German festivals you don’t want to miss

Accurate, without humor, serious – these are just a few words used to describe the German population of the world. If you’ve never been to Germany, you may believe these stereotypes, but here’s a little secret: Germans are actually some of the most fun people we’ve come across so far.

As an example of this idea, we will share with you a handful of your favorite German festivals. After all, what is more fun than a festival?

Cologne: Carnival

Image courtesy unuk / Pinterest

The Cologne version of the Italian carnival, called Carnival, is one of the city’s most popular annual events. The carnival features beer, colorful costumes and the Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) with parade, floats, performers and lots of sweets, and is worth a few extra days in Cologne.

Berlin: Unity Day

Image courtesy Juska Wendland / flickr

Like the celebration of the fourth of July in the United States, Unity Day is a public holiday to mark the fall of the Berlin Wall. The holidays are celebrated all over the country, but the celebration of Berlin is one of the books. It includes open-air concerts, parades and art exhibitions lined up along the remains of the wall.

Worms: Backfischfest

Image courtesy of Martin H. Hartmann / BilderKartell

Backfischfest is Worms’ way of celebrating everything German – fish, beer and entertainment. The festival includes parades in the city center, the circus competes with rides and games, food, creative costumes and free concerts for the public. It is attended by thousands of people every year and is incredibly welcome for visitors.