How Awkward: Internet Moments Where People Lied

Sorry Starbucks

The world’s most loved coffee chain is in for a treat. And we don’t mean the sweet and nice kind. They received a comment from a twitter user who claims they don’t hire veterans. And boy, their answer was a smart one.


They retorted by saying that they already do hire veterans and he was gravely mistaken. That kind of calm and classic reply really changes the atmosphere. Way to go Starbucks for handling this minor issue very well. This guy should have done his research before calling out on one of the biggest coffee chains in the world. Yikes!


Avid fans, adrenaline spikes and a great reason to curse and yell. That’s the super bowl cut from nearly four hours to five minutes for you. Securing top-tier seats cost a fortune. So we would understand why Jake would glorify this moment on his feed.

Image Courtesy of Jake/Facebook

Too bad, it’s a front-row from the TV screen. You can’t con us here. The pixels are telling and his head should have been tilted to the right too if he were in the game. This picture is hilarious, what a great joke! It reminds us of the pranks we’ve seen on Tik Tok. Nice one.

Passing Face

When you are a passing face, you are probably going to sulk in invisibility. But that does not mean you go wholly unnoticed. Sometimes you crave attention even when you were given sufficient attention in school by peers and even your family too.

Image courtesy of Meme

She could have just posted that pic and said she was grateful for unscathed. There are a lot of memories in that period of our lives we want to repress. But now she has just opened that box and welcomed unnecessary criticism. When making such large claims make sure that you’re stating the truth, girl.

Pen in Hand

This is why school jocks are resented. They get all the credit for undone assignments. They’ll have friends, juniors or bullied classmates finish their homework for them. Case and point?

Image Courtesy of bleacherreport

Is he practising his fine motor skills? Is that a legitimate workout? It may look like he’s got that book report started, but it’ll only contain the text after he has dropped by one of his classmates’ rooms after a break. Is he writing with invisible ink?

Sore Loser

This person was in for a beating when the person she was talking about caught sight of her lie. This person mentioned how she was first in the race but she fell short of the truth.

The real truth was revealed when the user mentioned that she was the winner. This is a fail of epic proportions because she claimed someone else’s glory. Not a very commendable thing to do. Perhaps sports isn’t her forte? When you’re an athlete, it’s really important to maintain humility and not be a sore loser.

Those Youngsters

Millennials, Gen Z you can see these types of people everywhere. They’re in your malls. They’re in your neighbour’s houses and they’re in your subways. These inconsiderate youngins weren’t prioritizing the elderly. But wait, what’s that we see? An empty seat? Looks like your picture is void.


Next time instead of dissing on others then make sure to make sure all the seats are occupied before pointing fingers. There was clearly a seat behind her. Or maybe a small dog was sitting there? Either way, she should have shown the entire picture instead of pointing fingers.

I Don’t Have Cancer

This girl was in for the ride of her life when someone mistakingly posted her pictur saying that she has cancer. Imagine that! We wouldn’t know how to respond that’s for sure.

It looks like she took matters into her own hands when she decided to report the page for negligence and false news. Good on you, girl! Redeem your power. Also, she’s totally rocking the bald look. This was pretty cruel after all cancer is no laughing matter. Good thing Stefania stepped up!

Victim- Blaming

He’s just as much a victim as we are. Look at those eyes. And when your friends come over, you take turns reprimanding him. Look at those piercing eyes. How could we be upset?

How dare you, Karen? Call PAWS! If that were us, we would actually ruin the entire set next time. We can’t be tried again when we’ve been previously convicted of wrongdoing we didn’t commit. After all, at least he didn’t destroy the pillowcase, only the stuffing! He’s innocent! Until proven wrong..

Piecing a Story

encounter so many misleading articles such as this. And having to be caught redheaded
affects your credibility, whether or not you’re The New York Times or a Humor-
Gag website. Reddit threads might even have more credibility than a comedic

Image Courtesy of quityourbullshit/Reddit

To be fair, we find the story more interesting than having to be told that it was an art piece. How are we supposed to interpret this? Did the artist intend for us to observe nature while keeping those seats fixed? The story is an interesting one, but doing research is vital. An art piece was actually turned into a grim story.

The Mountain

Dressed up in metal and ravaging that shameful nun, he was a brute. The backstory is that he thrust his brother’s face in red-hot embers. While watching the Game of Thrones we thought he was massive. Turns out he wasn’t. He’s dwarfed in comparison to the others.

