Dads Who Didn’t Want Pets But Loved Soon Blossomed

There are some people out there who are cat people, and some are dog people, while others are both, and even others are neither. When getting a new pet in the household, it’s important to make sure everyone is pro-pets. Mom has to be into it; sister has to be in it, big bro, and even dad. Making sure mom and dad are good with the new pets is the most important thing, but what if dad is against it? It’ll take some convincing and giving him more TV time and control of the channels, but hey, it’ll be worth it! These cute dads didn’t want to have an animal at first, but eventually, they grew on them. After all, how can you resist their button nose, cute furry faces, and those irresistible sleeping positions?

Crookshanks The Cat

This husband wasn’t the cat-type at all, and his wife admitted that he had a huge dislike for them. But when he found Crookshanks in an abandoned area, he couldn’t say no to bringing her home. After all, he couldn’t leave her all by her lonesome without a proper home.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

He took her in, and ever since day one, the two have been inseparable! It’s also apparent how he’s a huge Harry Potter fan judging from the name he gave his cat: Crookshanks. This cat also shares a name with Hermione’s beloved feline friend.

Cozy Vibes

Doesn’t this photo make you want to curl up with a good book on your sofa? What better mood to be in than to spend an evening cuddled up with your cat! This man has the perfect home for raising his family and a cat.

image courtesy of grapefruitmaven/reddit

The wooden and stone interior makes you feel like you’re inside a cabin in the mountains. This dad initially didn’t want to have a cat when his kids brought one home, but now he can’t seem to read a book at night without his kitty now!

Rescued From the Shelter

Some people might argue that it’s much better to adopt a dog instead of buying one. Since there are tons of homeless dogs in the shelter, sometimes adopting is a wiser option. Also, you don’t have to shell out tons of money.

image courtesy of grapefruitmaven/reddit

This family decided that it was time to adopt a dog finally. At first, dad was ambivalent about bringing a new puppy into the home. But when he came across this baby black lab, his heart softened, and he just couldn’t say no.

Playing Dress Up

This picture is a testament to how dressing up dogs isn’t just a female activity. Dads love to dress up their pets too, and they enjoy doing it. This dog dad decided to use his future grand daughter’s clothes for his dog.

image courtesy of pleasecreatemyacc/reddit

While his daughter still hasn’t decided to have kids yet, he used some of her childhood dresses to dress up the new dog in the house. What a great way to make use of old clothes! Maybe next time, he can even pair the look with cute socks and shoes to match.

Paint Me Like One of Your French Dogs

Talent runs in this family, with the dad being wonderful at drawing sketches. He loved the family dog so much that he decided to draw him: because why not? After sketching a few clams and one starfish, he chose to paint his dog’s portrait.

image courtesy of princejoopie/reddit

Why? Because not only is the dog a photogenic ‘Lil pup, but he also wanted to see his reaction. “Is that me?” the dog’s look is enough to melt anyone’s socks off. He captured the eyes just about right, and the shadowing on his doggy ears is spot on.

Food’s Ready Lucas

At first, dad didn’t want a cat at all, so much so that his kids even mentioned it on Reddit. But later on, he grew to love the cat so much that he prepares his meal every day. Lucas always waits for mealtime, and dad is happy to serve.

image courtesy of roobeekeane/reddit

“Yum! Can’t wait for dinner.” Must be Lucas’ thought as he eyes the bag up and down. It looks like the gorgeous cat is well fed because his hair is looking healthy and lush. A healthy cat is a well-fed cat, and Lucas must get tons of munchies at home.

Linus The Squishy

Linus, the squishy, doesn’t look amused here because he isn’t. Dad didn’t want a cat at first, but that was when Linus needed love the most. Now the tables have turned, and Linus doesn’t need any affection – but dad is all for it.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

This tight embrace goes to show that the dad just needed time to get used to the cat. It can be challenging in the beginning when a family member doesn’t fully want to own a cat – but now this dad is all smiles with the latest family member.

Gang’s All Here

At first, this man’s wife decided that one cat would be a great addition to the family. But after a while, one cat multiplied into two and then four! After all, one can never have too many cats, right? This dad made sure to give love and attention to each one.

image courtesy ofOllyPolly/reddit

He even made sure that they all get along because things can get a bit catty when they’re not on good terms. Good thing all the cats seem to love each other and be okay in each other’s presence. Dad trained the cats well – good on him!

