Couple Pranks That Were Fun Yet Tactful

Relationships are beautiful, but they’re also complicated. When you first fall in love with someone, you go through the sweet and affectionate stage, usually called the “puppy dog phase,” but after a few months, it becomes more serious. In the beginning, everything is perfect and sugar-coated, and you see the relationship through rose-colored glasses. Your partner seems like a complete angel, and you love them until death do you part. These couples, on the other hand, have been together for a while and feel comfortable enough to play pranks on each other. From putting pieces of toast in the shower to swapping their faces on greeting cards, they’ve done it all. Playing pranks is equal to showcasing their love and fun side, and these couples really outdid themselves.

Eye See You

Playing with googly eyes as a kid was one of the best things ever. You could put the eyes on anything, and it would instantly come alive. This wife decided to put googly eyes on all the items in their fridge, and they all look like they have their own unique characters.

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She even scribbled on a few take out boxes to give each of them a different facial expression. The one at the bottom also has a tiny tongue peeking out. This prank was a cute one, and her husband probably had a good laugh!


These loaves of bread are real and not just play toys. A man’s pregnant wife asked him to make sure the bathroom was toasty enough for her. So he decided to stack on the toast in a fun attempt to make her laugh.

image courtesy of u/tnethacker/reddit

She loved the joke and felt that it was a light-hearted one. Kudos to her husband for having a good sense of humor. The toasts look burnt to a crisp. Hopefully, they put the toast outside for the birds to enjoy once they were done laughing.

Benjamin Button?

This dad decided to face swap his wife’s face, his as well as his children. The result is this uniquely weird-looking family where the son looks like Benjamin Button. The baby’s face on the dad looks hilarious, but some might think this is kinda creepy; we know that we do.

image courtesy of Imgur

Face swapping is a great way to see how you or your partner would look like if you switched faces. It’s a great piece of technology and is a fun activity to try out at least once to see the amusing results. Nice one, dad!

Here’s Brucey!

For some reason, this picture reminds us of The Shining, where Jack tries to break through one of the hotel’s doors. Except, this version is less creepy, and Bruce Willis doesn’t look haunted. This wife decided to prank her husband by attaching a picture of Bruce Willis to the aircon’s filter.

image courtesy of u/leftnotracks – reddit

He was shocked by this image of Bruce, but his wife laughed it off and had a fun time. At least she didn’t put any fake bugs or insects in the air filter! This was a cool idea, and it looks like he’s emerging from a tunnel. It’s a pretty appropriate image for an aircon filter!


When mom said she wants the sandwiches cut in half, this isn’t what she meant! Dad had some fun with the knife and cut out his own shapes. They look like two completely different puzzle pieces or maybe even a face!

image courtesy of u/leftnotracks – reddit

This creative idea was pretty smart, and these sandwiches seem like fun for the kids to eat. Packing PB&J lunches for the kids would be a treat for them if they went to school and brought this out. Now, if only dad can cut the vegetables into funky shapes too…

Breath of Fresh Air

Air fresheners are great to cover up unwanted smells in the home, and they also add a sense of calmness to the house. The atmosphere becomes lighter, and the room can sometimes smell of flowers. This dad decided to transform the air freshener into a lizard!

image courtesy of u/tnethacker/reddit

This cool looking guy not only spits out scents of lavender and tea tree oil, but it also spits out fire while everyone’s asleep. He gets tired of blowing out smells that at night he unleashes his true self but not around the kids.

In the Name of Kashyyyk

Chewbacca is one of the most loved characters in the hit movie franchise Star Wars. This furry guy from Kashyyyk is one of Han Solo’s trusted buddies, and the sounds he makes are truly memorable. His iconic roar is his, and no one else can genuinely roar like Chewbacca.

mage courtesy of u/leftnotracks

This husband decided to turn Chewbacca’s roar into a contest, which isn’t easy to do at all. The vibrations he makes are specific and animal-like in sound. The challenge was for contestants to call his wife’s phone, and the reward offered was $100; it was money well-spent. It must have made her very confused and maybe a bit annoyed, but hopefully, they laughed it off after.

