Lifehacks for Everyday Objects You’ve been Using Wrong

Fast Way To Chill Your Drinks With A Wet Towel

Imagine this, you have guests fast approaching and you have a couple of sodas that you forgot to chill. You could either put them in the freezer and the have a mini explosion in your fridge or you could try this hack instead.

Image Courtesy Of  Onedio

Simply wet the bottle you want to chill and then wrap a wet paper towel around it. Now, you put in the fridge and in 20 minutes you’ll have a perfectly chilled soda all ready to serve.

Cookbook Holder

Cooking is all fun and games until you have your fingertips oily and you really need to turn that page to recipe you’re cooking. No one needs a remake of Rachel Greene’s Trifle. So here’s a tip that will help you solve that sticky situation.

Image Courtesy Of  Familyhandyman

Simply grab a hanger with clips and clip your cook book, with the page of the desired recipe open. And hang your new contraption on a knob that will make it easy for you to read.

Keep Frames From Moving

Every home is adorned with frames on the wall and sometimes those frames move either from kids or pets or even adults jumping about and bumping into the walls. So what you want is to keep them steady or else risk them falling and smashing to the floor.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

The tip here is to put dots of hot glue behind the frame and wait for them to dry. Hand your frame back on and you will notice the frame steady. The glue acts as friction and will keep it from swaying too much.

Prop Up The Keyboard

Most of us use our keyboards for years and the feet is either worn down or have been missing. If you’re looking for a way to prop up your keyboard for easier typing, we promise this hack will help you out.

Image Courtesy Of EHow Hacks/Youtube

Find some binder clips to sacrifice and take the metal wires off of it. Then, you will want to place them inside the holes that the original feet of the keyboard used to be and that’s it.

Just Duct Tape It

We aren’t really sure why there are so many jar hacks out there but perhaps it’s because opening jars in a universal problem. But, hey, at least we now have multiple options to work out if plan A doesn’t work

Image Courtesy Of youtube

For this jar hack, you’re going to need a duct tape. You will then need to wrap the tape halfway around the lid and fold it only on the lid. Once that is done, do a quick pull while holding the jar steady. This should help the lid dislodge easily!

Meal Prep

This life hack is more common sense than an actual hack and we’re pretty sure a lot of people do this already. But hey, if you’re new to this then this hack is for you! It’s called cooking in bigger portions or meal prepping.

Image Courtesy Of Vienvong

When you find a day where you can cook a meal, cook extra portions for a couple more days. That way, when you come home after a long day, you can just pop it in the microwave or oven and have a healthy meal.

Spring Clean Your Pots & Pans

Cleaning out your pots and pans are messy and tiring. They are bulky and its almost impossible to scrub all that black gunk that is staining the bottom of the pan. Which is why this hack will save you loads of time and energy!

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

Simply take whatever pan or pot you wish to clean fill in some water, a bit of soap and about 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Bring it to a boil and when you lower the heat, whatever that’s stuck on the bottom will come right off.

Accomplish Tasks The Night Before

Like they always say, “never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well” this rings true for this hack. Morning are usually a bit of a rush especially if you have little ones, pets or another person to care for. So you’ll want to have an efficient way to get things done.

Image Courtesy Of Trainright

Consider this, get it done the night before. Whether its sorting out what to wear, or what to pack for lunch or even what to take into the office, put it out and in plain sight.

Save The Tin Foils

Let’s face it, tin foils are annoying to handle. They are slippery, they rip easily and they sometimes decide to free fall onto the floor by themselves and we need to cut of the dirty piece. But they are also super useful to keep food warm or to keep leftovers.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

So here’s a neat little trick to keep those roll intact. You simply need to push the tabs in instead of taking it out on its side.

Forget The Iron. Go For The Steam.

Have you ever gone to bed and forgotten about ironing out a shirt that you needed the next day? Well, haven’t we all. Which is why this hack is perfect to get out of those tricky situations.

Image Courtesy Of Putthison

This is especially great for those mornings where you are in a rush but also need a nice hot shower. Spritz a little water over your shirt and hand it in the bathroom while you shower and allow the steam to take care of the rest.

