SnapCat 2.0 – The Return of the Cat

Well, we were given a challenge, and we decided to run with it. Our faithful readers love seeing cats caught on Snapchat and other social media platforms. From the looks of it, they can’t get enough. They are always clamoring for new pix, and we’re here to oblige. This collection caught our eye because we found the captions were almost as witty as the cats themselves. Sure, dogs are cuddly and eager to give affection at all times, while cats, well, come on, they are extremely happy sitting by themselves, giving us the side-eye and judging our every move. Depending on the research we choose to go by, dogs are slightly more popular than cats. We think the reason for that is that more people may be apt to be allergic to cats than dogs. But those that are lucky to have furry felines are proud to post snaps of their cats for the world to see.

We find it hard to accept, but it’s a fact, we humans post a lot more pix of our pets than we do of our own family members, and we’re thankful for this. It’s probably because our furballs are more confident about how they look than us human beings. Some of us may even envy our cat’s confidence levels. Whatever the reason, we’re here to share our latest round-up of funny, adorable, and downright heartwarming pix of our precious purring pals.

Heir to the Throne

This is Simba, and while he’s only a few months old, he’s already proving that he’s King of the Jungle. This little gray furry bundle has a great sense of self and is making sure his owners know he’s the boss.

Image courtesy of

Here’s the thing about kittens and puppies alike, no matter the breed or what they end up looking like when fully grown, when they’re young, they are all too cute for words. Even if our kittens chew on our favorite shoes or rips a couch pillow or two, no one can truly get mad at a kitty, and that’s just the way nature intended for it to be.

Whatchya Doin?

Luckily this cat’s owner caught this snap, reminding us how fabulous our felines really are. We sometimes forget how flexible they can be. While the majority of us rub our necks just gazing at this image, at the same time we envy their lithe like bodies and supple form.

Image courtesy of

She may have been far enough to not tear up from the onions, but she was close enough to be interested in what was being prepped for dinner. Reminder to our readers, cats are very sensitive to onions, so let’s make sure to stick to approved foods only when it comes to feeding our kitties.

Go Ahead, Snap Away

We can’t help but wonder if our favorite house cat totally gets that we’re living in an age where selfies and posting daily snaps of our pets are a way of life. From this image, Chloe knows the camera is on her, and she’s happily posing away for us.

Image courtesy of

On the other hand, it’s possible that the owner is an avid artist, and Chloe is her favorite subject. Either way, she’s more than comfortable and loves the spotlight. Whether Chloe ends up on celluloid or canvas, she’s a timeless beauty who craves attention, and we’re happy to give it to her.

Oh Man, Jack’s Not Having a Good Day

We all love the mischief our bundles of joy get into on a regular basis. Even when they take it too far and get themselves into bizarre predicaments like Jack managed to accomplish one fine day. We were mentioning earlier how much we envy their flexible bodies and how they could practically contort themselves for any purpose; well Jack may have taken it a bit too far.

Image courtesy of

Jack somehow managed to squeeze himself into a jug or small vase; we’re not sure. We are confident though, that’s he does not like what he managed to get himself into. Don’t worry, he was released from the vessel, but not before his owner took a few too many pix, which might explain his less than happy mug.

Tabby is Giving the Side-Eye

Tabby’s human realized that he’s fortunate. The average lifespan for felines is approximately 12-17 years. The caption on this snap shows that Tabby has been judging him for the last 22 years, not a bad accomplishment.  According to “Guinness,” there are entries for cats reaching 24 and even 30 years of age.

Image courtesy of

We all know that look of judgment from our pets. We’ve all seen them look at us with an air of superiority, and we find ourselves questioning what we’re doing to garner such a gaze.  Admit it, if a human looks at us the way Tabby is looking at his owner, we wouldn’t give it a second thought, but coming from our loved ones, we stop and think about what we’re doing.

Stay Off the Bed!

Only real pet owners who are honest with themselves will admit that their pets have total run of the house. Sure, we can yell and reprimand our pets to stay off the furniture, but the minute we turn away, they do what they want, when they want, and how they want.

Image courtesy of

This is the case with Milo, who knows he’s not allowed to get on his parent’s bed. But Milo does what Milo wants, and instead of getting chewed out and shooed away, his owner decides to grab his phone and take a pic of his defiant feline. Much like with children, consistency is key. Yeah, I know, that’s nonsense; cats will do whatever they want to do.

