Celebrity Goals: Til Fame Do Us Part

The Bryants: How they Met

Kobe Bryant tried to sing a tune or two when he diverted his energy to the music industry.


This was when he was still building his name as a Los Angeles Laker. He was still mastering the ins and outs of professional basketball. That attempt was short-lived but it led him to this happenstance with Vanessa Corneo Laine. They had met while she was on set of Snoop Dogg’s music video.

How The Relationship Began

He was in his early 20s, while she was only 17. Vanessa’s high school buddies wouldn’t believe any of it until she brought pictures of them to school.

A year later, they were engaged. Kobe’s parents disagreed with his choice for they had always envisioned him with a native, and not a woman of Mexican descent.  


Marital Life

Nearly 20 years later, and that choice has only proved to be desirable. 

A family of five women and yet, it has stood resolute in the face of legal disputes, scandals, media pressure, and Kobe’s untimely demise. 


Kobe has been vocal about their trials, stating “that’s all the beauty of it: having the persistence and determination to work through things…and we’ve been able to do that.” Kobe had valued family time so much so that he decided to fly through California just to pick up his kids and carpool them from school.

The Aftermath

Vanessa has taken solace in the knowledge that her husband and daughter were deeply loved, with support flowing in from fans worldwide. It may be nearly impossible to imagine life without them, but she tries to keep pushing for her family. 


I’mma S-Thicke With Youuuu.

How They Met

Robin Thicke and his wife, Paula Patton met while they minors in an all-ages Hollywood dance club 19 years ago.


The singer-songwriter fondly recalls that she “the most special girl” he had met. Thicke invited Patton to the dance floor and they started dating regularly about two years after. 

She couldn’t invite him for prom because she was a prominent black rights activist, and he was visibly white. While he wasn’t her first kiss, she was a lot of other firsts. He performed an R&B serenade for her in his dad’s house, then he planted a kiss. 

Marriage in the Works

It seems that Patton is like most of the women when it comes to testing our partner’s fidelity.

Image Courtesy of Ecoline

On one occasion she drove to his house and hid in the bushes to see what he was up to. She wasn’t a very good sleuth because he went out on the porch and called out to her. With her tail between her legs, she admitted what she had come to do, and he invited her in so that she could see for herself. 

Thicke embraced her and planted a kiss on her forehead. He had taken it all in good jest and said: “You really do love me”. Patton couldn’t agree more. 

How They Met

When this fly bird isn’t saving the world and inspiring heroism from Marvel fans, he is spending time with his kids and partner, Sheletta Capital.

Image Courtesy Of celebs family

They first met in grade school when most of us hadn’t lost our deciduous teeth. 

He had just transferred from a” bad school” and walked into his classroom when he was taken aback by this “girl with little ratty pigtails and skinny legs”. Like most kids who played house, they dated on and off until they finally solemnized their vows in 2014.

Marital Life

 Mackie and Capital have three kids together, over whom they supervise acrobatic and aerialist stunts so that the youngsters can take up their individual roles as Avengers.

Image Courtesy of E-News

We’d want a dad to teach us how to create a telepathic link with birds too!

Ballin’ on the Court

When it comes to being a four-time MVP awardee, having a dedicated wife is key. LeBron James credits his wife for being the engine to the car, his best friend who would unconditionally back him whether it be a win or a loss.


He was a basketball player, and she was a softball player.

How They Met

She thought he’d end up as a hometown hero and that would be the end of it. But he was stubborn in gaining her hand.


Savannah had been shooting with him in the high school gym when he was still a nobody. He recalls that on their first date, they dined out in a steakhouse. She forgot her left-overs in his car, and he delivered them to her. Savannah jests that he had only wanted to see her. 

Marital Life

When Savannah bore their child during senior year, James reassured her.


She kept by her side and told her that he would carry the brunt for both of them. It wouldn’t slow her down. They would keep at what they have to do.  

Since then, she has continued to support him from the front row. He bows down to this queen who sets the rules in the household and keeps the fort secure. 


He admits that his job can be taxing. He would be absent from the house for the local tours and the rigorous practices, thus leaving Savannah to oversee the children on her own.


But it’s all good. Being an athlete, she understands that consistency is key. 

How They Met

Bono definitely chose to live with this brunette. The duo was married on August 21, 1982. However, during their first encounter, Bono claims it wasn’t love at first sight.

Ali Hewson was only working up to it. 

Keeping Vows Intact

Even as teenagers, Ali Hewson knew her worth. She did not idolize nor patronize the rock singer. She would remind him to look across at her- not looking down nor looking up at Hewson.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

And it seems to have had worked. They have been together for four decades. When Bono was presented the “Man of the Year” Award, they marveled at the event as they marveled at their marriage at the peak. What a great…magic carpet ride. 

