Celebrity Siblings: Yes These People are Actually Related

Zoe Kravitz and Lola Momoa

High-cheek boned Zoe Kravitz was born to Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. Although her parents had divorced, they have remained close friends.

Image Courtesy of ZoeisabellaKravitz / Instagram

When she’s not prowling the streets as Catwoman, Zoe often spends time with a young gang –Lola and Nakoa, both of whom are her half-siblings from Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa’s marriage. She adores the two and would catch up on their stories when she has time offset.

Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid

Yes, they sport the same last name, but they look like an apple’s throw in the lineage that you wouldn’t believe they’re sisters! Gigi has a soft, circular face, whereas Bella has a sleek, angular look. That jawline could cut your finger.

Image Courtesy of BellaHadid / Instagram

They’re both models owing to their mom’s tower-esque height. If we had a sister about our size, we would probably be living off on their wardrobe every now and then. Do you think they do the same?

Poppy and Cara Delevingne

Between the two, Suicide Squad Cara seems to monopolize press attention because of her weirdness. Lately, she has been pictured taking a break from self-quarantining.

Image Courtesy of PoleyDelevingne / Instagram

Little do we know, that she’s related to Poppy, an English model and actress who is six years her senior. The sisters built their dream house in Los Angeles. The colour gradient is something out of a 1950s magazine with bright hues and a rattan chandelier. Go for Jungle.

Sofia Vergara – Sandra Vergara

With a sister as successful as Sofia Vergara, one would assume that Sandra’s acting career would get a boost off a sister’s achievements. Sofia has been the highest-paid actress for some years and has remained on the top list as of 2019. Sandra Vergara, however, hasn’t been lucky with Hollywood. 

Image Courtesy of US Hola

When asked about how she feels concerning her sister, She says Sofia is beloved by the public and she’s grateful to be related to someone so dear to people. However, she prefers to work hard for her success and does not attribute her career to her sister. By the way, it appears look-good-genes run in the family.

Jayden and Willow Smith – Trey Smith

Jayden and Willow Smith have never been out of public eye since their big break.

Image Courtesy of Trey Smith/Instagram

We love to think of Jayden as the cute kid from “karate kid” and Willow has made a name for herself in both music and film. You might think their successes are a result of the influence of their father – the phenomenal Will Smith – but that’s not true, at least it can’t be supported with evidence.

Will Smith also has a son called Trey Smith who is an actor, DJ, and musician. Although Trey works hard too, he has been unable to match the success level of his younger siblings. 

Rihanna – Rorrey and Rajad

Rihanna is not only a huge pop musician but a beautiful one at that. Despite her success, she loves spending time with her family – dad, mom, and brothers. Speaking of brothers, the talented musician has got two brothers who appear to take a lot from her DNA. 

Image Courtesy of Capital FM

Rajad Fenty and Rorrey Fenty are 23 and 30 years old respectively. It’s been reported that they all try to spend as much as they can together and genuinely love each other’s company. That doesn’t sound like it comes easy with a sister has famous as Riri.

Dave Franco and James Franco

There isn’t much semblance between the two except for the brown hair. Where James has dog-tired eyes, James’ is alit with mischief and magic.

Image Courtesy of I Am Bored

Both claim that they grew up in an artsy and weird household. All their quirks were applauded and their good genes were sculpted. Another similarity between the two? They love cats. On holidays, they would bring their cats to the family house, and there’d be at least eight of them purring, and marking territory.

Brad Pitt – Doug Pitt

It is impossible to not know who Brad Pitt is.

He is one of Hollywood’s biggest names with several awards and accolades to brag about. Being a sibling of an acclaimed actor like Brad Pitt might imply that you probably have to live under his shadow. 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This brings Doug Pitt, Brad’s younger brother, into the picture. Although he supports Brad and occasionally speaks about his brother’s fame, Doug has taken to a more low profile life. He resides in Missouri, their hometown, away from media buzz. He is a successful businessman and philanthropist. 

Angelina Jolie – James Haven

Oscar-winning actress, Angelina Jolie is no newcomer in the celebrity game. She’s had her fair share of Hollywood drama and everyone seems to know a thing or two about her. If you are a core fan of Angelina, you would know that she has an older brother – James Haven.

Image Courtesy of fabiosa

James is also an actor and producer but less known compared to his sister. There is a deep bond between these two as James always steps in whenever Jolie is in a mess. What are family for, right?

Another proof of their deep bond was a rather controversial kiss between brother and sister that raised eyebrows at the 2000 Oscars ceremony.

Lady Gaga – Natali

Lady Gaga’s style and lyrics can be rather unconventional but she has become a force in the music industry. Recently, she delved into acting and already has an Oscar nomination to herself. Behind all the glam and success, Lady Gaga has a little sister who has been with her every step of the way but has managed to stay out of the spotlight. 