Hoodie Reminder

Being forgetful is a nightmare. And if you’re someone who is constantly forgetting your to-do items, we are pretty sure it can take up a lot of time when you remember it later.

Image Courtesy Of Amazon

Well, fret not! We have a hack for you. When you’re about to head out or if you remember what you wanted, write it down on a paper, roll it up and tie it to the strings of your hoodie. You won’t be able to miss it!

Beeswax Your Shoes

If you own shoes like every other person on earth, you’ll know keeping them clean is beyond impossible. And if you have white shoes on, oh boy is that a nightmare to scrub clean.

Image Courtesy Of Moreremonta

Well, what you can do instead is coat your shoes with a layer of beeswax. After that you’ll want to take your hair dryer and set it to the highest heat and blow till the shine disappears. And done! Water and dirt proof shoes!

Repurpose A Pringles Jar

Pringles are a great snack and most households have them in the pantry. However, most households also throw them away when they are done. That’s a big No from us. We suggest you repurpose them to make your life easier.

Image Courtesy Of pinterest

Use the cans to store plastic bags and we know for sure that most of us have heaps of plastic bags that we store haphazardly around the house. This will help you organize.

Invest In Colour Grabbing Sheets

Separate your whites from the coloured clothing. Something our parents have told us growing up and something we all practice in this day and age. However, with the increasingly less time we have, do we really want to use it separating and doing different loads of wash?

Image Courtesy Of Lifehacks/Reddit

No, is the answer. So, we suggest you pick up some colour grabbing sheet. These sheets will soak up any colour that your garments may release, leave your garments save.

Run it Under Hot Water to Loosen Lids

It is safe to say that opening a jar is an Olympic sport. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but it does feel like an Olympic victory after we manage to crack it open after 30 minutes of blood, sweat and tears!

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

Here’s a handy tip so you don’t have to get carpal tunny trying to get jam.

Run the jar under some hot water for about 30 seconds which will cause the lid to expand. Use a cloth to avoid scalding your hands.

Skin Rejuvenation

Place the used tea bags, or
expired ones, in boiling water and wait for 5-10 minutes. This weak brew can
condition your hair or rejuvenate your skin, especially if it is green tea.

If you want to go a step
further, tear the bag and pour its contents over your skin. It can be used as
an exfoliating alternative while you lounge in the tub and listen to some zen

Easy-Peasy Clean Up with a Blade

Stoves always take the brunt of our meal making shenanigans. Spills and oil stains happen and let’s be honest and say not everyone is hardworking enough to wipe down their stove tops after every meal.

Image Courtesy Of Apartmenttherapy

Unfortunately, that also means that those missed stains harden and get harder to take off!

Well, what we can do here is to keep a razor blade handy in the kitchen (preferably out of reach and sight of kids). Use the blade to scrape off the crusts and stains.

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Getting hold of sanitizer is increasingly hard since there is a pandemic happening around the world. People get panicky and start hoarding which just makes it difficult for others to get some.

Oh well, we can’t keep groaning about it but we can DIY something ourselves!

Image Courtesy Of Corks, Liquor, Wine, Beer/Facebook

Here’s how it works. Get a bottle of Everclear and some aloe juice. Next, mix the two well and voila! Your very own hand sanitizer!

Selfie Camera as a Mirror

Selfie cameras are most that just for taking selfies. They are useful tools when it comes to handling difficult spots in our home. Like the back of our computer. It’s always a struggle to plug anything in without having to move a bunch of stuff.

Image Courtesy Of mkbhd/Instagram

This is where you use your selfie skills. Use the camera like a mirror to see exactly what you’re doing. You can even use this for the back of the TV as well!

Spoons for Hard to Open Jars

Here’s another how-to-open-a-jar tip because jars are a nuisance but we love them because they look good and are environmentally friendly. However, they are really hard to get open and tend to hurt our hands.

Image Courtesy Of greatbritishchefs

And this time, no hot water is needed. The tip here is to use a spoon. Just use it as a lever to pry open the lid and you will never have to hurt your poor palms again

Write On Your Fridge

This may not sound like the best of ideas but before you cross it out, just read on. You know how when you open your fridge to check what’s in there to write out what you need to stock up? Well, what if you could have something easier?

