When you make your trip to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, for the first time, there are several things to consider when planning a tourist visit. For a perfect trip, it is very useful to know everything you can encounter while visiting Cairo.

I had discovered all of them quite frustratingly during my first visit to Cairo. I had always been a dream destination in Cairo, and even after a lot of research, some preparations had passed and it all affected me when I arrived in Egypt.

  • The first thing to prepare for is your safety. Even if I did not face any security concerns, recent events are worrying and already reveal serious reasons why you can plan ahead to ensure your security. It won’t help you at all. Cairo is quite safe, but you need to watch out for minor crimes.
  • Assume you have a number of cases where you need to go your own way. This is very common in Cairo.
  • Avoid visiting Cairo during the summer months (May to August). Cairo always has an extremely hot weather.
  • Also be prepared to pay a number of extras. There will be a lot of unplanned fees
  • Avoid extravagant dress. When walking around Cairo, you need to be on the conservative side.
  • Except it’s in the middle of a lot of security guards. The military presence is always very high.

Follow them all and enjoy the best time in Cairo.