Don’t miss: 3 amazing experiences in Tai Chiang Mai

The capital of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, is a magical combination of ancient traditions, modern sensitivity and majestic beauty. It is a great destination for individuals or groups of travelers with many opportunities to enjoy the enticing nightlife, amazing food and perhaps the most beautiful slice of land on the planet!

Touch Doi Inthanon from the sky

Chiang Mai’s nature does not deceive. There are amazing nature expeditions led by Doi Inthanon National Park Day Trip, which gives you an instant excursion to the lush jungles of northern Thailand, including a close encounter with the ancient Bear Tribe, a wonderful view of the 100-meter waterfalls and, of course, a hike to Thailand’s 2565 meters above sea level, for a truly majestic view!

Segway tour in Chiang Mai

What better way to experience the rich wonders of this ancient city with one of the most enjoyable personal vehicles? Segway allows you to visit all around the corner of Chiang Mai, including wonderful temples and small magical alleys. Your guide will always be with you, providing detailed explanations and unforgettable stories about the holiest places in all of Thailand.

Gibbons zippered lining

If the one thing I learned in Thailand is that the zipper can only be handled properly if there is a playful Gibbon next to you! Get ready for an adrenaline rush you’ve never experienced before as you jump from one tree to another with the smarter and cutest monkeys next to you. This activity can be enjoyed at any age thanks to the many special devices and safety equipment that ensure that you can focus on what is important: having fun with gibbons!

What if you arrive in Chiang Mai? There are many fun and exciting activities that we missed, such as jeep trips through the mountains, visiting a long-necked tribe, as well as a great factory area and its unforgettable crafts. Whatever you decide to do, remember to enjoy!