The Mom with 8 Kids: How Are They Doing Now?

Natalie Suleman who goes by Nadya made big waves in American news channels when the story broke out that she was going to bear octuplets. That’s a whopping number of children! Typically women bear one child, twins or even triplets on rare occasions but octuplets is a massive miracle. She wowed the world with her achievement. Some people run triathlons or win noble prizes, but this should feat should certainly be applauded.

A lot has happened to Nadya since the beginning of her children’s existence into the world, now they’re well grown up. Let’s trace her story from the beginning to see how her journey unravels. Read on to witness this unique and special story.

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Getting to Know Her

Natalie is your average all American girl that was born and raised in Fullerton California. She was born on July 11, 1975, and was the only child of two mixed-race parents. Her mother was Lithuanian and her father was Iraqi – hence her mixed features and distinguishable face. Her father Edward owned a restaurant and was also an army veteran.

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Little did Natalie know that one day she would bear 8 children, but that comes much later on in her life. No one anticipated the outcome of her pregnancy but it turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise.

Motherly Instincts

The bright-eyed brunette studied in Nogales High School in La Puente California where she was well known as Natalie Doud. Afterward, she moved on to study at California State University in Fullerton. There she worked in the department of child development and she expressed a great deal of love for studying. Her other loved prevailed though which was to start her own family and she was determined to have her own children.

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Love at First Sight

Things took a turn when Nadya met her first love, Marcos Gutierez. The connection was an instant one and she made it clear to Gutierrez that one day she would like to have children but unfortunately, he didn’t feel the same. The chances of them having kids was a far fetched idea for Marcos and Nadya realized that maybe they weren’t a perfect fit as she thought they were in the beginning.

The Start of Her Career

Despite the rocky start for Nadya and Marcos, she manages to continue studying and eventually garnered a license from Mt. San Antonio College and moved on to working at Metropolitan State Hospital. She specialized in the psychiatric ward and decided that this was her path for now. The work came with struggles and it wasn’t easy working with patients since they have their own whims and troubles too. Little did she know that this experience was only preparing her for her future challenges.

Tough Times at the Psychiatric Facility

Work sometimes entails tough times and sometimes trying times help to make you a stronger person. Nadya would wake up in the morning and attend her work as she usually does in the psychiatric facility. Unfortunately, things turned sour when the patients made a big fuss one day. The situation had gotten out of hand since the patients were causing a ruckus and one of the patients knocked a wooden table over and it struck Nadya’s back causing her major pain. What happens next to Nadya? Read on to see her road to recovery.

The Aftermath of the Accident

Unfortunately, the accident gave her a herniated disc injury. The injury was so severe that she had to depart from her job. Luckily enough, she got by with the $170,000 compensation due to her employee benefits. Luckily she worked in a facility that was lenient and kind to her. It’s always difficult to get over a severe bodily injury and she managed to stay vigilant despite the tough time.

The Effects Linger

Going through a traumatic incident such as a herniated disk in a psychiatric ward left lingering effects on Natalie’s emotional and physical well-being. During this time more than ever – she needed all the support that she could get. Luckily Marcos was a supportive partner and after three years together, the couple decided to have a go again and trying to have children. Despite the troublesome cards that she was dealt with, she manages to stay positive even if it meant postponing her motherly dream.

Seeking out Alternatives

Nadya and her husband Marcos sought to find the right doctor to consult with in order for them to have children together. They tried multiple times to no avail and they were starting to feel discouraged. Nadya was upset with trying multiple times and they were on the hunt for the right doctor to assist them with their delicate situation. Their problem was a normal one and one way or another – they would eventually find the right doctor.

Scouring the Interweb

Nadya resulted in scouring the internet for knowledge on fertility and the reproductive system to get the desired results both of them so needed. She spent many days on the internet looking at resources while simultaneously contacting doctors. Unfortunately, they reached a dead end when a doctor informed them that their hopes to conceive a child together would have to be tucked away – since Marcos was sterile. They were devastated by the news but decided to stick together to make things work and to hopefully bear children together through other means.