Image Courtesy Of Frugal/Reddit

Make sure your pen isn’t a permanent market though. After all, we won’t need to have soy milk or eggs every week. To make things more organized, you can choose different coloured pens for other days of the week!

DIY Luggage Tags

Airports are either fun or a nightmare. Fun when you are heading to your destination but not as fun when you can’t locate your bag or they are stuck somewhere in a pile or worse; someone mistook your bag as theirs!

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

Here’s a way to ensure your transit is easy. Make fun tags that are unique and can be spotted from a mile away. Some people make mini pompoms or tie multiple bright ribbons around the handle of the luggage.

Mix It Up

Candy is the best and worst food to ever exist! We love the way they taste but we hate what they do to our bodies and if you’re like most people, you probably enjoy snacking while working or watching TV. The problem here is having too much at a time.

Image Courtesy Of ninesmw

So we suggest you mix four or five different candies in one jar. This will stop you from grabbing a handful and shoving it into your mouth.

Organize your Cards

Ah yes! Cards. No not birthday cards. We’re talking about digital cards (credit cards, IDs, gift card etc). Those things can get pretty disorganized and take up quite some space, leaving your purse super bulky. Here’s a pretty nifty trick to sort that right out

Image Courtesy Of Chicago tribune

All you’ll need is individual card holder, key ring and a hold puncher. Put your card into groups. Gift cards into one card holder, ID into another and you Credit and Debit cards into another and punch a hole in the card holder.

Finally, just put them together!

Use Laundry Detergent Pods for Your Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher at home, chances are you use either the dishwasher detergent or the pods. If you are nodding at the detergent, we suggest that you switch to using pods because they’re just so much easier to handle.

Image Courtesy Of Amazon

However, if you’re already using pods, there could have been multiple times where you search around your laundry area looking for those tiny things! Here’s a tip. Keep them in a place where you can see them.

Remove Your Ice Tray for More Ice

Sometimes we get up in the middle of the night looking for something cold to drink but the ice is gone. Or perhaps you’re just someone who uses a lot of ice. Either way, here’s a hack to make sure there’s always going to be ice cubes all year round!

Image Courtesy Of Fridge Detective/reddit

All you have to do is remove the ice tray and the fridge will automatically keep producing ice! How’s that for a hack?

Bypass The Captcha

The internet has been around for forever. And those avid users probably know and are very familiar with the “I’m Not A Robot” captchas. You click on the box and then are presented with an inane amount of boxes that asks you if you see a traffic light in them.

Image Courtesy Of Uproxx

So, if you feel like this is just downright annoying, we have a tip. When you click on the captcha box, just keep holding it down and you will easily bypass those questions

Lists with Metal Clips

Do you realise that we are all creatures of habit and therefor our grocery lists are usually the same. Well here’s a way to save you some time from writing things down again and again

Image Courtesy Of davidbakker

First, get a clipboard and clip your chores or grocery list. On each item place a binder clip. And when you’re done with a chore, simply flip the clip so that the metal hold covers the item.

Substitute Ice Cubes with Lemon Rinds for a Zesty Drink

The weather nowadays is a little warm and in the summer it can get pretty unbearable. So what is the usual way we all get around to beating the heat? Lemonade! While we all love a cup of lemonade, watered-down lemonade is just nasty. So instead of using ice cubes, use these tricks instead.

Image Courtesy Of pinterest

Slice up some lemon wedges or other citrus rinds and freeze them. You can substitute ice cubes with these and you won’t have to worry about letting your lemonade sit for a bit longer.

DIY Plastic Bag Box

We all hoard plastic bags and why not? Reduce, reuse, recycle, am I right? But when we hoard, usually there isn’t always a place to store them. So what you would do is fold them into tiny knots or triangles and keep them in the drawer.

Image Courtesy Of Thriftyfun

Here’s another way to store them. Roll them up from one end to the other and place them in a tissue box. That way, you’ll be able to get the plastic bags easily like you would a tissue.

