Gloomy Looking Mall Men Waiting for Their Women

We all have those times where we need to shop. Either we’ve run out of socks, coats for the winter, or even underwear – visiting the department store is necessary. Women can sometimes spend hours or even half a day inside a shopping mall looking for the perfect outfit. While men, on the other hand, have much less patience for the tiresome task of browsing through clothing. These pictures of men waiting for their significant other will make you laugh out loud. They wanted the easy way out and wished their wives or girlfriends could just pick something and go. Women are more complex than that and have to analyze the texture, the looks of the cloth, and how it fits their bodies. These men have turned to other hilarious tasks to make the most out of their fate.

This Bench Looks Comfy

This bench is meant for more than just sitting; the form and shape of it are perfect for sleeping on. The armrests are ideal for your arms, so they don’t feel “dead” after being slept on for too long. This man is the perfect example of catching up on a proper nap.

image courtesy of samantha/pinterest

All malls need this kind of couch because it’s all about the design. If these couches were sprawled all over in the mall, then more women would bring their husbands with them. This would make for the perfect “man waiting for his wife couch.”

Loads of Bags

When this man’s wife said she’s coming back to place more bags down, she didn’t stress that she was going to make at least six rounds! Poor hubby is left sitting on the stairs with all the bags, waiting for his love to show up.

image courtesy of gosocial

Such dedication. He doesn’t even have a newspaper or a cellphone to keep him busy. He’s relying on his pure self-will to remain in the same position. That’s determination right there, and it goes to show that you can wait by simply just being at peace instead of rushing to read a screen.

Feet Up

This man found the perfect spot for himself – it not only supports his back – but his feet too! This comfy position is known as the leg chair. It supports your entire body for maximum comfort and is the perfect place to wait for your wife to finish shopping.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

This man’s wife chose this store for this exact reason. She found a place that not only her husband can sleep in – but a place where she’ll be happy to shop to her heart’s content too. It’s a win-win for both sides.

Two Puppies One Man

These two pups are left with their dad while mum goes out shopping. By the looks on their furry faces, they can’t wait until mom comes back with doggie treats and maybe a new toy? Dad, on the other hand, isn’t so pleased.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

At least he has two gorgeous puppies to help pass the time – but even their presence isn’t enough. He’s tired and wants to go home; his body language clearly illustrates that. Looks like dad neeps a nap from all the waiting, and he can’t do that with the puppies sitting on his lap.

Luxury Pose

This man seems to be waiting in a luxury store from the looks of the carpet and the fancy leather chair. Not only is he crying inside from all the waiting, but his wallet is also shedding its own tears. He agreed to allow his girlfriend to go shopping with his credit card.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

But now, as he watches her while she browses through clothes – he can’t help but feel a deep sense of regret. Next time, before he offers to share his card with his partner, he better think twice about the consequences that might come with it.

Lingerie Lounge

The lingerie section is usually a godsend since they have great waiting areas. The boudoir-like interior is often the best place for men to rest in since the walls are sometimes covered in plush velvet. This is the ideal napping spot for these men.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

The velvet lining and the walls are comfy enough to rest your head on, and it’s the perfect spot for anyone that’s waiting. While the wife is busy looking for the ideal item of lingerie, the men can doze off while they wait for them to finish.

Resting on the Three

When the designers designed this three, they didn’t think that it would also be a great place to sleep. They created it with the intention that it was meant for a brand – but the lonely creative men who are waiting on their wives found a use for it.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

Not only is this three perfect for resting on, but its build is functional too. You can sit on it while waiting or even rest your head. It would be better if there were more of the 3s so that more men could take time out during their wive’s shopping expeditions.

Catching Up on ZZZ’s

This man is used to waiting on his wife – and his sleeping position is a clear indicator. Sleeping in a seated position with arms and legs crossed isn’t easy – but this guy has clearly mastered the skill! All while balancing his wife’s bag on his leg. Now that is multi-tasking at its best!

At least he’s catching up on a few ZZ’s, and he doesn’t seem to be complaining about the situation. He probably understood that there’s no use fighting with his wife about leaving early, and if he can catch up on some sleep, then why not!

Kanye Chillin

This picture goes to show that even Kanye isn’t an exception. Celebrity husbands still have to wait for their wives while they are browzing in their favorite stores. Kim K is busy either buying a new handbag or a bed for her baby, but Kanye and the little one have already dozed off.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

At least they also brought their kid with them, so she isn’t all alone at home. This is the true meaning of “a family that shops together sticks together.” We hope Kim isn’t taking too long; it’ll be hard to wake both of them up from their naps!