Persistence is Key

Despite doctors giving the couple the red signal for having kids, they continued to seek alternative ways to deal with the situation. Since they couldn’t conceive normally, the idea of in vitro fertilization (IVF) came up. This entailed that Nadya’s egg would be used outside of her body in a laboratory in order for her to have children. Marcos was hesitant about the idea and even mentioned that they would part ways if she walked down this path.

Following her Heart

At this point in Nadya’s life, she had another hurdle to overcome. Would she choose the love of her life or her dream to conceive children and be the mother she always wanted to be? In the year 2000, she decided to split with Marcos Gutierrez and pursue her dream of having children using the IVF method. It wasn’t an easy decision to give up someone she loved but in order for her to stay true to herself, she had to cut the cord at some point. We admire her strength and bravery for doing this!

Paying the Price

The success rate of IVF procedures is about 40% and women who are older than 41 have a 4 per cent success rate. Age was not an issue for Nadya since she was fairly young – but the process didn’t come without risks. It isn’t a 100% guaranteed solution but Nadya was willing to take the risk for it. Because she knew that in the end, it would be worth it. Little did she know that she would conceive more than one child!

Sticking to the Plan

Despite the risks that came with the IVF procedure, Nadya was determined to stick to her guns and trust the process. Even though she had gone through a difficult separation from her partner, she still remained strong and continued to pursue her dream of having children. The IVF procedure was a solution for her and she was willing to push forward with it.

It’s a Boy!

Warning: great news ahead. Finally, Nadya conceived a little baby boy and decided to name him Elijah. This was just the start of her little family and she realized that she wanted more children and a bigger family. Talk about determination! She was very pleased with her son’s birth but still wanted to have a larger family.

The Family Keeps on Growing

Nadya realized that simply having Elijah wasn’t enough and she needed to have more children to feel fulfilled. After her body took a break for a year, she used the same procedure to bear her second child: Amerah. After another short period of time, she was blessed with twins and another pair of children. Now she has 6 children. Was that enough for Nadya? Read on to see how her journey unravels.

Is Enough Enough?

Apparently, Nadya wasn’t fully content with having six children that she decided to conceive more. After giving her body a well-deserved break – in 2008 she made a decision that would alter her life and quite possibly endanger it. She turned to Dr Michael Kamrava who was adept at giving IVF treatments and since she had gone through this multiple times, she wanted to make sure that she received the proper treatment. She was notified that 6 of her eggs were being preserved and she decided that it was high time to implant them at the same time. Now that wasn’t a simple decision or Nadya but she was determined to do it.

Dr. Kamrava was Reluctant

Initially, Nadya’s doctor was hesitant about the idea of injecting her body with six eggs but decided to give in to her request after realizing how capable she is as a woman to give birth. Dr Kamrava went against the grain and injected her with 12 eggs instead of 6 and surpassed the limit which was 10. Wowza! Now that’s one bold move.

Doctor In Deep Waters

Dr Michael Kamrava experienced negative feedback from the medical department and they decided to release him after his bold move. Since his practice went against what the medical community stood for, he was shunned away. On a positive note, Nadya was blessed with 8 children in one go. What can’t this wonder woman do? At first, she gave birth to one baby then another 4, will Nadya be able to survive this difficult journey? Stay tuned.

Paying the Price

With every complicated procedure, comes risks and Nadya was willing to go through everything. It was during this period that the public deemed her the name of “Octomom” since she would be giving birth to 8 children. Nadya had to mentally prepare herself for the birth of all her children because this wasn’t as simple as her first few pregnancies. This one now carried with it risks and worries that her children might have complications.

A Happy Delivery

Thank the heavens that Nadya survived 9 months with 8 babies in her stomach. Any mom would throw her hands up in the excitement but Nadya remained calm and collected. The delivery was a huge success and there were no complications during the delivery period whatsoever. Nadya was looking forward to introducing her children to their siblings and to see their budding family relationships widen.

