Hilarious Compilation of Texts from Tech-Challenged Parents

With the advancements in technology, you can’t always expect your parents to keep up. From struggling with social media apps to figuring out different slang terms and acronyms, there’s a lot that makes them miss the simpler times. Some of these text messages make for hilarious memes and it’s a crime not to share it with the world! We have a compilation of some of the most sidesplitting texts that parents sent their kids in complete seriousness and naivety.

Dad Jokes

Aren’t dad jokes the best? They surely brighten up our day. Here’s one of the classy dad jokes, when you playfully tread on dangerous waters by turning your child’s fears into comedy.

It won’t be a dad joke if you can’t turn something pretty serious like phobias into practical jokes. We do hope the moth didn’t take over and destroy the household, or scarred the child for life.

LOL-ing For All the Wrong Reasons

That’s one way to diffuse the tension and break the news in a light-hearted manner, isn’t it? Not sure how you can recover from something like this, but at least she means well.

Here’s a tip, don’t use acronyms that you aren’t 100% sure about, you never know what mess you’ll get yourself in. Even though the word “lol” has been around for a very long time, it’s amazing how some people still take it as lots of love. It’s safe to say that R.I.P is much more appropriate, as long as we are all on the same page that it means to rest in peace.

Delivery Confirmation

That’s another way to confirm that your messages are being delivered and read. Sometimes life plays cruel jokes on you, sometimes your parents do.

It’s true that only a mother can know her child better than anyone, and so it only fits that she knows how to get a reply out of them. Although it is better to get updates via texts, rather than shouting questions from downstairs for everyone to hear.

Yoga From Hell

kind of warnings you get from your parents these days is just amazing. With changing times, there’s a lot of new information to absorb and make your peace with. So it is not a surprise that sometimes the worries and concerns are too exaggerated.

Although yoga is around since ancient times, who knows what kind of cult you can accidentally be a part of by mingling in with this hippie crowd? The kid’s on her path to divine enlightenment and better digestion now anyway, you can’t save them.

What Elizabeth Did

This has to be the cutest text exchange ever. Apparently the daughter changed the autocorrect on her mother’s cellphone, and the result is this hilarious thread of texts with the mom struggling to get her point across.

Although we are curious to know what word she was actually trying to use, this is a sweet and silly way to push your parents’ buttons while putting a smile on their faces.

The Innocent Smiley

There are some things that can never work for you again after you have seen them through your parent’s eyes. This is one of those hilarious instances where a meaningful sensual text will never make you feel the same way.

What’s more worrisome is actually sitting your parents down to tell them what these symbols actually mean. That is the new ‘having the talk’ and it’s all messed up, we are not ready for it yet. Let’s hope the confusion was cleared up, and the mom didn’t decide to cheer anyone else’s day with the super happy face-thing.

WTF Moments

This truly is one of those WTF moments where you can’t even use the expression in the conversation. It all boils down to knowing your acronyms!

Although WTF is popular all over the internet for quite long, many parents don’t really get why it is so. It might as well be a friendly greeting or representing the days of the week, that’s convenient right? It’s quick and gets the job done, but we wonder how someone would miss a million examples of rightfully used WTF with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This mom is surely having a very ‘sheltered’ browsing experience.

The Traumatized Kid

This is possibly the worst thing to happen when you give your phone to someone, let alone that ‘someone’ being your kid! It is always recommended to delete or transfer pictures from the smartphone, especially the ones that are of a sensitive nature.

The dad really dropped the ball here, but it will teach the kid a lesson for snooping around on the dad’s phone! That’s like giving your kids wholesome content for future therapy, job well done.

No Thoughts Were Given

That’s one way to inform your kid they left their phone at home. No, don’t think about it, don’t even think when the phone beeps right in front of you, they’ll get the message anyhow. Technology needs to be advanced ten folds to meet the demands of this dad.

We are sure he didn’t realize the mistake, but it would have definitely made the kid laugh when they were finally able to come home and read the glorious information. Let’s hope he didn’t sit and wait for a reply for too long. 

Beautiful Thumb

Sometimes you’ve just got to give in and go with the flow. We thought that having everything together in one device would make things easy, but who wants easy when they have to learn everything from scratch on the demonic smartphones with touch buttons and integrated cameras?

