Husband and Wife Unite to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy Together

Often times in life, we are faced with daunting challenges. It can be a pivotal moment where we’re making a career change or even buying a new dog. It’s during tough moments like these where we need to grip the reins of difficulties and show them who’s boss. The Reeds’ story is an ideal example of how overcoming turmoils can reap benefits for both sides. 

Are you curious to see how they’re doing? Stay on this page to watch their story unravel.

The Beginning of the Journey

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We’ll start with Lexi’s story and her struggles with weight. Early on in her childhood, her weight wasn’t much of a concern. Since children are less prone to stress than adults, the thought of her weight being an issue did not cross her mind. She was a strong girl who lived a fulfilling childhood. Later on when she reached 25 years old and at 382 pounds, her weight dawned on her. She realized her weight issues were making it difficult to function on a daily basis and she finally decided to make a choice. 

Unexpected Love

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Lexi’s life flipped 360 degrees when she laid eyes on Danny. She found solace in his company and he accepted her fully for who she was. Danny didn’t mind how Lexi looked and loved her despite her lack of confidence in herself. The two were inseparable and a near-perfect match. He never put her down for her weight nor did she but Danny also had his own problems.

When Danny was younger he was much more hyper and involved in playing sports. He would dabble in skateboarding and loved being outdoors. After a period of not playing sports, he began to gain weight. Both of them shared the same main problems but decided to stick it out together. Their shared struggles helped them to gain a closer relationship.

No Easy Feat

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Danny was trying to pull out the skeletons in his closet and face them with an open heart but it was no easy feat. He weighed around 280 pounds (a little under Lexi’s weight) but was still struggling with his confidence and drive to lose weight. Their eating habits were consistently geared towards more unhealthy foods and their health slowly declined. Since they shared the same passion for food, they only gained more as days and weeks passed.

Their lifestyle brought about more issues which they would have to sooner or later face.

The Journey Unravels

Lexi’s life wasn’t always a healthy one. Her parents also experienced poor eating habits that inevitably affected their health. They weren’t on the wealthy rung of the ladder and could not afford healthy food. Since processed food was quicker and more efficient to prepare, they would turn to frozen meals or instant ready to eat dishes.

The situation remained stagnant when the couple decided to stick to their old habits. They would spend days binge-watching their favourite shows while eating their most loved munchies. Their situation didn’t change and the side effects of their lifestyle were showing. Despite gaining weight together, their hearts were happy and full because they had each other.

Bumps Along the Road

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Watching TV and eating their favourite meals became a part of their lifestyle. It caused conflict in their day to day activities because they couldn’t plan on going on nature trips or even on long strolls. Their lifestyle had been ingrained in binge-watching and eating that they opted for this kind of situation rather than an outdoorsy one.

Lexi and Danny were aware of their situation but they still struggled to take the steps they needed to live healthy lives. After ruminating over their situation, they decided to take a few steps in another direction.

Tying the Knot

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After a few years together, the couple decided to seal the deal with an engagement – ricocheting their relationship into the serious zone. She felt proud of the engagement and flocked to Instagram to share her happiness with her followers. “He never saw me as my size, asked me to change, or made me feel like anything other than beautiful.”

The engagement wasn’t as simple as she thought it would be. Finding her little white dress wasn’t such an easy task. She had to find a dress that would fit her while she about 485 pounds. Again, she retreated to Instagram to share her struggles. “Nobody knew how to make me feel like a bride and not my size. Thank god I was strong enough to know my worth and kept searching for my 34W dress even though I questioned if I would ever find one.” Lexi searched far and wide for her dream dress and eventually, she found it.

The Lady in White

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Searching for the perfect wedding dress is always a struggle. Not just for Lexi but for many brides-to-be. The size, the fit and the look all have to be taken into account. Lexi was a lucky lady to find the dress of her dreams. This signified a new start to her life.

Weddings take careful planning and taking into consideration the feelings of your partner on a daily basis. Lexi and Danny were a couple who openly shared their feelings and therefore were able to overcome almost every struggle. Their story is truly inspiring – but with every sunny situation comes a splash of rain.