Retirement Gift

This happy family waited a long time to get a dog. The mom waited until retirement to get their own puppy, and the wait was worth it. It’s a huge responsibility to get a dog, and these parents wanted to wait until dad was ready to commit.

image courtesy of ikebrofloski/reddit

It’s best to get a dog only when you know you’re ready to have one. In the end, it’s much better to be well prepared rather than not prepared at all. This lovely couple was all smiles because they finally got a dog at the right time.

Luna Loves Videos

This hubby wasn’t initially sold on having a new pet at home. But shortly after they got one, he couldn’t bear to be parted from her at all. Now, Luna sits with him, and they watch videos together during his free time.

image courtesy of SmyleGuy/reddit

He even admits to putting up videos she likes, so she can enjoy them even more and stay with him longer. The two look engrossed in the videos, which makes this picture even cuter! Dad looks like he’s about to pass out any second, though. But the cat is going strong and really seems to be enjoying what she sees.

Getting the Mini Pool Ready

At first, dad didn’t want anything to do with the family dog. He didn’t have any patience to keep one, and he also didn’t have the time. But after a while, the furry guy grew on him, and he decided to treat him just like he was part of the family.

image courtesy of EricSaysHey/reddit

He drove to the mall to buy a mini pool to set up in the backyard. His kids must have been wondering if Christmas came early. But he shook his head and said no. “It’s for him,” as he pointed to the dog. It looks like dad will have to make another trip to get a pool for the kids.

Not so Grumpy Anymore

Grandpa used to get grumpy over the smallest things. He was really upset with his grandchildren when they arrived to surprise him with a cat. But ever since he got used to the idea, he can’t keep his hands away from him. This is the definition of true love for another species.

image courtesy of EricSaysHey/reddit

Sometimes during the day, he’ll carry him gently. Supporting his neck and tummy, he’ll lift him up to see the outside world. After all, this cat is family now and deserves to have the best seat in the house! Well done, pops.

Gaston the Grand

It’s funny how the tables have turned, or should we say the bed. Gaston’s dad built him a bed despite not wanting him in the house in the first place, but his wife insisted. Now, not only does he have his own bed, he has his name written above it, cementing his place as part of this clan.

image courtesy of ikebrofloski/reddit

He even has a nightlight and table for those sleepless nights. Instead of lying awake in the dark counting the cracks in the walls, he can now look at all the bugs and ants crawling around. Gaston is truly spoiled and well-loved by this family.

Love for Doc Brown

At first, dad would refer to the dog as “that brown dog.” Now he claimed the name of Doc Brown, and dad and Doc are inseparable. Unfortunately, they had to separate for 6 months when the kids moved out and had to bring the dog with them.

image courtesy of ikebrofloski/reddit

You’re witnessing the heartwarming moment of their reunion. This dad and doggo are so happy to see each other even if it’s just been a few months. Their love is incomparable, and his kids were delighted to see the two unite.

Cat Won Me Over

This dad’s cat has won his love over, and at first, he wasn’t having any of it. It usually takes time for animals to grow on people who have no interest in them. Luckily all this cat had to do was lie on top of him to gain his love.

image courtesy of lily_r_g/reddit

The little smirk on the cat’s face screams: “I won.” and now she’s claimed the right to sleep anywhere she wants in the home. Especially on dad’s legs! This kitty cat makes a great cuddling partner and reading buddy.

Fur Be Gone

This woman’s hubby said no to cats initially ’cause he didn’t want to have fur all over the house. So his brilliant wife got a hairless cat instead! This Sphynx cat is bonding with this man while he’s busy working away.

image courtesy of literallyironic11/reddit

Sphynx cats are usually very cold since they don’t have fur. The skin to skin contact feels great, which is probably why this man has her right under his shirt! The cat dozed off due to the warmth, and this man looks like he’s a few seconds away from dreamland too.

Morning Glory

This proud mom wanted the whole internet world to know her “anti -dog’s” husband sleeping set up. So she snapped a picture right before her husband woke up so he’d also see how funny they look! Is that dad’s hair, or is that a big fluff ball?

image courtesy of literallyironic11/reddit

It must be nice to wake up with a cuddle buddy every day, even when they’re sleeping in an uncomfortable position. This dog is chilling on the dad’s face, and at first, he didn’t even allow him on the bed. Now, the pup claimed full rights!