Stop Taking Pics and Let Me In!

For those who have cats that manage to wander out on their own, this is a familiar image. Many times we don’t even notice at first that our loving furballs got out till it’s too late. This is what happened with Shadow, who snuck out one chilly and snowy morning.

Image courtesy of Pinterest, Amanda Eisenstein and

From the looks of these snaps, the moment his paws hit the icy snow, he regretted his decision and wanted back in where it was warm and cozy. But as most cats and dogs know, they’ll be let back in, but only after they have snaps of the mishaps caught on film forever.  It’s safe to say Shadow didn’t rush out again till the snow began melting.

Bless You, Missy

All us pet owners know that we don’t always capture those adorable moments with our loving forever pets, but when we do, it’s gold. Missy was casually posing for some pix when she felt a sneeze coming along. Thank you, Missy the cat.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and

Thankfully her owner didn’t stop snapping away and caught that moment right before she let out that sneeze. We’ve all been there and can appreciate that when it’s caught on film, it’s priceless and will, of course, end up on one or more social media platforms.

Ginger is Thinking About Her Next Move

From the look of this picture, we’re wondering if Ginger is a worthy opponent in the challenging game of Mahjong. Most likely, she’s just keeping the seat warm for one of the humans living in her home. Either way, we love how she’s focusing on those tiles.

Image courtesy of Pinterest, Bec Limones and

Mahjong is a game discovered in China that dates back to the 1800s and requires a combination of both skill and luck.  While we have yet to come across a furry forever pet that can join in on a human’s game night, this one comes pretty close.

I’m Just Sitting Here, Minding My Own Business

This is why we absoultey love animal pix that are posted online. This image wasn’t set up with backlights; neither were special filters used. This is an actual scene that nearly every pet owner has experienced and we love it.

Image courtesy of

Marvin was left alone and felt neglected. Every cat knows that to get a little attention, whether positive or negative, attacking a roll of toilet paper will garner some major feedback from their human. While Marvin’s human was making his lunch, he was carted off to the bathroom so his owner could have some uninterrupted time, big mistake.

All We Can Say is Awwwww

This image is too precious for words. For the fortunate bunch of us that have adopted our forever pets, we remember this feeling. Some of us search high and low for just the right pet to include in our lives. Many of us can relate to this image.

Image courtesy of

This is Maggie, who was fortunate to have been picked out of a bunch of other felines at the young age of only 3 months. From the look on her face, she’s happy she was chosen as the one to get her very own humans. Good luck, Maggie!

What Are You Staring At?

This is Cinnamon Roll, who is either a Tabby or Mackeral breed feline. We love the pattern her fur makes while she’s resting comfortably close to her scratching post. We’re pretty sure she’s a Mackeral cat, which is known to have tiger-like stripes running down their backs.

Image courtesy of

The breed of course, doesn’t matter, but we’re still fascinated by how the stripes encircle themselves to resemble a swiss or cinnamon roll, which is how she got her name. This cat’s beautiful round face and unique pattern of stripes must have gone a long way in garnering much love from her owners.

Ruby Loves Pizza Night

Many cat owners are diligent and committed to not allowing their pets to eat human food. But many of us know it’s easier said than done. Much like humans, our pets get a whiff of something, and nothing will stop them from getting at least a taste of that forbidden fruit.

Image courtesy of and

This is what happened to Ruby when the doorbell rang, and the house soon became filled with garlic, cheese, and sauce. Us humans have a hard time passing up on a slice or two of pizza when it’s freshly delivered, so imagine demanding our pets forego a taste test. We’re not judging, but hoping that Ruby’s portion was limited. Manga, Ruby, enjoy!

Hey, Watch It!

There isn’t a cat owner alive that doesn’t know that there are certain parts of their body that must never be touched or stroked. With our cat, in particular, this applies to his lower back, and we’ve been reminded too well not to attempt venturing there again.

Image courtesy of

For Mimi, those spots are her hind paws. From the look on her face, she’s in shock that her human forgot this. Let’s hope the reminder ended with this surprised look and nothing else. Although if it happens again and Mimi reminds him with the use of her front paws, her owner has no one to blame but himself.

This Caption is Snap Worthy!