Image Courtesy of womenshealthmagazine

Natali is a fashion designer and was reported to be Lady Gaga’s stylist for the movie “A Star Is Born”. She even sat beside her at the 2019 Oscar ceremony but it is not exactly easy to have noticed anyone asides Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga that night.

Steph Curry – Seth Curry

If you love basketball but don’t know who Steph Curry is, you should probably question your love for the game.


You might know that this star basketball player has been called the NBA most valuable player twice now. A less popular fact about him is that he has a younger brother, Seth Curry who is also a professional basketball player. Both have a pretty cordial relationship and have a striking resemblance. 

Scarlett Johansson – Hunter Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has featured in movies of different genres and keeps proving that she can handle any role thrown at her.

Image Courtesy of Bustle

From being a superhero to being a regular day mom, she’s got the range and we’ve seen her in different ways possible.

What you probably haven’t imagined is the possibility that this actress could be a twin. And in fact, she is. The actress has a fraternal twin brother named Hunter. Hunter has tried his luck with acting but matching up to success as big as Scarlett’s can be incredibly challenging. However, both have acted together before in the movie “Manny & Lo”.

Jennifer Lopez – Lynda Lopez

Most Hollywood stars usually stay in the spotlight for a couple of years but Jennifer Lopez has enjoyed the spotlight for an amazingly long period.

Image Courtesy of Lynda Smith/Instagram

She’s undisputedly a great entertainer to have remained relevant over these years. 

While we know a great deal about this actress, we have overlooked an important player in her life. Her younger sister, Lynda Lopez, is a television journalist and also a single mom like her. Speaking with US Magazine, Jennifer says she loves, respects and adores her sister. 

Zac Efron – Dylan Efron

Zac Efron entered the Hollywood scene as a teenage heartthrob and has kept on making waves ever since. After playing the high school basketball player in “High School Musical”, he has earned himself a lot of admirers.

Image Courtesy of Dylan Efron/Instagram

Aside from his good looks, Zac is equally talented and funny but we bring some more good news.

 Zac has a brother who looks a lot like him but maybe a more reserved version of him. 

If you imagine a less wild Zac with the great looks, Dylan Efron is your best bet. Zac himself confirms this by saying Dylan is his barometer.

Ryan Gosling – Mandi Gosling

Ryan Gosling encompasses talent and good looks effortlessly but another member of the family does that well too. Mandi Gosling, Ryan’s elder sister, is a producer and one of her well-known works is “Miss Advised”.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Mandi and Ryan caused a stir at the 89th Oscars ceremony when Ryan showed up with a rather strange Mandi instead of his well-known partner, Eva Mendes. Since then, Mandi has received some fair public attention.

Mandi also worked on the viral music video, “Happy”, casting the people in the video.

Sandra Bullock – Gesine Bullock Prado

We know Sandra Bullock as a pretty successful actress with the best actress award from The Oscars. She’s had her fair share in the movie world playing iconic roles but she equally has a sister making waves in the world of food. 

Image Courtesy of Gesine BP/nstagram

Although Gesine Bullock studied Law at the University of Virginia, she decided to pursue a career in baking following the death of her mother. It started as a way of consoling herself until it became a professional hobby.

Growing up, Gesine and Sandra passed through the different phases of sisterhood together – from being just casual siblings to best friends. The two sisters live private lives and claim to be each other’s confidants. Gesine is the author of several cookbooks including Sugar Baby and Pie It Forward.

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears – Bryan Spears

We have known Britney and Jamie Lynn for a while now and their lives have been like what we see with regular siblings. They spend time together, they fight, they help each other through trying times. Jamie Lynn was once popular as a teenage mom when she got pregnant at 16 during her days at Zoey 101. 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

If we are to judge by what the media shows us, it would appear as Britney and Jamie Lynn are the only siblings in the Spears family. However, there is a third sibling. Bryan Spears is the brother of the Spears sisters who is also a film and television producer. He managed his sisters and produced their shows for films like Zoey 101 and Britney and Kevin: Chaotic.

Jared Leto – Shannon Leto

Jared Leto is a popular actor and musician known for playing roles like The Joker in Suicide squad. Asides being an actor, a lot of people would recognize him as the face of the band “30 seconds to Mars”.

Image Courtesy of shannonleto/Instagram

What people don’t know is that Jared has a brother, Shannon Leto, who shares similar talent. Shannon is also a founding member of the 30 seconds to Mars band where he plays the drum while Jared sings. He also takes up minor acting roles.

Miley Cyrus – Noah Cyrus

We can’t deny the fact that Miley Cyrus has had a spectacular career since the days of Hannah Montana to an enviable music career. She has sparked some controversies over the years, keeping her in the public eye. Despite all the unstable relationships in her life, Miley has a sister who has stood by all through. 

