Seattle Based Artist Makes Unique Paper Art to Transform His Surroundings

Art is everywhere, and everywhere is art. Rudy Willingham is making sure that no wall goes untouched without a painting. The Seattle-based artist was featured on ESPN, Reddi, and even NBC. In addition to creating murals, he also does brand work for Seahawks and CHBP. His works bring joy to people’s faces because they’re so out of the box and unique. If you’re looking for a quick pick me up, this article is sure to brighten up your day. From drawings of Marge Simpson to minions, you’re sure to find an artwork that tickles your fancy. It’s fantastic when a boring sidewalk is turned into a piece of art. It’s a gift to be alive during this time, and Rudy is celebrating every moment of it with his inspiring and tasteful art pieces.

All images are courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Chasing the Sun

Sometimes all you need to do is look for the ray of sunshine when you’re having a tough day. This is the perfect example of a person going for gold and doing his best. That leap is a huge jump, and it looks like he’s about to catch the sun.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Watching a baseball game live is one of the best things you can do, especially with friends. There’s something about the adrenaline you get from watching baseball games, and it can really put you in an inspired and motivated mood.

Walter Is Here

If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, you can’t forget the infamous Walter White. He owned the Mexican cartel when he worked with them and showed them his true colors. This paper cut out of him exemplifies his role perfectly, especially when he wears his safety mask.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

His safety mask is there to prevent him from inhaling toxic substances. This hydrant makes for a perfect makeshift mask, and it rings true to his character. Rudy did this paper cut out justice with this nifty idea, and we love the serious look in Walter’s eyes.

It’s a Tiger’s Game

This image of Tiger Woods paired with the Nike symbol, makes for the perfect photo. The strike is on point and fits perfectly in his hands. It looks like he’s about to make the sickest shot of the game by sending the golf ball right into the hole.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

If only Nike could see this edit, they probably would consider using it in one of their ads. Tiger’s expression is lock and loaded, and he’s more than ready to bust out the swing of his life. He’s an inspiration and role model to many aspiring golfers worldwide, and Rudy did him justice.

Reddit Robot

Reddit is one of the best places to get your source of information. From looking for the right treatments for your toe fungus to finding the latest news on your favorite celebrity. Reddit’s world is vast, and everyone is willing to help out if you’re willing to ask.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This artist decided to use an everyday object such as a light installation to match the Reddit robot’s image. How creative is that? It almost looks identical to him, but at the same time, it looks like a cuter and more approachable version. So smart!

Sparrow to The Rescue

When Jack Sparrow isn’t sailing the high seas, he’s looking out for criminals on land. With his trusty telescope made out of paper, he can see all the corners where thieves are lurking. He’s making sure the neighborhood is free from crime.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

No stone goes unturned, not on Jack’s watch. He’ll make sure that the citizens are protected despite the abundance of crime. He’ll even summon his friends when need be. But when he’s done with his work on the land, he’ll return to his reliable home – the Black Pearl.

Good Hair Day

Branches have the ability to embody hair, and sometimes it fits at just the right moment. Just like this perfectly timed picture of Prince’s hair. The hue of the paper matches the dark backdrop, and it somehow all comes together perfectly.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

The key to mastering these shots is to make sure that you take the picture at the right time. Rudy found the perfect spot to complete his paper cut out, and the negative space between the branches works too. Usually, you’d think that a tree with many branches would be better, but the light in the image really balances out the entire picture.

Shiny Grillz

Grillz are sported by some of the industry’s best rappers, such as Nelly, Kendrick Lamar, and even Trippie Redd. They come in many different designs, including white gold, gold, silver, and even diamond plated if you have enough money to shell out.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This shot captures the look of Grillz since the decoration is as shiny as one. The bright lights coming from the ball almost makes the Grillz look festive and possibly Christmas themed? If only the other rappers could see how bright this guy’s grillz are (literally!)

Rosey the Robot

In the year 2062, the Jetsons family lived their best lives and had an amazing cleaner Rosey the Robot. The only thing though was that she also had a mind of her own, and she also had a bad temper. In this particular scene, though, she looks happy and pleased to be cleaning.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

The branch looks like the ideal feather duster, but what could she be cleaning outdoors? Maybe the tree has a dirty brown spot that needed to be wiped. Good thing Rosey traveled in time to come to clean up our planet; she’s certainly doing a stellar job.