Is a Family in the Works?

Lexi and Danny wanted a future together and that meant bearing their own child. Like any other typical American family, Lexi and Danny wanted a picket fence, a home and a beautiful child. Their dreams came with repercussions since Lexi had weight issues. Doctors advised that becoming pregnant will bring risks that had to be dealt with before bearing a child.

Giving birth isn’t easy especially when your life can be put in danger because of weight issues. Not only does it endanger the mother but it can put the potential child at risk. Lexi managed to realize that this was a lesson she could learn from and use to her advantage. She decided to take the steps necessary to start her own family.

Travel Issues Along the Way

Another concern rose up and that was the condition of travelling. A regular activity that people enjoy regularly was not easy for Lexi and Danny. Her dream of visiting Univeral Studios in Orlando to witness the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was far-fetched and seemed almost impossible.

She even had troubling times getting on an aeroplane with her family due to her weight issues and this hindered her from moving forward. Florida was far from her home state of Indiana but despite her challenges – she still remained positive.

New Year New Me

During the first year of their marriage, they had many realizations of what they would need to change in terms of their lifestyle. They were able to see the cracks in their daily lives and figure out how to fill them. On New Year’s Day in 2016, Lexi started her weight loss journey. Danny was a motivating partner during this time where his wife needed him more than ever. And who knows, he might also hop on board too! Let’s see where the couple’s journey is headed.

Teaming Up

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Danny was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Even though he had doubts about where their journey was headed – he wanted them to live their best possible lives. He was is in on the journey with Lexi and they decided to embark on their weight loss journey together.

Since Danny struggles with overweight issues himself, he also decided to support Lexi’s journey with open arms. He understood that the journey would bring them closer together and even help them learn new lessons about themselves and each other. Both were in the right mindset to start their fitness journey and were now ready more than ever to do their best to lose weight.

Supportive Friends and New Trials

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Starting their fitness journey was not easy. Their friends also had to asjust to their healthy lifestyle making sure not to let them retreat into soda, alcohol and other unhealthy snacks. After hearing about their new year’s resolution, their friends decided to be supportive. The couple went so far as to even avoid their binge eating nights and binge-watching nights. Good job guys!

Their next hurdle was overcoming the gym obstacle. Would they stick it out or back down? Read on to hear what happens.

Lifting Away the Worries

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Acquiring a gym membership became their next level to conquer. Lexi and Danny signed up for a gym membership and made it a habit to work out for 30 minutes each time. Research shows that going to the gym with a partner will help you to stay more motivated. They managed to do just that with the support of each other.

They lived in a small town in Terre Haute, Indiana where large gyms were not readily accessible. Despite having low-tier equipment their gym routine was anything but easy – they stuck to their schedule and didn’t let the lack of equipment get in the way of their motivation.

Craving The Simple Life

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Danny and Lexi are a perfect example of a couple who works hard to reach their goals. They don’t dream about owning lavish houses or expensive cars. Rather, they believe in the power of true love and hard work. Two factors that certainly kept them moving despite the long road ahead.

The couple also wanted to start a family and were determined to head down that road. In order to do that, they needed to put in the effort. And they certainly did it successfully.

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

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Lexi realised that stepping out of her comfort zone wasn’t easy but it was a task she had to do in order to lose weight. She was conscious of how others would view her in the gym initially and worried about their thoughts of her. This is a normal notion that first-timers usually feel at the start of their fitness journey which can be overcome with constant gym attendance.

Despite her lack of self-confidence at times, she weathered on and focused on one goal: losing weight and feeling great.

Finding the Right One

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Finding the right gym for you is akin to finding the right pair of running shoes. Both are valuable tools in the journey to better fitness. Lexi and Danny searched far and wide for a gym and finally found the right one. Lexi received a free trial and immediately got hooked to the gym. The equipment was stunning and it wasn’t overly crowded.