Image Courtesy of Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Miley’s sister, Noah Cyrus, is also a talented musician who released her debut single in 2016. Noah Cyrus is only 20 years old and it seems like she has her foot in the right path.

Alexander and Bill Skarsgard – Gustaf Skarsgard

The Skarsgard family makes us wonder if acting is an inheritable trait. Stellan Skarsgard has had an enduring career and his two sons, Alexander and Bill had seemingly inherited his acting genes.

Image Courtesy of foxnews

Bill Skarsgard is the scary Pennywise in the horror drama “IT” while Alexander is the legendary Tarzan in the hit movie “Legend of Tarzan”. 

Recently, a third Skarsgard has stepped into the picture. If you are a fan of the medieval show “Vikings”, you would instantly identify Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki from the show. 

Adam Levine – Michael Levine

Adam Levine has been the typical Hollywood Pop-rock star for a long time until recently. He is the frontman of the famous band “Maroon 5”. As an Adam Levine fan, you have to know that he has a wife and a cute baby girl but you might be missing out on the fact that he has a younger brother. 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Adam’s brother, Michael Levine, is as good looking as his brother but we don’t know much about his singing voice. Michael is gay and Adam is protective of his brother. 

Chris & Liam Hemsworth – Luke Hemsworth

Thor has a brother, and this time, it’s not Loki. Chris and Liam Hemsworth are popular for their iconic roles and striking looks. However, the duo has a third brother who has got a dose of the Hemsworth’s charm but isn’t as popular.

Image Courtesy of eonline

Luke Hemsworth is Chris’ and Liam’s older brother who is also an actor. He is based in Australia, away from Hollywood’s prying eyes which explain his anonymity compared to his brothers. Luke plays the character Ashley Stubbs in the series “Westworld”. 

Tom Cruise – Lee Ann, Cass & Marian

Tom Cruise is undeniably one of Hollywood’s biggest actors with both critical and financial success. There are a lot of things fans know about this actor, including his Scientologist beliefs. What we may not know is that he grew up amid three sisters. 

Image Courtesy of bodyheightweigh

Growing up, Tom was especially close to his sisters and they can still be seen together at events. One of his ex-girlfriends reports that Tom claims his sisters taught him how to kiss.

Kelly and Jack Osbourne – Aimee Osbourne

The Osbournes became popular after appearing in their reality TV show of the same name. While we got to know about the lives of Sharon, Ozzy and their kids, Kelly and Jack, their third child, Aimee, refused to appear on the show. 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

At that time, Aimee was an aspiring musician and she believed that coming into the show could affect her music career. To this day, Aimee hasn’t been able to garner the fame that her family has and she revealed that she rarely speaks to her siblings.

Tom Hiddleston – Emma Hiddleston 

We hate to love him and there’s not much we can do about that. Tom Hiddleston has captured our hearts with his portrayal of Loki in the Marvel franchise.

Image Courtesy of Last FM

The beloved actor has two sisters – Sarah and Emma Hiddleston. 

While Sarah is a journalist in India, Emma has decided to delve into acting. Emma has played roles in lesser-known TV series and was the voice of Priscilla in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt- a video game that has now been made into a successful Netflix series.

Cameron Diaz – Chimene Diaz

A lot of Cameron Diaz’s fans still nurture the hope that she would change her decision to stop acting after her announcement in 2017. While we keep hoping, let’s take a look at her less famous elder sister who would easily pass for her twin. 

Image Courtesy of answersafrica

Chimene’s professional career is not exactly clear but we could gather from her husband’s Facebook page that she works as his manager and booking agent. Chimene and Cameron often spend time with each other, enjoying their family time. 

Emma Watson – Alex Watson

Emma Watson came into our lives as the beloved Hermione and we have not gotten enough of her ever since. Emma is arguably on the list of the most famous Hollywood actresses and we are so proud of her. 

Image Courtesy of WizardlyWatson/Instagram

One of the less known facts about the actress is that she has a younger brother who models. Alex Watson is a model for Burberry campaigns and doesn’t waste a chance to take a picture with his gorgeous sister.

Pamela Eve Rose and Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe sits coolly by the runway, eyeing fashionable clothing as they come out of the design room. You’d think that with her nasal voice and her dominating presence, she’s an only child, but she regularly communicates with her sister, Pamela Rose.

Image Courtesy of Pamelaeverose / Instagram

When Pamela was diagnosed with breast cancer, Rachel Zoe did not hesitate to stay by her bedside and cheer her on throughout radiation therapy. This wasn’t a first for the family. Their mother and grandmother have survived the disease.

 Maggie and Jake  Gyllenhaal

Some siblings choose different industries because they want to pioneer where the other hasn’t. Forge a name of their own, that kind of thing. But the Gyllenhaals were blessed with acting skills. They didn’t have to shy away from the intrusion of the other’s fame.