Mug Joke

This clever prank was done by a husband who decided to gift his wife a little something special for Christmas. It was one of the most creative design packages we’ve seen, and the handle does indeed look like a ring inside the black box.

image courtesy of u/surfkaboom – reddit

This unique idea wasn’t received well, and his wife had really wanted a piece of jewelry for Christmas. Maybe he should’ve saved this idea for April Fool’s instead because her reaction wasn’t a good one. Pranking is an art form, but timing is critical.

Spick and Span

When this man’s wife asked him to do the dishes, he had something else in mind. For this prank, he printed out a picture of a clean sink and placed it over the dirty basin. Cool idea, huh? At first glance, we thought it was clean!

image courtesy of u/leftnotracks

The husband must be an expert in Photoshop because he captured the edges spot on. If only he printed it to fit the exact size of the sink, then that would’ve been perfect. This prank certainly is one of our top five for this list.

Designer Bag

This wife asked her husband for a designer bag, specifically a Coach. She could’ve asked for Louis Vuitton or Commes Des Garcon, and maybe he wouldn’t have been able to pull off the joke. But after she mentioned the Coach bag, he had a brilliant idea.

image courtesy o /u/tnethacker/reddit

Instead of rushing to the store and paying for an overpriced Coach bag, he decided to custom make a tote bag just for her! The tote bag has a coach printed on it and a black strap – it’s perfect for an everyday bag. She got a good laugh out of it, and so did her son.

Just a Bite

When this woman’s husband asked for a bite of her ice cream, she handed it over to him, thinking he would only take one small bite. Unfortunately, he bit off more than he can chew. He also bit the other end of the ice cream, who does that?

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He made this move to prank his wife and as a way of getting even with her for always eating all of his fries, and she was displeased. The ice cream was melting down from underneath, and it could’ve even caused a mess on their rug!

Lumpy Pancake

What do you think this is? We thought it was a freshly baked chicken ready to be stuffed. But it’s actually supposed to be a heart-shaped pancake and a sweet treat to impress the missus. When this man’s wife asked for a heart-shaped breakfast, he tried his best.

mage courtesy of funny/reddit

This attempt was a cute one, and he meant well because he wanted to give his wife a great pancake. Unfortunately, he fell short, and she ended up eating this. It’s a sweet prank that had good intentions, and we applaud him for his efforts.

Sorry Jeanna

Jesse, a famous Youtuber who does a lot of pranks with his partner, decided to attempt the ultimate joke. Some people can be very protective of their hair, and Jeanna was one of those people who flipped out when she thought her partner cut her hair.

image courtesy of jesse/youtube

Her reaction was initially total shock and anger, and she almost looked like she was about to burst into tears. But, Jesse later revealed that it was a hair extension that looked similar to her hair. Afterward, they made up, and she forgave him, till next time anyways.

Very Punny

Ties can help amp up the look of a man’s outfit and make him look smart. They’re needed for meetings and formal events or even if you’re going on a date to a fancy restaurant. This man asked his wife for a “plain tie,” and she came up with this.

image courtesy of imgur

The planes look great, and the pattern looks on point. It just wasn’t the image that he was trying to portray. He had a good laugh, though, and appreciated his wife’s efforts. Plus, he got to keep a great-looking tie that he can wear to parties!

Just Got Inked

This girl’s partner was asleep when she realized it would be a great idea to play a prank on him. While he was sleeping, she placed a butterfly on the back of his neck. Luckily, it was only temporary! The buzz of an actual needle on a tattoo tool would’ve woken him up for sure

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The spot is okay, but it’s a tad crooked, like a butterfly that’s taking a rest. Her boyfriend found it hilarious and is glad that it wasn’t real! He walked around the whole day with it in the office until someone finally pointed it out.

What’s That Smell?

This guy’s girlfriend just released a smell in their living room. But it just wasn’t any kind of smell, it was a fart. He doesn’t usually hear her fart and so he decided to congratulate her for her achievement. How embarrassing but cute.

image courtesy o /u/tnethacker/reddit

At least now, she feels comfortable enough around him to be herself entirely. We think that if you love someone very much, you shouldn’t be afraid to reveal your true self. And she did an excellent job of not hiding who she is at all.

Lazer Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal can be quite costly, but in the long run, you get a high return in your investment. This woman wanted to get a laser hair removal package for Christmas, but her partner ended up giving her this instead.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

While this is a cute idea, it will do nothing to remove the hair from her body! Oh, silly husband. He wanted to play a prank on his wife, and she laughed it off, but we can’t help thinking she still really wants to get hair removal. It doesn’t come cheap, so we hope that this joke was a prelude to the actual process.

