Hacks That Seemed to Start Out Wrong But Ended Up Working

Fixing things in our home is a part of life. When we’re young, we usually have our parents holding our hands and our teachers who are always on our side. As we grow up, we learn to navigate the terrains of adult life, and sometimes it truly isn’t easy. When something’s broken, what should we do? Taking them to a repair shop is usually the first thing that comes to mind. What these people decided to do, though, was to breathe life back into them. From bringing natural light to a room without windows to revamping doggy bowls to make them more aesthetic, this article has it all. If you’re in a creative rut and have some extra time on your hands, now would be a great time to bust out your talent and inspiration. Be motivated by these people who turned simple, ordinary objects into works of wonder.

Differentiating Sides

This was a pretty clever hack; this guy decided to change the color of one of the earbuds so he could easily figure out which side is left and the other right. Sometimes looking at the label on the earphone saying “left” or “right” is kind of a hassle, so this makes things much more comfortable.

image courtesy of mankadenReport/reddit

Instead of spending so much time fiddling around with your earphones, sometimes it’s best just to get another color of earbud for one end so that it’s easier to differentiate the two. Or even choose a bright color instead of black to make your earphones look funkier!

Sore Muscles? No Problem

How wonderful life would be if everyone had a bathtub at home! You could rest your aching muscles without worrying about anything in the world. Problem is, this girl didn’t have a bathtub at home, and she really needed to resurrect her body to life.

image courtesy of Anna_Banananana/reddit

So she got a large storage container that’s usually meant for craft supplies, and she made do with what she had. Now that’s being resourceful! She managed to fit her entire body inside, which is pretty crazy, but we recommend that you only do this if you’re 25 and below.

Mask Hack

This mask hack is perfect for essential workers who work grueling hours and who don’t have time to fix their masks and make sure they stay on. This medical worker managed to fasten her mask securely with a button! And it matches her headband too.

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

If your mask tends to droop down, then add a button or fasten your mask to it, so it stays. This mask hack is for anyone who has long shifts, and it won’t fall off your ears because it’s safely fastened and will require the least amount of touching it with your hands, which experts have said to avoid doing.

Sandwich Dog

No, this isn’t your typical Dachshund, but it’s a sandwich dog. The reason why this owner decided to wrap him in a bun is that he’s so skinny that he can fit through the fence. Some dogs are just built like that, especially when they’re small.

image courtesy of o0geck0o/reddit

Problem is, they can slip from your sight if you aren’t paying close attention to them. This smart owner thought that dressing his dog up would prevent him from slipping through the cracks. It seems to be working really well; the problem is he just has to wear it every-time he goes to potty.

Infection Alert

Some people go to doctors and get bandages and antibiotics for infections. But this horsey got a little something else, he had a bra wrapped around his eye for an infection, and it’s perfect because he can still see out the other eye.

image courtesy of kittycattwitch/reddit

This quick hack is excellent for animals who are sick, especially horses. We hope he recovered quickly from his ailment. Whoever thought of this hack is a godsend, and it’s a real lifesaver for the horse because he still gets to see, although his dignity is another issue.

Grandma My Phone’s Broken

Grandma always has a remedy for a broken phone. But this hack originated in Asia, where if your phone is wet, an auntie or uncle will tell you to put it in rice to absorb the water and so that your phone works as good as new.

image courtesy of joshamiddleton/reddit

This age-old tactic has been around for years. It works for most people in an emergency, but we’d still recommend bringing your phone to an expert for further repair, and to double-check that the inside of your phone is dry. If you’re adventurous and willing, then try this hack out.

Ziplock Hack

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Wow, I should’ve ordered the bigger Ziplocs instead.” Well, you don’t have to think that way anymore, especially with this helpful hack. By simply taping two Ziploc bags together, it’ll look like you just have a large one.

image courtesy of joshamiddleton/reddit

This hack comes in handy if you’re transporting large goods, like this keyboard. This hack isn’t for your regular sandwich. Pretty genius, idea! We’ll definitely be using this one in the future, and we hope you do too.

