Hiking through fire and ice in Iceland’s hot springs

There are few places in the country that inspire such magical feelings as Iceland. When you see what this great country has to offer, you feel that anything is possible, as each cave and mountain peak seems to be the perfect place to shoot the next bigger fantasy-themed box office.

Magical views from another planet

Our journey takes place between the Landmannalaugar and the Pórsmörk region as we travel from one region to another. At Landmannalaugari we can experience magical hot springs surrounded by pink, purple, green and blue mountain peaks. Even better, many avid travelers will argue that this particular hike is probably the best view of the famous northern Aurora Borealis as you cross endless fields surrounded by rolling hills and fierce mountain peaks.

When we arrive in Pórsmörk, we are treated by a completely different view, but equally thought-provoking and beautiful. Pórsmörk is characterized by majestic rivers that pass through a black volcanic desert surrounded by snow-covered brushed mountain peaks, making you feel like you are actually visiting a foreign planet. To make things even more magical, the higher temperatures in the Pórsmörk area allow the spooky fog to take over significant parts of the view. My own personal opinion is that this area is probably one of the most amazing sights you can see today, anywhere in the world.

Why this route is so popular

This trip is absolutely gorgeous, but it is much more. You can see that, unlike many other journeys, the landscape here can change very drastically – and very quickly. You’ll find yourself moving between black deserts, hot springs, green valleys and ice caves every few kilometers, adding a healthy dose of excitement to every step. It’s a truly amazing experience to transport between an active volcano and a colorful ice cave in just minutes!