Where’s My Reflection?

Installing a mirror can be tricky, you’ll have to measure out the height and make sure you can see your self in it. The problem with this wife’s husband is that when she asked him to install the mirror, he attached it too high without measuring first.

image courtesy of u/leftnotracks – reddit

The only thing she was able to see truly is the top of her forehead. This wasn’t the sight she was aiming for at all. At least she can see if her hair is in place, but that’s about it. The prank backfired since he’ll have to re-hang the mirror. Guess he overlooked that!


“Smile for the camera, honey..” Oh wait, she’s in labor. This couple wanted to capture the beautiful moment when their child was born. She wanted to have a photo of this momentous event in their lives. However, this is the opposite of what she meant.

image courtesy of gilsolano12 – reddit

His wife is clearly about to give birth, and this man flashes the biggest smile that he possibly can. While we applaud his positivity towards the situation, we don’t think his wife feels the same. Hopefully, they were able to take a decent picture with the newborn after!

Doc Appointment

This couple went to the doctor’s for a routine check-up, and it was the wife’s turn. As she stepped on the scale, she noticed that she was much heavier than she usually is. Why was that the case? Because her husband was putting his foot on the scale each time she stepped on.

image courtesy of r/funny -reddit

This is a funny prank, and it’s nice to see how this husband and wife have remained jokesters throughout their marriage. It’s good to be serious sometimes, but other times, it’s nice to have a good laugh. We wish them many long years of happiness and pranks!

Mom’s Cravings

Hormonal cravings are real, and they can spring about at any time. Women and their hormones tend to spike when they’re pregnant, and this can cause various and sometimes intense cravings. Some women crave salty foods, and others crave only sweets.

image courtesy of r/funny -reddit

Just like this mom to be. She wanted some Fudge Rounds and asked her husband to get her some from the store. To her disappointment, he finished everything on the way home and only left the box for her with a devious message written inside. It looks like he owes her two boxes next time!

Heavy Weight

The right pillow is so important when you need a good night’s rest. To sleep well, sometimes you need the proper mattress for your back too. When this woman asked her husband for a pillow, she didn’t expect to be receiving this.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

This massive pillow not only fits her head but her whole body too! It looks incredibly comfortable, but it also isn’t what she asked for. Not only will she have a full night’s rest, hidden from the rest of the family, but she’ll also be the next modern-day Sleeping Beauty.

Pasta Coming Right Up

This wife only wanted to have a delicious meal courtesy of her husband. But instead of eating Aglio olio, she got raw pasta left on the stove. This is clearly a joke, but his wife wasn’t fully amused, especially when she came home from work starving and expecting dinner.

image courtesy of wendyrollins – twitter

This husband’s bright idea was a funny one, and he even sent her a pic to show her the pasta was indeed on the stove. At least he made an effort to put the pasta on the stove; he just forgot the main component: boiling water and a pot first!


When this man’s wife asked for french toast, she wanted the whole shebang: the maple syrup, the toasty bread- the entire works. The problem is, she didn’t specify what kind of french toast she wanted. So her partner came up with this.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

She got her french toasts, in the end, served to her piping fresh. But it wasn’t french toasts per se; they were tiny pieces of french toast cereal from a box. He should’ve topped it with some berries and maple syrup, at the very least! Those two small pieces won’t curb anyone’s appetite.

Stack it Up

Toilet paper. The primordial object in every bathroom that everyone absolutely needs. When this wife asked her husband to stack the toilet paper in the bathroom, he didn’t only stack it, but he also turned it into a sort of game: toilet paper Jenga.

image courtesy of r/funny -reddit

The rules of the game are: you have to remove one roll of toilet paper at a time. And two, the toilet paper tower can’t topple over or else you lose the game. A tip would be to get from the second layer from the top and work your way towards the bottom.

I Left My Shoes

When this woman told her partner that she left her shoes at his flat, he quickly snapped a picture and sent it to her. This was a cute idea, and he even has the same shoe size as her. How strange! At least the couple both learned something new that day.

image courtesy of r/funny -reddit

This prank was a blessing in disguise because now they can try on each other’s shoes without feeling guilty about using them. Maybe one day she can trade her flats for some sneakers and vice versa. A couple that shares shoes together stays together.