Impossible to not smile wide when looking at how Felix’s owner snapped him. This rabbit-teeth caption is all that and more. We love how his eyes are closed shut, and the teeth are placed perfectly to create this grin-worthy image. Similar to parents with kids, pet owners are no different when it comes to snapping and sharing pix of their loved ones.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and

We all know those people that take far too many pix and share each and every movement our kids or pets make. It’s finding the balance that’s key. Let’s hope Felix’s human knows the difference between posting only the best shots and doesn’t overwhelm his followers with too many blah images.

More Isn’t Always Better

To quote Frank Lloyd Wright; ‘Less is more, only when more is too much. Again, we’re not judging, but this image might be one or two too many cats. It’s a fine line between the right amount of cats to having our neighbors label us as; ‘The Crazy Cat Lady.’ However, this woman seems just fine with all those kitties.

Image courtesy of

We don’t know the back story here but are hoping she’s fostering these loveable felines in hopes of finding them good homes. If that’s not the case, we’d hate to see the rest of the house, because a lot of cats usually means a lot of hair, kitty litter, and destroyed furniture

These Two Mean Business

We all know those times when we’re busy with a million things and innocently forget to feed our pets. We love how these two were caught demanding their chow. These two are aptly named Dolce and Gabbana, and they seem to have only one thing on their minds.

Image courtesy of

Many vets are in favor of leaving food in the bowls regularly to allow cats to eat when they want, while others state set feeding times are optimal. We’re not sure of the set up at D&G’s home, but we do know that the bowls are empty, and they aren’t having it. Cat’s are the ultimate divas and we love them for it.

Wait, What?

We are praying that this cat is a Main Coon, because if he’s a run-of-the-mill domestic cat, we’re all in trouble. Main Coon cats can reach up to 8.2 kg or 18 pounds. These large cats, while intimidating, are docile, tame, and make great pets.

Image courtesy of

Their big personalities usually match their large size, which is a relief. This particular breed can be trained and are similar to dogs when it comes to being affectionate. Thankfully this image illustrates the true scale, as it’s hard to judge the feline’s size when not in proximity of a human.

Annie Can’t Sleep Unless She’s Got This Pic

We have both a cat and a dog, and in our house, the chihuahua is the definite hoarder of the two. But this image shows Annie as the packrat and she can’t get comfy unless she has all her ‘stuff’ around her.

Image courtesy of

Similar to crows and dogs, some cats can’t keep their paws off shiny things, such as this picture. Some cats are known for stockpiling and hoarding glass beads, coins, and other blingy objects. We’re not judging why Annie chose this pic, but we’re wondering the thought process involved.

Keep Away From the Plants

Most pet owners are vigilant about keeping their pets safe and healthy. This applies to plants and chemicals that may harm them, and we must ensure they aren’t at risk at all times. We love how Aretha jumped at her human’s shout to stay away from this plant.

Image courtesy of

Aretha’s shock at being caught is beyond priceless. There may be some filter work here as well, but either way, it’s adorable. We appreciate how the owner knew to be prepared to snap the pic before shouting at Aretha to step away from the plant.

Riley Forgets He’s a Cat

We can’t help but smile at Riley, who’s sitting like his human. To catch our loved ones in strange poses is just one reason Snapchat and Instagram have become such massive hits. There’s no real reason cats sit in this position; it’s probably just because they can.

Image courtesy of

It’s surprising how many articles one can find online explaining this phenomenon, but there’s no one real reason. A couple of theories for this do make sense and include that they were either stretching or licking themselves clean, managed to contort themselves into this state, and simply stayed that way for a bit.  

Pass Those Meds This Way, Please

Admit it; we feel for our forever friends when they’re ill or after surgery. We take mercy on them when after surgery, they’re forced to wear cones to protect themselves. After an operation, we giggle as they’re coming out of the anesthesia and capture every moment on our trusty phones.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and

Meet Theo, who was put on meds for a skin problem and the side effect, is loopiness, and we can’t get enough of his adorable mug as he’s waiting for the effects to subside. The skin issue was resolved after 2 weeks, but the images of him enjoying his treatment will last forever.

Found My Missing Kitty!

A little backstory. This is Theo; he’s eight years old and is living the good life. He’s loved and well taken care of by his humans. Theo is one of those cats that roams the neighborhood and comes and goes as he pleases. The only issue is that sometimes Theo gets out and forgets where he lives.