Just Gone

With all these men sleeping with their mouths open, we’re worried that a fly might just whizz inside! When you sleep with your mouth open, it means that you’re extremely tired, and this guy couldn’t wait a second longer to get some shut-eye.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

The minute he plopped onto the chair, he drifted off into the land of dreams. His wife has clearly left him for a long time, and he seems to have been in the same position for a while. He’s even leaning to the side, which indicates that he tried to stay awake but failed to do so.

Bored to Death in Aisle 3

Ah, the shoe department. Every woman who waltzes into the shoe department disappears for a solid hour, at least. There’s no use in trying to bribe them to leave with hamburgers and fries since shoes are one of a woman’s best friends.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

This partner found himself waiting for hours on end in the shoe department while he’d instead be playing video games with the boys. He’s given up and accepted waiting and decided that catching up on sleep was the best thing to do.

Waiting Game

These guys are all playing the waiting game: whose wife will come back first and pick them up? These men are lounging out in the waiting area (which luckily this mall has!), and they not only have comfy seating areas but tables too.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

It’s excellent when seating areas not only have chairs, but tables to accommodate the people waiting. So besides reading, they can also work on crossword puzzles or do some journaling while waiting. Or, they could just you know, sleep.

Keeping His Eye Out

This man has chosen the rough way to wait – by standing. We don’t recommend standing while waiting because your eyes can wander off, just like this guy. He probably wishes he was anywhere else but this clothing store.

image courtesy of Popular collection/pinterest

Luckily, he picked a great lookout spot by the door where he can peer at the outside world. This was a smart move – but why couldn’t he just sit down? We recommend all men if they choose to stand, to follow in this guy’s steps and find a strategic spot by the window.

Nap Time

This grandpa is a seasoned napper. He’s slept in all kinds of places growing up, so waiting on his wife while she shops is easy peasy. He’s slept on the floor, he’s slept on dining tables and bars, and now he found a comfy spot in the department store.

image courtesy of Popular collection/pinterest

These chairs are undoubtedly the best. While they’re usually meant for 3-4 people, they also accommodate one person in a horizontal position. These chairs would make for great couches at home, too; we’d love to watch Netflix on one of these.

Where’s the Mrs?

Does this man have nowhere to go, or is he just waiting on his wife? All these bags indicate that she left him for a while and got lost somewhere in the mall. He could’ve picked a more comfy place to wait though; the floor isn’t nice to sit on at all.

image courtesy of Popular collection/pinterest

Not only does it make him look kind of sad, but no one is winning in this situation. He could’ve found a comfy couch, or maybe his partner could’ve left him in the department store with all the other men. Someone get this guy a chair!

Stairway to the Mall

Seeing this picture of lonely men waiting on the stairs has got to be one of the saddest sights of the decade. The men on the upper part of the staircase have gotten used to waiting while the other two are keeping themselves entertained with social media.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

At least there aren’t that many of them – the stairs can only handle so many lonely men! Thankfully there’s social media and videos to keep us entertained to pass the time. If you forget your mobile while your girl’s shopping, then good luck!

Rethinking Decisions

This man is going through every thought in his head like a washing machine. He’s picking at every idea and thinking: “why me?”He agreed to go with his partner to the shoe store, but he didn’t know she’d take this long.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

There was a sale that day, and little did he know that sales equate chaos. His wife unleashed the monster inside her and used all her pent up energy from the past few weeks to look for the perfect shoes. We have to agree with her decisions though, looking for shoes isn’t easy!

Reserved for Husbands

This mall was thoughtful enough to include a designated seating area for all the waiting husbands. It’s well-equipped with wifi so they can tap away on their phones to keep them from losing their patience while waiting on their wives.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

Good thing, this mall has comfy chairs for these men to lounge on! Sometimes, malls need to have more seating areas so the women can keep shopping, and the men can catch up on a football game or have some much-needed thinking time.

Water Station

Grandpa isn’t pleased to wait for his partner. She left him in a very inconvenient area that doesn’t even have pa comfy place for him to rest! At least he found a spot beside some full water bottles. He’s had enough of this in ’83, why does he have to go through this in 2020?

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

People would shop quicker in the day because there were much fewer options; he thinks to himself. He scours at his wife while she reaches for the milk and creamer – his face says it all: “I’m never coming back again to the grocery with you, Dolores!”

Perfect Seat

This lucky husband found the best seat in the house: in the form of a beige couch in a living room display. This sleeping area is more than a sofa, it can fit up to 10 people! What better place to sleep? This man is sure to get the rest of his life.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

Couches of this size don’t come cheap, and he was simply testing out the merchandise. The sofa was so good that he dozed off – unfortunately, they can’t afford it, so why not enjoy it for a little while longer while the missus shops some more?