She got me with nothing to win and nothing left to lose

And you give yourself away

Through the storm, we reach the shore

You give it all…And I’m waiting for you

How They Met

Shante Taylor is droppin’ it like it’s hot, and Snoop Dogg seems to be the lucky one. They got married way back in 1997. 

Eligible bachelor, million dollar boat

I can exercise you, this can be your Phys. Ed

Cheat on your man, ma that’s how you get ahizzead

We would have felt as eligible as bachelorettes if we were performing this for millions, and raking in money for singing topics about attraction, and extramarital affairs.

Snoop’s Love Life

See, Snoop Dogg specializes in making all the girls get naked. And with that level of influence, almost anyone can be sidetracked by the volume of pleasure-dins. It’s easy to drown out soft-spoken declarations of love. So Snoop Dogg wanted out of the weighty obligations of marital life.  

They almost split after the singer-rapper filed for divorce. Dogg had gotten carried away by fame. He had gotten disillusioned with the music industry and he was swept away by the material want. Fortunately, when he went home he found it within reason to start anew. In no time, Snoop Dogg fell in love with family. 

Marital Reconciliation

Snoop Dogg tells that he had made a mistake and he has been trying to get back right, so if we read a divorce between the two, it will be his wife instituting the proceeding against him, and not him divorcing her.


That’s the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard from a man. 

Gleefully Married

This Glee star married her partner in 2014. Heather Morris recounts that she and her beau, Taylor Hubbell had a special connection when they first met each other on MySpace. 


Both are the youngest in the family, naturally observant and empathetic. This makes for the stable family dynamic they have. Heather states that her husband has always been supportive- “He’s always like, ‘If it’s going to make you happy and it’s going to help, I’ll do it’. 

Marital Life

Hubbell works at a golf course and it’s good that she has someone to come home to who isn’t in the entertainment business. There’s enough drama at work anyway. 


Romeo and Juliet

Juliet did not leave her Romeo bleeding. For that, he will love her alwaysuntil the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme.  


Until now, Dorothea Hurley stands by the side of the stage and watches him command the crowd. She says, “The songs all sound great, but then you hear them live!”

Marital Life

When prompted how the two have stayed together throughout the years while raising four children in the process, Jon states that they grew as equals.

He’s the visionary with ideas running amok and a confetti of plans while his wife is the seamstress who stitches it all together, and ascertains that it sticks. 

Having to compartmentalize the rock star from the family man has greatly helped them stay grounded. Jon uses his regular name beyond the stage, stating that setting boundaries helps them raise their kids in normalcy. 

Hurley Knows

Hurley is aware that there are groupies who are eager to bed the rock star, but she’s been unconcerned about marking her husband as conjugal territory.


She has full trust in him and understands that this comes with the job. She’s grateful that fans have stayed loyal to the band, and that they have helped spread the interest in other notable endeavors- namely, Soul Kitchen.

Charitable Foundations

Hurley came up with the concept of handing provisions fresh from the kitchen, for the needy.


Jon gets the acclaim but he attributes the venture to his wife. The foundation has raised a considerable amount of money since it has helped build subsidized housing units for the less-privileged.   

Smart and Smarter

So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance?

That’s what it seems like for this famous couple. Jeff Daniels and his wife, Kathleen who married in 1979. They have three children who are now adults. When Jeff moved his family away from Hollywood in 1986, it was due to belief that fame is impermanent. 

Tough Break

Having to focus his energy on the family while managing a shifting-tide of a career, required that he create a sense of normalcy.

He says, the career is job-to-job, and that while you may be hot from time to time, you’re not always going at the center of the limelight.

Daniels claims, “whatever that cost me in terms of opportunity, money awards, I was willing to sacrifice because we wanted the kids to grow up in a place we knew”- Michigan is where he and his wife had met and grown up in.

Marital Life

Even his neighbors see Jeff Daniels as the regular dad who attends his son’s hockey game, and who trudges through the snow and shows up at their place.


He has made the impression of being the ordinary guy. 

The Howards met at John Burroughs High School. They couldn’t stand being apart for too long that Ron would spend so much time at Cheryl’s house.

His parents disallowed him from visiting more than twice a week. But that was merely a delay; they got married in 1975.

Married Life

When prompted what was the secret to their happy marriage, Ron states that patience, compatibility, and luck are indispensable.

“We got married young, that shouldn’t have worked either, and yet it really and truly has.” They held difficult conversations with respect and grace. There’s no tactic to it, no shortcut or any other alternative.

Happily Ever After

You have to learn to communicate in constructive ways.

Want to see how they met? Just watch the Andy Griffith Show where Opie asked Mary Alice Carter out on a date in his buddy’s home. It was partly cringe-worthy because he was turned down, but all worked out in the last few minutes of the episode. Who knows, you just might end up with your lifetime partner in the most Mayberry way. Better that than ending Hans Solo forever. 

