MANAMA- Travel guide and tips

The joy of shopping, entertainment scenes, eating bliss and cute works of art make the beautiful capital of Bahrain, Manama, a must-visit for any tourist. However, to have the best time in Manama, you need to be aware of certain guidelines and follow certain tips.

There are many things to do in Manama. You can enjoy the fascinating history and culture of the ancient people of Bahrain. You can also go shopping in the Souk, enjoy the exciting nightlife, their great dining options and the many entertainment and art options.

  • When should you visit Manama?

The best time to visit Manama is in March.

  • How to get to Manama?

By plane, lighting at Bahrain International Airport, 7.5 miles east of Manama, only costs a BD6 taxi.

By car, cross the road between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, but remember that you need certain documents and a Saudi Arabian driving license to cross the border.

You only need to join the daily bus service from Khobar, Saudi Arabia to the Manama bus terminal.

  • How to move around Manama?

It’s not a burden, because you can move by car, both your own and public rentals. Please note that parking spaces around Manama are limited. When done by public transport, the Bahrain bus network includes city routes. I’m not really going to advise taxis because they are expensive due to the scarcity of taxis in Manama.

Enjoy your trip to Manama!