Rabbi Down

This man was on the way home from his place of worship when his wife wanted to take a detour, right inside the mall, where she’s bound to spend an insurmountable amount of time. Luckily, he is well versed in the art of sleeping.

image courtesy of artfido

He can fall asleep on the train, at the dinner table, and even on a comfy couch in the women’s department. He has his arm up for extra support, and he sleeps in the most comfortable position. His wife picks him up when she’s done shopping, and he wakes up as energetic as can be.

Hard Night Out

This man had a rough night before going to the shopping mall with his wife. He and his wife spent the whole night planning what to buy in the department store the next day. Unfortunately, he didn’t get enough sleep before and thought: “hey, why not crash on the couch?”

image courtesy of Popular collection/pinterest

The sofa doesn’t have a price tag, so maybe it’s meant to be sat on? Sat on though, it’s not meant to be sprawled on like this. The staff didn’t mind that much, though. They’re well versed in the act of husbands sleeping on couches because of their wives.

A Good Man

This man is such a good husband for not only waiting for his wife but also carrying her goodies. Some men don’t like the idea of carrying their partner’s bags because they think that it makes them look less of a man.

image courtesy of Popular collection/pinterest

That shouldn’t be the case at all. Supporting your wife sometimes is a great way to show your love. Especially if she’s tired after a long week and needs to reward herself, this husband is setting a great example for men everywhere.

Mom’s Taking Forever

This kid’s mom left him in one of the most awkward places to leave your kid. Especially when they’re a young boy, and they might bump into their friends at the mall. “Oh, how are you, Johnny.. Wait. What are you doing in the bra section?”

image courtesy of Popular collection/pinterest

Oh, the shame! This momma left her kid at the bra department while she frolicked around, looking for the perfect undergarments. He should’ve at least sat on a chair – we don’t see how that position is comfortable at all!

Designated Men Zone

This area is for all the miserable men who are spending time on their phones. They wait for time to pass by, checking the clock every few minutes to see if the hands have changed. After 30 minutes, they’re still in exactly the same place waiting for their partners.

image courtesy of samantha/pinterest

Women, take a good look at this picture because this is what your partner is going through. Poor men! They should’ve just stayed home playing Playstation. The man in the upper right has given up on telling his partner to hurry up and has indeed accepted his fate.

Worked Out

This man’s partner is in the fitness store looking for her perfect outfit. But her man is all pooped- out from waiting for her, so he found solace on the floor! Waiting for his partner is a workout in itself that he just couldn’t hold his seated pose any longer.

She probably spent a good half an hour looking for him; his position is hard to spot! At first glance, we’re not sure where his head is, he’s in a full-blown sleeping position – all that’s missing is a comfy bed and pillows!

Waiting Until Year 3000

These men have been waiting for their wives to finish shopping at the stores for so long that they’ve grown old just waiting. Their lush dark brown hair has turned grey, and now they even need canes. Their wives said: “only one hour!”

image courtesy of samantha/pinterest

But they failed to follow through with their promise. This clan of men are protesting against their wives and always wear black to show how solemn they are in their plight. Sometimes they read the newspaper and other days; they just count the tiles on the floor.

Bag Pillow

The Michael Kors handbag is multifunctional. It keeps all your notebooks, water bottle, and hand sanitizer safe in one place while also functioning as a pillow for your waiting hubby. Just add a scarf on top for maximum comfort for his head.

image courtesy of samantha/pinterest

This wife had thought about her trip to the mall well. She made sure her husband has a place to rest his head while waiting for her. This strategy is an excellent hack for women when they have husbands waiting for them, and they want to shop in peace.

Honey I Found the Chair!

This husband and wife duo went to the home furniture store in search of the perfect furniture for their home. While his wife was eyeing mugs and cushions, this man found a cool spot: this comfortable cushioned red rocking chair.

image courtesy of Popular collection/pinterest

Such a cool design! He may not have noticed its aesthetic because he was so tired – but this would look great in any living room. Maybe they found a hidden gem, and his wife decided to buy the perfect chair – all thanks to her husband!

Men on the Stairs

Some retail stores are so vast; they have stairs inside them. In stores such as Forever21 of H&M, they can be so big that they don’t just have stairs – but elevators as well! This makes it easy for the customers to move from one department to the other without leaving the store.

image courtesy of Popular collection/pinterest

Great idea huh? Well, it also works both ways. The men can even sit on the steps while waiting for their significant others. Great idea, right? Maybe that was one of the other hidden purposes of having stairs inside a retail store.

