Coincidences That Wouldn’t Happen in a Million Years But Did

Karma Knows Best

Everyone knows Karma never forgets and no one want’s to mess with Karma. No matter how long it takes, Karma will always pay you back in the same coin or more. Sometimes, when you try to prank someone, it might backfire in the least expected way.
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Trust karma to serve the dish cold and this time, there was pictorial evidence. This lady believed it would be funny to give her friends bunny ears by making a two-finger sign behind her head. Unfortunately, her prank backfired as her bunny sign formed a shadow right on her own head. Who’s laughing now?

Mountain or Stomach?

All this man wanted to do was have a nice time in the sun on the beach. He chose his favourite spot, at the South China Sea and was about to start his tan when he noticed something funny. Although he’s been planning to hit the gym since eternity, he was given a good reminder on how his stomach looks.

Image Courtesy of mytawau/Facebook

This reminder came from the least likely source – the mountains surrounding the beach. Not only did everyone around have a good laugh, he renewed his motivation to start working out – but this would be after he devours his burger he brought along to the beach.

Life Imitating Art

Art appeals to everyone on
different levels and this picture was sure to catch the attention of this man.
No one could have guessed this two colour painting in the Art Institute of
Chicago would attract the attention it did – but it set the internet on fire.
Image Courtesy of tilestwra

This man planned to enjoy everything the institute had to offer –little did he know he was going to be part of the attraction thanks to his jacket that perfectly matched the painting. He got more attention than he expected but on the flip side, not only did he make a drab painting interesting, he also became an internet sensation for a day.

Trendy Nerd

It’s hard to combine being blonde and being a nerd together but when done the right way, you’re sure to feel like a supermodel. From the smile on this man’s face, you can see he’s feeling like America’s next top model but we can’t blame him, can we? Who wouldn’t?
Image source: Pinterest

Due to his uncanny resemblance with the person on the poster, several people think he’s one of Hollywood’s top shot who’s trying to play it cool. Now, he wouldn’t have problems getting the hot girls anymore. He looks like a cuter and younger version of the model on the wall.


There’s a popular meme on the internet today where you’ll see two Spiderman’s pointing at each other, accusing the other of being a clone. Well, this reporter must’ve felt the same way on this day as he was reporting on late-night TV.
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Well, we hope he has a solid alibi or his mother has some explaining to do regarding his long lost twin who’s now a robber. When he resumed work on this fateful day, he had no idea he might be accusing himself of armed robbery. You can imagine how shocked he was when he saw the pencil sketch of the robber looking exactly like him. 

Perfect Surname

For most parents, their dream is for their kids to be famous actors, prestigious
doctors or lawyers. Unfortunately for little Matthew, his career was already planned
for him even before he was born.
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From the start, Matthew has been touted to be in the media so he did what his name said – he became a correspondent. In truth, this might be a typo from the news network but Matthew can be assured that his new surname “Correspondent” will open doors for him.

Chocolate Head

There’s nothing as tiring as being at a kid’s party. Not only will you have to be constantly on the lookout, but you also have to make sure they’re having fun. This is also the best chance to socialize with other parents while you get to see who your child is friends with.

Image Courtesy of Nouvelles-du-monde

As fun as this event can be, there are several other places you would prefer to be. Since you have no option, you have to make yourself happy and what’s the best way to do it – match a piece of chocolate with people’s head. Well, today is your lucky day as you’ve found the perfect match.

The Perfect Camouflage

Only pet owners can relate to this picture. Dogs are as friendly as can be while cats are their regular self – mean. They love you when they want and ignore you most times. In most cases, cats are not just the kings of stealth but are also very good at camouflage. Pet owners know the feeling when they can’t find their beloved pet.
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Cat owners can attest to the fact that their pets have several tricks up their sleeves. These cats nearly gave their owners a mini heart attack when they only saw a pair of eyes staring at them as the cat perfectly blended with the environment. Do you see one cat or more? This would make for a proper optical illusion book. An optical illusion book of cats now that’s a creative idea!


As a kid you must have believed that there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – don’t worry, we all fell for it too just like Santa. Thanks to science, we know better but that doesn’t stop the fascination with rainbows. This rainbow is almost picture-perfect!
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Well, there’s another theory about the origin of a rainbow. We have pictorial evidence that rainbows came from a strip mall and there’s more where it came from.  Maybe at the end of the rainbow we mean parking lot, there’s a pot of gold or perhaps a pot of golden Nikes?

Almighty Gandalf

Lord of the Rings faithful will always cherish a chance to meet their beloved wizard, Gandalf. Ironically, he was found on a city bus on his way to attend to some important business. Perhaps he was on the way to a ring convention or perhaps a barber?

