Who Is
Chrissy Metz?

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With a very important role in the NBC family drama series,
‘This is Us’; Chrissy Metz over the last couple of years has carved a niche for
herself as a star actress and a great T.V star. She plays the role of Kate
Pearson in the family drama that tells the story of a family with a set of
triplets and how they were raised awesomely by their parents.

Pearson (Chrissy’s Character) is a young lady who faces personal struggles from
her frustrating attempt at weight loss, her music odyssey and her dad’s death
which really gets to her. She has received a lot of credits for this role
especially alongside her other involvements as a T.V star. Two Golden Globes
and one nomination for the Emmy awards are definitely not easy.


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Her role in ‘This Is Us’ as Kate Pearson has always been a relatable one. This is as Chrissy herself has had her fair share of all Kate goes through in the drama series. All the personal hurdles Kate Pearson faces as she progresses in life are the same her real-life character passes through also. They definitely live parallel lives.

This is definitely why Chrissy seems to perfect her role with quite some amount of truth in her emotions. She can absolutely feel exactly the pains and struggles of her on-screen character. And ever since Chrissy became who she is today, she has done well enough to let others know how it really feels like being her.

Others Know

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It is very normal for superstars to be reluctant about telling
more about their personal lives and their struggles. That is what is obtainable
in the industry presently. But when you find a celebrity doing this, there is
all to admire about that.

With her sweet nature and free spirit, Chrissy allows us into
certain parts of her personal life that have made an impact on the lives of
several others.

In her interviews and her various encounters with the press,
Chrissy never holds back as she keeps it real and makes others know how she had
grown from that young girl who was insecure to a fully grown woman and a big
T.V star.

Personal Life and Kate Pearson

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From being a little girl who had issues growing up because of
her weight and size to being bullied and picked out on in school as she grew
up, Chrissy’s personal life fully exemplifies all Kate Pearson also goes
through in the T.V series.

Chrissy was born chubby and she struggled with this through her childhood. Even when she was in school she constantly got bullied by other students around which constantly made her conscious of her weight.

Her mum just like Rebecca in the family drama also gets
worried about the fact that her daughter could not just live her life like a
normal kid. She definitely shares a lot of connection with the role she takes
in ‘This Is Us”.

First Plunge

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She took her first job as a preschool teacher having just
concluded her high school education herself in Gainesville, her hometown. She
had no thought that she could one day go into acting at all and she never
considered this as a career option for her at all.

She had only been at her sister’s company to an audition where she met an old teacher of hers. Her teacher advised her to also go in for the audition, and it was at this point she knew she wanted to do this. This was in her early 20s. She really had the urge from within but lacked the courage.

Her Way to

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She was, however, able to put in for the audition that day and
after a few months, she found herself making a trip down to Los Angeles where
she had a lot of auditions for T.V pilots.

She had never seen herself as an actress, she always wanted to
teach. She loved to teach. But here she is, a promising and budding actress
with a lot of future and dream ahead of her. She wanted to be an actress now. She
wanted to do this (acting) than any other thing in the world.

Her conviction was so strong that she did not have to stress
it to convince her mother.

Stepping Over The Stumbling Blocks

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It was never rosy just like in the case of every new face in
the industry. She had to face a lot of time on the sidelines as a young
actress. At a point, she had to go into working for a talent agency.

Her times as a talent agent were one of the toughest phases of
her life. It felt like she was giving to others exactly what she so desires.
Sad! She wanted more but this was all she could get. She felt hard done by but
she never for once stopped acting completely. She still kept pushing through
the barriers.

Loss and the Big Break

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She had to lose weight upon recommendations to do so by her manager. She surprisingly gained double the pounds she lost after she got depressed a few years before landing her role on ‘This Is Us’.

This caused her panic attacks that she was hospitalized on her 30th birthday. She had to take it all over again. She took on a positive vibe and a rather happy twist to it and by this, she was able to drop a few more pounds than before; an incredible 100 pounds in only five months. Superb!

In this new healthy lifestyle, she landed the role of Ima Barbara on the 4th season of American Horror Story, which was a recurring role. This was the break she waiting for!

Friends in

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She took five episodes on the American Horror Story. After
this, she was as bad as she was again. She got really broke gradually. And
there was nothing for her to do. No work! It all went down so quickly.

She had to do the desperate unemployment move to stay above the waters at this point in time. Quite a twist of fate.

This even got worse when she had nowhere to stay and had to
take very poor diets also. Her friends were her support system at this point.
They gave her a place to stay. They provided for her in their different ways
and these were more than enough to help her through her needs.

Road to

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The road to limelight was not in any way easy for Chrissy. Landing
the role of Kate Pearson on ‘This Is Us’ was not an easy one at all. She even
almost lost that opportunity.

