Horrible Landlords Who Have no Chill When it Comes to Repairs

Locked Out

After a long day of working 9 hours and hearing your boss scream at you, you want to unwind at home with a bottle of red wine and a nice warm bubble bath. Unfortunately, the door is padlocked. This is a sight that no tenant wants to see.

The upside from the whole situation? At least no-one will enter your apartment unknowingly. This lock is sure to keep strangers at bay. Now.. if we can only find an alternative exit. 

Shroom Time

Some people have dust on their walls or vines on their windows to the point where they can’t open them. And well, some of the unlucky people have mushrooms on their ceiling. We don’t mean those mushrooms you can trip on and feel wonderful.

These are the ones that nightmares are made of. These mushrooms look fresh and ready to crawl onto your face. Make sure your floor doesn’t have them either or else your pet’s going to puke out shards of fungi. This is a problem that the landlord can fix easily but unfortunately he didn’t think it was big enough of a problem.

Free Stairs FTW

OMG, don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity of renting an apartment with FREE stairs!

You know what, as an added bonus, the air you breathe will also be absolutely free of charge, and even the floor you walk on. You know it can’t get any better than this. Moreover, they have thrown 2 months of free elevator rides to make things even more convenient for the tenants. We are sure everyone who lives here is going to have the time of their life. We are here for the stories. 

Locked and Loaded

Seriously? Another locked drawer? There should be a book entitled “a series of unfortunate tenants” it seems like the past tenant doesn’t want anyone snooping into their belongings. Or the landlord probably didn’t care enough to unlock the drawer.

Either way, if we were the tenant, we would have hacked away at the drawer, ditched the entire piece altogether or called one of our handy locksmiths. Either way, this is easily fixable. Unfortunately the landlord didn’t care enough to mind it.

Unwanted Doormat

How cheap could the landlord get? When the tenant moved in, he wanted to get a nice rug for the flat. Instead, he got more than what he bargained for. A rug inside a carpet. Rugception? We think so.

The next step would be to pry out the rag and ditch it altogether. We’re shocked by the terrible job that this landlord did to cover the mess. It looks like a job that was done by a 10 year old. Next time, make sure to bring up any strange issues with your landlord. But be gentle with them, they might be slightly nuts.

What Year Are We In?

This landlord forgot to add a proper installation for the doorbell. We mean seriously, this is not cool at all. What if the pizza guy arrives and has to make a quick delivery but we don’t hear him coming? Guess we’ll have to settle for cold pepperoni slices.

But seriously, we are not amused. A doorbell is essential. We mean, guests can knock after all but we still wouldn’t be able to hear them that well.. This tenant needs to get a new landlord stat!

Warning Signs

This thoughtful landlord decided to leave a helpful note for the next tenant. Too bad he couldn’t have called someone to fix the circuits instead. It’s as if he thought that covering a hole with tape would fix things when he could have just picked up the phone and dialled the handyman.

Circuits that are mislabelled is an invitation for disaster. This house looks like it’s about to erupt into a fireworks show. We’re hoping by this time the tenant was able to bring this issue to light. Good luck, buddy!

Just Use Tape

Tape fixes everything. Or rather that’s the motto of this landlord. Was he trying to make a crossword puzzle game out of the tape? This dude should reconsider being a landlord because he doesn’t seem to be a good one.

If we entered our new apartments and saw this wall we’d probably quake in our boots and make a mad dash for the door. After all bathrooms are sacred places for doing all sorts of business. If we had this as our bathroom we ‘d do 2 minute showers and quickly rinse and go.

The Ultimate Fire Extinguisher 

Let’s admit it, those heavy-duty fire extinguishers are just there for the show. Water is the real deal! No need to spend those extra bucks for trivial things like fire safety in the building.

Just get a water bottle and a lock and key. This revolutionary idea just goes on to tell how indolent and apathetic the landlord actually is, not to mention the dark, sadistic sense of humour that we are sure they acquired after pledging their soul to Satan. 

The Water Runneth

Maybe the other hole in the faucet is for hot water? And the main water source is for cold water? We’re unsure of the motive of the plumber but he should have stuck to creating one output for the water.

