Be active in the Lake Ferguson Nature Reserve: 3 fun activities to do during your visit

The Ferguson Lake Nature Reserve, home to a crystal clear lake that combines life, rich flora and fauna, and many exciting ridges and knees, is Prince George, BC.

That sounds beautiful, right? Of course! But you can think of everything you can do there. Fortunately, we know the area well and are ready to enlighten you on the best things to do there.

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Kayaking and canoeing

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The protected lake is clear and calm, making it ideal for water sports such as canoeing and kayaking. Kayaks can stay in the main area of ​​the lake or they can branch out and follow the different channels of the lake as they scroll through the unique landscape of the reserve.

They can make friends or go alone; there is plenty of room on the water for more than one kayak lover!

Admire the authentic log houses

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If you have a love of history or even just a love of old, abandoned buildings and authentic log houses, the various cabins around the reserve are easily a favorite part of your trip.

The log houses in the nature reserve are genuine, hand-made and older than the nature reserve itself. They are strong and safe to explore, making them a great backdrop for new Instagram photos.

Bird watching

There are many birds in this whole Canadian nature reserve. Whether you’re cruising the trails, exploring the cabins, or riding on the shimmering surface of the lake, you’re sure to see birds above your head.

The noticeable species are local and incredibly diverse in the area. If you like birds, be sure to bring a bird book and binoculars!