Thoughtful Husband

This is one of the sweetest creations we’ve ever seen! This thoughtful husband wanted to surprise his wife since she loves reading books in her free time. Her fingers would get cramped, but she’d keep on reading all night long.

image courtesy of NextdyReport/reddit

One day, her husband decided to make this page holder so she wouldn’t have to strain her thumbs keeping the book open! How thoughtful is that? If he marketed this product, we’d 100% sure to buy this. And the shape of it is elegant and looks comfy.

Email Hack

You’ve probably experienced this before. Companies ask for your email address so they can send you updates about their company. You go ahead anyways and agree to sending them your email. Unfortunately, you get bombarded with pesky updates regularly.

image courtesy of NextdyReport/reddit

Here’s a simple hack. To your email, add the word +spam, and they won’t even notice. The spam at the end sends it directly to your spam folder. So when they send you updates, rest assured, you won’t see them. Now, if we can only give this email to our managers.. kidding.

Into The Wild

This guy thought it would be a nifty idea to take a wheelbarrow outside to sit on. While this may look comfortable now, it won’t be that comfy in say 4 hours from now. Still, this hack is a great idea! And it makes for a great reading spot.

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

If you’re into spending quiet time by yourself outside, then this would be a great idea, but if not, then you could also just sit on the ground. Either way this guy has got it made with his makeshift chair and brewski. All that’s missing now is a bonfire.

No Stalkers Allowed

Ever felt like your privacy was being breached? That’s why this spoon is here. It will help you see if there are people around. This spoon is more than just a spoon, it reflects the people around you, and you can see if anyone’s approaching.

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

You could just close your door, but if you live in a shared place or work in an open office, it’s hard to have your privacy, so this would be a great idea to utilize. You can also check your reflection and how you look. The only problem is you’ll have to find a way to make it stick.. ‘

Life Hack for People Studying

This life hack is ideal for people who are studying, and even professors who want to explore more research. The problem with purchasing scientific journals is that 35% of the earnings go to the publisher and not to the author. This isn’t very well known.

image courtesy of NextdyReport/reddit

If you’re looking to support the authors, you can contact the people who hold the PhDs directly so you can buy from them without worrying about who you’re supporting. A lot of people don’t know about this hack, especially students, and this is very helpful to know.

No Touch No Problem

If you own a smartphone, you’ll know the struggle when the touch screen isn’t working. Luckily, we have tech magicians who’ve discovered everything, and they’re willing to try and find a fix for any problem. This phone uses a micro USB connected to the USB while the USB is connected to the Bluetooth, which is then synced to a mouse

image courtesy of AutumnRaeElizabeth/reddit

This is a genius hack, and while it takes some time to figure out, it’s certainly feasible. Good on this tech guy for trying to revive his phone. While it may look tedious, it sure does the trick! Next time your touch stops working, try out this hack.

Suit Hack

If you can’t afford a suit for a professional looking headshot, have no fear. Here’s a hack to help you look your best and all you’ll need is a pair of black pants. These black pants drape over your shoulders, and then you can snap a picture from afar, and it’ll look like you bought a brand new suit.

image courtesy of AutumnRaeElizabeth/reddit

The tricky part is making sure it holds, so just make sure someone’s in front of you to keep the leg parts smooth. This hack is for anyone who’s preparing for an interview picture, students, or anyone who needs to update their social media. Genius idea, right?

Undercover Books

This hack is pretty genius. Usually, when our parents dragged us to church, we’d be sitting down on our chairs feeling kind of bored and disengaged. What grandpa does to stay looking attentive is to wrap his favorite novels in duct tape, so the cover looks like he’s reading a bible!

image courtesy of joshamiddleton/reddit

This is a genius idea considering most bibles in the church are laminated. He could’ve simply laminated it at the store, but grandpa took his sweet time to wrap the books in duct tape – talk about dedication! Some people can talk the talk, but grandpa is really good at taking action.

Styrofoam Hack

Do you usually throw away your nails and screws? Then this would be a great time to keep them on standby in a safe place. When you’re packing away your stuff, keep the styrofoam! You’ll never know when they’ll be super handy.

image courtesy of mankadenReport/reddit

Styrofoam is a lifesaver for small parts. If you have a little child in the home, it’s also essential to make sure they stay away from small pieces of steel. This is a simple idea that anyone can use, and it’s a pretty effective way of storing old and leftover bits and pieces.