Image courtesy of

The night this snap was taken was shot after Theo’s owner was scouring the neighborhood looking for his beloved. Imagine his surprise when Theo was found in another home. Theo doesn’t seem phased or in any distress, which left his owner wondering where he went wrong.

Cone of Frustration

When our cats require medical attention, they may be subjected to having a cone placed around their heads. This is done to keep them from hurting themselves and to heal faster. We also know that the ‘Cone of Shame’ has been used in endless pix of our loving pets, and we just can’t get enough.

Image courtesy of and

We’re used to seeing our furry felines trying to walk around gracefully with these obstructions. In reality, they’re not very successful at trying to act like nothing is going on. This image shows pure and understandable frustration at the cone, which many cat owners sympathize with.

It Wasn’t Us, Honest

Only owners of both cats and dogs understand the unbreakable bond between the species. We’re brought up to believe that dogs and cats don’t get along, but that’s not necessarily the case, as can be seen here with Ginger and Fredo.

Image courtesy of and

In our home, our dog is quick to rat out the cat for things she’s not responsible for. This is why we chose this image. We love how they know when they have done something they shouldn’t have, but are sticking together through thick and thin. We’re imagining a broken vase or worse, a chewed up shoe that resulted in Fredo’s look of guilt.  Too precious for words.

We Like Penny Too

This pic of Penny meeting her ‘uncle’ for the first time is too cute for words. She obviously knows a cat-lover when she meets one. Look how relaxed she is in his arms, and this is just minutes after meeting her human’s brother.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and

As most of us know, our cats aren’t that great with new people. Most cats either hide from strangers or simply keep their distance. But much like dogs and humans, they can sense when others are safe and okay to be around, as appears to be the case with Penny and her extended family.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Check out Thor and how pleased he is when one of his humans, who previously moved away, came home for a visit. Much like dogs, cats have a great memory and sense of smell. Even when members of the family move out and only stop by occasionally for a visit, they can be as welcoming as even the best hostess.

Image courtesy of

It’s been proven in various studies that cats remember events, either positive or negative. Their long-term memory can last from months to years. When cats are dependent on humans for food and attention, they are prone to recall the individuals who nurtured them, regardless of how much time has passed.

What the Heck Are They All Staring At?

While the human was busy snapping away, the pets seem to be enthralled by something that’s caught their full attention. We’re not sure whats under that lampshade, but we’re thinking it’s more than just the light emanating from the lamp.

Image courtesy of and

It’s rare in a home filled with animals, which is the case here, that they’re all in sync, which explains why this image had to be caught on film.  It’s not uncommon in a home with multiple pets to have them scattered all over getting into some sort of trouble, so this is truly a rare sight. We’re glad it was captured, showing there are moments of peace in homes with multiple felines.

Warning: Dinosaurs Ahead

We are definitely going to give this trick a try. If it works, we’ll be amazed. We love how kitty is wary of entering the danger zone at the top of the stairs. In our case, we can keep the feline away from certain areas by placing a plastic bag nearby, and she won’t step foot near the space.

Image courtesy of and

She appears to be cautiously checking out the situation, and we can just imagine the thought process going on in her mind. We’re now wondering if she simply did an about-face and gave up trying to reach the second floor or if she planned some sort of attack on the pre-historic beings threatening her territory. Great pic!!

Looks like Ziggy Figured Out How to Take a Selfie!

We adore how this pic turned out. It appears that Ziggy’s figured out how to take a selfie all by himself. Even if he didn’t, we still love this pic. By looking at Ziggy’s face, he also didn’t think he could figure out the selfie option; he looks positively shocked.

Image courtesy of

This snapshot is common among homes that have pets. Daily routines, such as a mother fixing her daughter’s hair while the family pet looks on, is something many of us take for granted. This image is so ordinary in many ways, which is why it tugged out our heartstrings.

This Kitty Never Scratches. Seriously?

This owner doesn’t realize how fortunate he is. Not many humans who have opened their homes to felines can claim that their cat hasn’t scratched them, at least once, if not more. Even if it’s not intentional, cats scratch as a part of play and a way to show affection.

Image courtesy of

Sure, many cats scratch to display aggression or when they feel threatened. The fact that this specific cat has never once lashed out at his owner is rare. Talk about feeling relaxed and secure. Most cats need to understand that their humans’ hands are not playthings, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.  