Lexi decided that this was her time to shine and she wasn’t going to wait on her fitness journey. She wanted to be healthy and she kept pushing herself in that direction and mindset.

Eating a Well-Balanced Meal

Diet and exercise come hand in hand. One simply cannot exist without the other. Therefore, the couple had to decide on a healthy eating regimen to support their lifestyle. They decided to incorporate more healthy greens and foods that would help cleanse their systems. Again, it was no easy feat but they tried their best to follow a strict diet.

Their choice was a conscious and well-thought-out one. They were truly determined to change their eating habits into a much healthier alternative that’ll supplement their lifestyle in a positive way.

Big Changes are Coming

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Lexi and Danny cut out fatty foods and resorted to eating healthier protein alternatives such as seafood and leafy greens. They knew the journey wouldn’t be an easy one but they were in no rush to speed up the process. They took their time to transition into their healthy new diet and the results that’ll reveal themselves, later on, will certainly surprise you!

Tag Teaming All the Way

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Lexi and Danny made a great team since they supported each other since day one. Lexi was on the heavier spectrum of the two but her confidence skyrocketed and she was able to lose a ton of weight thanks to Danny’s love and support. He continuously made her feel like a queen that’s completely loved and cherished. Having a support system to help her grow and flourish is incredibly important and the two have a love that can truly withstand the test of time.

A Month’s Passing

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The first month passed with ease and Danny and Lexi were confident in their achievements and goals. They were able to lose weight and even gain muscle during their first month on their fitness journey. They were surely on the road to a healthier and happy life.

They were still being realistic about the results and realized that they had to take their time and not feel pressured or stressed about losing weight. They were improving with each passing day and they were in no rush to achieve greatness and success.

Feeling Fabulous and Growing Strong

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Lexi and Danny were growing stronger as the days progressed. They were slowly seeing their muscles growing and their legs losing more weight. They were shaping themselves into the ideal body types they wanted. Days passed and they grew more confident in the gym. They even started making friends with regular gym-goers and opened up the floor multiple times to openly sharing their individual fitness journeys.

In about a month, Lexi managed to lose 20 pounds and gain new friends. The saying must be right, “You win some you lose some (pounds)!”

24 Month Weight Loss

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When Danny first started the program, he weighed 280 pounds and had lost about 100kgs in only 24 hour months. Talk about progress! He finally weighed in only at 190 pounds and he felt amazing, healthy and younger than ever.

Lexi, the yin to Danny’s yang shed about 312 pounds in only 8 months which was also a huge feat. The two looked like a different couple at the end of their journey and they appeared younger and more comfortable in their own skin. Lexi was confident and proud to share that she could finally ride in aeroplanes and fit into regular seats in the cinema.

Lexi Takes the Spotlight

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In 2016, Instagram was booming and Lexi chose to jump on the bandwagon. She gained success for her platform and her account “Fat Girl Fed Up” received positive feedback not just from her followers but also fitness trainers alike. With over 1.2 million followers, she became one of the most popular Instagram users sharing their fitness journey at the time.

She prides herself on losing 312lbs naturally by solely focusing on diet and exercise for the past 2 years. Along with the support and love of her partner and family and friends. Her posts are mostly inspirational fitness quotes, workout regiments and even before and after photos.

Positive Feedback From Everyone

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The husband and wife garnered positive responses from their followers who encouraged their journey strongly on Social sites. Not only were they Instagram famous but people also recognized them in real life. The couple’s story was reviewed fondly by news channels and even TV stations. This allowed them to share their story with the general public and to also help inspire people on their journeys towards weight loss.

Their story quickly turned famous and Lexi even joined up with TNT Drama and L’oreal Paris to empower women to start evolving themselves in order to reach their fullest potential. She became a beacon of hope to women and people everywhere who aspire to live a healthy life.

Newfound Loves and Activities

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After Lexi and Danny collectively shed 400 pounds together in less than 2 years, they felt on top of the world. They even went back to the beach where Danny proposed to Lexi in order to relive their fond memories.