Homer’s Abduction

In some alternate world other than Springfield, Homer is abducted by Aliens and has to succumb to the world of extraterrestrial life. His wife, Marge, is a big proponent of visiting other planets although she herself has never been abducted.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Homer is one of the lucky ones to be abducted, and he doesn’t realize it now, but he’s going to contribute to the development of humanity. This is one small step for the world and one huge leap for the aliens; with Homer as a tribute, he’s actually secretly going to save Springfield.

Wash Yo Hands

In this current age, this picture is more than fitting. Since we live in Corona times, we need to be washing our hands several times during the day. This image is reminding us to do just that. Since the pandemic ensued, we must be extra vigilant about good hygiene.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This fountain is the epitome of following directions, and it sets an example for everyone to follow. We’re in awe of the execution, and we truly appreciate the work put into this. The paper cut out soap dispenser looks so real too!

Entering the Dragon’s Lair

When we were young, we’ve dreamt of dragons and dinosaurs ruling the world at some point or at least thought about it. How beautiful is it to dream of animals that once were? This stunning shot captures the magic of the world if dragons were alive today.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

The fiery red leaves of the tree make for a perfect fire. If we didn’t have the tree as a backdrop, the drawing looks like it could’ve actually resembled a real fire. Good job to Rudy for executing this one; who needs Photoshop when you have good ol’ mother nature?

Waterfall Tears

Emojis are changing the way we currently communicate. When a friend sends a text message, we instantly reply with a heart, a smiley face, or even one word. Gone are the days of letter writing since most communication these days is usually instant.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This crying emoji is a perfect example to show how communication has evolved. It can mean a sign of relief, a sign of failure, or maybe it could also mean you’re crying with laughter. This waterfall suits this paper cut out perfectly, and the water falls in perfectly straight lines!

Socket to Him

Macaulay Culkin’s character in Home Alone was legendary. He’ll forever be known as that kid who singlehandedly protected himself and his home from robbers. The socket matches his exact facial expression in the poster, and we’re impressed by this.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

When one looks at a socket, you don’t usually see a face, but with this one, it works with the paper cut out. When we see this, we feel like having a Home Alone marathon all over again; it truly is a fantastic movie perfect for a relaxed evening with the family.

Salt Bae

Who can forget the iconic salt-master? Nusret Gökçe is his real name, and he’s of Turkish descent – working as a butcher and offering people the best steaks in the world. When he isn’t salting steaks and cooking, he’s hanging outside in nature.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

He’s a big fan of trees and plants, and sometimes he even salts them! Jokes aside, this paper cut out of him, salting a bush somehow works! It looks like we can almost see him standing in front of us; this picture was shot at the right place and indeed at the right time.

Hey John!

John Travolta is giving us 80s vibes with his all-white outfit and killer dance moves. The 80s was an amazing time of dancing and freedom of expression and crazy haircuts, just like this one. John is rocking his mullet, and it looks like he’s about to bust a move to “Staying Alive.”

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

The paper cut out looks awesome, but maybe the location should’ve been elsewhere. He looks like he’s floating atop the freeway about to give a dance lecture to the people sitting in their cars. It’s a hilarious one, regardless, and we feel like we’re thrown back to the 80s with this one.

The Garden of John Lennon

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” is one of the most iconic sentences from John Lennon. His band’s music has transcended time and space, and everyone has heard a Beatles song in their life at least once.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This paper cut out does him justice and makes him look like an angel. The cherry blossom flowers go perfectly with the dark cut out image of John Lennon. If he could only see this now, he’d be happy with the result. Now if we could only see one of Ringo Star too..

Pour me Another

Peter Dinklage’s role as Tyrion Lannister is one of the best roles he’s ever played. Game of Thrones is one of those shows that you can never truly get over when it ends. He’s seen here taking a break to pour himself a glass of.. water?

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

If he’s not fighting with the other houses, he’s sitting back and unwinding by a fountain. After all, arguing with Khaleesi and Khal Drogo can be taxing, and sometimes all you need is a little drink to make things easier. The life of a royal is challenging, but Tyrion finds joy in the little things.

