharing her crazy life on social media for people to understand what she goes through on a daily basis.

Even though at times it can be daunting to raise three children, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. She believes that this experience has made her a stronger person and also an accomplished mother at that.


Time for a Baby Sitter?

Katie is a logical mum that believes spending time with her children is the utmost important priority. In order to maintain bother her jobs and take care of her babies – she needs extra help. She sought to hire a live-in nanny to help with the day-to-day tasks. In order for her to show more attention and to be a part of her children’s lives fully.


The Story Continues

“It takes patience beyond what I feel I have sometimes. It makes me and those who support me angry some days. But encounters with the children make it worth the hard times. It is my greatest adventure and I can’t imagine my life without this experience.

” were Katie’s exact words. She was even featured on Good Morning America to share the incredible story of adopting three children with the same biological mum. While Jackson’s court hearing unfolds, you can always follow Katie and her beautiful family on Instagram to check out the latest happenings.