Their visit to the beach was much different this time especially since they felt like new people. They could finally run around the beach without worrying about breaking a sweat and the possibilities felt endless. They strived to take more pictures together and were happily living their lives without any limits.

Soaring to Great Heights

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At the beginning of their weight loss journey, Lexi struggled to board aeroplanes. Now her fear of not being able to fit on an aeroplane was completely gone. They decided to take a trip to Florida (a place they’ve both been wanting to visit for years) in order to visit new sights together. They were seeing the world with new eyes and finally, all their dreams felt possible.

They were also open to the idea of possibly starting a family with Lexi’s condition in tip-top shape. She shared her journey with her followers on Instagram and shared all the challenges she was facing including sharing personal stories of her favourite moments. It was a platform for her to thrive and be comfortable in.

Living a Healthy and Happy Life

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Lexi found herself in a much more elevated mood most of the time due to her energetic and new self. Both partners were now happy with their lifestyle change and confident in the decision they made to grow together. Lexi was the first person to lead the way and Danny followed suit after he saw how happy Lexi was becoming. They decided to fully continue their journey and remaining strict with their diet.

When you happen to come across them in the grocery or in public in the future, you might not even recognize this shimmering and smiley couple!

Tips From a Fitness Guru

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Lexi can be considered a fitness guru because of her struggles with her weight and her sudden transformation. She’s dedicated currently to inspiring women to keep going even when the going gets tough. She’s posted hundreds of images on Instagram sharing her fitness journey and the steps she had to take in order to achieve her highest self.

Lexi comments on her Instagram: “start small — small changes add up to big results — and focus on each day, not how far you have to go.” Lexi also motivated her followers, friends and family to stay positive in life and to keep believing in yourself even when others don’t. She also suggests spending energy and time with people who give you life instead of people who pull you down. Way to go, girl!

2 Year Glow Up

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Lexi aims to promote body normalization and that it’s okay to feel lost at times on your fitness journey. Her story is an inspiring one and she completely switched her mindset when her body changed too. Her perspective in life is renewed and she feels that her purpose is to share her journey and inspire people everywhere.

She wants to share that the road to fitness isn’t an easy one and it’s okay to relapse and make mistakes. What matters is that you keep on going no matter what. The couple’s story became widely known and they were invited to the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Award for their inspiring story. Lexi’s words resonated with the audience and hopefully, they will resonate with you too no matter what trial you’re going through in life.

“I learned how strong and capable I am as a person. I thought it would take me over three years to lose 300-plus pounds, but I was so determined and hardworking that I did it in two.”

Blessed Beyond Belief

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Lexi mentions how she feels that she isn’t a prisoner of her body anymore and that she can achieve almost any goal. It certainly isn’t an easy feat to overcome a life wherein you felt like a different person but they feel grateful for having gone through the journey together. They mentioned how they really pushed each other and supported each other throughout the trials in life. “Every day I wake up is a blessing. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and this new life that I’m living in. I saved my own life, and for that, there are no words — only gratitude. ” Lexi mentions.

People Grow at Their Own Pace

For Lexi and Danny, it took them 2 years to accomplish their fitness journey. For every person, it depends on your body weight and outlook towards losing weight. Their journey came with immense struggles and they certainly didn’t let their problems get the best of them. They decided to put their serious hats on and accomplish the journey they had started until the end.

If you find yourself in a situation wherein you want to alter your lifestyle, it’s important to enter the situation with the right state of mind. Set goals for yourself but also set expectations. Everyone has their own speed in which they grow and their story encourages that everyone takes their time to manifest their dreams. In the end, it doesn’t matter how long it took for you to accomplish your journey but rather the time in between is what matters most.

Calories are Important

According to science, losing weight is all about eating the right amount of calories for your body type. You also have to take into consideration, your metabolism and how quickly your body digests food and uses it for energy. For women, it’s recommended to eat a maximum of 2000 calories per day and preferably 1500 calories. For men, they have to eat more calories which adds up to 2500 calories. These again are general statistics and it all boils down to numerous factors.