The Center of Attention

Nadya gained widespread popularity when people came to know about her successful delivery. Medical doctors were particularly interested in her case since it wasn’t a usual case and they wanted to understand how one woman could give birth simultaneously to so many children at once. Doctors skilled in the IVF department even turned to her story to better make sense of it.

An Inspiration for Mothers

Nadya’s story became a household staple in American homes everywhere. Pictures of her and her family were flashed on television screens and her story instantly became a hit. Her extraordinary feat of bearing so many children was an awe-inspiring story that left many people surprised yet curious at the same time. It also served as a reminder for women who can’t give birth that it’s completely possible with the aid of an IVF treatment.

Nadya Takes the Spotlight

Nadya and her children became the focal point of attention and she received plenty of cameramen asking for her picture with her children. Others were against her motives saying that she was trying to take advantage of taxpayer money through the use of welfare checks. With every story comes a dark side and people who will always protest against the unfamiliar.

Wonder Mom Needs a Break

Just like every other mom or family who has more than one child – it can always be a challenge. Her relationship with her family came with multiple struggles but she was ready to face them. She even mentioned how she only gets sleep for two to three hours each night but still soldiers on despite the lack of sleep. She mentioned this to a popular magazine called People and was determined to keep going despite the criticism she was faced with.

Tribulations Ahead

Being a single mother with 14 children was no easy feat and Nadya had her own struggles to deal with. Despite juggling 14 children, she also had to find a way to properly nurture them and take care of them. There were doubts about her capability to do so especially since she was simply a single mom.

Trouble at the Suleman’s Household

The media coverage of Nadya’s story reached all the corners of America and rumours started to stir in the air that she wasn’t being a capable mother to her children. She had 14 babies and no support system – how could she possibly manage? Child Protective Services had to intervene and check up on Nadya to see if she was a capable and normal mom and the results were positive. But the news doesn’t end there.

Time to Hit the Road

Unfortunately, jumping over the Child Protective Services hurdle was only the beginning of her challenges. Now she had to face her landlord who didn’t fully agree with her lifestyle and wasn’t happy with Nadya living on his grounds. The news caught her off guard and now it was time to search for another home to raise her children in.

Career Change

Nadya Suleman was devastated when she couldn’t convince her landlord to let her and her children stay. She now had to grind extra hard with finding work to support her family. Being the compassionate person that she is, she always remained true to herself and trusted her gut instincts. She tried her luck in the film industry and even decided to get into the business realm.

Big Shifts

Nadya realized that after time some time in the spotlight that she needed a life with more meaning and substance. The life she was living wasn’t an accurate depiction of how she wanted to live her life. Instead, she felt like she wasn’t being her true self. She wanted to step out of the fame and focus on her kids while switching careers again and becoming a family therapist for the meantime. She even preferred to be called by her birth name: Natalie. It seems like she was coming back to her senses and reverting back to who she truly was.

Going Plant-Based

With new names, comes new beginnings. Since Natalie was making the shift towards a new lifestyle she wanted a better life for her children wherein they also practised healthy eating. They managed to swap their chocolates and sweets for a more sustainable diet. It seems like Natalie is truly the wonder mom for helping her children live a healthy lifestyle which they can surely pass on and share with their friends in school. Is there anything she can’t do?

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

After her split with Marcos, the weight of taking care of the children took its toll on her. She was slipping away in terms of taking care of herself and one night she had a revelation while she was at a club in Florida – thanks to her “guardian angel”. One night when she went to a party in Florida, a man walked up to her and “He walked straight to me and looked straight into my eyes. He took my hand and grabbed my arm and said in a very gentle, but firm way: ‘You don’t have to do this.’ were the words Nadya uttered. Afterwards, she resorted to picking herself up and taking care of her children better.

Feeling Fabulous

Nadya made a quick come back in 2013 and she was stronger than ever. She was ready to tackle any situation with her family hands-on and her children were one of her biggest sources of inspiration. Her decision to have multiple children at once had at first brought great doubts but now she wouldn’t trade her life for anyone else’s.