DIY Shell Scooper with Egg Shells

Eggs are a yummy little snack and super easy to whip up. The recipes are endless and its cheap as well. However, it can get a little messy if you use too much or too little strength to crack it open. Sometimes, you may even get pieces of the shell in there.

Image Courtesy Of msn

Fret not, this tip will help you out. Gone are the days you will have to play tag with that stray shells because all you need to do is that the half shell and scoop the broken pieces out of the eggs.

DIY Tweezers On The Go

Anyone knows that tweezers are a life saver. Whether you missed a spot shaving that morning or a stray eyebrow hair pops up out of nowhere, this hack will save you your face.

Image Courtesy Of LifeHacks/Reddit

Not many of us carry around tweezer because why? Anyways, all you need is three coins of the same size. Place them on of each other and move the middle one a little back. Voila, you have yourself a merry little tweezer!

Cool huh?

Multifaceted Dishwasher

A dishwasher does more than wash your dishes and is in fact multifaceted. You can save loads of time cleaning other stuff than just your plates and mugs. However, like dishes, giving the other items a good rinse would do some good as well.

Image Courtesy Of Popbela

You can put in your canvas sneakers, garden tools, flip flops and many more inside. Because let’s face it, not everyone has the time or patience to sit around wiping their shoes all the time.

Another Jar Hack. Because Why Not?

We swear this is the last jar hack! We just needed to put this in because it works almost all the time. The reason why your hands just can’t get the lid to pop open is that there’s just no friction and so your hands just slide right off!

Image Courtesy Of mujerde10

What we suggest here is to use rubber bands. Wrap two rubber bands around the lid which will give you nice grip to easily open it.

No Ruler? No Problem

Sewing is a pretty handy skill to pick up. It’s fun and you can create all sort of crafts with it, plus, it is useful for when you need to mend your clothes or hem those pants that are a bit too long.

Image Courtesy Of do-slez

On the other hand, it is tricky to get things done fast when you’re constantly having to measure every few seconds. Well, the trick here is to use your fingernail as a measurement tool like the image above.

Invest In Herb Scissors

Cooking can be a chore if you’re not one who enjoys it. Plus, when you don’t have the right tools, it can get pretty annoying pretty fast. You’ll take up so much time prepping and cleaning rather than cooking.

Image Courtesy Of Amazon

When it comes to herbs it can get difficult to dice and slice as it comes in bunches. Which is why we are highly suggesting, for your peace of mind, that you get a pair of herb scissors and you’ll be done prepping in no time!

Organise By Color

Getting organized seems nice and looking at all those pinterest decorating ideas of clean tidy rooms does gets you itching to do something about that mess, doesn’t it? Well here’s one way to make that dream a reality.

Image Courtesy Of Getyourcoup-on

Next, you’ll want to sort out your wardrobe by colour and type. So for example, you want the Red and then the Blue, Yellows, Black etc. And then you’ll want to go Formal, Home, Sports, Party etc.

Undo Superglue With Salt and Water

Superglue is a life saver for when you need to fix something up really quick. But that life save could turn into disaster really quick as in when you stick it on, it will never come off unscathed.

Image Courtesy Of Alibaba

Here’s a way to easily pull of something that you have accidentally superglued together. Simply pour some salt on the glue and then pour some water. This will cause the glue to come loose, allowing you to pull it the things apart.

Baby Hack For Doors

If you have a little one running around, chances are they can get into a bit of trouble. And you most definitely do not want them shutting doors. Another problem is if you are ever lugging heavy furniture, you would probably benefit from keeping the door open.

Image Courtesy Of Messymomslife

Here’s a way to help you with that. Get a couple of rubber bands and make sure you cross it over at the latch to ensure it doesn’t shut.

Make Less Mess While Shaving

We think most men have an issue with cleaning up after shaving and the women in their lives are probably just as fed up with stubble everywhere. So men here’s a little tip to save you time and effort in the cleaning front.