Nana’s Trick

This quick and easy trick isn’t a new hack; it’s pretty well known for grandmas and moms everywhere. If you need to sew a new hem, then marking your fingers with the lines using the ruler can really help. It’s quick, easy, and efficient.

image courtesy of AutumnRaeElizabeth/reddit

You won’t have to waste your time using a ruler since you can easily use your thumb! This saves up on time, and you won’t have to worry about the measurements and making a mistake. Just go over the lines again to make sure they’re visible if they start to fade.

Key’s in Place

This jogger went on a run and sadly lost her car keys. This is one of the most annoying situations, especially since you might only have one set of your car keys. Luckily, a friendly passerby decided to help her out, thus making the search an easy one.

image courtesy of mankadenReport/reddit

He decorated the ground with sticks to make sure that she would be able to find her key if she retraced her steps. Such a bright idea this was, and we are surprised by the kindness of people. It’s nice to know that there’s a lot of good in this world.

Coffee Conscious

It’s always good to have coffee conscious people around you, especially at work. If you’re a huge coffee fan then you’d be in for a treat if you saw this. This coworker wanted to make sure his officemates had the freshest coffee available at their disposal.

image courtesy of sexydorito/reddit

He took two cups and decided to mark it to indicate if the coffee was fresh or not. This is a helpful tactic so you’re not drinking stale coffee. We just wish everyone at the office could do this too! This guy deserves an employee of the year award.

Smart Labels

Gone are the days of sticker labels; nowadays people are taking a more unconventional route, and we’re all for that. This grandpa decided to put a bit of spice and flavor into his life with these hardware labels. Instead of writing “screws” and so on, he found a more creative alternative.

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

We’ve never seen anything like this, but we’re very impressed by the craftsmanship that was put into this. It looks like he has a background being an inventor, and it shows through his impeccable work. If you’re looking to revamp your work drawer, try this out!

Dad’s Bleached Shirt

Sometimes when accidents happen on our clothes, we’re quick to throw them away. Why not turn it into a fun art project instead of discarding the fabric? There’s always something cool to be done with old clothes, and this dad had the bright idea to unleash his creativity on it.

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

He spilled some bleach but decided to turn his shirt into a piece of abstract artwork. After all, you don’t really need to ditch the shirt if you can still use it. We love the brush bleach strokes and the characters he wrote; you can tell he’s well pleased with his efforts.

Rolo’s Garden

If your dog’s a messy drinker, then this might be a great solution for you. Why worry about his drinking area being messy when you can just decorate it to cover the mess? This doggy owner’s girlfriend thought to turn his drinking corner into a natural compound.

image courtesy of o0geck0o/reddit

We love how they used a recyclable wooden box as the exterior. She even lined it with plants and succulents to make it look more appealing. It’s a lovely touch that she managed to do, and it ties in very well together. Rolo’s going to have a great time slurping down his water now! Without any messes on the floor.

Cancelling Comcast Infinity Hack

After this guy failed at canceling his Comcast Xfinity subscription multiple times, he decided to stop fighting with them. Sometimes arguing with people in a call center can be futile, sometimes it’s best just to leave things as they are or make up an excuse so convincing that they have to help you out without further discussion.

image courtesy of BaseballFan2019/reddit

“I am going to prison” were the words he uttered, and it was a pretty bright idea. It looks like they won’t be giving him any more problems, and they agreed to terminate the subscription right away. This was an excellent idea, and we might use it next time too.

$10 Steal

This guy’s basement had no windows and it was getting stuffy and boring down there. Without any natural light, time also passes you by much quicker, and sometimes you can forget what day it is. He had the genius idea of buying two old windows.

image courtest of lifehacks/reddit

He restructured them, painted over them, and even frosted the glass! The light you see is actually LED lights behind the windows to make it look like you can see the natural light from outside. On snowy days, this can look like a wintery wonderland. Brilliant idea.