Image Courtesy of ABC News

The two are not only Hollywood royalty but are considered Swedish nobility. Look their names up in the Swedish almanac of nobility. That’s well-documented proof!

Rooney and Kate Mara

Both have such a stare that you’d think they could summon a devil from the pits. Just haunting, brown pools covered by thick lashes. And that pretty much sums up the characters they’ve played as well.

Image Courtesy of Irish America

Despite having a large family, both keep to themselves and are protective of their friends. They would bond over casting auditions and other mess-ups during filming. Out of generosity, the sisters would donate to different foundations for the benefit of animals and humans in third-world countries.

Luke and Owen Wilson – Andrew Wilson

The Wilson brothers, Luke and Owen, are well known for their humour. We’ve seen them star in movies like My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Zoolander but what we miss is that they have an older brother, Andrew Wilson.  

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Surprisingly, Andrew Wilson has featured in movies like Zoolander and Hall Pass alongside his brothers. He is also a film director and acts in the same laid back fashion as his brothers. Andrew once survived a shark attack and speaks of it as if speaking about a brawl with his dog. 

Sylvester Stallone – Frank Stallone

“Rocky”, “Rambo”, and “Stallone” – these names bring the picture of one man to mind and that is Sylvester Stallone.

Image Courtesy of philymag.com

Sylvester Stallone’s story is an inspiring success story and fans worldwide love him for his die-hard nature. What fans may not know is that Sylvester Stallone has a younger brother called Frank and the two have a few things in common. 

Frank is an actor but has not been able to achieve the feats of his brother. He is also a hair-dresser, singer-songwriter, and guitarist and wrote the music in Sylvester’s movies. He played a minor role in the Rocky franchise and appeared in a couple of other movies. 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Elizabeth Olsen

The Olsen twins bring the 90s sitcom “Full House” to memory. This duo was a huge teen sensation back in the day and their teen based audience never seemed to get enough of them.

Image Courtesy of abcnews

Even though they have taken a step back from an active acting career, they still manage to pull a dedicated fan base. 

No one knew about the twin’s sister, Elizabeth Olsen, until 2011 where she played a role in the critically acclaimed movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene”. More recently, you can recognize her as the Red Witch from the Avengers franchise. Elizabeth is one of the few exceptions of people who have been able to match their siblings’ fame. 

Colin Firth – Jonathan Firth

Colin Firth could play the role of a president, CIA spy, the king of England and no one would doubt the character for a second.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

He is a critical actor with full mastery of his art. It would be interesting to discover that Colin Firth has a brother, Jonathan Firth, who is just as talented as himself.

Jonathan is an experienced British actor with some notable awards to his name including a best supporting actor award at the Oscars. 

Michael B. Jordan – Jamila Jordan

Michael B. Jordan became a recognizable face after Black Panther and has continued bringing his charm to subsequent projects. Although Black Panther made it look like the actor was new to the big screen, he is no newcomer in the game. He has been acting for some 20 years before the release of Black Panther. 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

He also has a sister named Jamila who is a producer. Some of her works include Drop the Mic, Glam Masters, and Ink Master. Michael adores his sister and says she makes him love working with women.

Sofia and Nicole Richie

It’s hard to live in the shadow of an elder sister, especially when it’s The Simple Life star, Nicole Richie. It’s easy, one could even say typical, for Sofia to date a relatively-famous man who is 15 years her senior. Ever heard of Scott Disick? That alone would catch headlines.

Image Courtesy of Sofiarichie / Instagram

This has caused a rife between the two sisters. Nicole is especially worried that her sister has gotten too emotionally invested. Sofia ought to listen to her sister more. We mean, she did sport pink jogging pants, which was a mistake, when she was around Sofia’s age.

Jennifer Lawrence – Blaine and Ben Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence became popular after playing Katniss Everdeen in the successful Hunger Games franchise. Asides being a successful actress starring in several major films, she also has a great sense of humour which makes her more likeable. 

Image Courtesy of star changes

Although you may know that she was the highest-paid actress in the world between 2015 and 2016, you might not know that she has two brothers – an older brother (Ben Lawrence) and a younger brother (Blaine Lawrence). We love to think that her brothers were her earliest audience while she was jokingly mimicking people when growing up.

Eminem – Nathan Mathers

Eminem is no doubt one of the greatest rappers of all time and fans across the world all have reasons to like him.

The rapper’s brilliant use of vocabulary and remarkable life story are among the top things we readily know about him.

Image Courtesy drivepedia

However, you most likely don’t know that Eminem has a half brother, Nathan Mathers, whom he shares his mother with.

Nathan, also known as Nate Kane, is also a rap artist, producer, actor, and personal trainer. Nathan is married and has a son and daughter. He actively supports his half brother in his music career and can be seen in some of his music videos.