If Cakes Could Crack Jokes They’d Look like This

Cakes are one of our favorite things to receive, especially on our birthdays. They’re a universal symbol of celebration, change, and deliciousness. People give their families and friends cake when they’ve achieved an important moment in their life or when they just want to call a truce. Cakes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes that are customizable depending on the occasion. You can get chocolate sprinkles, edible flowers on it, and even a cake shaped in the form of a baseball bat! All these designs are kooky and crazy, and almost anything is possible with the right idea. These people received cakes that were out of the ordinary. Some were creepy, scary, and just downright strange. Some are shaped like a peculiar teacup, for example, and others just went horrifically wrong. These cakes are bound to make you feel better about the cakes you received on your birthdays.

30th Birthday

When this person ordered sprinkles on their cake, they didn’t mean that they wanted the actual instructions written in icing on the cake. They said they wanted multicolored sprinkles to add that nice pop of color! The sprinkles would’ve elevated this cake, and the baker should have known better.

image courtesy of Imgur

Unfortunately, the sprinkles are lacking, and instead, there’s this plain brown background that doesn’t add any extra dimension. At least the mistletoe looking plant at the top salvages the cake, and the chocolate does look tasty!


Is it Caleb’s birthday, or is this cake meant for congratulating the winners of the Golden State Warriors? Many basketball fans will know that the iconic bridge symbol resembles the NBA basketball team. With Steve Kerr as the head coach, this team has won many championships and is regarded as one of the most prestigious groups in the league.

image courtesy of reddituploads/reddit

The only problem with this cake is that the picture attached to it doesn’t have any connection to Caleb. In fact, if you look closer, it has someone else’s name in the picture. The golden lining on the cake is quite plain, and it seems like not much effort was given to this cake. Sorry, Caleb.

Ninjago Cake

The Ninjago series is a Lego show that you can watch on Netflix. It’s a great program for some family quality time, and it’s one that the kids will undoubtedly enjoy. These ninja friends go on quests to find weapons to defeat evil enemies.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

It’s a fun cartoon for people to watch and is quite underrated. The readers say the dialogues in the show are worth it, and the conquests they have are riveting! What isn’t riveting though is this powerful and strong ninja’s face. He’s been reduced to a hamburger looking piece of confectionary as opposed to his ideal form, shown on the left.


Communicating with the cake designer can be difficult, especially when you both have different ideas for the cake design and when they don’t know what you want. Walmart seemed like the go-to option for its cheap, yet beautiful cakes. Unfortunately, when this guy talked to the Walmart cake designer, his words fell on deaf ears.

image courtesy of Twitter/elijahdaniel

Instead of telling her that the cake was for Nick when she asked for the recipient of the cake, he mentioned the color. This misunderstanding blew up when he said, “surprise me,” and she iced on a different name completely! Talk about miscommunication.

Where’s The Turkey?

Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful and spending time with loved ones. It’s also the time of the year where family members come back from their travels or ride in their car for hours to get together all under one roof to celebrate the holiday.

image courtesy of imgur

Grandma’s in the living room with her feet up; mom’s in the kitchen cooking the Turkey, and the kids are playing in their bedrooms. Dad was tasked to make the cake for Thanksgiving but ended up making this! Where’s the turkey? Oh, it’s there in the center surrounded by red and orange squiggles.

Tough Being a Teacup

Being a teacup is no easy task; you have to make sure your handle is strong enough to hold, and the brim is wide enough for a sufficient amount of tea. Chip was already having a hard time as it is with his chipped rim.

image courtesy of Imgur

Now he has to live a life with a new nose handle too? Chip has the ultimate look of horror on his face when all he wanted to do is be a young boy in the Beasts’ home. He didn’t ask for this; he was okay with his nose before! Maybe in his next life, he’ll look like an ordinary teacup or maybe be reincarnated into an actual boy.

Does it Connect?

The misunderstanding here is that the person who gave the idea to the cake designer wasn’t specific enough. They mentioned that they wanted an image from the USB stick, but the designer quite literally printed the design of the USB on it!

image courtesy of Imgur

We have to give them an A for effort because the USB on the cake looks extremely realistic. But on the other hand, what good is the cake if it looks like that? It was a nice attempt and makes for a good picture, though. We hope they still ate it!