This is True Love

We hope Leon understands how lucky he was to have scored this particular forever home. It’s not a given that a human will forego his own personal needs to keep his loving pet all comfy and cozy, even if it means working on an uncomfortable stool.

Image courtesy of and

If this caption reflects the real situation, Leon is one lucky kitty. Only true animal lovers will leave their pets to enjoy the comfort of a needed chair or sofa and figure out another solution. This picture speaks volumes as to the relationship between man and cat.

Meet Cool Hand Luke

This hip cat is too cool for words, and his name is perfectly suited to the groovy vibe that radiates from him. Luke is simply a joy to his human and is easily swayed into posing to keep him happy. These aviators look perfect on Luke’s mug.

Image courtesy of

There’s just something about a cool cat in shades that makes us take a second look. This pic definitely makes us understand the growing popularity of cat pix on social media. Not sure if Luke was dozing when the shades were placed on his head, but we do know that it works.

Giddy Up, Brave Kitty

Admit it, there isn’t a reader here that didn’t voice an audible ‘awwww’ at this pic. Kittens are among the cutest creatures ever to roam our living rooms, that’s a fact. Another fact is snapping this kitten riding a stuffed unicorn will garner endless love from his owners.

Image courtesy of, Meg Frank and

This image was chosen not only because of the cute factor but for the inner photographer in us as well. We love the contrast between the soft black fur of the feline and the pink soft unicorn coat, but also the look of determination that says so much. We are grateful that this image was caught and shared with the world.

Thankfully, It’s Just a Leaf

We all know that both cats and dogs have an innate trait to hunt. We’ve all heard stories about dogs and cats bringing home their pray, much to our horror. Many owners have had the misfortune of removing the gnarled carcasses of a bird or, even worse, a rat from their entryways.  

Image courtesy of

Luckily this furry bundle is still too young to realize that she should be hunting for a meatier object, rather than this tired, brown, and dried out leaf. We’re sure her owner was pleased that this was all she brought home, and that’s why she thought it was worthy of a snapshot.

One More Step and the Phone is a Gonner

This snap shows that Binx is over the whole cats on the internet trend and isn’t having it anymore. If only our forever furry friends could voice their thoughts on having their every moved captured for eternity, we’d most likely be surprised.

Image courtesy of

Seriously, imagine if our pets could speak, and we were required to ask their permission before snapping pix of them. I’m pretty sure the entire fad of pets on the Gram or in Snapchat wouldn’t even exist. Yet another reason we’re forever grateful that our pets can’t speak.

Shhh, I’m Trying to Hide

We love this image, and many of us, cat owners, can relate. We all have times when we’re not giving our favorite pets undivided attention and are familiar with coming across them unexpectedly and are stunned by the look on their faces.

Image courtesy of

This was precisely that kind of scenario when Gizmo’s owner was lounging on the couch reading and relaxing. When his owner looked away from his reading material, he found his cuddly kitty staring at him through the opening in the blinds. Thankfully Gizmo stuck around long enough to have this picture saved for posterity.

Don’t Rush to Toss That Stray Cat Hair

Cat owners admit that one of the few downsides to owning a feline is the amount of fur that their furball sheds on a regular basis. This is the case with Olly; only his human decided to have a little fun. After brushing Olly and before tossing the hair, he decided to create a makeshift toupee for his kitty.

Image courtesy of

Olly doesn’t look pleased at his owner’s attempt at humor, but he’s playing along, barely. Olly must also realize that going along on occasion with his owner means he scores points and won’t be punished if say, he accidentally tears the new carpet in the den.  Yeah, Olly’s smart in taking the photo session in stride.

Whiskers?  Okay, We Get it. Not.

Cat humor is an acquired taste. This one is cute, and we get the double entendre, we’re rolling our eyes, but if we have to be honest, we giggled a bit. We love this image of pussy with two kitchen whisks and appreciate the human’s attempt at making a joke.

Image courtesy of

From the way the paw is happily grabbing one of the whisks, it only confirms what we said before about cats being packrats. If kitty hoarded these whisks on his own, then we’re doubly impressed, but if they’re props set up by his human, we’re back to rolling our eyes. Either way, it’s worthy of a mention here.