Minimal Living

Contrary to popular belief, Nadya and her family reside in a modest and small home that fulfilled their lifestyle. They managed to fit inside a two-bedroom apartment and she prefers a modest life with her family. She is a simple woman who doesn’t need much in life except her family to be happy.

The Octuplets Gave Her Power

Natalie enjoys spending her time with her children especially the octuplets Makai, Josiah, Isaiah, Jonah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Nariyah, and Noah. She truly feels that she’s accomplished the biggest tribulations in life with them by her side and feels like a truly empowered mom, friend and inspiration to all people.

Just Your Average Family

Nadya mentioned to Daily Mail that They fight, play, fight and play again like any normal family.” She wants people to understand that they are just like any other normal family and sometimes her children don’t always get along. She confesses to going through times but these times eventually make you stronger. One of her children Aiden has autism but that doesn’t stop him from being the best brother to his other siblings.

Strong Mother Power

“I’m focusing on raising the kids to focus on serving other people, to get out of their own head,” Nadya mentions to US Weekly. It’s almost the holidays and everyone is involved in making the holidays feel special. It’s a time for everyone to cooperate and she makes sure that everyone feels like they are part of the family celebrations.

Bus Driver Mom

For some mums and dads, it’s easy to pick up your kid from school since you would simply drop them and pick them up afterwards. For Natalie, it wasn’t as easy. She struggled twice as much as regular parents to pick up her children since she had 14 of them and she was by herself. Nonetheless, her love for her children overcame her tiredness and she managed to pick them up. Aren’t those smiles so adorable?

Time to Unwind

One of the activities that keep Natalie sane is exercising. She swears by it and talks about the topic of exercise on her Instagram account freely. She encourages moms to exercise in order to destress. Paired with exercising, she follows a healthy diet – as well as her children. Her experience with lifting weights and doing cardio has helped her through multiple hurdles in life. It’s inspiring how she manages to raise 14 children while also taking time for self-care.

Vegan Cook Outs

Some parents bond with their children through sports, watching movies or even cooking. Nadya enjoys bonding with her children through the latter. She encourages her children not only to eat healthily but to be acquainted with the food they’re consuming. It’s a conscious decision and helps all of her kids learn the value of where their food comes from.

Talk Show Stories

In 2018, Natalie aired on television right by Dr Oz’s side on the Dr Oz Show. She shared her story about undergoing the IVF procedure multiple times and the decisions she made that led her to where she was today. She shared extensively about her family and was fully open to sharing her story with millions of people all across the United States. She wanted to showcase her strength and endurance through all the tough times in the hopes of inspiring others.

Rainbow Children

The interesting factor to point out about Natalie’s children is that they look different even though they’re related and even part of the octuplet string. It all boils down to genetics and Natalie’s dichotomous genes coalesced through her children. It’s evident because some of them have blue eyes and others have brown yet they’re the same age. Even though all her children are different, she shares the same love for everyone.

Thirst for Exercise

Nadya trained her family not just to follow a healthy vegan lifestyle but to also be active members of the sports community. They even went so far as to join a running marathon of 5km in February 2018! Talk about hard work and dedication. This family is setting the bar for how children should be living their lives. Her children are inspiring since they don’t turn towards technology much and prefer to get down and dirty with sports (or cooking!) She is setting a great example for her kids and hopefully, in the future, her kids will follow in her footsteps in their own individual future families.

An Artistic Bunch

What else can her children do you might ask? Well, the question should be: what can’t they do? In this picture, Calyssa one of her children drew a picture for her birthday. It’s a thoughtful act by a child that’s a result of Nadya raising her kids to be compassionate, healthy and open-minded. For their project for school, the octuplets turned to create posters about their heroes. If they’re not busy running or cooking you can probably find them in their home cutting up pieces up paper and colouring pictures. They live a simple life and are happy to fill their time with productive tasks.