Negative Cake

Cakes usually have inspirational messages on them or words of endearment. This cake, on the other hand, has a mind of its own and felt like a realist that day. Instead of congratulating the person on their achievement, they hit them with the hard truth.

image courtesy of reddit/aww

“Nobody Even Likes You” were the harsh words written on this cake. Some people can take sarcasm and laugh it off, and this cake could be specifically designed for that kind of person, or maybe this could be a design meant to insult someone. Either way, if there’s someone out there in this world you don’t like, then there’s an idea for you.

From The Dark Side

This cake looks like it joined forces with Darth Vader to join the dark side. The last two words at the bottom were clearly meant for something else, and the scattered red sprinkles look kind of creepy and out-of-place.

image courtesy of image courtesy of blueberry/reddit

The intention to make it a Star-Wars themed cake was there, but the execution fell short. Instead of placing a Star-Wars inspired image and a few scattered multicolored sprinkles, this ended up looking like a rush job. They should’ve used the red sprinkles to make a tiny lightsaber instead.

Sprinkle Troll

It seems like the favorite past time of cake designers is making sure that the sprinkles don’t get on the cake. It is evident that when this person asked for sprinkles, they actually meant that they wanted multicolored sprinkles to add a little extra pizazz to their cake.

image courtesy of Imgur

This plain white cake had the words “I want sprinkles” literally crafted on it in the exact terms of the person requesting it. At least they nailed the graduation cap and the 2008. The purple and pink roses don’t look half bad either. They could’ve done better, though!

The Cake of Horrors

This cake screams “Red Rum” vibes ala Stanley Kubrick complete with the red icing that resembles the creepy door. This guy wanted to surprise his friend with a birthday cake made the best intentions and to show how thoughtful he was.

image courtesy of Tumblr/tocifer-ryde

The execution falls short, though, and he didn’t calculate how much red icing he should put. The text was starting to look like a crime scene so he put colorful sprinkles to even it out, but instead, he made it even worse.

Creepy Hedgehog

Some cakes are beautiful and made laboriously over the course of a few days. Some people like their cakes to be covered with roses or even gold flakes, but this cake looks so horrifying that we wouldn’t know what to do if we came across it.

image courtesy of imgur

If anything, it looks like a rare type of hedgehog or an angry porcupine. The piece that really takes it over the top is the fake teeth, was that even necessary? It looks like grandma’s going to need her dentures back from the scary looking hedgehog cake on the table.

Army Cake

“Army designs” probably means a guy dressed up in an army uniform or maybe displaying a tank on the cake. The cake shop designers had a different idea of what an army cake looks like. They associated it with a buff arm.

mage courtesy of cakefails/reddit

Problem here is, the buff arm just looks out of place, and it takes up the entire surface of the cake. It seems disproportionate, and the fingers are larger than life! Besides that, it doesn’t honestly look like an arm, but instead it looks like a disjointed arm. Ouch!

Laura’s Cat

Laura has just graduated from school and decided to treat herself with a cake. Unfortunately, the people at the cake shop misheard her, saying that she wanted a “cap,” not a feline friend sitting atop her head. What a silly mistake!

image courtesy of blueberry/reddit

This goes to show that before saying your order to someone, it’s always important to hear it read back. To avoid miscommunication, it’s crucial to make sure they repeat what you just said. This could be a plus though, instead of a con since the cat looks pretty adorable!

Oh Charlie

Charlie the Unicorn was such a big hit back in the early 2000s, that this classic meme will always be remembered. The story is based around a group of unicorn friends that go on adventures, but one day when they travel to Candy Mountain and return, one of them loses their kidney.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

What better way to gift someone a cake then referencing the almighty Charlie the Unicorn meme? This one isn’t a cake fail, but rather a cake win. We’d love to be this guy! What would make it 20x more iconic is if his name was actually Charlie.

Cookie Cake Apology

There’s something incredibly satisfying about receiving a cookie cake for your birthday. It’s sort of like receiving a cake, but better. Especially for people who are huge fans of cookies! Plus, you can eat it with some vanilla ice cream.

image courtesy of Imgur

This person wanted to apologize for his lack of social skills when he’s drinking. Usually, the night ends with him flat on his face, and he isn’t proud of it at all. If anything, he wishes he were sober so he could conduct himself better. The Ken Barbie doll was a nice touch, and the puke in the form of sprinkles was highly creative!