But on second thought, we can wash our dishes quicker with this flow of water. This could be looked at as a pro instead of a con. After all, out of all the bad jobs that the landlords did here, this one isn’t that bad. We’d say the glass is half full on this job. Or should we say, it’s overflowing…

The Collapsing Ceiling 

Remember that episode from Breaking Bad when the corroded tub makes the ceiling collapse? We sure hope the people living above weren’t trying to make a body disappear.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The tenants claimed that they noticed some leakage and few drippings coming from the ceiling for a couple of weeks, but the landlord didn’t bother much with it. This must have been quite a nasty surprise to come home to, but at least the living area was empty at the time of the collapse. Silver linings!

The Pipes That Never Got Fixed 

One common way for landlords to get out of a problem is claiming that they were never informed about a certain issue in a timely manner. Such was the case with this particular landlord, who was informed constantly by the tenants that the inner pipes that lead to the shower are leaking, and causing the shower floor to crack.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

After neglecting it for three months straight, the company and landlord freaked out by the extent of damage and tried to blame the renters, but thankfully the evidence of communications saved them.

The Chandelier From Hell 

You can never tell what cost-effective method your landlord would come up with when addressing a problem in the house. it’s true, you can do whatever you see fit on your own property, but things get tricky when it’s on rent, and other people have to live with the consequences of your poor decisions.

Image Courtesy of gringrant/reddit

This spectacularly trashy ‘fix’ of a leaky ceiling will make you wish you rather bought an umbrella than complaining about it to the landlord. 

Duct Tape to the Rescue 

No matter what the problem is, duct tape is the solution. It is the glue that keeps the world together. One of the best qualities about duct tape is that it’s cheap, especially when compared to some heavy-duty plumbing work.

Image Courtesy of metexonline/Twitter

Another perk of it is that there’s a lot of it at your disposal to do what you wish with it. This hilarious DIY project will give all the plumbers a run for their money. When the toilet starts to come away from the walls, worry not, duct tape will hold it all together, much like your hopes and dreams when you moved into the apartment. 

Shower for Midgets and Leprechauns 

Hey, it’s not easy travelling through a rainbow and taking care of those heavy pots of gold – leprechaun’s got to chill and have a soothing shower.

Image Courtesy of Buzzly

This brilliantly sized shower does the trick. It gives you the ideal height you will need to clean your pets, may be toddlers and babies. But if you are in fact an average sized adult, and not a leprechaun or a midget, be ready to squat for the rest of your life. At least you will have strong quads to boast!

Plastic Does the Trick 

Make plastic great again! Plastic is the solution to everything. It always works in holding everything together in its own delicate ways.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This landlord values the simple things in life. Who needs to call a plumber or a construction worker for such menial tasks as a leaky roof, when you can just fix a plastic bag around the leak and have a beautiful work of art right at the centre of the room?

When You Can’t Even Afford Duct Tape 

When moving into a cheap apartment to make ends meet, make sure that the landlord isn’t equally cheap.

Image Courtesy of kknews/Twitter

One of the main issues that springs about on a regular basis in any household is plumbing problems. For any sane person, it’s quite obvious that the next step would be calling a plumber. But not to your cheap landlord, for him a trip to the store to get some scotch tape does the trick.

The Upscale Fireplace 

Do you need to get the fireplace in your apartment replaced? Or perhaps you don’t use it enough and want to get rid of it altogether.

Image Courtesy of kknews/Twitter

Worry not, just find a piece of cardboard laying around the house and put it in front of the hearth. Problem solved in a jiffy! When the going gets tough, landlords become innovators. We can’t believe how brilliantly they find the cheapest solution to a startling issue. 

Quick Fixes 

Is a misplaced lightbulb causing a hindrance in opening and closing the door? Just cut away a piece of the door to accommodate the bulb, what’s the big deal?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

These quick fixes are absolutely hilarious until you have to actually live in an apartment like this. Takes away the whole concept of privacy and wanting to have a lock on the door altogether. 

Fire Safety First 

Smoke detectors are a life saver. It’s the duty of landlords and tenants to keep a check on the maintenance of smoke detectors and to change batteries from time to time.