Cross and Play

It’s little things like these that make our day. This cute electric guitar cut out matches this sign perfectly well. Instead of looking like a regular person, he’s looking like a rockstar minus the clothes. Make sure you’re jamming out on the street before you cross.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Or before you cross the street, make sure to hit a chord before you walk down. If you don’t have a guitar, a keyboard, or maybe even your singing voice will do. This sign encourages people to make music and art wherever they go.

Rey Uses the Force

Rey’s character in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is one of the most epic roles. Her meeting with Kylo Ren was enough to shake our worlds, and when she grips the lightsaber, it seems like she’s ready to protect the universe at all costs.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This scenario, paired with the construction, makes for a perfect lightsaber. It almost looks like she’s holding an actual lightsaber if only the backdrop weren’t visible! This one takes the cake for being one of the most realistic and out of the box paper cut-outs.

Bowie Underwater

Bowie was one of the most influential artists of our time and his music has forever changed the way we view pop and art rock music. What better way to capture him in all his glory by incorporating nature into the picture? These corals somehow fall into place at just the right angle.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

It’s great to see that hair can be resembled in so many ways. Through branches, corals, underwater creatures. There’s no limit to someone’s imagination and this is the perfect example of that. David Bowie would be proud if he were alive today to see this!

Breathe Easy Eric

Eric Garner’s passing was a pivotal moment for the Black Lives Matter movement. His iconic phrase “I can’t breathe” made waves in the internet world when his video went viral. It’s truly awful what happened to him, and this image is a homage to his life on earth.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

What better way to illustrate an angel? A father who was a loving and hardworking man? This beautiful bouquet of roses matches Eric’s outfit fabulously. He looks like he’s about to walk out of the paper cut out and tell us how it’s like on the other side. Rest easy, angel.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball was one of the most notorious videos on the internet when Miley Cyrus released it. It was a huge rebel moment for her when she and her ex Liam Hemsworth separated. Even though they broke up, they got back together again a few months later.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Now, they’ve finally separated for good, it seems, and both of them are in a much better place. The wrecking ball in the music video is replaced by this giant, well-lit balloon, and it works. Miley is perched perfectly on top of her makeshift wrecking ball.

No Smoking Zone

Patty and Selma are two sisters on the show Simpsons who are usually seen with a cigarette dangling from their mouths. This is the perfect location for this paper cut out because it captures their vibe perfectly. The only other thing missing is the other sister.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Even though she’s seen smoking one cig, she has another one in her mouth. While we don’t condone smoking, it can be hard for many people to quit. She doesn’t care that much, though, and this sign is a testament that people should care about their health and lungs.

Lucky Number 13

Usually, the number 13 is related to being unlucky. Sometimes buildings won’t even have a 13th floor or even a button on it in the elevator because of its negative connotation. The number 13 here, though, is anything but unlucky; it actually looks quite charming.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Now, if only this car design were real! It would make for a great car to ride off into the sunset with your lover. The tulips in this garden match the car’s exterior perfectly, and it looks like it was almost made for it! We love this design.


This backdrop is incredibly fitting for the man himself, Prince. His songs Purple Rain and When Doves Cry are classics that’ll always remain throughout the years. His sensual and charming demeanor matches this background perfectly.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This paper cut out was captured at the right moment with the sun smack dab in the center of his eye. This is the embodiment of a perfectly timed picture, and it all seems to come together. If Prince were alive, he’d be thrilled to see this.

Homer Hydrant

What’s a Homer Simpson drawing without a donut in his hand? Homer and donuts are synonymous words, and he’s usually seen with one throughout the show. This fire hydrant got a revamp, and it looks like it came to life with the 3D looking cut outs.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

The fire hydrant is the exact shade of Homer’s skin, and Rudy took advantage of that. We’re surprised the pants fit him this time; this version of Homer looks skinnier; he should be munching on some more donuts to gain a few more pounds!

When it’s Dad’s Turn

This is a classic example of when it’s dad’s turn to change the baby’s diaper. Not only is he rushing to carry the baby to a countertop, but there’s also a distance between him and the “child” mom, of course, is on the side, giving her full support.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This is a classic scene that many married couples can relate to. Those times of the day, when it’s time to change your baby’s diapers, can be both daunting and taxing. But once you unwrap that dirty diaper and clean your baby up, they turn into a complete angel. Baby Simba does not look pleased here, hurry up, dad!