Divorce Cakes

You’ve heard of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, graduation cakes, and even donating your kidney cakes. But what about divorce cakes? This new trend has got potential divorcees riled up to celebrate their divorces from their spouses.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

Just look at this guy’s expression, he can’t wait to hit up a pub with his homies and dance all night long! The cake was a punny one, and it looks like he planned his divorce hearing to the nines. At least one person is looking happy from the outcome of this divorce.


At some point in our lives, especially when we were kids, we’ve gotten called names at least once by someone who wasn’t so nice. These kids were actually also miserable and just taking out their hate on the sweet kids.

mage courtesy of cakefails/reddit

This cake seems as if it’s making a reference that isn’t a nice one at all, or it could just be the half-eaten part of “Happy Father’s Day.” It all depends on the way you look at it. Just like the theory that asks if the glass is half full or empty. Is it a nice cake or a good cake?

Creepy Elsa

If you’ve seen Frozen, you’ll recognize this familiar face. The Snow Queen herself is a legendary character now thanks to Disney, and she’s captured many hearts, including the older generation. With this recreation, though, she’s bound to make a few children jump in fright.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

The once beautiful and golden girl has morphed into a disproportionate figure. Her chest and body are much too large for her head, and the cake doesn’t look realistic at all. Would you eat this cake, or would you toss it away?

Best Friends

This was a cake idea that would make anyone else’s day, especially if they supported it wholeheartedly. These two pals were having a conversation when one of them wanted to come up with an idea for his birthday cake design.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

His suggestion to put the screenshot of their conversation on the cake was a funny and original one. The execution wasn’t that bad either especially with the blue icing matching the blue bubble chat. It looks like it’s even in the shape of a phone!

Feeling Lucky?

To understand the meaning of this cake, let’s take a step back and analyze it further. Travis was having a great time working at Google for a few years, but just like anyone who’s been at a job for too long, they’ll start thinking about other alternatives to their future and possible job position.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

This guy received a cake from his ex-coworkers, but it wasn’t a happy one. They wanted him to feel bad about leaving his beloved company for Bing. Another search engine company that’s clearly Google’s competitor. We hope he still ate the cake because it looks awesome!

Truth Hurts

The truth is hard to accept, especially when you’ve aged another year. Birthdays are less exciting since you’re more focused on your age, and this cake design fail doesn’t help at all. It makes you question this new milestone in your life, and it can even leave a sour taste in your mouth.

image courtesy of blueberry/reddit

This cake didn’t even have colorful sprinkles or any decorations of any kind. Instead, it told the truth the way it is, brown, plain, and direct. Despite the harsh message, the chocolate cake looks like it’s drizzled with a scrumptious and generous coating of fudge.

Sent From Iphone

A picture can paint a thousand words, and this person wanted the best image possible to be painted on the cake. Instead, she received the cake with a string of words that make absolutely no sense. Clearly, the message or picture she sent to the cake shop was from her iPhone.

image courtesy of imgur/funny

Instead of getting the picture and placing it on the cake, they decided that the text was sufficient enough. At least the chocolates on top and the yummy swirls look great! Maybe they can look past the text and enjoy the delicious cake.


The “congratulations” message is usually supposed to be in the middle of the cake. In this chocolate cake, it’s off-center and the Oreos are dangling from the sides and are hanging on for dear life. It looks like they weren’t even placed correctly.

image courtesy of reddit

All in all, this was a sad attempt to make a cake and the person who received it was probably disappointed. The only plus side of this cake is that its chocolate and who doesn’t love chocolate? At least there was one silver lining.

Panda Man

Imagine telling your friends and family your favorite animal after they ask. You say panda, and when it’s your big day, they present this. What an unfortunate surprise and a huge letdown! Instead of it looking like a Panda, it looks like the clown from Saw that always asks: “do you want to play a game?”

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

We certainly don’t want to play any games with this creepy panda. The cake designers thought to salvage it by lining it with sprinkles, but it didn’t add much to it. It still looks weird and unsettling. Instead of going for chocolate swirls for the eyes, maybe two black chocolate balls would’ve sufficed?

The Big Reveal

Usually, when getting presents for a gender reveal for your kid, the gifts are mindblowing. You’ll often get a lovely baby carriage or different milk bottle sizes and books, but you don’t usually get a cake that looks like this.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

Another strange thing is that the cake isn’t for a bouncing baby girl, it’s for a full-blown adult woman! Either they’re revealing that she just found her birth parents or it was a joke. Either way, it looks rather dull and sad. Perhaps a little colored icing piped along the sides would’ve been better?