Trading Spaces

Dad’s seen here chilling on the floor while the cat took his place on the bed. Initially, dad was on the bed, but when the cat jumped up, it took its rightful spot. Since dad loves the cat so much, he decided to let her have her way. Well, for today at least.

image courtesy of meoconu/reddit

Dad built a nifty sleeping spot on the floor, and pillows and blankets surround him. It looks like a solid sleeping spot! The cat is sprawled out on its back, sleeping just like a human. It looks like the cat is the boss of the house and of dad, which is surprising to anyone who knows him, and he will admit, that he tried to stop the family from getting a cat in the first place

Sleepy Time

In the months leading up to this picture, this dad wasn’t exactly keen on keeping the cat. He’d complain about her constant scratching, her need for back rubs, and her overall annoying demeanor. But now his opinions have shifted 180.

image courtesy of TotalShekels/reddit

Now he wants to always be around the cat to bring her to bed. At first, he didn’t care about her sleeping habits, but now he has to cuddle up next to her, or he can’t fall asleep. This 79-year-old grandpa truly has a heart of gold.

Yuki The Spoiled

This dad is the type of father to spoil his children, and he took them on nature trips when they’re young. He probably had all the camping gear ready when his kids were young, and they’d venture out into the wild all prepared.

image courtesy of pinche_whey/reddit

Now that his children are grown up, he doesn’t spend so much time with them. So they got him Yuki, the puppy, to keep him company. They had to make him promise to give Yuki a chance because he said he didn’t want a puppy. It didn’t take Yuki long to become his best sailing buddy. She gets the best treatment on this side of the sea!

Kangaroo Dad

There are two animals in this picture since the dad looks like a father kangaroo, and the puppy looks like a joey! How adorable is this image? The dad didn’t want to leave the puppy all alone in the corner while he cooks.

image courtesy of llaisney/reddit

So he popped him in his apron – and he fit like a glove! Now the puppy can watch as dad cooks aways in the kitchen. He can smell and the spices and yummy tastes and maybe he’ll even get to sample some of the cooking. Or at least get a nice chunk of meat in the end.

The Cat Stays With Me

Dad went from: “oh, your kitty is so cute, but will you take him back home with you?” to “I love you, son, but this cat is my other child, and you are leaving him here.” Dad has the most loving look on the right side of the picture, while the left one looks pretty candid.

image courtesy of DragonpaladinAlaine

The cat also wants some alone time with dad since he’s been with the kids for too long. The cat likes the way dad holds her, and she doesn’t seem to want to leave. It looks like the cat and dad won this round, and his son will be going home catless.

Stroke of Good Luck

Animals are great partners, especially when you’re going through a trying point in your life. After surgeries, you’re usually confined in the hospital or at home without much to do. After this dad had a stroke, 4 months later, they took this dog in to help him out.

image courtesy of DreamersEyesOpen/reddit

She’s really doing a good job by being a great emotional support tool. Dad dozed off because he was so comfy in the company of this furry little honey. It was a great idea to get a pet as a support animal since they know how to comfort you in the best ways.

Please Stay

Initially, this husband didn’t want a dog in their home when his wifey proposed the idea. But now the two are almost inseparable! This husband was singing a song to the dog when his wife walked in. She was wondering if there was music playing in the other room.

image courtesy of mischkazelenyy/reddit

Yes, sweet music was being played but not from the laptop. This husband busted out a tune with his guitar and serenaded the dog making up his own lyrics. This sight melts our hearts and it just goes to show how music can connect people and animals together.

Cats or Panthers?

Wakanda Forever! Oh, wait, those aren’t the same cats from the movie Black Panther. From the back, they could pass off as wild animals, but these two are just adorable black cats. Dad decided to have a jam session in the living room for a audience of two.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

These cats seem to have excellent music taste, after listening to dad busting out a tune or two. They’re grooving to dad’s music, and they don’t have any complaints. Or maybe they’re just hanging around him because they’re hungry? You decide.

Remus The Dark Arts Cat Professor

This dad and cat are all smiles, and this picture has got to be one of the sweetest ones on the internet. Dad used to complain about the cat always sitting down on his lap. But now it’s one of his favorite sitting positions at home since the cat exudes so much warmth.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

This family household also seems to be massive fans of Harry Potter, hence the name of the cat. The cat shares a name with Harry Potter’s very own Remus Lupin, the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher. Such a cool name!