Black Lives Matter

We live in uncertain times where we don’t know what the future holds. In this past year, there’s been a surge of protests all around the world with people going against their own governments. What’s also risen is one’s individual identity.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This BLM sign with the Statue of Liberty National Monument is an iconic symbol because it not only recognises the lives of black people, but it also shows a united America. This would be a great sign if it were actually real, and this paper cut out is a testament that all lives matter.

Paying Tribute to Einstein

Einstein believed that imagination was more beneficial than knowledge. If he were alive today, he would be pleased to see his face on a dandelion showcasing the utmost creativity. The great scientist himself would appreciate this kooky design.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Today, our world wouldn’t have the vital knowledge it has on physics and science if it weren’t for Einstein. He revolutionized the way we view gravity, and his theories changed the world of science. What better way to pay him tribute by making him part of nature!

Roses in Her Hair

This would make for a great greeting card or a present for someone’s birthday. We’re in awe of how the pink roses look so bright against the black and white image. Somehow it works despite the stark difference and even makes her smile pop even more!

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This is a great idea for a friend’s birthday or a partner’s promotion. It’s an ideal way to highlight their physical features while also showing the beauty of nature. The beauty of it though, is that it’s part card and part nature, which makes it truly even more unique.

It’s All In Your Head

This picture fits this fountain perfectly. It looks like his head was made for this fountain as it’s the same exact size. We love the expression on the person’s face, and it shows like he just had a “Eureka moment,” but his head also exploded.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

It could be that he’s either pleased with his discovery or maybe he found out something dangerous and has to keep it a secret. It’s great when you can come up with your own plot for each picture, and that’s exactly what Rudy’s work does.

Kurt the Angel

Kurt Donald Cobain was a real-life angel who passed away way too early. His rock music and the legendary band Nirvana live in our hearts forever. His angsty yet passionate music made us feel like we were invincible and free.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This paper cut out of him fits his persona perfectly. He was someone who was too rare for this world that the heavens took him in. This beautiful shot is perfect, and it looks like Kurt Cobain himself is watching us from above, and he’s telling us it’s wonderful there.

U.F.O Dreams

This paper cut out is for all the sci-fi lovers out there who dream about aliens and what it would feel like to be abducted one day. We’ve all had those moments where we have crazy theories of what aliens would be like. If they were ever to come down to earth, it would look something like this.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

The neon green light against the dark backdrop really makes the image pop out. This is a pretty genius design, and the person floating up looks almost real. This looks like a scene straight out of Interstellar or Inception – truly out of this world.

Spidey’s Here

Spiderman is that one superhero who we’ll never forget. Peter Parker is the epitome of a young man turned hero of the city. This moment captures him in all his glory, spinning his webs that catapult him from one building to another with ease.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

It’s cool how the artist captured a seemingly normal location and thought it would be ideal for placing Spidey on top. Somehow it works, and it looks like he’s careening off the top of the installation. The paper cut out also look like it could’ve been a print out not a painting!

Oscar the Grouch

If you grew up watching Sesame Street, you can’t forget the lovable yet unhygienic Oscar the Grouch. He lives in a trash can where he passes his days hanging out and randomly greeting strangers and friends on the street.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

Some people beg to differ that his homelessness is a choice. Throughout the series, he mentions that the trash life chose him, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. His role always manages to make people laugh since he tries to find the joy in life and this tree captures his hair perfectly.

Morrison’s Hair

James Douglas Morrison is the original lizard king who wowed us with his music in The Doors. What better way to honor his music than to recreate an iconic album cover and his untamed hair? He passed at the young age of 27, but his music lives on.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

It’s cool how the branches and leaves fall perfectly in the right direction, and it somehow looks like it was made for this paper cut out. If Jim were alive today, he’d take one look at this image and laugh it off. Perhaps it would make for a good cover album art for a cover band that adores the Doors.

Cactus Flashing

This is another example of a perfectly timed picture just cause the cactus looks like it’s flashing the middle finger. The paper cut out fits perfectly and it isn’t disproportionately small to the cactus. It’s such a skill to see a piece of nature and craft your art around it.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

This nifty image gives off the “live your life” attitude. Don’t care too much about what people think, do or say. In the end, you only have one life so why not live it to the fullest? This image is golden and we’d love to have a framed version of it in our living rooms.