Nothing Matters

Less is more. Right? Sometimes the best words to write on a cake is nothing at all, literally. This cake was given to someone just because the other person felt like it and didn’t need a reason to explain his gift. The cake looks like it was given a lot of thought, especially the design.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

The word “nothing” is a statement in itself because it doesn’t need justification. We’ve seen people getting cakes for divorces, birthdays, and even graduations, but this is the first time we’ve seen someone give another person a cake for nothing. Apparently it’s a thing!

Unamused Ariel

When Arial escaped the clutches of Ursula and wanted to be a real-life girl, she was going against her family’s wishes. Ariel’s dad King Triton the ruler of the sea, who wanted her to remain underwater to live with her six sisters.

image courtesy of imgur

The family was important, but Ariel found true love and fought her way to escape her trapped life. She’s a strong woman, and a strong woman needs to be displayed correctly. In this cake design, though, she’s looking rather pale and unmotivated. It doesn’t do Ariel justice at all!


If you’re a fan of old cartoons, then Peter Pan must have been on your list of favorites as a child. Tink is the iconic sidekick of Peter Pan, who stands by his side no matter what. She’s a feisty little fairy who sprinkles her golden dust so others can fly.

image courtesy of imgur

In this case, she’s anything but small and feisty. She’s much larger than her usual size, and she’s also lying down instead of flying up in the air. We’re pretty sure she doesn’t usually wear lipstick, and you can see she’s surrounded by makeup. The designer probably wasn’t a fan of the beloved animated movie.

It’s all French to Me

This cake was meant to be written in French, and the correct phrase should’ve been “Bon Anniversaire.” The person receiving the cake was probably French or learning French; that’s why. Hopefully, English was enough to cut it here, and maybe he should’ve gone to a French bakery for the accurate translation.

image courtesy of imgur

The purpose of the cake is sort of defeated, especially if the text was supposed to be in another language. Words can get lost in translation when others can’t speak the language. A quick Google translate would’ve done the trick here. Maybe he should have given them the French words instead of the other way around.

Laura is Shookt

The words on this cake almost look 3D-like and pretty cool. If you were a gamer, you’d be impressed by the color contrast here and how the words pop out. The only issue here is the giant comma in the middle, and it’s not the symbol.

image courtesy of imgur

It looks like this cake place decided to troll Laura by adding the comma. It’s a pretty funny mistake, and it can easily be laughed off. The chocolate icing on the side is to die for! It makes up for the pronunciation mark mistake.

90 Long Years

This delicate cake design was carefully thought out. You can tell by the intricate pink roses and its green stems scattered around. The cursive words also look planned out and the color choice wasn’t a bad one at all!

image courtesy of imgur

The “green and yellow only” words can easily be overlooked since the cake itself looks gorgeous. It probably tastes just like vanilla cream too! Sometimes cake shops can make mistakes, and this time, they get a pass since the design makes up for it.

Big Foot?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s bigfoot? This dinosaur looks like its legs were stung by bees and now it can’t walk. Instead of looking like a happy Barney, he can’t even walk around the terrain with his massive swollen legs.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

The color was a cute one, though, and it looks delectable despite the injured looking dinosaur. This cake shop should stay away from designing prehistoric creatures and instead should focus on lettering perhaps.

Proofreading is Important

This is why proofreading is so important. If you look closely, you’ll notice that one letter is off in the word “knew” instead of saying, “Good luck in your new position” the cake master went for “knew” instead of the right word, new.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

We sure hope the recipient wasn’t a writer because they’d be bummed. Despite that tiny flaw, the balloons look beautiful, and the sprinkles don’t look that crazy. The font style also wasn’t a terrible choice and actually looks decent!

First Timer

It was this lady’s first time at making cakes, and she didn’t do that bad. The icing on the top looks good, and so do the decorative flowers that add a gentle touch. What doesn’t add a soft touch is the red icing dripping down the sides that resemble gore.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

Could the partner of this lady be a horror fan? We think so! Another flaw in this cake is the typo in the word “Anniversary.” Making sure letters match on a cake is crucial since it’s the main focus of it. At least she was proud of her beautiful work, and her dedication is an inspiration.

