Jose’s Story of Change – A Makeover that Changed his Life.

People tend to believe that the first impression of an
individual leaves a lasting impact, but in order to gauge this impression,
societal standards place greater emphasis on meaningless elements, such as
brands, fashion sense, wealth, success and others that have absolutely little
or no impact on a person’s personality or values.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

If a person is clad in a luxury designer outfit with a sleek
hairdo, he/she is considered successful and wealthy. And if you a person is
shabbily dressed or appears to be unhygienic; people tend to dismiss him/her as
poor, and careless, amongst other things.

Indeed, a makeover is an intensely rewarding,
transformational experience that allows a person to move away from self-beliefs
of the past and develop a new set of beliefs that ignite self-love, confidence,
and self-admiration.

It can alter a person’s entire perception about their own personality and looks, and even though people tend to place more emphasis on food, wealth and material success, our outward appearance not only influences other’s opinions of us but more importantly, it shapes our own opinions about ourselves.

This story is that of a remarkable makeover, and how it
completely transformed the life of Jose Antonio, a homeless man.

Jose’s Struggle

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Hailing from Palma, Spain, Jose spent an awfully long period
of his adult life, 25 years to be exact, living on the streets as a homeless
person. It is important to note that Jose’s life did not start in this manner,
but in fact, it was his struggle against depression that undermined his will to
live and succeed against the adversities of life.

Before moving out on the streets, Jose was a talented
electrician. After the onset of depression, Jose began to struggle with
sleeping, and with the passage of time, his depression took over his other
bodily functions, rendering him unable to perform any of the functions.
Suddenly, Jose entered a mental state where it felt impossible to drag himself
out of bed, enjoy or prepare his meals, and most importantly, he was rendered
unable to work. After he lost his job and the will to work, he was left with
little choice but to embrace the homeless lifestyle.

His presence

His heart-wrenching struggling with depression continued for
multiple years, and eventually, he found himself turning towards the lifestyle
of a homeless person on the streets of Palma. 25 years of homelessness had made
Jose a permanent fixture in the local community, and as he grew more and more
accustomed to the homeless living, he developed a routine and forged relations
with all those around him in the community.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Jose was nothing short of a celebrity in his close-knit
local community of Palma, and the people who lived in the surrounding
neighborhoods were incredibly fond of his company and became accustomed to
swapping pleasantries with Jose throughout the day.

With the passage of time, Jose made a great many friends and was given the nickname of Josette. He clearly had no idea how a savior in Palma was one day, going to transform his life for the better!

A Life-Changing Offer

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

After becoming homeless at the age of 30, Jose passed by his time by taking up odd jobs, such as being a parking attendant in Majorca. Even though these odd jobs didn’t pay much, they helped him buy food and survive. One fine day, Salva Garcia, a kind woman who owned a hair salon in the area, walked up to Jose and made him an offer he simply couldn’t refuse-one that would change his life forever.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

At 55 years of age, Jose had pretty much given up on all his
desires for self-grooming and admiring his looks, but when Salva offered him
the chance of a free makeover, he couldn’t help but feel overjoyed at his luck.

The owner of a hair salon, La Salvajeria, Garcia offered
Jose a chance to completely transform his look. She wasn’t going to stop at a
simple haircut, but in fact, she had a huge surprise in store for Jose. She
wanted to give him a complete head-to-toe makeover, including his hair cut,
hair color, and even a brand new wardrobe.

Let the magic begin

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Jose, who hadn’t even had enough money to get a decent hair
cut in 25 years, saw the perfect opportunity to completely transform his life.
He agreed to Garcia’s offer and little did he know, a simple makeover meant to
change his look would actually change his entire outlook about life and instill
in him a powerful surge of confidence and positivity.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

When Jose sat down in the plush salon chair and stared at
himself in the mirror, he did not feel like he belonged in Garcia’s salon. He
regaled Garcia with his story about being homeless and living on the streets
for 25 long years and agreed that a person’s outlook and appearance can
influence the manner in which people think and feel about them. Jose was ready
to alter and transform his first impression!