It might seem like its simpler, but it’s really not when you are determined to keep the technology ‘under your thumb’

Proud Moments

Oh the innocence! Every kid is a star in their parent’s eye, but this takes it too far. We are sure the kid doesn’t run Google, but half of his relatives and family friends sure thinks he does, thanks to mom.

Nobody likes change though, we get it. Running google comes with big responsibilities – keeping a consistent logo being the most important one. You can do better, Google, don’t disappoint the parent.

Going Out For Love

This just proves that love and ice cream are basically the same thing. Frankly, after reading this we don’t see how we can see the heart emoji in the same way ever again.

And anyway, shouldn’t emoji’s be up for interpretation and for everyone to see what they want to see, like an inkblot test? From now on, it can be both a heart and a double scoop ice cream cone. When it comes to desserts, it’s always a no-judgment zone.

When Are You Home?

Well, sometimes you have to confirm it until the reply sinks in. Or perhaps the automatic message just went for it. These kinds of things also happen when your service goes down for a while and you hit send multiple times, and the other person has to reap the rewards of it.

It’s pretty annoying but let’s admit it, it’s kind of funny too and she got her reply loud and clear. On the other hand, it could just be some mean old playful texting to irritate your kid, it’s your turn now, go crazy!


After butt dialling, we present to you the new technological advancement – butt texting. The automatic replies don’t always make your work easy, or not for the recipient at least.

It’s somehow easier for parents to turn on such automated messages and offers, but it’s the turning off part that gets tricky and indubitably painful, and not just for them. Some people also go wild on the send button, with the resulting outcome.

You Only Die Once

This is another classic case of using the wrong acronym. It’s not that she didn’t know what the full form means, she just didn’t get the spirit of it to seize the day.

YOLO becomes more of a warning to drive safely and not put yourself out there, which completely kills the point of the acronym. It also shows how people perceive things so differently based on the generation gap.

She Needs Some Space

It’s the simplest things in life that can challenge you the most. Although the keyboards on smartphones are quite similar to the ones on computers, or even typewriters, it’s still a pain when you feel like there’s something new to be learned.

Perhaps the spacebar needs to be labeled just as all the other keys are, it’s only fair.

The Damned Autocorrect

Raise your hands if you have been personally victimized by your phone’s autocorrect. This is no joke, autocorrect is the worst. But it is even more mortifying when you get a text from your parents with a sexual context, and you just can’t wrap your head around it.

Oh well, at least this is an inside joke that the family can share over and over again!

Senior Moments

It is one of those times when you have your glasses hanging around your neck or on your head, and you make the whole house find it in a panic.

This mom is having one of those hilarious panic attacks where you look for a thing while holding it. Apparently sliding it open and texting with it didn’t ring a bell either. Next time be more forward with your parents when they ask you something, you guys!

Wrong Answer

Sometimes even the right answers can’t really answer the question correctly. This might have gotten too awkward for her when she got the exact same reply from her daughter as well.

Hopefully, there was more to this conversation to explain the already explained text. Again, acronyms are hard people! Bring back simpler times with full, long and meaningful sentences. Smh.

Innocent Mistakes

We are not blaming or judging the mom for anything here, who can resist searching for something so tempting when the whole internet is at their disposal?

Image Courtesy of WordPress

This mom is going to have the time of her life, once she learns how to clear the browsing history of course. It’s a great way to bond with your parents too, teaching them technology while enjoying some good old butt pictures together.

Fancy Texts

What happened to the good old days of toggle casing the letters and using symbols and accents to beautify your text? We are not sure what happened to her phone, but it’s quite an interesting error and we are very curious to know how she made it happen.

There were kids in schools who legit spent time learning how to send texts like these.


Oh, how the tables have turned! Sometimes it’s not your cool parents, it is you who don’t get them when they correctly use technology and acronyms.

This child clearly has no chill, although we will admit that it was more of a technical error than lack of coolness. KY jelly, as we know, can’t really be used for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and we can understand the child’s curiosity and bafflement. Let’s hope he or she got the right jelly for whatever reasons it was needed.

The Rhyming Texts

This would make for a great poem in a children’s book. This can even be used in potty training videos and manuals. It has subtle yet classy humour to it, and we are sure it would make anyone chuckle.

The autocorrect really brings out the poet in you, doesn’t it? Let’s hope no one oops-ed or pooped in the sink, shower, or shrink.