Image Courtesy of JDevloper/ Reddit

But that is because they’re basketball players. They are still really tall- they’re over 7 feet. Just when you think you’re the tallest person in the group, these two guys come in to totally prove you wrong. There will always be a taller person than you even if you think you are.

Hair Situation

Most men get to the age where they start balding or their hair starts thinning. This is no easy situation. People tend to lose their confidence more because of this. Luckily this guy was able to laugh things off with his hairdresser.


Great minds think alike right? Well not really. It looks like this guy stole a winning quote from Jimmy Kimmel. Come on dude, you need some originality here. Good thing he got called out, hopefully, he’ll be more original next time. After all, if Jimmy Kimmel said it then it would have gotten traction on the internet for sure.

Getting Attention

are the chances of you meeting a One Direction member? Probably 1 in a 100,000.
Usually, when someone swears to God, they’re close to telling the truth. But
being called upon to buy beer isn’t something we would be proud of.

Image Courtesy of Harrystles/Twitter

That’s because the whole story is a sham. We hope for his sake he ran into someone who “looked” like Harry Styles. Styles does sport a common hairstyle, and if it weren’t for his voice, he’d be just a passing face. Many people can be mistaken for Harry and it was funny how he replied on Twitter even though he wasn’t tagged.

Shadow Play

You’ll see a puppet hoisted by a stick. It’s the first day of classes and a friend of his decided to take his picture. He’s shy and we reckon he doesn’t have much friends.

Image Courtesy of cringepics/reddit

Well at least, now he wouldn’t with that misleading caption. It’s good that he doesn’t have his face displayed on this picture. It would be pretty embarrassing to be branded as a fake on the interweb. Come on, we all know where the sun is facing… he could have turned a few degrees to the side to prove his point.

Filming a Call

One of
the biggest shams in Pretty Little Liars is a popular kid’s cellphone usage.
No, it has nothing to do with data subscription but how she takes calls.

Image Courtesy of Tumblr

It’s not like she was in a public place, and that she was trying to surreptitiously take pictures of someone. She was at home when the phone rang. And she answered it by cupping the mouthpiece with flesh and hair. Attagirl. That’s how you mute the call. 

Beware Resellers

We love online shopping because there are no queues. But we have to be discerning about the products we buy. Take for instance, this scenario. It’s brand new but what’s the issue? The fact that it might not be brand new at all…

Image Courtesy of quityourbullshit/reddit

That backdrop made us think it’s filthy. We wouldn’t want to wear eyeglasses where they’ve been put on the car floor. Second, they’re anyone’s shape. In fact, you’re wearing them. We’d expect scratches on these glasses. We’re haggling down. Our minimum offer is 50% off, including shipping fees.

Out for a Run

Dad is an all-timer. He preps up, brews coffee, does high knees in place then puts those bands around his wrist. He worked 13 hours a day, takes out the trash, and then tends to the baby. Good job, dad.

Image Courtesy of Meme

He says he’s going out for a run. The house goes silent for a few minutes. You exit your room and head to the fridge to get a snack, and then you’re confronted with the usual lie. Dad has run into the fields of REM. He must have been exerted from that mental exercise.

Lying in 1979

We don’t understand the fascination with antiquity. It is probably because it is factual. The past cannot be undone or changed. But captions can. When was this posted? You be the judge.

Image Courtesy of Tumblr

So when retro pop cult decided to mislead the public, he was called out on it by the telling display of electrolyte drinks. This picture could have been taken any time from the 90s until the early 2000s. That is as old as it can get. We like the filter this person used maybe they can let us know the name?

Open Roads

That sunlight hits the dashboard at the right angle that it illuminates your face. You clench your teeth and stretch your neck. You need to take a pic. Both hands are free. There’s a long queue before you on a public highway coursing through the desert.  

Image Courtesy of somecards

Stuck in traffic? Well not really. Also, should we mention that this a terrible thing to post especially since taking selfies and driving is dangerous? Don’t follow in his steps, the selfies can always come later. Always keep two eyes on the road when driving, posting a picture of yourself online just isn’t worth risking your life for.

Taco Bell Don’t

This guy must be dying for some Taco Bell because we can’t imagine the lengths he took to come up with this message. Little did he know that it would fall flat.


The promotion was an absolute lie and Taco Bell themselves replied to him personally. You’re caught red-handed! Make sure not to use your real account when posting these types of messages. After all, they could also trace your address then who knows what’ll happen!


are funny because they’re half-truths. But it turns sour when the person you’ve
played on fights back. Here’s a guy getting a taste of his egocentrism.