Strawberry Rocks

This is a life hack for those with a green thumb. If you’re worried about those pesky birds gnawing away at your fruit, then this one’s a lifesaver. Rae had at least 8 crows visiting her garden, and she was fed up with them. They’re not very pleasant animals since they can peck at your crop.

image courtesy of rae ellis

To prevent those pesky critters from visiting, grab a couple of rocks, and paint them red. This gives the illusion that they are strawberries. The pesky birds will be gone in no time when they start pecking away at something hard, smart idea, huh?

Soviet Hack

This hack isn’t any ordinary hack; it’s from an old book that existed during the days of the former USSR. This Soviet hack was used back then to transport water more efficiently. Usually, when buckets are full of water, it can be very heavy.

image courtesy of kallifud/reddit

This is an alternative to carrying buckets of water without having to feel tired after. It takes away the stress from your palms so you won’t have to worry about the pain of the weight later. Luckily, we had advice back then that we can apply now. Thank you, Soviets!

The Struggling Student

If you’re a student, you might’ve experienced this at least once. You have that moment where you need your laptop to stand, yet it cannot do so on its own. This student took hi-tech genius to the next level with this nifty solution.

image courtesy of griffinonthego/reddit

While it may look unsteady, it still makes for a great alternative to a laptop stand. He really took out of the box thinking to the next level with this laptop stand! We appreciate the thought process and the makeshift stand. Not too shabby, at all!

Quick Camera Hack

Many people use the selfie camera for so many things. Usually, for photos of themselves, and other times, they use it for fixing their device cords. This nifty little trick was used by this guy for checking out his plugs on his computer. Cool idea huh?

image courtesy of griffinonthego/reddit

Instead of straining his head, trying to see what’s under his computer, he decided to just snap a pic. Great idea, right? Some people struggle to get their gadgets hooked up correctly, and this guy decided to share his story. He teaches us that there is usually an easier way of doing even the most menial of tasks.

Dog Walking Hack

This doggo owner forgot his buddy’s leash at home, and he had to make sure his friend would follow him without straying too far, So he had an open bag of chips by his side. Good thing too, the little guy was able to follow his owner. This sort of bribing is acceptable, especially when treats are involved.

image courtesy of o0geck0o/reddit

If you left for dog’s leash but have a bag of chips, this should be enough to help you out. This doggo is so cute, and his owner is a sweetie for treating him all the way to the park. It looks like he won’t be wanting his dinner anytime soon!

Cowboy Cone

The Anti-Scratch Cone is essential for dogs when they have an itch or some kind of allergy. They must wear them, so they don’t gnaw at their fur and cause the irritation or infection to worsen. This owner didn’t want to pay $50 for an anti-scratch cone.

image courtesy of o0geck0o/reddit

So he improvised and made his own. He decided to make do with what he had. Since he had an extra hat lying around the house, why not use it, right? It suits this doggo well even if he isn’t pleased with it.

Mood Cone

Here we have another furry feline with a scratching problem. Luckily his owner is thrifty and quick on his toes! He found a child’s plate and cut a hole through the center. This spot is for the cat’s head to pop through so he can rest easily.

image courtesy of cplog991

It doesn’t look like he’s under any constrains, and it seems like the cat consented. What’s even funnier is the label on the plate that accurately depicts his mood. This one had got to go down in the books for being one of the cutest animal hacks ever.

Rain Rain Come Again

This is perfect for people who love gardening and permaculture. This guy decided to hook his guttering to his miniature garden, and it looks fantastic. This works best during the rainy season, so the plants get all the water they need.

image courtesy of 5_Frog_MarginReport/reddit

This may help cut down the time you use to water your plants and conserve water at the same time. You’ll still have to water your plants during dry spells, but this water system saves you both water and time.

Makeshift Tweezer

This makeshift tweezer is great to use if you’re on the go and get a splinter. No need to hurry home and search for your tweezers. This is easy and does the trick, and you’ll only need what you already probably have within reach. Line 3 coins together but slide the top and the bottom one together.

image courtesy of Oh_No__Im_Just_Lam/reddit

You’ll have a slight indent at the end that should grab the part of the splinter or whatever else that needs pulling. If your friend has some gray hairs, you can try plucking them out with these coins. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Hard to Remove Knots

Bobby pins are great for picking locks, but what many people don’t know is that they’re also good for untying hard knots. Take two bobby pins, place them inside the knot on both sides and gently tug to loosen them up. Because sometimes fingernails aren’t enough.

image courtesy of Anna_Banananana/reddit

We’ve all been there. We’ve either tied our shoelaces too tight or even double knotted them. So this hack is for everyone who’s had knots in their laces that have been there for centuries. Good thing there’s good ol’ bobby pins to the rescue!