Dozing Off

Waiting for your significant other to finish shopping takes a tremendous amount of patience and determination. These men are just not cut out for it anymore. The first 20 years of shopping with their wives were okay, but now they just don’t have the willpower anymore.

image courtesy of artfido

They’d rather be anywhere but this mall, but the couches sure do look comfy. These two are in the same boat, and their wives must have both waltzed into Zara never to be seen again. If they don’t come out sooner or later, these men will be dozing away into REM sleep.

Couch Surfing

Malls have signs everywhere that say “Don’t Touch Me” or “Don’t Sit on Me” This man didn’t care to abide by the store rules because he lost all patience to wait for his wife. Instead of complaining and staring at her while she picks out the perfect blouse, he decided to find a comfy couch to wait it out.

image courtesy of samantha/pinterest

He’s spending his time catching up on news and the latest happenings in his city. What better time to go through the Sunday newspaper than when your wife’s shopping? He’s clearly got his priorities straight with reading being one of them.

Men Only Zone

This “Men Only Zone” is for all the husbands and boyfriends left to wait while their partners are out shopping. Judging by the looks of the store, this shop is only meant for women, and these men are sticking out like sore thumbs.

image courtesy of samantha/pinterest

If malls have sections for women and men’s shopping, then how about a center for men to hang out and be themselves? They can have a room chock full of PlayStations and VR headsets to keep them busy while the ladies shop till they drop.

Releasing His Inner Child

At least one good thing came out of his wive’s shopping trip. This grandpa was able to release his inner painter while forced to wait around. He decided to unleash his artistic side by painting with his fingers and having a grand time.

image courtesy of gosocial

It’s good that he was able to see the silver lining in this set-up. Maybe he’ll even pick up a couple of craft materials before leaving. It’s nice to see people pick up old habits when they’re older, to show that the spirit never really died.

Dreaming of Ibiza

We can’t help but feel solemn and melancholic about this picture because this man’s expression says it all. It seems like he’s somewhere else in his mind. He’s probably dreaming about his boat trip in ’82 or even sitting in a bar with his buddies.

image courtesy of gosocial

Since he’s wearing bright red, he sticks out in this retail store, and you can see the sadness in the curve of his mustache. We hope he wasn’t too bored and that his wife also thought to pass by his favorite store to make up for shopping for so long.

The Tale of Two Men

Instead of waiting for their wives to finish shopping, these two men could’ve spoken to each other. Maybe strike up a conversation to make their time more worthwhile. It seems like they are both regretting having allowed themselves to get dragged to the mall, and no amount of small talk is going to get them out of their sulky moods.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

But what better way to pass the time than to talk to each other? They could’ve compared how long they’ve been waiting, where their wives went, and how they could make up excuses next time for not accompanying them to the mall.

Drowning in Shopping

This man’s partner decided to go all out with her retail therapy. She wanted to treat herself, and when he told her to “go wild,” she didn’t hesitate to go crazy with the shopping. Boy, did he regret coming along with his significant other!

image courtesy of samantha/pinterest

She managed to explore every department: clothes, shoes, and even bags! No area was left untouched when his partner went shopping. Instead of grabbing just one bag and bouncing, she had to collect several so she could choose the best ones.

Hot Stuff

This man has claimed his throne: a dark blue lazy-boy. This armchair is cutting edge comfort technology and perfect for those days of dozing off and late-night binge-watching. It even reclines so you can sleep in your favorite position.

image courtesy of gosocial

This tired husband was so sleepy that he didn’t even notice the name of the pillow labeled: “You Are Hot Stuff!” This hilarious picture would make a great addition to the family photo album, good thing his kids took a snap of it!

The Cooling Sound of Water

The sound of water can be calming for many people, especially the sound of water falling, and this man took advantage of the meditative state the fountain brought on. While his wife stepped into a beauty shop, he found refuge next to the water feature.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

At least he’s not directly under it! That would’ve turned messy if his white shirt got wet. These malls really need to have designated sleeping areas for all the grumpy, sleepy waiting men. Sleeping next fountains isn’t recommended!.


This man has simply given up on being patient because exhaustion took over. Despite telling his wife how tired he was, she still spent the next few hours looking for furniture for their home. So while she was out scouring, he was on the display bed fast asleep.

image courtesy of miserable_men/instagram

No surprise there! The husband got a little too comfy and decided to take off his pants too! Now, this is a bit too much, because they’re still in a public setting. He fully got rid of his inhibitions and worries and drifted straight off into dreamland.