Image Courtesy of somecards

he wanted attention- especially women’s. Now that he’s got it, he better bask
in it. It kind of reminds us of Zuckerberg’s prototype Facebook Me. They’re
both passing you on. And while those followers keep mounting, his ego deflates
even further.  Way to go for a slow
grill. Now turn to the side.

Still Alive

is why we fact-check. The caption praises an icon, but it seems like it’s
marked for an epitaph. No one wants to be dismissed as dead despite being an

Image Courtesy of thehorrormaster/twitter

Straight from the grave, John Carpenters extends a fist, and opens it wide. This leaves us stunned. He ploughs through the dirt. Soil crumbles away by the sides of his ears. We know how ruthless comments on Rotten Tomatoes are, but we could never imagine them burying him alive. Evil hiding among us is an ancient theme.

Public Updates

understand why some people need a wing-man. They prep you up and sell you to a
willing customer. Priming, that’s what they call it. And by the time, that lady
by the bar sees you, you’re the hottest stud there is.

don’t usually have wingmen. But they have odd ways to cope.

Image Courtesy of cheezburger

First of all, don’t library computers have a Facebook blocker to limit usage to research. Around 10 years back, librarians didn’t want you hogging up space and checking your notifs for the number of likes. Second, that’s a different level of narcissism. We can’t imagine being our own wingman. There’s just so much to tell!

Breaking the Record

we were blindsided by this. From the looks of Rob’s thumbnail, he’s built. He
seems athletic enough with those bulging triceps and the tapering torso. So we
weren’t surprised when he had posted his work-out routine.

Image Courtesy of imgur

A nerd to the rescue! We’re getting fonder of them. There’s a depth to their savage nature, which uncovers the truth. Better luck next time Rob. Or better yet, try reproducing that sprint so you can gain notoriety on the books. Don’t claim someone else’s fame, some people have trained for many years…

Failed Artist

This failed artist forgot to use originality in his work. After all, originality is key. People can get massive fines for stealing other people’s works and this is an act of plagiarism and theft.


This person thought that he could get away with things. But lo and behold someone caught onto his lies. Next time make sure to give credit where credit is due. Nobody would like their work to be stolen. People can always run reverse image searches too and this person clearly forgot that they could do that…

Smoothing out the Lines

Let us remind Kris that she’s in her 50s. It’s normal to have frown lines and sagging skin. But she patently disowns it, and that’s what makes her unattractive.

Image Courtesy of imgix

Kris not only smoothed out her face, but that of Gordon Ramsay-a chef we bloody know to have a ruled forehead. In this picture, he looks devilishly handsome, as if he were a platter to be served. He looks nowhere like a foul-mouthed chef. They look flawless, we would love to know their skin care routine!

Out with Hubby

Oh no this one was too important to not include. This girl messed up big time. That’s why sometimes it’s better to keep things for yourself because people always have something to say. She thought that she could fool the internet that she’s going out with her husband for a fun night. The night was ruined when the boss responded.


Come on, jokes about death or any of that sort are terrible. We don’t encourage replicating this at all. This was foul play. Also, why would you share this status on Facebook when you told other people something else. Not cool, dude. Better be careful next time.

Winning Over Daisy

is like a book report, but instead of a teacher, it’s a friend uncovering the
hack. He tried to join in on the conversation, and it only led to one hell of a
plot-twist. We thought he was trying to humble himself amongst Oxford men
wearing golden hats. Had it not been for the misinterpretation, we wouldn’t
have been able to call him on his bluff. 

Image Courtesy of c0incelpr0/Twitter

But that’s exactly the point! Were you taking special classes for not having read the Great Gatsby? So much for downplaying a classic. Now you’ve proved you’re anti-Fitzgerald. So much for one of the people quoting a classic line, it seems like this guy clearly hasn’t read the book.

Natural Look

This is a bit far-fetched. There are model-esque women like Anne Hathaway but no one can look this attractive straight out of an 8-hour sleep. Unless they didn’t wash their make-up before going to bed or slathered on a few layers right after waking up.

Image Courtesy of @Stanley49943858/Twitter

The telltale sign is those earrings. Had it been us, its lock would have detached while tussling midnight. And we’d scramble to find the pearl upon waking up. That costs more than our whole wardrobe combined. The very idea that it might have fallen out of bed is enough of a reason to stand up and do a pat-down.

 Chilling by the Bar

lie to a woman. She has got a built-in polygraph. The rods twitch and record
erratic breathing and typographical errors, without wires braced to your chest.
And when going to the club, always seek permission!