Hashtag Blessed

Yeah… that’s not how you use it. At least she has the whole concept down, any moment now she will be introduced to the symbols and it will be cathartic and life-changing.

Here’s one thing though, she managed to make conversations with son viral and trending even without using the actual hashtag. If that isn’t pure talent then what is?

Interesting Plans

Where’s autocorrect when you really need it? Here’s one of those instances where you wished your parents were technologically challenged. But no, they are quite apt at sending texts, and very clear about their intentions too.

What happened to the good old days when you’d just hang a sock on the doorknob and call it a day? Everything has to be out in the open with the changing times, no matter how much it scares the other person. Oh well, that’s the price you have to pay for technology.

Hard Truths

We don’t know what’s more disturbing, getting a text like that from your father, or discovering your mother’s twisted sense of humour this way.

Nobody can tell if it was one of those jokes that hint towards something bigger, but let’s just hope it ended at that. We do appreciate a good prank call, or ‘prank text’ though, the dad doesn’t seem to share the same views.

Mom Jokes

Well, nobody wants their kid to feel lonely. This was taking it a bit too far though, but we appreciate the effort. Moms are always worrying about daughters. Call it an old trend, but you have to be answerable to them about your dating life, and the reason why you are choosing to be single.

Otherwise, brace yourself for texts like these, and sneaky jokes that hint towards marriage, and even painful setups. Skip the thanksgiving dinner if you must.

Valiant Efforts

Ha Ha, aren’t your proud, honey? Not only did this mom learn how to text, but she is also on her way back all the way from the silver moon. Well, it’s quite possible that the keyboard was smaller and the symbols and letters got mixed up while texting.

But no matter what happened, we truly appreciate the sincere effort at texting. She might not have it down just yet, but hey things are hard when you are on the silver moon. It could also be a secret code that she mastered the art of, and if that’s the case then it surely is a proud moment.

Did I Stutter?

Some parents are embracing their busy life, and they need their kids to keep up! Isn’t that great when you are sassed by your own parents, and that too over technology and technicality?

It must hurt, but they need to enjoy the small wins too. In this case, though, she seems like she is a no non-sense mom, or perhaps she is just playing a funny trick to embarrass the kid or give them a good laugh. Works for us.

Winky Face After Bad Botox

This can pass for a winky face if the person who’s winking had a bad Botox accident and doesn’t know what to do with their facial muscles anymore.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

She does seem happy about engineering the art of using emojis though and let’s be honest, who needs to follow the standards set by society anyway. Make your own emojis and spread them around. The world needs more joys and winks. Bad Botox winky face shall not be denied, although it will haunt you in your dreams.

Failed Voice Texts

We thought that life would be easier with the introduction of voice commands. But has it, really? Is it fun repeating the same thing with different pronunciations and accents while shouting at your phone? We don’t think so, and we don’t blame this mother.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Sometimes it is easy to just pick up the phone and type a long message, rather than wasting your breath on voice commands. They seldom, if ever work, and you perhaps have to take some advanced courses to work on your chorus and tone. Space space space space is not worth it. Over and out.

Knew I Was Forgetting Something!

It’s always best to make a list when going grocery shopping. You are bound to leave something behind. Admitted, it’s not always a human being, more of a taco shell or toilet paper.

But just to be on the safe side, jot down your kid’s name on the grocery list next time. Better safe than sorry, you know. It’s traumatizing when you are too young, but it’s not uncommon to get lost or even forgotten at a grocery store. Well, at least they have their smartphones with them now, it’s all good.

We Need Answers

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Is the Earth flat? Are aliens really out there? It makes you think, doesn’t it? Autocorrect is surely a treat at times, no matter how much it frustrates you.

We can only imagine what the actual question was, but for every right word, autocorrect offers something to drive you nuts. Who misses the old keypads when you had to hit the same button four times? This mom sure does.

One Big Happy

Here’s a tip, next time don’t take your phone with you after telling your mom you are out on a date. Or better yet, don’t tell her you are going on one to begin with.

Clearly, it just raises innocent expectations that you can’t meet no matter how many egg rolls you order. We are sure this mother had the best intentions at heart, it’s just the execution that needs a little work. We hope no conversations about kids were involved in this very happening first date.