There’s a Mess on the Floor

When this mom asked her husband to clean the mess on the floor, she meant that he needed to clean up the pee. Instead, he placed a P on the floor and decided to clean it up shortly after. While we admire his prank, we would be a tad upset.

image courtesy of imgur

After snapping this picture, the husband did clean the pee on the floor (the actual pee) and this P, just like a loving husband. His wife and children got a few good laughs out of his joke, and it was an adorable attempt at a prank.

Pose For Me

This guy’s girlfriend asked him to snap a pic of him and his friend while they were out having a boys-night. His sneaky prank was that he dressed up in women’s clothing with his best friend and struck a pose for the camera.

image courtesy of 1enloc/reddit

These wacky guys decided to strike a pose while they were having their bonding time. They even color-coordinated because white goes with anything. Their attention to detail is spot on, and the girlfriend sure caught the giggles after.

Woody’s Watching

This husband decided to hide a little surprise in the bathroom to make his wife’s shower more upbeat and fun. He hid “peeping tom” Woody behind her shampoo and conditioner bottles, waiting for the moment when she would notice him.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

He’s hidden in a secret spot, and only when she uses the conditioner will she able to fully see him. He mentioned on Reddit how it’s been day 2, and his wife still hasn’t noticed Woody’s presence. We’d love to know how the story ends here. Does she see him? Do their eyes meet? We’ll never truly know.

Throw it Away!

This couple had a bunch of cardboard boxes lying at home, probably from their last big appliance shopping trip. The wife asked her husband to throw away the cardboard because it was causing clutter, but he had something else in mind.

image courtesy of gilsolano12 – reddit

Is that an X Wing we see from Star Wars? It looks like a great prototype, and this guy seems to be a big fan. His girlfriend, on the other hand, wasn’t pleased with his work. She just wanted to throw the cardboard pieces out. Hopefully, he was able to keep it and at least paint it!

The Mummy Gift

Do not be fooled, underneath the layers of masking tape is a beautiful box that contains a necklace. This man wanted to give his wife something special for Christmas. But he didn’t want it to be an easy access kind of gift; he wanted it to be unique.

image courtesy of gilsolano12 – reddit

Instead of presenting a gift with beautiful packaging and a neat little bow, he thought it would be fun to make his girl work for it. In order to get to the present, she has to tear through layers of tape, uncovering the hidden surprise.

Is this Gray Enough?

This couple wanted to give their house a new makeover using a new color palette. In addition to her husband getting paint palettes and Pantone color sets, she also wanted him to get a copy of “50 Shades of Grey” a book by E. L. James.

image courtesy of 1enloc/reddit

To her surprise, he literally brought home 50 shades of gray but in another form. He was pretty witty for making this move, and it was a funny one for sure. Now they have 50 shades of gray to choose from for their new wall.

Fart Toucher

This wife wanted to leave her husband a little present, but first off, the first surprise was in his shoe. Who leaves notes for their partners nowadays? It’s a dying act of love, and we wish couples did it more. This sweet gesture is more than a prank; it’s also a blast into love gestures from the past.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

This guy was relieved to see a note in his shoe but quickly retreated when he found out it wasn’t a love letter. He ran to the bedroom and saw that a stink trail had been left for him on his wife’s pillow. So much for acts of love!

Twilight Zone

When this guy walked through his house, he thought he’d entered the Twilight Zone. This alternate universe had objects that were all turned upside down. Judging by his facial expressions, this prank was a huge success. Meaning, his wife got a good laugh and got back at him successfully for a past prank he pulled on her.

image courtesy of 1enloc/reddit

The wife really outdid herself – she even turned all the pictures upside down, and all the tables and chairs. Wowza! She must have spent hours flipping everything upside down. What a smart move on her part for pulling off such a creative prank.

8 Bit Necklace

When this wife asked her husband for a diamond necklace, she meant a literal diamond pendant attached to a gold chain. This is what he decided on, which just goes to show that men and women have very different brains indeed.

image courtesy of r/funny -reddit

He thought it would be cool to gift her with a Minecraft necklace that’s called a diamond. If she were a gamer, she’s embracing this little gift. If she isn’t a gamer, then we don’t think this would be the best prank to be pulling on her. The necklace looks cool and unique, though!