In for a Surprise!

Garcia allowed Jose to take a good look at his appearance,
and once he was done, she began the transformation process. Before getting
started with the makeover, she ordered the removal of all the mirrors in her
salon so Jose couldn’t see the results until the entire process was completed.

When Jose first entered the salon, he had a long, gray beard
and long, shoulder-length gray hair. Over the years of his life spent on the
streets, he could not pay much attention to his grooming needs and hygiene, as
survival and food were his main concerns. Just like any other person in the
world, Jose also wanted to look good and admire himself in the mirror.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Initially, Jose was very jittery and nervous, and when Salva
grabbed her scissors and began to chop off his hair and beard, he found himself
sinking into the chair with nervousness. Jose had readily agreed to the
makeover without giving much thought to the process, and now, the anxiousness
of the end results was nagging at his brain.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

He knew that his makeover would definitely change a great
many aspects of his life, opening up new doors, and allowing him to land a
proper job, and eventually, a place for himself. The seeds of positivity were
sown deep inside his heart, but there was a long way to go as over the past 25
years without a single haircut, Jose had grown an awful lot of hair.

Assisted by a team of skilled hairstylists, Salva Garcia
diligently worked on Jose’s hair, and given the excessive volume and length,
she had to pin some of his hair to the top of his head as she chopped off the
strands beneath.

The Makeover

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Since his hair had gotten excessively gray, Jose looks two decades older than he actually was. Garcia and her talented team of hairstylists wanted to give his hair a creamy brown texture, which was also Jose’s original hair color before his strands turned gray. It allowed Jose to regain his youthfulness, and rock a much more polished, and professional statement.

It took a long and laborious effort to dye all of his hair,
and Jose was certainly in for a surprise, as the color transformation work
wonders at restoring his youth and vitality. Next came the process of trimming
away his beard, and instead of shaving it all off, they decided to give him a
subtle trim. The beard was colored in the same brown palette and texture to
match his hair.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Due to 25 years of lack of grooming and bear maintenance,
Jose’s beard had grown stringy and unruly. But the trimming allowed him to rock
a much younger and sleeker appeal. Jose was anxious to discover the final
results of his transformation!

Rough around the edges

As the stylists continued to chop off massive strands of his
hair, Jose’s anxiety and anticipation grew. His head certainly felt much
lighter and relaxed as the burden of all that hair was eliminated. After
leading a life of desolation and extreme poverty, it was a surreal experience for
him to be pampered and looked after in this manner. He enjoyed every single
second of his newfound luxury.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Once the makeover was completed, his unkempt and disheveled
bear looked polished and well-trimmed, and the stylists then pampered his hair
with conditioner to restore its moisture and softness. In a few hours, Jose’s
hair was completely transformed, and he looked absolutely nothing like the
homeless man who had walked into Garcia’s salon earlier that morning.

The dye certainly had a dramatic effect at giving him a much sleeker and dignified appearance, allowing his handsome features to accentuate, and become appealing. Suddenly, Jose found himself to be an attractive man and rediscovered the will to take care of his looks and appearance.

A mew man

After the haircut and color transformation was taken care of, the stylists moved toward the final touches. Jose’s neckline was shaved, and the stylists diligently smoothed out the edges of his beard to polish up the look even further. His eyebrows were tweezed to complete the polished and clean-cut appeal of his face.

In order to give him a cleaner and sleeker look, the barber
used a razor to give him a traditional shave for a clean-cut. After the hair
and color was taken care of, the stylists proceeded towards the second most
dynamic aspect of Jose’s transformation: the wardrobe makeover!

Jose Transformed

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

After the hair and facial makeover, the stylists presented
Jose with a splendid new designer outfit. Eagerly and anxiously, Jose stepped
inside the changing room and quickly emerged out after putting on his new
clothes. Even though the makeover was still under process, Jose was overwhelmed
and delighted at how he felt and looked.