Image Courtesy Of Stocksy

Grab a plastic bag from the kitchen. Preferably one that can cover your sink. And when you’re shaving just make sure you’re placing your face directly above the sink so that the bag can catch all the stubble

Sweat Stains Be Gone With Water and Lemons

No one likes sweat stains. They look horrible, nasty and ruins perfectly good clothes. However, whether we like it or not, it happens and getting it off is no easy feat either. So here’s what we do.

Image Courtesy Of hellonest

We aren’t sure why this works but trust us when we say it does. Just take a little bit of water and lemon juice and rub it on the stains. Allow it sit for a few minutes before handwashing the garment. And that’s about it!

Organize Business Cards Through Pictures

Here’s a fun hack that even this writer uses. This is useful if you’re someone who collects a lot of business card and actually wants to keep them. All you’re going to need is your phone.

Image Courtesy Of Donniewelchpoetry

When you get a business card, immediately take a photo of it and compile it into a single folder on your phone. That way, when you need to look for it, all you have to do is swipe.

Emergency (Dry) Shampoo

This next hack will either have you grimacing or running to the store to get some. Either way, just hear us out first. This hack will save you lots of time especially in emergencies.

Image Courtesy Of FashionTips/Twitter

Dry shampoos are a great alternative for those days you have to skip out on washing your hair and also if your hair is looking a little limp. However, do keep in mind you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can wash your hair.

Stress Free Bath Time For Furbabies

Bath time with the dogs is always a struggle. What turns from gentle cooing turns into a full-on criminal chase trying to get them into the bath. Well, we know that all too well which is why this hack if foolproof! The trick here is to create a distraction.

Image Courtesy Of bestpets

What you want to do is smear peanut butter or something your dog enjoy onto the bathroom wall, you’ll want something that will stick on a little longer of course. So why Max is busy licking the treat, you can work on getting him cleaned!

Easy-Boiled Eggs with Baking Soda

Hard-boiled eggs are a nutritious little snack and are the best addition to any meals. They’re full of yummy goodness and they’re relatively easy to cook. It takes barely 20 minutes of your time. However, the trying part here is trying to pry them out of their shells!

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

Here’s a tip. Next time you want to boil the eggs, just add in a teaspoon of baking soda. This doesn’t affect the taste but it will help the shells come off super easy!

Ironing Buttoned Shirt The Easy Way

Ironing is never fun. You spend so much time doing them and it’s not like you can multitask while ironing. But the worst thing to iron is going to have to be buttoned down shirts. The buttons always get in the way and it so hard to maneuver around them

Image Courtesy Of Alyceparis

Here’s the tip, turn it inside out and you’ll see that the iron will easily glide over it and you will still get that crisp shirt that you wanted.

Keep Your Bobby Pins Safe

Any female or male (hey, we do not judge here) knows that bobby pins are the cousins to hair ties. No matter how many you have, you’ll end up with just one or none. It’s extremely frustrating especially when you desperately need a couple.

Image Courtesy Of LifeHacks/Reddit

Any female or male (hey, we do not judge here) knows that bobby pins are the cousins to hair ties. No matter how many you have, you’ll end up with just one or none. It’s extremely frustrating especially when you desperately need a couple.

Battery Check!

Batteries are usually laying around the house and we tend to forget about its existence until we need them. A sad life for batteries really. So, how do we know if the batteries we have are actually still functional?

Image Courtesy Of Generalkinematics

Here’s how. Hold the battery, negative side facing down, a few inches from a flat surface and drop it. if it stands, its good and if it falls over like a dead man, then it’s time to toss it.

No Tissues? No Problem

Having a running nose is one the most annoying things to ever happens especially when you do not have a tissue in sight. Here’s what you need to do. Take a deep breath and let it all out. Next, hold your breath once you’ve expelled the air. Then, you’re going to have to look up and down like a slow nod.

Image Courtesy Of Yahoo

It will take a while but hold out for as long as you can and once you let go, you will see that your nasal passages are much clearer!

Emergency DIY Torch Light

A sudden blackout is not fun for anyone especially when you feel something furry brush against your leg and you don’t have a pet. You’re trying to find your big torchlight and realise the battery is dead and you don’t have new batteries.