Cat Cam

This father has a heart of gold because even though he doesn’t want the cat inside the home, he still made an effort to build her a safe and warm spot outside. He set up a heated cat home in their very own backyard. Why’d he do that?

image courtesy of missburr/reddit

So the entire family will know that the cat is safe and sound outside – dad installed a cat cam. Not only will the family be able to see their furry friend, but they can make sure that he’s home safe and sound in his bed.

Road Trippin

This dad and dog are on a road trip somewhere. Initially, he didn’t want anything to do with the dog when they first met. He didn’t even like the dog to be in the same room with him, but now he can’t imagine going on a trip without his company.

image courtesy of K19081985/reddit

By the looks of the scenic view, this couple and their dog are going somewhere beautiful. What a lucky little guy! Not only does he get the best views this side of the road, but he also gets to sit shotgun like a lucky doggo!

Napping on Dad

We’ve all had this moment in our life or at least know someone who has had it happen to them. They’ve been weighed down in a bear hug by a rather large dog, and like it or not, they were kind enough to not move for fear of walking up the snoozing pet.

image courtesy of doesamulletmakeaman/reddit

This guy doesn’t seem to dislike the situation; in fact, he seems to be secretly loving it. This doggo, or should we say big doggo, is comfortably cuddled up next to his dad. They’re falling asleep to a show on tv, and dad has no choice but to stay in the same position!

Turtle Bonding Time

Having a turtle as a pet is a cool thing. Not only do they make for great company, but they’re also relatively low maintenance. All they need is turtle food, some water, and a bit of companionship, and they’ll be the happiest pet in the world.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

This guy and his little turtle are watching a video of a turtle eating a pancake. How cute is that? We sure hope he fed him some pancakes after. This is one of the most adorable sights we’ve seen, and we’re living for this moment!

Cuddles 4 Life

Cuddles are the best, especially when you’re hugging someone in bed. The warmth of their arms and legs on you is one of the best feelings in the world. What’s even better is when they’re extra hairy, just like this dog!

image courtesy of milleepthesheep/reddit

Then the cuddles can be 10x better since they have more hair. This dad is so lucky to have a large cuddle buddy who’s ready for a hug absolutely any time of the day. Now we’re wondering who loves the cuddles more: the dad or the dogs. What do you reckon?

Stuck in Bed

The cat is not amused. At first, dad didn’t want her company at all, and he couldn’t stand being around her. Now he’s all cuddled up with the cat in what looks like an uncomfortable position for his feline friend.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

She’s dangling on the edge of the bed, and it looks like she could fall off any minute now! We hope dad isn’t a mover, because if he moves a bit more to the left, he’ll knock her off. Hopefully, she has a soft patch of carpet to land on.

Nestled in a Nook

This sleeping spot is certainly a creative one. This little dog and his puppy eyes just want some peace of mind. He even brought his blanket inside so he could sleep comfortably. Looks like his dad owner is genuinely looking out for him.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

It’s hard to find the perfect sleeping spot even as a human being, so this dog dad really thought outside of the box. Dogs can fit into all sorts of places, from cupboards to drawers to even closets! We wonder what other creative spots he’s slept in.

Cat & Dog Love

We love a good cat and dog picture where both of them are living harmoniously. This owner seems to be a great one for raising such a cute dog and a well-behaved cat. It’s hard to keep sane with two different animals in the same home, but this dad is doing a fantastic job, even though he claimed not to be an animal person when his family brought up the idea of getting a pet.

image courtesy of grapefruitmaven/reddit

He’s managed to unite the two animals together despite not wanting to have either of them in the first place. Having pets really teaches you unconditional love, and even though it wasn’t easy at first, this not an animal person pushed on and raised two gorgeous fur- kids.

Mutual Love

10 months ago, this busy dad said to his kids: “We Can’t Keep It.” He was up to his nose in work and didn’t have time to care for any pets, so he decided that it was a definite no. His kids, later on, decided to get a cat anyways, and then this happened.

image courtesy of pinche_whey/reddit

Now she’s resting on his shoulder while he’s working, and he doesn’t look bothered by her at all. Oh, dad! He was just stressed at work and didn’t know what to do, but this fluff ball took all his stress away by stretching out on his shoulder.

All Aboard The Kitty Train

Dad wanted to have some fun around the house with the new cat, so he built a brand new car for her. It’s a makeshift car, but it works nonetheless by dragging it on the ground. Maybe, later on, he’ll upgrade it by adding wheels.

image courtesy of emmawiiwiiwii/reddit

This cat doesn’t look like it’s having too much fun, though. She’s probably thinking about her next nap or wondering if he’s going to bring her to the kitchen for some much-needed kitty snacks! “Quick human, to the kitchen we go!”