When you aren’t consuming enough calories, your body will then convert the energy stored in your body to burn fat which will reduce your calorie intake. Make sure to eat the right amount of calories to reap the benefits of healthy eating.

Eat Healthy and Don’t Forget Exercise

While a healthy diet is imperative to a healthy lifestyle, it’s important too, to exercise on a regular basis. Relying on a gym instructor or a friend who’s adept in fitness can help jumpstart your fitness journey. Exercise and lifestyle come hand in hand. If you’re a smoker or someone who likes to drink heavily, it might also be a great idea to reduce these activities since they can deter a healthy lifestyle.

If you don’t exercise at all, it’s advisable to start slow. Instead of driving your car why not walk a few blocks or perhaps rent a bike? There are many ways to stay fit and making small adjustments to your lifestyle will reap insurmountable benefits.

The Journey Continues

Lexi and Danny can attest to having changed their lifestyle for their better but it doesn’t mean that the journey will always be easy. There will always be temptations along the road, they mentioned and it’s up to you to decide which will benefit you in the long run. In the end, it’s not about competing in a race or running for more than 6 kilometres – it’s all about what makes you feel good and positive in the morning.

Lexi highly recommends following a diet until the end and not straying away from it. It’s easy to stray away from the path of fitness initially but if you stick to your guts, you’ll always accomplish more than what you expected. Simple acts like walking around instead of riding public transportation will do you wonders.

Feel Free to Ask for Help

If you’re on your fitness journey, aiming to reach a certain goal – then seeking a gym buddy or even a fitness trainer is a great start. They can help motivate you and even teach you the proper forms when it comes to handling gym equipment. It’s always a great idea to hire a personal trainer since they’re adept at building muscles in the human body and incredibly reliable if you want to be more fit.

Small changes can go a long way. Let’s look back at Lexi’s story on switching up her gym location. That eventually ended up being a great idea for her. She managed to find the right people and even the best equipment for her workouts. If you’re looking for motivation, don’t be afraid to seek help because it will all be worth it in the end.

Don’t Lose Hope

Continuing a journey that was difficult, to begin with, is the next challenge. Many people struggle with going on a diet and it takes time to fully adapt to the new routine. Lexi’s story is a reminder that even when you fall down, getting up should be the next response. Even though you might not get up the first time, it matters that you at least tried. Hearing other people’s stories serve a reminder that you’re not alone in your struggles. After all, we’re only human and if we keep motivated and stick to our routine, it’ll eventually benefit us in the end.

Exercise is simply telling your body that you’re going to push yourself to your limits. But it will all be worth it and you’ll feel stronger the next day.  Your body may feel exhausted during the first few days but each day you’ll certainly improve more and more.

Follow a Diet That Works for You

Sometimes when we think of the word “diet” we assume that we must load our meals with the right amount of nutrients, carbs and protein. But at the same time, without overloading it. The rule of thumb when it comes to diet is to have a good balance. Some days you might feel like only eating salads and it’s fine to have a cheeseburger every one in a while. After all, we’re only human and have cravings that need to be satiated.

If you’re looking to follow through with a new diet, make sure to allow yourself to make mistakes. The first week of switching to a healthy diet is never easy and it takes a few mistakes to get the routine right.

Manage Your Expectations and Set Goals

It’s important to have a list of goals that we want to achieve in terms of our health and fitness. It all boils down to what’s more of a priority on the list. If the plan is the lose weight, then maybe start analyzing your diet and take our food groups which aren’t serving you. Such as sodium-rich foods or sugar-filled snacks.

We also encourage you to manage your expectations and not to create goals that are too over the top. If you’re starting with changes to your diet, then focus on that and move on to exercises. And when you get to the exercise department, start with light weights before lifting heavier weights. Be gentle with yourself because the journey is the most important part and not only the destination.