They have four kids- Bryce, Jocelyn, Paige, and Reed; the eldest of which has followed Ron on a path to stardom. 

That’s Cool

Simone Smith tells Ll Cool J, ‘I’ll be your candy girl forever”. So far, the singer has kept his part of the promise.  

I promised you I’d love you to the end
Always and forever since way back when

You’re like candy the world’s sweetest friend
You taste better now than you did back then

How they Met

They met as teenagers on a blind date set by a friend. They have been married since the 90s and had supported each during other life-defining moments.


Some were crushing, some were trivial, and some tested their faith.

Keeping the Faith

When she was diagnosed with bone cancer, LL Cool J stuck by her biggest battle and that had only brought them closer.


In an interview, he states “You don’t abandon someone in that foxhole. You got to be there in that foxhole with them. So I made some decisions professionally and decided to be by Simone’s side during that period”

The Silent Treatment

But it wasn’t always like this. There was a moment when Simone refused to talk to her husband for two weeks straight. She was upset over a music video- Doin It, where a woman licked the side of his face. She claims that she understood he’s physically attractive and that he’s a sex symbol but there had to be a limitation now that he was married.


Being a good listener, LL Cool J chose to tone down the sexual innuendos in the succeeding videos. 

How they Met

Ja Rule and his wife, Aisha Atkins met as teenagers. She was only 14 years old. Afterward, they dated throughout college. They had a brief falling out as they determined what career paths to undertake. And it seemed like the tides weren’t going to allow their voyages to meet at the port. 


Luckily, the two reunited and declared their vows in 2001. Their wedding was made for a Mafioso king complete with cigars, liquor, and 40s music. 

Marital Life

Aisha has borne three children. They respect their kids’ candor during family discussions. After all, honesty is the best policy.


They feel like the best way to guide their children is to allow the channels of communication to be unhampered by emotional outbursts. They guide their kids to consider different courses of actions, and the impact of these life decisions in the imminent or far future. 

Clean Slate

That’s what Eminem thought about his lapse of judgment when he was 18. Just three years earlier, he and Kim met. She ran away from home and was taken into by Eminem’s mother. Eminem remembers Kim as a “tall, sulky blonde girl” who he was “happy to help out”.

Eminem’s mother made sure that Kim did not sneak up to his room during nighttime. She would personally tuck her in on the couch outside her room. The two dated non-exclusively for a couple of years. 

Eminem’s Rise to Fame

Eminem rose to fame when he wrote a lullaby rap song for his daughter, which implied having to say goodbye to Kim floating away at sea.


The relationship in the succeeding years was tumultuous owing to Eminem’s impulsive nature. Kim recounts that much trouble could have been avoided had Eminem been respectful during confrontations. He would fly off the handle and believe allegations about her infidelity.

Rough Times

Two marriages and two divorces after, the two have agreed to remain as friends. Eminem has apologized to his wife in the 2017 song “Bad Husband.

“The words that we meant that we didn’t say
The ones that we thought that we shoulda said
Letters written that we coulda read
Which maybe woulda led to some good instead”


We’d like to believe that some good has arisen from holding their individual selves accountable. There has been reconciliation for the sake of their daughters(biological and adopted). As Eminem puts it, he’s a great dad but he apologizes for being a bad husband. 

Eminem’s Woman

What’s proof for his decent fatherhood? Kim gave birth to Whitney Mathers with Eric Hartter. Hartter only seems to take up his paternal obligations when most convenient for him, so Eminem took the initiative to care for Whitney.

He adopted her when Kim was struggling with drug addiction. He loves Whitney with the same ounce of endearment as he does his biological child, Hailie, stating “I’m in love with that girl…she’s so sweet and funny”. 

Curry-ing the Ball

That’s just what it is. It’s illegal to play like this. How can couples be so successful at a young age together? As Ayesha Curry has described herself on Instagram “passionate dual citizen…believer” We believe we’ll land someone of equal stance as you and Stephen.

The two met while she was 14 and he was 15 years old, in a church youth group in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both were coy and dismissive of unwanted attention. Ayesha never even attended a basketball game until after her 18th birthday.

Stephen’s Love

It was only when Stephen was playing professionally that he thought of taking up Ayesha on a date. Flashbacks of them sharing Maynards Fuzzy Peach resurfaced. It had been sweet and brief. It was time to make that confectionary a regular dessert.


They reconnected over Facebook. Around this time, Ayesha pursued an acting career. They met in Los Angeles and strolled along the Walk of Fame. When Stephen wasn’t shooting hoops or avoiding carry-overs, he was face timing Ayesha. 

The Proposal

Stephen proposed to Ayesha where they had first kissed. She was visibly surprised when he went down on his knee. They professed their love for each other in the same congregation where they met. Now, they have three children together.


Stephen has been very supportive of his wife when it comes to her career. He unabashedly promoted her culinary skills and her cookbook- which she follows for those dinnertime meals.