She had to beg her manager to make sure she could audition for
the role as she could hardly believe the scripts when she saw it.

The role was the perfect role for her. She had never felt better with any other job. The audition was one of the best if not the best she ever had. She had it all and was perfect.

The role was a miracle in her life, especially her financial
life at that time. She was able to get back on track financially.


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There are a lot of other celebrities who would have blown it
all away at this point.

Yes! This was her breakthrough. The paycheck had never been
better than this. She had never been more comfortable all her life.

This new turn of events does not affect the way Chrissy Metz lived her life afterward. She still continued to be with those she was with along. She maintained living with her roommate even though, she can now pay the rent just as it is due for her to pay. She still stayed cautious with her spending. She stayed modest as always.


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Chrissy Metz has made it clear over and over again that she
had had no reason to shed weight outside herself.

As speculations are driving around that there might be a
clause in her contract that requires her to lose weight, Chrissy has been quick
to make it clear to everyone that there is nothing of such in her contract.

And the fact that her on-screen character strives hard to shed
some weight in the movie, does not necessarily mean that she also must do
likewise. She is not saying she would not want to lose some pounds. But she is
saying that there is no clause!

Health Is

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Chrissy makes it clear that all the efforts she has taken over
the years to get into better shape and lose some weight have been major to better
her health. According to her, she only wants to better her health and nothing

As for her, her first choice will always remain her health and
she will choose her health over and above any other thing. Her health to her is
paramount. She hopes for nothing else than to maintain good health.

Her weight loss activities and all she has done around this
have been as a result of her health choices. Nothing more!

It Far and Near

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One of the major reasons Chrissy Metz is convinced enough to
work wholeheartedly with the ‘This Is Us’ series is because she believes in
their purpose and that purpose is exactly what she wishes to do herself.

She strongly believes in their mission to spread the truth
about those that are considered overweight. According to the superstar, she
believes the T.V series aims to make everyone know that those who are
overweight are not so because of the food. The truth is that the issue is far
from the food. They do not just sit somewhere and eat themselves into being so

Two Sides
of a Coin

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What she believes in is how much of everyone’s personal life the show touches. She believes the show cannot be separated from the challenges every individual faces daily. There is always something everyone is ashamed of. How do they handle such shame? That is exactly what the show is about. And Chrissy affirms that point. This is not left to those watching alone. Even Chrissy admits she gets thrilled also when she recognizes that she is living a life very similar to the one Kate Pearson lives in the T.V series and she really loves that feeling.

Making Impacts

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Chrissy Metz also reveals that apart from being a superstar
which she enjoys obviously, another thrilling part of her life is how much impact
her life and her role get to have on the life of her fans.

According to the superstar, she sometimes meets her fans who
tell her how much of a change they have experienced in their own lives from her
life and that of her on-screen counterpart.

is at this point that she feels fulfilled. All her years of suffering and the
hard times she had faced before now begin to look like a good sacrifice she had
had to pay in order to make a difference.

The Haters

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No celebrity all around the world, especially in the entertainment industry can say they have had their lives as a superstar void of hate from those who are not their fans.

The case is in no way different for Chrissy Metz also. She has had her own fair share of Hate and means comments from others out there. It does not even help matters that she is a plus-size actress. Yet, she has stood tall all along.

She received a lot of these hate comments when she stepped out in 2017 for the MTV awards because of her red dress. But, her clap back tweet was just enough to keep them all quiet.

Other Side  

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There is another side to the popular superstar which many of
us might not know of. She has a passion for singing and she even wants a career
in music. This is another similarity she shares with her on-screen character,
Kate Pearson.

She admits that she has no encouragement to chase a music
career. Yet one of the biggest things she wants to do is to have a music duet
with who she regards as her TV mom, Mandy Moore.

She really loves the fact that her TV character loves to sing
and might be going further with this. She is really happy to share in this love
and connection which is one of the things she loves about the show.


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Whenever she fails to reach her desired weight loss goals, she
used to feel bad and dejected. But things are different now with Chrissy. She
really enjoys the fact that she has been able to do a lot so far. And if the
weight loss does not come as she expects, she will take it positively.

She believes everything works well at the end of the day only
if enough patience can be put into the process. She trusts the process and will
never get dejected if things slow up. This is one of the major points she has
noted over time.

It Is
What It Is!

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Chrissy Metz understands how rough life can turn out to be.
She knows how dirty it can get and how sour it can be. She has tasted it all in
the past.

However, she holds a strong conviction that even with all of
these she has no reason to regret at all. She strongly believes that everything
is a result of what must be and cannot be changed (fate).