Stay True to Yourself

After setting goals and managing your expectations, don’t forget the reason why you’re trying to lose weight. Is it because you want to travel to a new place? Or maybe because you want to feel great or perhaps there is a special occasion you want to prepare for? Be curious and ask yourself where your drive is coming from.

You can also read up on books about fitness or watch fitness gurus on Youtube. Reading about people’s experiences and stories will surely give you the motivation you need to do your best on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Give Back to the Community

Lexi and Danny’s story is great once since it exemplifies dedication and hard work. Their journey wasn’t an easy one but they did it for themselves and eventually, everything fell into place after they took care of their health. If you plan to follow suit and switch to a healthier lifestyle, you can always ask for tips or advice from your peers.

If you feel that you have valuable insights to share with others regarding your journey, then take the time to share it with others. They might benefit from your story and even be motivated to jumpstart their own health and fitness path. Body positivity is the name of the game and if you can spread awareness about this news to your local communities and friends then people will be more motivated as well.

Lexi Never Aimed for Fame

One of the beautiful aspects of Lexi and Danny’s story is that they never needed fame, to begin with. They started out as a regular couple with a common goal and eventually fought hard and long for it. In just 2 years they managed to reach their goals and if they can do it, so can you.  

Their story is a true act of love and dedication with a humble couple who never strove to be Instagram famous. In the end, they attracted the energy they gave out which was dedication and passion to become better people. If you’re starting out on your journey, go with it full force and the rest will fall into place. Who knows, you might even become famous for it!

Lexi’s Story is One of Many

With the advent of technology, there are multiple Youtubers and Instagram fitness gurus who you can follow to help solidify your goals. Just like how people sometimes need fitness trainers to help them target muscle groups they aren’t particularly knowledgeable about, following influencers can help educate you more about fitness and health.

A lot of celebrities are also on their own fitness journeys and you can follow their stories on Instagram or even on Twitter. Having a guide or a mentor will also help you on your journey – what matters is that you take the first step and the next few steps will be even easier. It all starts with a choice to stick to your goals. If you stick to your plans, you’ll certainly reap its benefits.

A Support System Always Helps

Traversing through your own fitness journey as a lone wolf will be quite troublesome. The best thing you can do is to have someone by your side to motivate you. Just like how Lexi had her husband cheering her on and vice versa. If you have a solid support system (it can be one person or many) you’ll build a stronger foundation for your exercise routines.

Weight loss isn’t an easy journey but once you get on track with it, you’ll never want to look back. Make friends at the gym, invite some of your existing friends to try out a Muay Thai class. You’ll build stronger relationships while simultaneously building stronger muscles. Follow a tribe that resonates with you in terms of fitness and you’ll grow in more ways than one.

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

What better time to start working out and pursuing your fitness journey than right now? If you keep delaying your goals to lose weight, it’ll take you much longer than expected. Pick a date wherein you feel comfortable and try to stick with it. Now, this simple task might not be as simple but it’s about taking that first leap of faith.

Every journey begins with taking that one small step. Lexi decided that she wanted to lose weight and just went for it. It might take you days, weeks and even months to make that decision but when you do – it will be one of the most gratifying experiences you’ll have.

Determination drives success. Believe in your capabilities as a human being yet be gentle with yourself when you don’t accomplish the goals you decided to make. It takes time and a lot of patience which will, in turn, transform into a regular habit.

Tap Yourself on the Shoulder

Making a lifestyle change is no easy feat. If anything, it can be the hardest task in the world. “What matters is how well you walk through the fire” the great poet Bukowski says. So take it one step at a time and don’t let the fires deter you from glowing.

If you’ve had a tough week wherein you feel undermotivated, feel free to treat yourself. Allow yourself to slip and sometimes fall. Sometimes when you fall, it can be hard to get up. So don’t beat yourself up for that and keep looking forward. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and all your hard work will pay off in the end.

Let Lexi’s story be a reminder to stand tall and to never be ashamed to show your scars or stretch marks. The journey to fitness will alter your body but don’t let it bring you down because in the end, you’ll feel amazing and your body will thank you.