How to travel sustainably

If you are a jet meter and like to see beautiful sights around the world, we are sure you are wondering how you can help preserve it all.

Many wonderful natures can be lost over time if people do not change their habits, especially when traveling to a place unfamiliar to them. Join us as we try out these tips on how to travel like a green minded (see what we did there?) As a person.

Take your bottle with you

It may be something you already know on the go, but it’s still a good reminder to everyone. Take your bottle with you and if you can squeeze in any of the utensils (the chopsticks are very thin and handy so you can pull them around and they fit everywhere). Collapsible food utensils and the like can help reduce the amount of waste that is actually generated away from home.

An eco-product wherever you go

Having an extra bag or eco-bags anywhere is very useful for disposing of unnecessary shopping bags, paper bags in fashion stores, and packaging that you end up in the trash.

Even if you have the initiative to reuse them, not stockpiling stores makes them less so they produce less. This is really a cycle that you can help break by bringing this extra bag.

Mass transport is the way to go

For short distances where there are no time limits, choose the least fuel wastage options! Driving trains, buses and public transport to your destination can help reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles.

With long train journeys, you can even realize how great the countryside looks. You can still reach your destination and not feel guilty about it. Only take care of rentals or taxis when absolutely necessary.

Get handmade souvenirs

This is true when they say that going green involves many things. Put your hands on handmade souvenirs made by local men. They make sure that each product is carefully designed and also use their accessories more efficiently. Instead of procuring keychains for this mass production, you can also help with local crafts.

Remind businesses to opt out of single use

Not everyone has a trick inside yet. Many people and institutions still prefer comfort, but it starts with you! Not everyone knows what advertising and setting reminders like “I don’t have a beer, please” or “I use my cutlery / bottle” makes a huge difference.

Some agencies want their customers to be comfortable, but they will definitely appreciate it if you ask them for an alternative!