Image Courtesy Of Lessislessxx/Twitter

What we suggest you do is that you get water bottle and fill in water, next you’ll want to use any source of light either from your phone or from a mini torch light. Place the bottle over the light and you will have yourself a lantern.

Can’t Wait

you’re running late for a meeting, and you don’t want to see Summer on the
elevator, try this! It is an emergency services hack to deliver you to the
floor your boss is waiting on, pronto!

After landing the elevator, hold the “door close” button until the doors bar entry and exit unto the car. Without releasing the door close button, simultaneously hold the number of the floor you want to get off on.

Either do it with both hands, you octopus or have someone help you. God knows you have luggage on one hand, café drinks in another, and the close button at two opposite sides of the pole.

play a game of Twister!

Keeping it Cool: With Beer Bottles!

I know
you look cool with your hands by your sides, your feet wide apart and pointing
outwards, and your chest all puffed up. You are taking up space and all. But
when you’re gripping the beer bottle by its bod, angled slightly towards your
crotch- that’s how you lose the cool.

long, thin neck is designed to keep the temperature low for a longer period of
time, than the stouter, beer bottles. Ever noticed why you consume the
“fatter”-bottled beer more quickly than the tall-necked ones? You are beating
the heat.

Second, hold the bottle by the neck. The more you hold it by its body, there is a greater surface area for heat to transfer from your hand to the bottle.

You are ruining its taste and your Friday night experience! That is also why your local bartender often hands you the bottle by the neck. All this time you probably thought it was for ease for transfer, aye?

Recommended Drink Intake

not just good for beer pong. They’re also good for social drinking.

The different ridges measure the recommended intake of different types of alcohol. If you didn’t know that, well now you. do!

Now you can impress your friends at parties and tell them the meanings of the ridges in their beers. Would you do this?

Life Hack: Beer

Fill the cup with hard liquor until the bottom line; you will have about an ounce of the recommended serving. The second indentation is good for wine; that is roughly five ounces for your heart’s upkeep. Lastly, the highest indentation is 12 ounces. That is perfect for brewed beer- excluding the foam your moustache or beard will be doused in.

Image Courtesy of Doimo Flair

But come on, when you’ve drunk one too much, all of it seems like within the recommended daily intake of liquor. Screw social drinking! That is what a party is for!


Place the tea in a bag then place the bag in the refrigerator.

This inhibits the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. You can place it within a boiling pot where pasta or rice is being cooked for a novel tinge of flavour.

Him: What’s that?

Her:Ah nothing special, really. Just
experimenting in the kitchen!

We are sure you and your family will love this
cooking hack

Life Hack: Plant Fertilizer

If you do not want to take any chances because of the mild odour emanating from the bags, you can use the contents as a plant fertilizer.

Either mix it in with the plant-soil or place it as a top coating for your recently germinating plants. That will give them sufficient nutrients!

Odor Neutralizer

Place them on a clean dish or basin and have them completely dry under the sun. Make sure that you press the bag to evaluate content moisture.

Afterwards, place them in shoes, to neutralize the odour within. Try lemonade, peppermint or green tea!

Life Hack: Carts

That grocery cart has a lot of uses. It can be used as a detention fort for your kid, or a sleigh for the child inside you. And those metal loops don’t just support your child’s back or keep him from falling in the pothole.

Image Courtesy of luxuryaaabags

Those are meant to hang your light, fragile items on. Simply place your tray of eggs or loaf of bread in a bag, and hang it on the loop so they stay intact. This way you will not have to worry about eating a dough of paper for your snacks.

Groovin is Made for Road Safety

Just release and you will find

You’re gonna fly away

I love it when we’re cruising together

When we are on a road trip, that mixtape is lit. Habits take a cruise, and our minds are left to wander.

Image Courtesy of itstillruns

We’ll fly away, hopefully not over a ridge, but we’ll take equal pleasure as our company in the sights we encounter.

Let it also serve as a habit to check the brakes, engine oil, and the tires.

Life Hack: Tires

One easy way to check the functionality of your tire’s tread is by inspecting the wear indicators.

These differ from one brand to another. An example is a narrow strip of smooth rubber across the tire’s tread groove.