Image Courtesy of twentytwowords

confused though. What was she doing there? Was she there to party too? Does
this make two of them in the relationship? Or had she gone there while
sleuthing around. He should down those drinks as a form of damage control.
She’ll have the truth out of him within seconds.

Ripped Abs

So that’s why it’s called ripped abs because, by pumping iron, you actually ripped your belly button from the picture. We’re not sure if we’re supposed to be attracted, repulsed, or even scared of this guy and his fake abs.

Image Courtesy of ImgGur

couldn’t really blame him. If you’re called out on wanting to fit in, how would
you have responded? With all this toxic masculinity, guys want to be reassured
that with or without abs, they’re adequate. That is why they resort to
illegitimate means- such as Photoshop. Besides, don’t women do it often? But we
suggest, he doesn’t do it again.

 Staying Solo

first few seconds made us think “aww”. He seems like a nice guy. But the next
few made us cringe. This is sad. No one would should have to resort to this.

Image Courtesy of imgur

To be fair, we remember our high school selves wanting to have a lover. They were right when they told us it wasn’t really that big of a deal. It takes too much effort. We hope he knows that truth now. It’s better to exert that effort on himself. Why’d he have to take a selfie in front of a mirror though, epic fail dude?

Vegan Beef

understand how people would consider going vegan or vegetarian. Mad Cow
Disease, Bird Flu, and this COVID-19. They’re all cross-overs from animals.
Another argument? Animal cruelty. Why raise animals to be slaughtered and
served on your plate?

Image Courtesy of Thought Catalog

Because there’s a market for them. No matter what you say, we thrive in an ecological food chain. You need some predators like this Facebook user to keep animal populations at bay. They’re served grilled to perfection, with juices searing through and a whiff of jalapeno chilli pepper.  

 Flexxing Her Ride

Who wouldn’t be excited about a newly-bought car? That’s a total upgrade from almost any car. Also, Porsche is always a huge plus! But if it’s yours, then it matters. If it isn’t, then you should definitely ask for permission first.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/Snoves

But why are those logos different? The car is a Porsche but she’s holding a Volkswagen key. Who’s she kidding? A little zooming in and anyone could have been able to see through those cracks. It looks like she just stood in front of a really nice car for the ‘gram.

Trick or Treatin’

Trick! Pronounce “nut”. We’ll make it harder this time. Pronounce “Nutella”. That, folks, is what you get when you blindly assume that every product is American-based.

Image Courtesy of Tumblr

Nutella was founded by Italian Michele Ferrero. Now that’s a fun fact you can tell your friends. The product hails from a baker shop owned by Pietro Ferrero. Hence the variant pronunciation of the first syllable. The “newt” is pronounced with a hard “oo”.


This famous rock band got called for one of their members having a panic attack or going into crazy mode after finding himself. It’s one thing to lie about someone’s death but it also isn’t pleasant to lie about someone’s mental health.


The truth was that he was happy with finding out who he was. I mean who wouldn’t? It seems like the veil has been lifted and he can live his life again. That’s a mighty claim right there and good thing the V-Man was able to call out on the lies that were mentioned about him! Good on him.


We don’t understand how some people are this desperate when it comes to attention. Are you really going to play on people’s grief? There’s never a time and place for this simply because it isn’t okay.

Image Courtesy of quityourbullshit/Reddit

Nickname possibly? Nah. If someone tries to search your nephew’s name, it’s probably because they’ve had a prior encounter with you lying. That’s not a good reputation to uphold. We’ll be praying over your conscience. We hope you find it in you to preoccupy yourself with something more profound that seeking attention.

Debunking the Dictionary

Confused? Yeah, we were too. We can’t imagine how anyone would think the word is made up.Even people who dispute flat-earthers explain that it was initially conceived by civilizations, but was later disproved upon scientific conquests and worldly voyages.

Image Courtesy of quityourbullshit/Reddit

But to say that “am” does not exist is disconcerting. How did this person survive middle school? How was she able to form active-voice sentences in the first person? It looks like they should install Grammarly or a grammar-checking app before sending any important emails.

Pro Joke Apple

It might have been their first time. Or this faux pas could have been part of the publicity stunt. Pop the bubble as a form of entertainment. Seems like the anti-joke apple stole the joke from someone who got major likes and retweets for his original words.

Image Courtesty of antijokeapple/Twitter

If they wanted to pass it off as their own, they shouldn’t copy-paste. Karma has a way of taking care of what is meant to be, with or without IT assistance.  Make sure that when you’re sharing opinions online to make sure that you aren’t stealing someone’s words. This is super important.