Image Courtesy of KPEinnovations/Facebook

One important factor that helps you keep a track of its upkeep is its date of installation. This naïve and innocent soul needs a more direct question to get the grasp on this concept. As if it’s not already evident enough of the smoke detector being mounted on the ceiling, now the tenant has no idea when is the right time to replace it. We call it living on the edge. 

Do You Feel Safe Yet? 

Doesn’t this feel totally safe and reliable? When the tenants expressed some concerns about safety, this is how the landlord responded, with a fabulous gated entryway that will scare away all the robbers and thieves.

Image Courtesy of tradesmenbanter/Facebook

Look, it has a lock and everything! We know who’s going to be sleeping safely like a child tonight – that’s right, no one!

Improvise, My Friends

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! This is the philosophy that goes behind this ingenious solution, and perhaps an invention that can add a unique touch of eccentricity to your little home. Doesn’t this picture look like it’s right out of the Alice in Wonderland story?

Image Courtesy of tallovoisins/Facebook

When the faucet started troubling the tenants, the landlord came up with this mind-blowing idea of utilizing what’s already present in the house, teaching them a lesson of conservation, improvisation and miserliness all in one go. 

Pet-Friendly Apartment: Yay or Nay?

If you are looking to move into a nice, cosy apartment that’s pet friendly with full-proof safety, you, my friend, have struck gold! This is probably one of the best things if you’re a cat lover and the worse thing if you aren’t.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This house clearly displays a rustic charm of its own, with cracked doors, creaking windows, and the quaint, pastoral cheese and bacon pizza box serving as a cat flap and a reminder of simpler times all at once. We advise you to have a THOROUGH tour of the house, especially the acclaimed ‘cat flap’ before you decide to move in with your poor pet, who might otherwise curse you for life. 

Hanging By a Wood

Congratulations Mr. Landlord, even the dog is disappointed in you. It must be quite scary living on the ground level, knowing a part of the second floor might collapse on you any time.

Image Courtesy of TopiBuzz

This might be something that you’d think will raise immediate concerns, but that’s where you are wrong. The nonchalant, laidback landlord has different plans for you. Even a small plastic box and a long stick of wood can suffice, why do you insist on fancy manoeuvres like proper restoration and repair? Enjoy the thrill of living on the edge, my friend. On a much serious note, take that precious dog and run!

Safety First 

We’re sure everyone might have experienced being locked out of their own house at some point in their life. Usually, it happens when you leave your keys inside the apartment, but in this case, any stranger at any time can walk by and lock you out, or lock you in for that matter.

Image Courtesy of izismile

That’s the beauty of this backwards installed lock on the front door. We sure hope the mistake was rectified.

The Healing Door 

We are not making this up! Some people try to mend all the problems of their life with a Band-Aid.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Although they do have healing properties, we are here to enlighten the insolent landlords that it doesn’t work the same way on wood as it does on wounds.

DIY Masterpiece 

Go on, ask your landlord to make things more comfortable and convenient for you, we dare you! When the poor tenants requested their landlord to get a bigger table for the apartment, he presented them with an ingenious DIY project of his own to showcase his skills as a handyman.

Image Courtesy of redditmarmot/Reddit

It’s like you don’t even need to buy things anymore, just make it work with the things laying around in the house – or better yet, go through your garbage. We are sure the sturdy and durable table comes with no weight limits. 

Sluggish Problems 

The worst thing about staying at a rented place is dealing with infestations. They ruin your personal belongings, they lower the overall hygiene and make it a lot harder to maintain cleanliness around the house.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

However, you expect to find slugs out in the garden, somberly slithering along the soil, not in your cabinets and quilts! This must have been quite a nasty surprise for the tenants, and the landlord stayed completely oblivious to the problem. Check out the size of those things! They are hard to miss. 

Paint it Black 

One of the most toxic infestations you can have at your house is mold. It is the silent killer, it makes you ill and always keeps the overall health and immunity down.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

If you are a completely unethical, immoral and sadistic person, you’d perhaps want to rent out your place by painting over that toxic black mould! That’s right, this landlord actually painted over the mould so that the tenants won’t notice.