Image Courtesy of carsfirst

If the tread groove’s edges are even with the bumps, then have it replaced for everyone’s safety. If the tread’s edges are slightly above the indicator, then there’s enough friction the tire will tolerate on your cruise.

Held in Place

played with it. You’ve fingered it. You’ve used it but you’ve always wondered
what its holes are for.

Image Courtesy of Shareably

That pop can tab can function as a straw holder. Simply turn the holder over the hole and place your straw in it.

Now you can sip in the comfort that the straw is in place. You do not have to break eye contact with your date, nor do you have to use your peripherals just so you can look cool while guessing where the straw is with the tip of your tongue.  

Bottle Cap

No one is crawling or playing around the door cabinets but you have still been given a child-proof bottle for your weekly stash. These handy guys are perfect for keeping your pills or stash away from the youngins.

Image Courtesy of Midlyinteresting/Reddit

When your patience has worn thin or when your hands are occupied, you can still do away with pushing or squeezing the cap, while keeping the integrity of the drug intact.

turn the cap over, and screw it like you normally would atop the bottle. The
standard threads will seal the contents therein without child-locking it in

Grooves on Keys

is nothing as satisfying as hearing the clatter of your fingers typing on the
keyboard. Music to the ears. Text for visuals. Productivity for satisfaction.

will notice that there is a groove on the letter’s “F” and “J”. That way,
geeks, nerds and gamers can easily identify where to place their index fingers,
and dispatch the rest of the men.

Cap’n Cut

We do
not want you to nick your fingertips while helping your daughter for her school
project. But those cutters have a safety feature on them.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

That cap is meant to be used while breaking off the tip of the blade. Pull the cap off, slide the blade down, then insert the dull edge into the cap. Break across the line by slightly bending the blade. Voila! You have got a sharper razor blade!

Image Courtesy of fworlddesignguide

the old one properly. Wrap it in a piece of cloth or place it in a bottle
before discarding.

Shampoo at the Scalp

Oil isn’t all that bad for your hair. It helps lock in the nutrients from your hair products and keeps it soft and shiny.

But just in case, it feels too sticky and grimy, shampoos your way from the scalp to the roots. Hair sebum, or oil, is produced and released from the scalp, so that is where it is most likely to pool up.

The foam formed within should be enough to cleanse the remaining portion of your hair. That will save you money, and keep enough oil for a bouncy-feel.

Condition the Ends

apply conditioner in the old, distal ends or tips. That is the part you usually
inspect for split ends.

is the part that needs the most conditioning because somehow you or your
stylist blow-dries or irons this area a second more than the other hair

scalp is the area that least requires conditioning, so by the time you will
have had gotten to it, there will be just an ample supply to massage your scalp

Test Runs

So you
are out on a run and you have come across a beautiful shirt, blouse or pair of
pants. You try it on, pick the right size, and run it through the cashier to
have it bagged.

As you’re storing it away, you encounter the small bag containing the extra button and a square inch of cloth.

That button is for emergency purpose- just in case you ate too much of that mac n’ cheese and the front-liners are having trouble holding down the fort.

the matching fabric is meant for testing out your chemical products on- say,
fabric conditioners, bleach, stain removers, detergents and the like. This way
you won’t ruin your blouse or second-guess what product is effective.

Rusty Metals

soaking a wedge, thread screw bar or metal gear equipment that is rusty
in a cup of coke overnight. No, it must be the liquid one!

Image Courtesy of intothegrain

daytime, you’ll have had observed that it’s been rinsed clean and it looks speckless
like you had just bought it a decade past. Rinse it under clean water and
grease away so you can work tirelessly in the garage. You can even use it to
cleanse silver, then buff dry.

Clogged Drains are Gone With Coke

About two litres of Coke will do. Have it cool down to room temperature, unscrew the lid, then pour over the sink drain, or the toilet bowl and leave for two hours.

Image Courtesy of Coke/Youtube

The phosphoric acid will break down the materials clogging the drainage. Afterwards, pour hot water to flush out the debris sticking to the tunnel walls.

Prevent the Clumps with Mascara

Clumps? Go away! We understand that you want to exhaust the contents of that tube, but having to pump the wand in and out will cause it to dry out faster.