No More Adhesive

Ever wondered how to remove adhesive from plastic bottles? There’s a much better way to remove stickers than to scratch at them incessantly or even using soap and water. Instead of dousing the plastic bottles in soap and water, just pop them into your freezer.

image courtesy of Anna_Banananana/reddit

You’re sure to get the label off the plastic bottle effortlessly if you just pop it into your freezer for an hour or two. Say goodbye to trying to scrape the labels off, because seriously, who has time for that?

Sad or Clever?

Is this hack sad or clever? You decide. This guy’s uncle decided to troll the family group by asking for money. With the goal of having them never ask him for money in return. His nephew didnt know his hidden agenda and thoughfully asked him if he needed the cash and to send his bank information.

image courtesy of africaquiche/twitter

The uncle let him in on the secret, but we’re not too sure if this was a smart move or a sad move. After all, it’s already awkward asking for money as it is, and he did it so unabashedly. Good idea, but also kind of a brave. You go, uncle, we hope the fam stopped harassing you.

Hoodie For Dogs

Just like kangaroos have their pouches for their babies, so do humans… This guy proves that humans can carry puppies in their pouches too. This nifty trick is straightforward. Just wear your hoodie in reverse so you can carry your pup in the hood.

image courtesy of old/reddit

If you’re going to the grocery and can’t bear to leave your furry friend at home, why not bring him with you on your trip? He’ll have a safe spot to curl up in and you’ll both gain from this experience. You’ll get to do the groceries while your dog gets to see the outside world.

Flooring Planks to the Rescue

This guy thought of a bright idea, instead of buying cheap plastic chair mats, he decided to use a box of laminate flooring plans for his chair. Chair indents on the carpet can be hard to remove, so he thought of this quick fix solution.

image courtesy of sexydorito/reddit

Alternatively, he could’ve moved his office space to an area where the floor isn’t carpeted. But good thing he decided to make do with what he has. Often times, it’s better to find clever ways around an issue instead of ditching the idea altogether.

Stocking Hack

Queensland is an Aussie state well known for its beautiful gold coast and surf spots. What they’re also infamous for are the insects that escape the heat by hiding in the drains in your home. This can easily be fixed with a pair of stockings.

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

This is a clever way to shower in peace without looking down to wonder what is lurking in the drain. We also think that this is an ideal fix to stop hair from clogging up the pipes. Who knew pantyhose could come in so handy.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are some of the best things to own because they can help put your things into place. People don’t realize how great they are for also sorting our your cables! If you have a pesky cable that needs sorting, don’t hesitate to use cable ties.

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

It’s a nuisance when all your chords break because you didn’t take care of them properly. Sometimes it’s easier to jam them into your desk or at the back of a bookshelf. But if you’re looking to be organised, this is a game changer and life changer.

Meet The Neighbours

This lady’s grandma has some pretty creative neighbors! This hook and pulley system helps hoist their groceries up so they don’t have to walk all the way down. What a nifty idea! It’s cool to see people exploring their creative sides.

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

This would also be great if you want to leave something for a friend and they’re not around. You can hang a bag, fill it with stuff, and even surprise a friend with gifts. This nifty hack deserves 10 stars from us! Maybe even try replicating it in your home.

Out of Toilet Paper

This person left a friendly reminder using a toilet roll. At least it was pretty thoughtful of him to do this. But also, he could’ve just left it in its place. While this is thoughtful, it’s a bit unsanitary. It’s a great hack though for people to know the roll is finished!

image courtesy of lifehacks/reddit

Hopefully, management was able to refill the toilet paper quickly. Going to the bathroom without one is a doozy. Next time, if you want to tell people the toilet paper is out, you won’t need to alert them outside the bathroom, they’ll walk inside and know with this cool hack.