Turn up the Heat 

That awkward moment when you get to see the real show behind the curtain, the artist being your landlord, the victimized audience being you – and you won’t even get your money back.

Image Courtesy of Fishki

This thermostat is as functional as the treadmill you buy to dry your clothes on. This might have explained a lot about why the temperature always felt a bit off even after trying to adjust the thermostat a million times a day. The landlord really did them dirty!

A Graveyard of Soaps 

If you live in a rented apartment, and you can smell a weird stench, we highly encourage you to investigate further.

Image Courtesy of 490xtr/Reddit

These poor tenants were just enjoying a nice day out in their newly rented place with a lovely little backyard. Who knew they’d stumble upon an animal carcass to singlehandedly bring the entire energy of the whole family collapsing down. 

You Had One Job! 

One of the perks of moving in a fully furnished apartment is that you don’t have to buy any appliance of your own. This lustrous and modern wall-mounted microwave seems too good to be true.

Image Courtesy of chaostrophic

Who knew the space-saving design was space-saving in every sense of the word – even when you try to open it. The tenants must have been flabbergasted when they tried to use the microwave for the first time, only to find that the door just opens a tiny crack. Even if you throw in some bite-sized appetizers, how will you ever get them out? 

Let It Rain Over Me 

These unfortunate tenants had their landlord living upstairs. One fine day, they left the water running in the bathroom, resulting in this disastrous rain of water all over the carpet and cabinets.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

We are forced to wonder what’s worse, ruined books or chances of getting mold. Books of course, duh! 

The Lonely Faucet 

It’s a bird! It’s an elephant’s trunk! Oh, it’s a faucet. Wow, just wow. How do you not see the problem when installing the faucet? It just blows our mind.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The concentration and attention to detail that went into the installation of this faucet are commendable. We also admire the indifference of leaving it be because no one can look at it and think ‘yeah, this is normal, let’s just walk away’. It makes you stop and ponder, that’s the beauty of it. The landlord clearly had no issues with it before renting the place. It’s creative, we’ll give it that. 

Nailed It 

We are very suspicious about this light switch. Was it trying to run away? Is there a Pandora box hidden behind it? Were the screws on sale? Do you have to flick it on and off a certain pattern or forever be doomed?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

We need answers. This switch board was definitely the main priority of the landlord. It got a lot of attention, a lot of screws, and a lot of love. So much so that it has now started cracking under pressure. Let’s hope it stays functional, otherwise, there will be a lot of screws to loosen up. 

The Sad Sodden Walls

Everyone goes through a struggle period in young age, when they have to rent out a cheap and affordable place and make do with the poor upkeep of the apartment. However, no one should feel that their stuff can be ruined in a flood anytime. This particular renter tells a sad tale of his neighbors who wrecked up the water pipe, which burst and flooded their apartment, the water pouring through until it was ankle deep. 

Image Courtesy of Irish Mirror

It was so bad even the walls became soggy! In spite of informing the landlord of the ordeal, nobody ever bothered showing up to evaluate the damage. They had to live with the same sodden walls for the next 4 years – not to mention the recurring mold problem that came with it.

Creepy Blinders

This creepy landlord pretended that he was ‘working’ around the flat to make sure everything was in order. Fortunately, the tenants found out the not-so-hidden surveillance camera was sitting at the top of their shelves to record everything, even the audio.

With such an appalling invasion of privacy, we don’t even know whom to trust anymore! Makes you want to look around your own rented apartment, and keep an eye out for a pervy landlord.  

A Humble Family of Rats 

Some landlords want you to feel like you are surrounded by nature in all its glory. This involves mould, rat infestations, ants and bugs – you name it!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Although, the story here is a serious one. Due to the landlord’s negligence and refusal to clean up the place of rats, one of the tenants actually contracted a rat-bite fever! The family spent weeks trying to get rid of the rat problem on their own by killing the rats one by one personally with the help of friends. But as the infestation always bounced back to its formal size and the landlord continued to stay indifferent, they had to eventually pack up and move out for the sake of their health.