You are
pushing air into the container and every time you screw it shut, the air inside
dries out the liquid contents. You will end up with more flakes and clumps on
your eyelashes.

Coasters on the Go

dining out, they will hand you the plastic-lined cup and place a lid atop it.
You will notice it has several ridges. When you are hanging out at your
meticulous friend’s house, or your girlfriend’s home, you can use the lid as an
alternative coaster.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

the lid with the outer side facing upwards. Then plant your cup securely over
the ridge. You will know you have done it correctly when the bottom of the cup
matches the ridge of the lid.


Those pavements are not coloured differently for the sake of aesthetics.

Just in case you were never taught to keep right, or if you conveniently forget it, those coloured sidewalks should remind you to keep a two-way flow when exploring the city.

Now that you know this, you’ll be noticing this when you go abrod in all streets! now you can’t unchange this in your mind.

Changing Plates

nub below the plate can change how the stapler wires will come out. Just push
it upwards, twist the plate until it fits snugly into the hole, then staple

This is apt for stapling paper more securely. This is why you are more likely to end up with a torn edge when you’re unfastening the staple clips.

Image Courtesy of Shareably

outward-facing staple is apt for stapling documents unto a board. You may also
use this when the stapled documents are meant to be unfastened sooner or later.
You do not have to bring a stapler remover. Simply lift one end of the staple
and pull on the middle part. The whole piece will easily slip out.  

Counting Bands

audio jacks all look familiar, but when feeling Holmes-like, count the number
of bands on each. You will know what functions a particular jack serves based
on the number of bands between the pins.

If it has one band, it is likely this jack is used for guitars and other instruments. The jack connects the audio signal to a speaker while allowing a return for path and ground. Think Mono Audio. Sound will only emanate from one speaker if the jack is connected to a two-speaker system.

Meaning of the Bands

If it has two bands, it allows a stereo audio experience. This happens because there are minute differences in soundwave delivery between the right and left earphones. Sound will emanate from both rights and left speakers.

If the
jack has three bands, then this has an added microphone feature. You have the
usual functions- left and right soundwave delivery, and recording on both

 Jerry Cans

You were too excited about camping out and sleeping under the stars to notice this one.

That is okay, you’re forgiven. Go to your garage and inspect that Jerry Can. You will see it has a triple-bar handle running from front to back.

 You can choose to carry it by yourself, when
you are feeling heroic like Clark Kent, or play the damsel with a friend, by
even distribution of the load.

of you will hold each external end to share the burdens of camping. Just make
sure to walk in tandem so that carrying won’t amount for nothing.

Pest Away

The only way to know your wooden hanger’s material is to put them to the test.

They were made to repel moths and bugs when you store away those unfashionable tweed jackets or heavy leather jackets for months on end.

Riding a motorcycle is hardcore and sexy, but it hurts your ass. We understand.

Those hangers are as durable as they are well-scented. But they do come at a steep price. We’ll take many, please!

Single Serving

for 6? Have the pot ready, fill it with water, turn the knob, and place a
spoonful of oil. You don’t want to go overboard because there is not enough
room in the refrigerator, but you do not want to serve disproportionately
amongst the guests.

that pasta using your spaghetti spoon. Grab a handful of noodles, and place
them within the hole, until they snugly fit. That is one serving. Release and
repeat for 6, or 7 because you might need a midnight snack.

Nightly Drive

It is
annoying to have those high lights reflected in your rearview mirror. What can
you do? You can’t really honk at him, nor can you alternately flash your low
and high-lights to tell him something’s up.

Simply press down the tab of your rearview mirror to deflect the light downwards. Win-win! No road rage for you, and no unwilling victim by the shoulder.

Name Your Jar

How many of us have decided to buy matching jars for all our spices and condiments and then spent time looking into your coffee wondering if you had just hurriedly pour salt of sugar in. We know we have. And it was definitely one way to wake up in the morning.

Image Courtesy Of Alibaba

Consider this: label your jars. Get those sticky labels or even double sided tape and write down the contents. You’ll never have to worry about mixing up you spices again.