Love during Corona

… In the Kingdom

Brooklyn. Jeremy Cohen lives there. This 28-year-old, along with other New Yorkers, was advised to monitor home quarantine in response to COVID-19. The only form of entertainment he had was just like everyone else – a view of the sky from the window of his apartment.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

It is bleak and beautiful, some rays of hope penetrate the heavy clouds of the city. Waking in and out to this day can be boring, especially if there is no one to talk to … there is no census for the days when you are home for free. Can a flourishing love story begin here? We believe that.

Catching his eye

One sunny day, he was shocked by a small figure dancing aggressively on the roof. He asks “maybe for TikTok’s song?”. She eagerly watches the girl’s enthusiasm and a smile spreads on her face.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

Wouldn’t you like to get involved in the dance? Jeremy felt like he should say hello to him. So he waited until the woman got tired of dancing. Now this is a real gentleman! Wait until he stops tilting the story and then approaches him. Stylish.

Friendly wave

She was sitting by the reefs and she thought to wave at her. Even from afar, his smile radiated. Her curly hair twisted in the wind and she waved back publicly.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

Once you’ve worked together in your apartment, confirming your presence can make it easier to confirm your presence. And this lady had not only greeted her friendly gesture, but had been left in the fresh air. He didn’t even know what he was doing.

Flirt 101

It’s not like he thought of something ominous. But Jeremy admits that flirting is usually scary for me. He had been in quarantine for a week desire for some social interaction.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

He hurries in, writes his number on a piece of paper, tears it off and tapes to the drone. He grabs the controller and maneuvers it expertly to slide the distance between them. So creative is love! Millennials become creative in these times!

A strong hint

What does a messenger drone bring? At first, he was worried about the worrying device. But as it landed and slowly approached it, he noticed a strip of paper. He removes it and retreats to his home …

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

leaving us all in anxiety. Do you think he would send him a message? How long do you think it took? Jeremy hadn’t been in an hour during the quarantine week. And his heart began beating in anticipation of a simple phone text.

Roof girl AKA Tori

Jeremy saw it bright bright light, theme good luck in the darkand now the woman had spoken to him. He is a 28-year-old graduate of Florida State University who had moved to New York. He has worked as a manager of an open workspace. If you were a man, wouldn’t you like to take your chances and ask someone who interests you on a date?

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

Damn it, Jeremy. Use your opportunities! On this day, these three points give a ray of hope! Finally he replied Hello!! Yes, but where and how? We are quarantined lol. And that made Jeremy think. He needs strengthening!

Notification alert!

It took him an hour to decide. And it was worth the heartbreaking wait! Hi, this is a girl from the roof.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

We heard you scream with excitement! So did we. And as the messaging grew longer and longer, Jeremy began to discover more about this eager and unobstructed dancer on the roof. His name is Tori. Tori Cignarella! Who knew that this quarantine could have a positive side?

To save Roomie

Jeremy was thinking of a surprise date! He didn’t want to tell Tori yet, so he was thinking of asking his roommate for help. He researched his social media accounts and found a roommate quickly enough.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

He asked Tori’s roommate if he could set them up for a mini-table with flowers and dinner. Only a small act of kindness from a neighboring cherub! And being one who is as eager as we are, he agreed!

Two to this day

Well, it took two of them to prepare the date – an organic TV dinner, a simple white tablecloth hung on one table, food and a bottle of wine! Jeremy had done it for himself. He had taken a shower, shaved and pumped iron. He looked out of his window anxiously to wait for Tor to arrive. Should he come?

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

He did! And the whole idea had been a success! He came out around 5pm and Tori was surprised by the efforts of Jeremy and his roommate. It makes the spirit taste better!

Hopeful Takeaways

Jeremy had always wanted to tell a story. Jeremy was born from a mother who was a motivating speaker, hoping to evoke and weave stories through light and pictures. Through these short passages, we can see with hope and clarity that love will last, regardless of the circumstances we face.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

When it comes to the core, we are all just social beings who live through the experiences of others. Every action we take echoes indefinitely. How do you want to leave your mark on the world? This guy must have taken this issue seriously and given the world everything he had! Or rather, he gave this lovely lady everything she could (still following the rules of being locked up and quarantining herself).

Details, details, details

Jeremy waved him down and he waved back. She looked beautifuland he had told him shamelessly. They ate at the Facetime together and found time to enjoy each other’s company, even though the buildings are separate.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

Single dinners together in the microwave! It can’t be tastier. Jeremy apologized briefly for his date. Everyone, like us, was tuned in to the intricacies of the date. He sent a message to his friends telling him how he was doing. And we would be one with them Attaboy! Jeremy did not hesitate to ask Tori for a second date, but it was a notch better.

Unprecedented fame

People didn’t waste time sharing their story online. Some posted pictures to get information, others were curiously waiting for the whole story. They had become a viral sensation in two dates!

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

His Instagram posts puzzled and amazed everyone. This attracted the attention of news channels. Local police even applied for a selfie with Jeremy.

Bubbly Date

Have you ever watched Gyllenhal through Bubbleboy? That’s exactly what Jeremy did. He sneaked in and sealed himself. He even brought flowers to Tori for a date, but could not deliver it to him personally.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

If you saw a couple, wouldn’t you be interested in what’s going on? From the boundaries of your house, you would like to bask in an indisputable attraction between the two. Who would not burn with hope? This gesture of love is absent in our society. We offer props for being expensive for this type, where the time of sending text messages is the norm.

High hopes

Who would never want to be blessed? Especially when love arose in exceptional circumstances. Do you think this relationship would have blossomed if it hadn’t been for the wrong thing to do? Several people were quick to say it as it is. And once the universe has agreed to give you the odds, make the best use of it.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

Several interactivities have branded him a “true legend”. One had commented that he hoped to see them married with children. They seem to want each other very much. And if they could find love in these unusual circumstances, shouldn’t it survive?

What’s next?

So everyone has a question in their head, what happens next to the two love birds? How long do they keep it? And Jeremy had answered that He is just a very kind person and sweet. So let’s see where it goes. If that doesn’t work, there’s a chance. I’m sure we’re somehow close,

Image courtesy of Jeremy Cohen / Tiktok

just because he’s so cool and cold, and we’ve had this crazy experience together. But we are serious that their relationship will flourish even more. Tori had the same thoughts and opened further hangouts after quarantine.