Yup, if we’re at this point, we all know that cats are capable of contorting themselves into a menagerie of situations and positions. However, we disagree with Coco’s owner labeling him stupid for the world to see. On the contrary, Coco’s human thinks it’s pic worthy.

Image courtesy of

We’ve decided that if the image is worthy of being taken, labeling our adorable felines with less than kind names will not be tolerated. Let’s hope Coco was unharmed when removed from this precarious state and that he’s learned his lesson about trying to squeeze in that space again.

Juvenile Humor is Lost on Teddy

Teddy is a smarter than average cat and doesn’t appreciate childish pranks or humor. While the owner seemed to think placing a banana on his cat would cause the image to go viral, it barely made a blip. We personally feel that the caption wasn’t witty enough in this case.

Image courtesy of

We appreciate the two images together to tell the story. To us, the first image shows the look of confusion while questioning his human’s motive. But the second pic brought it home for us. We love Teddy’s look of boredom, or is that possibly disdain?

Jasmine is One Smart Feline

Yup, we know, we already have a picture of a cat in glasses. But this is different. This specific image shows Jasmine’s full-on intellect, and we’re now wondering what her owner is like. We’re picturing a student that takes studying seriously.

Image courtesy of

We’re also picturing a full day of cramming for a test and take a short break and deciding to have some fun with kitty. Jasmine was a willing participant and appears happily donning the glasses while going for that serious but fun vibe. We approve.

Our Hearts Are Full

We can’t get over this adorable snap of a recently adopted cat from the shelter. It takes a unique individual to not hold out for the perfect pet, but to see beyond outer beauty. Sadly, many animals with one deformity or another are overlooked, and what a shame that is.

Image courtesy of

If not for the caption on this image, we would most likely not have even noticed the issue with his eye. But the caption is what tugged at our heartstrings. We love that this little guy is getting a chance at a full and happy life. Thanks to all the selfless humans that adopt the loving animals that don’t fall into the category of ‘perfect.’  

Can’t You See We’re Busy?

While we personally own one cat and one dog, there seems to be something about having two of the same species. When deciding which snaps to include in this piece, we came across a large number of homes that had more than one cat, and we’re starting to see why that’s the case.

Image courtesy of

There’s something about having two cats that creates a dynamic that doesn’t exist when there’s only feline in the home. These two show they enjoy being together and may even be less needy of human affection as they’ve got each other. From the look on their faces, it appears that their human was interrupting an important meeting, and they don’t look too pleased.

Ying and Yang

Oh wow. Even someone who doesn’t consider themselves to be a cat person would change their mind after seeing these two bundles of love and fur. Aptly named Ying and Yang, these two together beg for their own social media presence, pronto.

Image courtesy of

We want to believe that this image wasn’t manipulated and that the heart-shaped tails intertwined really happened naturally. This image is bigger than these two cats even realize. The world would be a much better place if we could all learn to live in harmony as these two are doing so purrfectly.

Now That’s Original

This is definitely worthy of being listed here. Earlier, we showed how one human created a toupee out of his kitty’s fur, but Sadie’s owner went a step further. This hairball was repurposed into a crown befitting the queen that Sadie is known to be.

Image courtesy of

While she appears to be questioning the makeshift crown on her head, or maybe she’s wondering why it’s not made of rubies and diamonds. Kudos to Sadie’s human for recycling this hairball into a true work of art. Well done!

Kitty’s Day Out

Many domestic cats aren’t allowed outside their four walls. Some are allowed to venture out, and we’re aware of what they can bring home, i.e. dead birds, rats, or even a stray leaf. But check out Millie, who was recently adopted from a shelter.

Image courtesy of

Millie is loving her forever home and was given time to adapt to her new surroundings. But take a look at her seeing her backyard for the first time. The look of amazement and disbelief speaks volumes. Her eyes appear to be taking everything in at once, and she’s loving everything that her new world has to offer.

Do Not Disturb

Only pet owners know what it’s like when attempting to do even the most mundane tasks, only to be thwarted by our kitties or doggies. This image is a perfect example of a human trying to fix the bed, but the cats have other ideas.

Image courtesy of

If the owner is anything like us, they’ll let the pets have their fun and return later to deal with the daily chores. At least they knew this was snap worthy and made sure to memorialize their forever pets enjoying some time lounging away in their human’s comfy bed.