Ironically, not everyone was star-struck as the man behind the powerful wizard is clearly enjoying his morning snooze. Funny enough, his arch-nemesis, Saruman is right behind him and we believe he’s up to no good. We only wish we were there for the iconic bus duel. One can dream, right?

Perfect Way to Blend In

In a game of hide and seek, what’s the best way to stay hidden – hide in plain sight. It’ll be hard to spot this man as he can pass for a huge traffic cone in this construction area. We’re sure he’s a fan of the popular TV series “Orange is the new black” and his favourite company and media player is VLC.
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However, he couldn’t pass up the chance of showing off his orange and white outfit with a perfectly blended environment so he had to take lots of pictures to share on Instagram. If it were night time, we probably would’ve thought that we were looking at a walking traffic cone. Honest mistake!

New Celebrity

Being famous in a small town is
not easy. There are times when all you want is to sit quietly at the bar while
you chug a beer. As you know, there’s little or no privacy for celebrities
everywhere they go and the local pub is no exception.
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This guy got a taste of celebrity life when he tried to have his me-time at the bar only for him to appear on TV. So much for going incognito. Could it be his long lost twin? The uncanny resemblance would have thrown us off guard. Imagine seeing your twin on TV! And finding out you have a twin in this world.

Monster and a Cookie

Sometimes, the unlikeliest duo makes the best couple. In reality, there’s no relationship between cookies and monsters, but when combined they can make a formidable team. This was the case at this pub when we came across two men who can stake a claim in WWE as the best tag team.
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Individually, there’s nothing unique about them but together they form the fearsome group called cookie monster. These two were arguing about their famous sports team at the bar when someone took a picture showing them the potential of what they could be. We hope they take it to the next level and give the cookie monster a try.

Double Vision

We’re very sure a drunk person
will have a hard time understanding this picture. These are the kind of
pictures that make drunks swear off alcohol. What’s more confusing than seeing
two of the same people doing the same thing at the same time on a subway train.
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The only saving grace are the twins on the left – thanks to the fact that they aren’t dressed alike you’ll know you’re sane. But the fact that each set of twins had the same facial expression is not helping matters either. They look almost identical. They probably even get their clothes at the same store!

Luigi’s Mansion and Mario’s

When the makers of Mario Bros – Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto – released the iconic game in 1983, they never expected it will blow up the way it did. The game was so successful that several restaurants were named after the game’s leading characters – the plumber brothers Mario and Luigi – sprawled up in almost every city worldwide.

Thanks to these restaurants, you can now enjoy freshly baked foods, burgers, kebabs and pizza while being surrounded by your favourite game characters. We advise you to be on the lookout though as they may be shells lurking in the corner to knock you out when you least expect.

Tourist’s Nightmare

Siofok is one of the popular vacation spots in Hungary. Known for its beautiful beaches, it’s one of the choice destinations for tourists in the country. Unfortunately, this vacation heaven can turn into a tourist hell when the weather decides to act out.
Image Courtesy of navbharattimes

After several weeks of heavy
rainfall, the streets of Siofok became flooded with the water rising a few feet

Well, not everyone was having a
torrid time as the model on this advertisement board can finally surf her way
to freedom. One tourist’s nightmare is another models heaven.

Perfectly Named

There are a few things humankind agree on and one of those things is our collective hate for roaches – especially flying roaches.We’re sure you can relate to the fact that at one time or the other, a roach has invaded your personal space acting as it belonged there. Worse still, they have the guts to multiply at will if you don’t eliminate them.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

In a situation where you come
across a roach, instinctively we reach for the nearest weapon in sight.
Thankfully, it was none other than “The Smashing Book”. We’ll be leaving this
book in plain view as a warning to other roaches.

Nailed It

We all express anxiety in different ways. Some people have strange habits they engage in when they’re lost in thought especially during a boring bus ride or a ride on the subway. From the look of things, the woman on the right must have had a rough day at work.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

A thousand thoughts were running through her mind at the same time which made her resort to her old habit – nail-biting. Unfortunately, we have bad news for her. Karen beside her is trying to tell her in not too subtle ways about the dangers of nail-biting which could be fatal.

Listen Up

It’s not easy being the guy with vanity license plates. Luckily for him, he is smart enough to know that everyone loves dogs which are the only thing saving him from ridicule right now. The cute and adorable pup has a party trick that wows everyone – he can raise one ear while smiling sheepishly.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

We all can’t wait to see this adorable dog in action. Thanks to his dog, we’ll casually ignore the fact that he’s a ‘vanity license plate guy’. At least the license plate stays true to its name. Just imagine how the cars behind this one would wonder if this dog wasn’t in the back seat. “1earup? Is that some strange username from someone on Left for Dead?”