Homemade Gifts

Nadya is a spoiled mum – since her kids love making trinkets and quirky gifts for her. She always receives gifts on special occasions including mother’s day. She’s very proud of her children and always displays their art on her accounts for others to see. It’s amazing to see that the fruits of her labour had paid off when she receives gifts from her children. It just goes to show that if you treat your children well enough – you’ll reap its benefits in the years to come.

Girl Time

Nadya gave birth to 4 beautiful girls names Amerah, Calyssa, Maliah and Nariyah. She finds time to balance out her relationships by dividing her schedule into “girls time” and “boys time” too. She also finds time to spend time with both boys and girls. She enjoys the balance that comes out of this relationship and even took the girls out for Amerah’s birthday. She makes sure that each child gets the attention they deserve and because of this – they’ve matured so elegantly.

Quirky Characters

The great thing about Nadya’s children is that they have their own unique hobbies and talents. Some of them prefer dressing up, others prefer exercising while others prefer making art. It’s an interesting mix of characters strewn into one family which makes it seem like there is never a boring day in their lives. Since they have their own hobby preferences – they’re always able to bring a new and unique hobby to the table.

They Grow up so Fast

As the years pass, Natalie is constantly surprised by the changes that occur in her children (good changes). They still enjoy cooking together and most importantly some of them have converted into raw veganism. Despite growing older and having different preferences they still manage to. find time to spend together. Even though they’re apart Nadya knows that the kids are managing well while she’s out running errands.

Say Cheese!

“So THIS is what happened when we attempted to take a fun family photo with as many family members as possible. Per usual, Elijah, Amerah, and JJ are absent from the pic.” Natalie has a hard time capturing her entire family in one picture due to the fact that some of them can’t keep still. It’s a challenging task but when they manage to sneak in a picture together – it looks something like this. Calm and collected yet chaotic in its own quirky way.

Hitting the Tube

In this digital age, many people are resorting to making accounts on Social pages. Youtube is one of the best platforms to spread your content in the quickest way possible. Natalie decided to go on another conquest: conjuring up a Youtube channel with her children. This gives them a platform to freely express themselves and one of the videos features her daughter Amerah reading a letter she wrote for her mother. She gives her children the freedom to upload content and curate the vlogs. Such a cool mom she is!

Cooking up a Storm

The family still cooks together until now and they even ran another marathon during Thanksgiving. After their running feat, they were awarded pies. Hopefully, they were vegan pumpkin pies! This family is on a roll and they just keep surpassing their goals and limits. They also turn some big holidays into a fun bonding experience.

Proper Diet and Exercise

After giving birth, Natalie underwent multiple injuries and body restrictions. She had troubles with her back and even had bilateral sciatica. To keep her body in tip-top shape she focuses on working out at the gym using weights, the treadmill and even the stair master. She doesn’t let the fact that her pregnancies have taken a toll on her body but she instead pushes herself to overcome her injuries. She accompanies her exercise routine always with a well-balanced meal packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The Only One

Natalie Suleman was the only child in her family. She loved her parents dearly especially her father who is now half paralyzed. The fact that she is completely open about her life is what makes her story so relatable and human. She posts stories about her past and present which all comprise her wacky little moments with her family now. Not every moment is filled with happiness and sometimes she can feel melancholy when reliving her past moments. We applaud her for revealing her true self fully whenever she shares content online.

Time for a Throwback

Even though Natalie isn’t as young as she used to be, she is quite updated with social media. She even shares pictures from her past to show her followers who she was before she became Octomom. You could tell from her pictures and stories that she was just a regular American girl with a loving family. She also loved taking care of cats and had one that weighed around 50 pounds!

Family Means Everything

Family means a great deal to Nadya and she simply can’t express it enough on social media. She shows great admiration not just for her parents but also for her grandmother. Her grandmother also played a role in assisting the children during their formative years. She was a pivotal figure in Nadya’s life and she owes a lot to her family. Hopefully, her story will inspire you to raise a beautiful family of your own one day. And if you already have one of your own – to take on life’s challenges with an open mind and sound heart.