Cookie Stealer

The cookie monster is a notorious character on Sesame Street for having an insatiable appetite. Anytime he would see cookies, he would break out in a sweat, and the sight of chocolate chips would ignite the hungry monster inside him.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

This lovable blue and fuzzy character is iconic, and even just seeing his color and his beady white eyes are enough to tell who he is. Someone asked for a cookie monster cake and instead got a cookie monster destroyer. It looks like he missed a spot; he’s supposed to chew the cookies, not smash them with his head.

Baby Duck? Baby Camel?

Is that a baby duck or a baby camel? Does this person own a baby animal of some kind? We’re pretty sure this cake was meant for a human baby but the image says otherwise. It’s a cute attempt at drawing a baby made of icing but we just can’t seem to see it can you?

image courtesy of reddit

Besides that, the cake is overall good-looking and the colors compliment the cake- sort of. But the picture is too large and overwhelms it. There should be some type of ratio for the image and the text on a cake so it falls together cohesively.


Cakes are a great way to apologize to people you’ve been meaning to say sorry to for a while. Other times, they can really help patch up a tough spot between two friends. This friend decided to surprise one of her buddies by gifting her with a cake.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

As pretty as the cake looks, the words are hard to swallow. Who spits in someone’s Chipotle? Totally not cool. But hey, this cake is surely spit-free this time around! the tiny heart at the top was a nice touch and the ring around the cake looks great.

Eviction Cake

Now we’ve seen everything, even eviction cakes are an actual thing. This unlucky person received an eviction notice in the form of a sweet treat with a packed message. The notice signifies that it’s time to leave and they only have 30 days.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

Hey, at least he notified them a month ahead of time, and at least they’ll have enough time to find another place to go. The cake looks short on designs, and it seems like it just serves as a reminder. This isn’t the type of cake you’d want to receive.

Oh Mickey

“Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow our mind..” Wait. That’s not Mickey! An imposter has stolen Mickey Mouse and doused him in green slime. This Mickey doesn’t match the original design, so it must be his cousin.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

The cake designers should’ve looked up the exact colors of Mickey Mouse to do this cake justice. Maybe they ran out of black and white icing that day? Green seemed to be the fitting color, but the problem is that this shade looks unappetizing, to say the least!

Scary Apples Scaring Other Foods

This apple looks like it made it out alive from a fruit and vegetable apocalypse. The zombie vegetables were invading the grocery and trying to be the dominant foods in this store. The cakes were forced to be locked in their plastic boxes.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

The apple cake has a brilliant idea to escape the grocery and he’s just about to share it with the orange and chocolate cake who are deep in despair. Don’t worry, guys, an apple a day keeps the zombie vegetables away!

The Baby’s Here!

Adam the baby is about to have his birthday and his parents wanted him to have the best cake he could possibly have. This day is a memorable one and it called for a bright blue cake with Adam’s footprints on it and his.. baby teeth?

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

The feet were a cute idea, and it shows that he’s about to pave his own life in this world. But the teeth look a little off and misplaced. We’re not sure if they match the cake, and it kind of overpowers the entire thing. One body part should’ve sufficed for this cake.

#1 It Is

This sentence looks like it’s code for something. The recipient of the cake and the one giving it probably have an inside joke or a deeper meaning for this cake. What does #1 mean? Does it mean this person just had a kid who turned 1?

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

Or is this person one of the best friends anyone could ever have therefore he’s claimed the title of #1? It’s hard to tell with this meaning and more detail should’ve been taken into account here. Perhaps a firework on the side or a big splash of sprinkles to make it more festive?

Strawberry Cake Anyone?

Vegans might look at this cake and walk away slowly and we can’t blame them. It looks exactly like raw pork, mushed up together to form a cake. This cake isn’t pork at all; it is a strawberry cake that was made for someone very special.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

By the looks of it, this special someone didn’t find it too appetizing either since it looks like no one dared cut a slice. Presentation is as important as the cake itself and sometimes when food doesn’t look good enough to eat, it won’t be happily accepted by many.

An Autumn Day

Paul loves all the seasons but his favorite time of all is autumn. We don’t blame him, since it’s one of the best seasons to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa while listening to old vinyls. Paul was celebrating his 48th birthday when his family decided to surprise him with this cake.

image courtesy of cakefails/reddit

At first glance, it looks like a dinosaur’s paw or maybe a prehistoric animal’s foot. It’s cool how one thing can always resemble another because of its abstract shape. The leaf should’ve been wider in the center with a few short ones around it. Nice attempt though!