Macau must-see modern architecture and attractions

Dazzling golden skyscraper in the form of blooming lotus petals. The Grand Lisboa rises above the Cotai Strip in the restless casino district of Macau. Named the entertainment capital of Asia, the city has become a pioneer in both business theater attractions and technology.

Superstitions are a common thread in this set of innovative spaces and experiences. The first, the biggest, the richest! In addition to the billion-dollar gambling industry for which it is known, Macau truly shows a modern vision of urban luxury and lifestyle.

Macau Science Center

The waterfront Macau Science Center exudes polished glass and smooth steel futurism. It was designed by the famous Chinese architect IM Pei and houses the world’s highest resolution 3D planetarium – a world experience guaranteed!

Studio city

Innovation is always at the heart of Macau’s design DNA. Look no further than Studio City, which has – literally right in the middle of it – the world’s only 8th shape Ferris wheel. Not to mention, they opened the world’s first 4D flight simulation ride.

The city of dreams

The second of its kind, the Morpheus Hotel in the city of dreams, bears the distinctive style of its architect, the late Zaha Hadid. The heart of the building seems to have collapsed itself – from an organic twisted glass mass contained in the outer steel skeleton.

Next door is the Dancing Water House, a performance sold out every night that brings together circus snails, acrobats, dancers, divers and stuntmen in a specially equipped 2000-seat theater, which is, of course, the first, largest and most expensive.


At the same time, the LED wall panels in the MGM Cotai Multipurpose Atrium alternate between abstract images of digital art and photographs of the natural world; the glazed roof with a net shell dims the color-changing lights. Both components, as you might have guessed, are Guinness World Record holders.

Hotel 13

Designed by Peter Marino to be a celebrity fashion boutique, The 13 Hotel stands out with its eye-catching crimson lattice shell. The bold walls feature fine Baroque crystal chandeliers, marble floors, painted ceilings, stained glass doorways, custom-made furniture, not to mention a special butler service, fine dining with top-class caliber and an exclusive Rolls-Royce Phantom ship. Luxury is not saved in a city with high stakes and high rollers.