She has therefore shaped her mindset into a positive drive to
believe that all that has happened is for a particular reason and all that is
to be done is to respond with a positive vibe in return and live life in that


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Yes, the whole narrative revolves around one who is overweight
or obese points towards their drive to lose weight as soon as they can and as
much as they can also. Everyone understands that there us a lot of joy when you
lose some pounds and gradually pick up your shape.

“This Is Us’ star admits to this. However, she believes that there are a lot of
other concerns apart from this. She waits to see all that happens when her TV
character gets out of the discussion over her food and starts to experience
other issues of equal or more importance to her life.

The Pace
Does Not Matter

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The frustration that comes with having to deal with your
weight loss coming at a slower pace is one thing both Kate Pearson and Chrissy
Metz are conversant with.

At a point in the TV drama, Kate’s boyfriend was able to shed
more weight and faster than Kate herself who was going the whole mile to lose
weight. This definitely is what Chrissy Metz says can be really frustrating.

She admits that she also had instances when she decided to
stop all of the dieting and all she was doing. Yet, she discovers that this
would not walk. It would only worsen the situation and the progress that has
been made even if it is little.

Love and

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A very important part of any superstar’s life that the fans
are interested in is their love life.

Do not take your guess to her TV boyfriend, Toby, the man in
the picture is ‘This Is Us’ cameraman, Josh Stancil. They both met on set and
ever since then, their loving relationship has been amazing.

There have been instances when they have taken their love
displays public and it has been awesome.

Even though this has helped them get to spend more time
together as well as support each other on set, it has equally been quite
awkward whenever Josh has had to film Chrissy kissing someone else on set. Truly,

One Big

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There is this striking resemblance between the triplets in ‘This Is Us”. Their faces, facial expressions, the way they talk and so much more.

The way the show was cast is definitely superb being that Chrissy and Hannah Zeile who played Kate aged 15 years had known each other before the show.Apart from this, the whole cast is a whole adorable family. They have shown this in a lot of ways over and over again. They even bagged an award recently as a team as one of their teamwork achievements.

Even Chrissy’s relationship with two other members of the
cast, her TV brothers is another warm and adorable part of this big family.

My Memoir

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Being a published author is another intriguing part of Chrissy Metz’s life. ‘This Is Me: Loving The Person You Are Today’ is her memoir with which she tells her story fully from her childhood days to the sad moments in her past.

This memoir tells us a lot about all the pain she had to go through growing up, her struggles with body shaming even down to when her father left her.

She agrees that the latter was the most difficult piece of her mind in the book. Her father recently accused her of abandoning him which she finds absurd but says she has forgiven him.

The World

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Apart from Chrissy Metz being an exceptional actress and phenomenal one at that, Chrissy has a big world of her own online presence. She has grown to carve a niche for herself online with a very large following, especially on Instagram.

With about 876 thousand followers on Instagram, the superstar
has unveiled her social side as being very vibrant and she is truly loved also.
She would always show her kind sides on the platform by sharing in the joy of her
closed ones whenever they are doing something great for themselves.

motivational quotes and so much more are a delight to all of her followers far
and near. Great!

The Fame

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From gracing the cover of a magazine to various award
nominations and wins as well as being a source of inspiration to others due to
the amount of fame and success she has achieved, Chrissy Metz has definitely
enjoyed a large deal of the fame which is not too much for her definitely.

She remains forever grateful for all she has achieved al her
life. She never stops to give thanks and appreciate everyone that has been a
source of help for her all along. She gets swallowed up by the love sometimes
that she can not but wonders how it all happened.


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There is something peculiar about Chrissy Metz. This is her
self love.  She is so in love with
herself. Even more than many can imagine. Her self-love has been even a reason
for others to get inspired and stay happy. 

She, therefore, wishes to make it known to everyone out there,
who wants to make a poor comment concerning her body. For her, she is very
happy with her present condition and she is also not considering a weight loss
surgery at all.

She says this is a news flash to everyone out there asking
weird questions about what step she wants to take concerning her body weight.

The Movie

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With her involvement in the Netflix drama, ‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser’, that tells the story of an amazing young lady but without the beauty, everyone wants to see. The movie borders around the discrimination given to such people and how they would really be appreciated.

Chrissy plays a minor but very significant role in this movie
that has since been a hit.

Even though Chrissy was not heavily involved in the movie, she
still gets credits over her role in this very interesting movie. She wants to
drive down such a message to everyone, hence, her participation in such a

What Lies

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With the recent twist in the latest season of the famous TV
drama, she stars in, ‘This Is Us’, concerns have been raised on what lies
ahead. People keep asking her what exactly would happen in the nearest future
due to the speculations in that season.

Chrissy makes it clear that the twist at the end of the last
season is for a reason that everyone will soon find out and that all we have to
do now is to stay put to enjoy what unveils in the next season.

is absolutely nothing to worry about; it is just a twist to make the TV drama
more interesting.