Vet Visit

Going to the doctor’s or even the dentist can be scary for many people. After all, these places call for checkups, and sometimes they can make you feel uncomfortable. It’s important to be in the right state of mind before going.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

Just like humans need comforting, dogs need some love too. This dad decided to give extra love to his dog right before the visit to the vet by patting him gently on the head and giving him a good rub to make him feel secure for his visit to the vet.

Kitty Sitting

It was this dad’s turn to sit the kitty cat when his son was away. His son thought that his dad wouldn’t be up to the challenge; everyone in the family knew that dad wasn’t a cat -person. After some gentle persuasion and the promise of a lovely gift, he was bribed into stepping up and looking after the kitty.

This gentle kiss says everything. Dad is, in actual fact, a big softie, and he can’t say no to the big black cat. This kitty stole his heart, and he’s looking forward to his son going on more vacations. Anything to give him more time with his feline friend!

Playing Pretend

Dad is pretending that he doesn’t love the little guy – but we can see through his tough-guy facade! He’s definitely faking his dislike for the cat, and this photo proves it. He absolutely loves the little guy with his whole heart.

image courtesy of emmawiiwiiwii/reddit

We’re pretty sure after this pic was snapped that the two cuddled up even more, and dad ended up putting his right hand on the cat’s belly. At first, he didn’t want a cat in the home, but now he can’t even sleep without him around!

Kimba’s Home

Most dads like to take care of the more taxing duties around the home. Such as repairing the fridge, filling in holes in the wall, and even building dog houses. This dad has the biggest grin on his face after building a home for the family’s furry friend.

image courtesy of yagirlyarelli/twitter

Kimba looks super happy with his new home – and it even has stairs! Instead of it just being a one-story dog house, dad built steps so he can climb up. Bigger dogs usually need more things to climb on, and dad was thoughtful for adding those extra steps. All this from the guy who had said “no dogs.”

Dusty’s Home

Dusty is a well-loved by his family. So much so that they made a home for him outside, so he has a place to hang out and rest in when he gets tired. Dad was tired of having his hair all around the lounge, which is why he built him his own home.

image courtesy of grapefruitmaven/reddit

This was a lot of work, but he didn’t mind as long as his dog can run freely outside. We love the attention to detail and how it even matches the color of the home. The paw prints on the sides are a nice touch, and it completes the canine theme.

Penny and Me Tonight

This guy wanted to spend his night with Penny and didn’t mind which position he’d end up in. Good thing the bed had space for the both of them. After all, Penny isn’t a puppy; she’s a full-blown dog! This daddy dog owner is a real legend.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

He wasn’t always that way, though, and it took his kids 5 years of nagging before he relented and agreed to get a dog. Now the dog is his favorite snuggle friend, and although he won’t admit it, he is secretly glad he decided to cave and get the pup who has become his best pal in the world.

Taking Kitty on a Walk

Dad decided to take kitty on a stroll on a fall day. By the looks of the fire, we hope that dad made sure to keep some extra distance with him, the cat, and the fire! This is such an adorable picture since the cat is in a stroller.

image courtesy of missburr/reddit

Usually, cats aren’t in baby strollers, nor do they go on walks. But this dad decided to break that stereotype and take the cat that in the beginning, he didn’t want to keep, out on a walk. What a smart idea, though! Since cats usually don’t like going outside on walks, this dad decided to bring out his innovative side!

No Cats Allowed

“We’re Never Getting a Cat” were the very words this dad said right before they got a cat. He wasn’t keen on getting one because of the amount of work he’d have to put into it. Little did he know that he’d end up being a cat dad.

image courtesy of kariiann/reddit

This thoughtful dad fell into the trap that every cat owner falls into. First, they say they won’t get a cat under any circumstances, and next thing you know, they’re building the cat, a fully sized jungle gym in the living room.

Dog #2

When dad found out they were getting a second dog, he wasn’t exactly thrilled. They already had one after all, why would he need another? His mind changed after a few months, and the new dog grew on him. He loved the new addition so much he even got them matching pajamas!

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

It’s one thing to get a dog treat or fluffy toy for your pup – it’s another to wear the exact same pj’s. This dad wanted to show everyone just how much he and the new dog had bonded, and although he was meant to be for the kids, there is no mistaking this is now dads dog.