He was certainly feeling much better and transformed, far
from the homeless man who walked into the salon for a new experience. As the
hairstylists fussing around him continued to smile, his curiosity about the new
look continued to heighten. But a few final touches were left before Jose could
glance in the mirror and see his new avatar.

He didn’t recognize himself

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

The transformation was stunning and charming beyond
comprehension, and one can examine the strikingly impressive differences in
Jose’s before and after images. Earlier, he appeared fatigued, exhausted, and
tired, which made him look much older than he actually was. He was wearing his
old and disheveled clothes that had been his companions for the past 26 years.

After his makeover was completed, Jose’s personality and appearance were reinvented. He looked like a totally different person, and astonishingly unrecognizable from the person he was a few hours ago. It was unbelievable that the hard work of Garcia and her hairstylists had paid off so magically and wondrously! Everyone at the salon was spellbound by the fruits of their own efforts.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Jose was transformed, and his eclectic new look gave him a style-savvy hipster vibe that was attractive and polished. Now, it was time for his look to be revealed to himself, and truly, Jose was in for a massive shock. How would he even recognize his own appearance?

Jose was overjoyed by his new look. His old and fatigued
appearance had miraculously vanished, and in its place was an attractive and
youthful man.

Being Introduced to his New Self

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

As the stylists brought over a mirror to Jose, his emotions
were running unbelievably high, when he finally saw himself in the mirror, he
was rendered speechless. Clutching his cheeks with his hands, Jose gasped in
surprise. He was in utter disbelief and shock at meeting his new self.

Jose stared at the mirror long and hard, and as emotions
welled up inside him, tears pooled up in his eyes and he began to cry. He was
overjoyed by the new transformation for he had no idea that a makeover could
truly make him look and feel like a completely transformed person.

He was out of words to describe the overwhelming surge of
emotions that had engulfed himself, and once he got over the initial shock of
seeing his polished new look, the first words he uttered were, “Is this me?”

As the reality began to settle in, Jose said, “Oh my God, this
is amazing, is this really me? I look incredibly different. No one will be able
to recognize me unless I tell them I am Jose.” As it turned out, no one was
able to recognize Jose with his striking new transformation.

The transformation allowed Jose a new chance at life, and
even though it also served as a reflection of how his life could turn out to be
had he not struggle with depression and survival as a homeless person, it
empowered him with positivity and the will to steer his life towards greatness.

“I have Totally Changed”

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Jose simply couldn’t move past the strikingly astonishing
change in his appearance, and it instilled a positive outlook that gave him the
zest and enthusiastic to return towards an energetic lifestyle. He kept saying,
“I have totally changed. This cannot be me!”

Even during the first few minutes, it was evident that Jose’s outward appearance had completely changed his outlook and his vibe. Even Jose’s posture and behavior depicted a surge of enthusiastic as he seemed engulfed with positivity and reveled in the feeling of being a completely changed, young man.

Back at the hangout spot

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

With a big smile plastered on his face, Jose decided it was
time to reveal his transformation at his local hangout and stun all his friends
and community members. Buzzing with joy and enthusiasm, Jose returned to his
old hangout, where he spent his life smoking cigarettes and listening to music
on his cassette player.

Only this time, he was a whole new person with a pair of designer pants and a charming new white shirt. The style-savvy sunglasses certainly worked wonders at elevating his look. Many of his friends and locals walked past by the new Jose without recognizing the homeless man they saw at the monument every single day for 25 years.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Jose simply couldn’t be recognized, and the waitressed at the nearby hotels and cafes give him a big thumps-up on the new transformation. Everyone flocked over to Jose to tell him how impressed they were by his amazing transformation. Many even told him that he could be a model, and no one could think back to the homeless man they once named Jose.