The Moon on a Crane

Mankind is about to take space travel or study to another level. After Neil Armstrong did the unthinkable in 1969, we haven’t been able to repeat the feat except for unmanned spacecrafts. Well, if man can’t go to the moon, the moon will come to man – even though it’s on a crane.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Now we can move the moon wherever we want. Thanks to this, we can now save NASA millions of dollars on those expensive rocket launches. Is there room for one more? We’d like a seat too, please. And can we say how beautiful that backdrop is? We’re in awe of the pink cascading mountains!

Jack Nicholson

The name Jack Nicholson does not need introduction in Hollywood as he’s one of the most accomplished actors in the industry. He has multiple Oscar awards to his name as he’s starred in movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and The Shining.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

We have some news that may come
as a huge shock – Jack made a surprise appearance in the historical period
musical, Les Miserables.

Even though it was a brief appearance, he sure made the most of it by
appearing in the Jack Nicholson way – he appeared as Stanley Kubrick even on
the movie’s billboard.

Life of A Street Sign

Everyone knows life on the streets is very hard. Street signs are not exempted too as they go through a lot during their lifecycle. They have to do their duty day and night, come rain come shine. Street signs are powerful as they embody the name of their street.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Just like humans, these signs also get tired, need a break or sometimes have to attend to other things. On the other hand, some signs simply live up to their name just like this Fell street sign that has just about given up. Maybe this sign was intentional? Either way, that was a pretty smart move and we’re living for it.

The Time Traveller

After more than a decade of playing top-flight football, Mesut Ozil can look back to say his football career is a huge success. What most people don’t know is that there’s more to the German’s success than meets the eye. We’re sure you know the brand Ferrari (Ozil probably has one in his garage) – the founder and Ozil share a lot of similarities.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

One can even say they’re the same person living in different eras. We won’t be surprised if some conspiracy theorists would come out to tell us the Arsenal playmaker was made in a Ferrari factory. These pictures always make us wonder if somewhere in the world we have a doppelganger lurking around.

The Perfect Camouflage

When next you’re going shoe shopping, make sure you look closely or you’ll miss this next to invisible flip flops. The flip flops design blends perfectly with the shelf that you’ll think it’s an empty space save for the visible price tag.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This is a shoe store game most people are probably not aware of. They hide some of their best offers using natural camouflage so only observant customers can find them. At less than $2, we’re not sure if this is a massive discount or the shoes are just cheap either way, we’re sure most people will miss it.

Out For Blood

There’s nothing as scary as having a vampire on the loose. The only problem is that this vampire is not restricted to the shadows but can comfortably walk in the day. This vampire could not wait to find his next victim so he went where he could get his fix of blood.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

His next port of call was the Australian Red Cross where he went to raid the blood bank. It won’t be hard for the authorities to spot him thanks to his customized ‘Vampyr’ plates. In his true nature, he may be found at the bar drinking a bloody Mary.

In Order of Priority

Life must have been a little difficult for some people at the start of the century. Thankfully, several rules have been relaxed and laws are no longer as rigid as they used to be. From the look of things, even babies are now fighting for equal rights as adults.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

We believe they were able to demand that the drinking age be lowered for them. Grocery stores had to come on board when they discovered they had no option because babies’ need more than baby food. They also need a bottle of Heineken and now they have to plan their stores accordingly.

Brainy Birdy

Although bird watching is not as popular anymore, apparently, this man still loves it. Armed with a book that talks about several birds in detail, he didn’t have to wait for long before one approached him. The birds seem to understand he’s interested in them so they allowed him to have a closer look.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Now he can compare what he sees in the book with what he’s seeing in real life. He doesn’t need a pair of binoculars anymore as he’s attracting the birds like Disney princess, Snow White. On another note, the bird must’ve been attracted to the other birds in the book thinking it was a mate.

Ominous Warning

When you reach important milestones in your life, the best way to mark it is to collect personal items or memorabilia to commemorate the day. For several people, their wedding day is the most important day of their life. For years, they’ve been looking forward to this day and nothing would ruin it.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This newlywed can’t wait to start their life together and to remember the day, they picked up a copy of the day’s newspaper. Unfortunately, the headline seemed more or less like an ominous warning but they took it all in good faith. Maybe next time, they’ll be on the lookout for papers with better headlines.

Nature Look

Thanks to this lady, we have a
new haircut and it is called the “palm tree.” You can find this hairdo in cold
cities and it was inspired by the structure of a palm tree. We understand the
role palm trees play in places as it brings a wave of tropical excitement and
the feeling of warmth.

Image Courtesy of nouvelles-du-monde

Another advantage of this famed
hairstyle is that it can double as a wonderful houseplant. You can bet the lady
brings the sunny Florida vide wherever she goes. The best part about the hairstyle
is that you will always be in sync with nature.