Creepy Crawly

This wife thought it would be a good idea to prank her husband by scaring him with this insect. She put a lot of effort into it. First, she cut out a bug shape and then placed it inside the lamp, so it creates the illusion of a huge bug having got trapped in there.

image courtesy of BlueEyedShorty0 – reddit

Imagine how scared he was when he looked up! This is a pretty creepy sight for sure. The man was both shocked but at the same time, relieved when his wife told him it wasn’t real. Good on her for this, pulling this crafty prank!

Scratch On Scratch Off

We’ve all had those moments where we read the bottles of shampoo and conditioners in our bathroom. We’d study the ingredients and even smell the sweet fragrances while we lather the floral smelling shampoo on our hair. This husband decided to play around with his wife’s shampoo.

image courtesy of gilsolano12 – reddit

He thought it would be a cool idea to scratch off the labels of the Neutrogena bottle, only leaving the “poo” in almost every sentence. It seems like hubby has a juvenile sense of humor and only wanted to brighten his wife’s day.

Best Parts are Gone

The best part of the muffin is when you have the top layer and it’s still moist from being baked. The top part has chocolate chips and blueberry chunks all collected at the top. This furious wife was upset when her husband ate of f all of the tops!

image courtesy of funny/reddit

How dare he eat the best part of the cupcake? He should’ve saved a bite or two for his wife. This hungry husband couldn’t control his appetite and decided to go full throttle with the cupcakes. The bottom part lacks fillings and isn’t as tasty as the tops.

Fish for Dinner

Dinner’s served! Only it’s not what you thought it was. This woman’s husband pranked her by serving a Swedish Fish candy instead of an actual fish meal. She was craving baked fish but her husband thought that pranking her would be a better idea.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

This funny idea was the husband’s doing, and at first glance, the red fish looks like a red pill. But when you look closer, it’s a piece of candy. We sure hope he had an actual backup dinner waiting in the oven! This was so not cool, but it was pretty funny!

Free Pedicure

This man threw a little dare at his wife. He dared her to shave his legs while he was asleep, and she took him up on the challenge. She was so excited that she didn’t only shave his feet, but she also added a pop of color to his toes.

image courtesy of gilsolano12 – reddit

The color she used really accentuates his feet and she even added some decorative sparkling stripes. He has one of the most unique pedicure styles out there, and it really shows on his toes. Pink really is his color!

Jabba’s Waiting

This guy wanted to surprise his partner after a long day of work. She must have been exhausted from working a 9-hour shift and probably passed by a deli for a quick sandwich. The door creaks and she sees this sight on her couch.

image courtesy of gilsolano12 – reddit

She throws the sandwich up in the air from the shock while Jabba lounges on the couch. Judging by the Return of the Jedi poster above the couch, he’s a big fan of Star Wars. We hope she is too so that they could celebrate this hilarious moment together.

Cup of Tea

When this man’s wife asked for a cup of tea, she didn’t mean this! This is the complete opposite of what she wanted. This tea lacks sugar, milk, and its main component: actual tea! The husband thought it would be a cool idea to cut out the letter T as a joke.

image courtesy of u/leftnotracks – reddit

It makes for a good joke, but not when you’re super thirsty and need a drink. This was a crafty idea and a punny one at that! She should’ve asked for coffee instead, then his prank would’ve backfired!

Creepy Jar

Is this home a haunted house? Because seeing this in our fridge would 100% creep us out. This husband thought it would be a cool idea to print out a picture of his face and place it in a jar. The result is this freaky looking horror show.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

“Oh, I’ll just grab some milk.. wait … what?!” Was probably the wife’s expression. The picture fits so perfectly in the jar it looks like it was almost made for it. This was a pretty nifty idea and the husband is certainly a creative person!

Ninja Turtle

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are missing their fourth member, Da Vinci. Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo went out one night to save the city from utter destruction when one of their members went AWOL.

image courtesy of u/tnethacker/reddit

Da Vinci ended up on the floor of this woman’s home when she asked her husband for a guard dog to protect their house. He decided it would be a great idea to get a toy knife and strap it on the back of this turtle. Now, Da Vinci has found a full-time job protecting this family home.