Simba’s Birth

This moment where Rafiki blesses Mufasa’s son is one of the most special scenes in the whole Lion King movie. He uses ash on his forehead to welcome him to the “real world” of the an animal kingdom. What better way to capture this moment than with autumn leaves?

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

The golden leaves capture Mufasa’s hair perfectly and the fur of his son. This magical moment is a touching one, and the timing was just right. It all blends in quite perfectly with the surroundings and would look beautiful in a greeting card for a newborn!

Wolverine’s Wrath

If you’re a big fan of Marvel, you can’t forget Wolverine’s role – James Logan Howlett. His character is played by none other than Hugh Jackman, and his character is downright aggressive. His claws in this picture capture the scratch marks on the roof perfectly.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

It almost looks like he carved the scratch marks on the wall by himself, and the lines look accurate and in alignment with his claws. If Wolverine were real, he’d be able to climb this overpass and claw his way to the top using his bare hands.

Mask on Mask Off

We live in strange times where wearing a mask is mandatory when out in public. Gone are the days of walking around freely with nothing on our faces; now, our days are spent with a piece of cloth covering half of our face. This sign is imperative and seen almost everywhere.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

It’s interesting how he utilized the missing words to make the most out of this sign. The emoji at the end ties everything together, and this paper cut out looks like one giant sign even though it’s fragmented. Great idea on his part for this!


For all the Harry Potter fans out there, you won’t be disappointed by this Harry rendition. The timing of this shot is perfect with the slight ripple in the water. It looks like Harry’s about to cast a spell on whoever walks by him using the spell Lumos.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

J.K Rowling would be thrilled to see this as well as the entire Hogwarts. It would be nice to see a paper cut out version of Hermione and Ron too! For now, Harry Potter took a detour on his way to school and is spending his solo time conjuring spells by the lakeside.

Rub the Magic.. Lamp?

Since there aren’t any magic lamps around, this water pail will suffice. We’re wondering if he thought about making the genie after he saw the pail or before? This is one out of the box design that would brighten up anyone’s day.

Genie got an upgrade on his lamp, and this option is more spacious for living. He’s elevated from a regular antique lamp into a large and roomy water pail. Even though it doesn’t work like a magical lamp, there’s an air of magic about this art piece.

Hot Head

Good thing this paper cut out isn’t real. This man truly would’ve been in flames if it were. The great thing about paper cutouts is you can go wild on them with your imagination. No rules attached, just freedom of one’s own creativity.

This kooky idea is so out of the box that we had to do a double-take. The color tones of the man fit perfectly with the backdrop, and it somehow merges into one. We’re impressed by this one because it’s both creative and hilarious!

Marge and the Flowers

Marge’s hair is one of the most iconic looks that’ll forever be ingrained in our memories. Her skyscraper-like hair is full of secrets, and she works hard to keep her tresses always looking at their best. These flowers embodied Marge’s hair perfectly.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

We couldn’t imagine a more perfect flower that captures all the tuffs of her hair! Even the little white flowers somehow fit very well in this overall artwork. If only we could hear Marge’s voice, she’d probably say: “thank heavens, today is a good hair day.”

Hear Me Roar

This is just too adorable not to include. The Lion King is a movie that lived in our hearts as children, and we’ll probably share it with our future children. A sunflower turned into Simba’s head, and somehow it works much better than we thought it would.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

The petals capture the density of his golden mane, and it looks like he was meant to be there. Also, it looks like he’s frolicking in nature with his legs up in the air. Now, if only we could see a Timon and Pumba version, that also incorporates flowers..

Berry High Up

The amount of creativity that goes into each paper cut out is incredibly impressive. This artist is a genius for taking everyday objects we tend to neglect in nature and turn them into works of art. For example, these bunches of berries were simply nestling on a tree.

images courtesy of rudy_willinghamReport/Instagram

By adding a pink house and the main character from UP, these berries suddenly developed a whole new meaning. Luckily, it’s just paper attached to the berries, so they won’t fall off! We hope Carl hangs on tight to that berry tree, or else the wind will whisk him away.