Family Pictures

heart-warming to find your beau having taken pics of you while you were asleep.
You’re passed out cold from work or studying. And he finds you beautiful at a
vulnerable moment. This woman tried to pass that off to the public.

Image Courtesy of OopsDidntMeanTo/Reddit

She had almost gotten away with it. We were too focused on them looking like the perfect couple with nearly the same features. Good thing he called our attention to it. After all, they’re posed so perfectly it looks like it was staged 100%. Yikes. No more sleeping pictures…

Watchmen Fail

This publishing agency thought they could fool the internet realm. But little did they know that the person they were targeting would respond. Good on you Mark, for calling them out!


After all, we wouldn’t want people to replace the words coming out of our mouths. Fact-checking is a must and a vital took that some companies can overlook. Hopefully, a crash course in fact-checking will prevent these mistakes. A lot of these online newspapers or online publishing platforms need to fact-check to avoid getting called out by celebrities.

Food on the Table

want to be careful with your posts, especially if they’re about the person who
has clothed and fed you for 18 years. Besides, aren’t you a bit too old to
blame your parents for putting food on the table?

Image Courtesy of LifeListener

You could use it as a form of motivation. Work your way up the corporate ladder and buy your own crib. Or we could just report you for abuse of speech. This person was lucky Facebook didn’t fully ban his account. This was offensive and we feel bad for his family for having to read what they wrote.

Age is But a Number

This guy thought he could feel people with his age but little did he know that the internet would not be deceived. When posting online it’s important to realize that everyone can always read what you write.

Keeping tracks of facts is vital in building your story. Many people tend to fall through the cracks and this person should have been warier. Better luck next time!


thought only kids would make up stories- princesses, dragons, boogeymen, masked
thieves and bank robberies. But some adults never grow past toddlerhood. Take
for instance,

Image Courtesy of Icetalon92/Twitter

Facepalm. Any other kid would have wet their pants. And we would have comforted them by play-pretend. We’re gonna wait for the newspaper to publish this, or we can just head by the local bank. How true is this story? We’ll leave it up to your judgment.

What’s the Emergency

first-world countries, the immediate thing to do when encountering a break-in
is to seek safety. Then call the police! That’s what this girl did…kind of

Image Courtesy of twentytwowords

she had to update the public. The story wouldn’t be complete without a rising
action. The only problem was that she was entitled to cellphone privileges at
all. We would probably break and enter into the house just to teach her a
lesson. When crying wolf, best expect there’d be a rug of sheepskin.

Peter and Judas

Judas is off to plant traitorous kisses. He’s on the ride to “The Habit” after luring in Peter. Peter must be a unisex name because Peter certainly looks like a female. Mind…blown.

It would have saved Jesus from a scourging and crucifixion had Judas worn eyeglasses in broad daylight. Thank the heavens for imaging and zoom-ins. There’s also real-time chat to make up for the Holy Spirit.  We’ve been doing really well catching cheaters nowadays. They keep committing the same acts of sacrilege- defiling marriage and their public images.

Swipe Left

There’s a lot of bull on Tinder. People are inflating themselves and putting on their best edits to land dates. Sometimes, they even recycle bios to sound more appealing and attractive. Yikes.

Image Courtesy of Tinder

color is eye color. The rarity is only a plus for some, but it’s not a big
deal. Showing up on the date as a completely different person is a turn-off.
You’d probably justify it with a lame excuse such as the bright background, or
the camera flash. But no amount of light or exposure will dramatically affect
your genetics like this.

Doing the Math

another nerd serving it savagely. There’s no need to unsheathe that calculator.
He has mentally computed the answer faster than you could press the digits and
hit “=”.

Image Courtesy of quityourbullshit/Reddit

That many push-ups? We can’t even go past five. Just a thousand would put anyone in disbelief! Your triceps would be aching and your face would be mashed upon the tiled floors if you got anywhere near that. Better make sure you’re checking what you’re posting online as many people can call you out for your lies.

Viral News

This beat Rita Ora’s number of retweets. Guess people are really into information. Austin Steinmetz sparked a discussion claiming.

Image Courtesy of Merriam Webster/Twitter

And that got us mind-blown. But it doesn’t stand for anything. It’s like TIPs; that doesn’t stand for to ensure promptness. Neither does constable on patrol stand for COP. These are just bogus etymological acronyms. News came from Nouvelles used in biblical translations that mean “new things”.