Jose was long gone, and Jose was back with an insanely incredible new transformation. The ladies were certainly impressed and happy with his new look, and before you know, Jose became the centerpiece of attraction in all of Palma. With his red pants and stylish new appearance, Jose was unrecognizable and became an enigma for his local community.

People were shocked

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

People began flocking around Jose, taking his pictures as if he was a model. Someone quipped, “Hey Jose, where’s you, Ferrari”.

Little did they know, even Jose couldn’t believe his new transformation, and his old friends also failed to spot their homeless friend beneath the polished new appearance.

Jose visited the local bar he would frequently and ordered a beer from his waiter friend, who failed to recognize him even though they had spoken on countless occasions. When he returned to Jose’s table, he asked the waiter” “Can you recognize who I am”. After a few minutes of shock, the waiter realized that it was Jose whom he knew as the homeless man.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Women were indeed the most shocked and elated by his appearance, and many stopped to compliment him and tell him that he looked “very, very handsome.

” A woman that Jose had known for a long time shared his excitement with enthusiasm and gave him a warm hug to celebrate the new transformation that would change Jose’s life for good.

People were in utter disbelief and told Jose that this transformation was utterly and insanely remarkable. Little did they know that a nice haircut and a new set of clothes can truly transform a person, and our feelings towards the person in question.

Jose Gone Viral

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

In a short amount of time, Jose’s amazing transformation
emerged as the hot new social media sensation, and within days, he was viral on
the internet. Overnight, Jose became a celebrity, and people from around the
globe began following and reading his story of transformation and fighting

Commenting on his experience of change, Jose said, ‘It just
didn’t change my look, it changed my life.” Salvia Garcia, his amazing helper,
also revealed that Jose is getting financial assistance from an organization,
which has taken him off the streets for good, giving him the opportunity to
steer his life around on a new path.

The exposer

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

As his video grew viral and he became a social media sensation, Jose garnered a new nickname-one that was much different from Jose: the Spanish Hugh Jackman. After changing his look, Jose wanted to get a proper, well-paying job, and with a new surge of positivity and a passion to change his life, he set out to achieve all the success, joy and happiness that his depression had denied him for the past 25 years.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

Once Jose was settled into his new life, he decided to undergo yet another transformation, this time choosing to dye his hair a strikingly charming silver. Now, Jose is looking for the love of his life, and in his new attire and unrecognizable positive attitude, women are eager to meet and interact with him.

Jose Clooney

Jose’s hair and beard went back to its natural color, going for a more silver looking style.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.17.23

He has also since decided to get rid of his beard, giving him a much cleaner look than he had before. Actually , his look has changed so drastically that people that know him now say that he looks like – George Clooney. Other people say that he reminds them of the Wolvarein actor Hue Jackman.

Almost blind

Due to living outside, his unhealthy diet, and daily exposure to the sun, Jose’s eyesight was in terrible shape when he got his makeover.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

In fact, it was difficult for him to see it at all at first due to cataracts he developed after being homeless for 25 years. However, after several surgeries, Jose can now see clearly once again, and he is still as happy as ever with his new look and new life

No longer homeless

Jose’s life really began to turn around after this stunning makeover. He has a part-time job, he looks great, and a company is financing him to help him to get back up on his feet.

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

However, perhaps most importantly, Jose is no longer homeless. He sleeps in his very own bed in his very own apartment, something which is crucial for stability. Jose is almost finished with his transformation and is currently looking for a job

Back to realty

Courtesy of YouTube @ Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

This time around, he decided to adopt a George Clooney look
with a natural silver fox style for his hair and beard, and the transformation
was just as shocking and delightful as his first one. Jose had now rediscovered
his will to live and enjoy every aspect of his being. He was determined and
ready to turn his life around and find mediums and opportunities to add beauty
and joy into his life.

His search for love is ongoing, and after 25 long years,
Jose has known real companionship as people actually want to interact with him
as a person rather than a scraggly homeless man who is down on his luck. Jose
was happy to see attractive women walking up to him and striking up
conversations, and even his older customers found his transformation inspiring.