The People Who Went Against The Grain and Stood Out

Sometimes standing up for yourself means that you have to go against what everyone says. Sometimes this is what’s best, and other times people might not like it. No matter what other people do, it’s really important to stick to your truth and stand up for what you believe in. These people will make you laugh, inspire you, and even challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy; that’s why we usually go for the easier route. But these people defied all odds and stuck to their gut. Usually, we tend to follow our feeling brain, and that gets us into all sorts of trouble. These people not only showed their empathy, but they also revealed great courage. For a burst of inspiration at any time of your day, here are some people who show you that life is beautiful.

Suit Up

When this school declared winter season, the season of coats, they didn’t expect the students to be waltzing around in bear onesies. This coat even comes complete with the bear claws – which we hope aren’t real! If we saw him walking around campus, we’d think that he just finished the movie the Revenant.

image courtesy of memeguy

Leonardo di Caprio wears an actual bear coat, and this guy looks like he learned a thing or two from the movie. He was following all the rules, though, since his school uniform was just underneath the coat. Good on him for sticking to the rules while staying true to himself.

It’s all Chinese to Me

This professor asked his students to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant. The only thing is, he didn’t specify if it should be in Mandarin or English. Instead, the student decided to go all the way and write in Mandarin.

image courtesy of knowyourmeme

Whether this was mandatory or not, this student certainly went above and beyond their limits. The handwriting is impeccable, and the Mandarin looks almost perfect! Wow. We sure hope this professor gave the student an A+ because they wholeheartedly deserve it.

Boy Power

In most schools where uniforms are required, the boys wear pants, and the girls wear skirts. The gender roles have flipped in this situation when these lads decided to wear skirts to class instead of well, pants. Initially, it was a form of protest.

image courtesy of out

The school was against the boys wearing shorts, so they opted for another option: skirts. It goes to show how the younger generation is open to gender fluidity and how they’re not simply conforming anymore. After all, girls can do whatever boys can do, and boys can do whatever girls can do.

Indoor Seating or Outdoor Seating?

These guys decided that it would be best to sit at the back of a moving van. Because sometimes sitting down in a conventional restaurant can be so boring. We could learn a thing or two about their tactics, even though it looks a little unsafe.

image courtesy of dgustpizzariaechurrascaria/facebook

We recommend that if you try this, make sure you’re only eating, not drinking. The chance of spilling your drinks is about 99.99%. Nonetheless, these guys are taking the risk and going against all odds with their life choices.

No Seat No Problem

When this guy was banned from entering the stadium, he took it as a challenge. He rented out a crane and ended up with the best seat in the house. Not only is he higher than everyone else, but he can also see the entire 360-degree view of the stadium.

image courtesy of

He might need to squint with his view being so high, but either way, he’s winning in life with this seat. Luckily, he wasn’t kicked out again, and the people weren’t that distracted by his presence. He takes the cake for being a brave and dedicated soul. He must really love sports!

Sock Monster

Some professionals are required to wear office attire when it comes to serious meetings and appointments. But that doesn’t mean that some of them don’t know how to bend the rules every now and then, just like this sneaky professor did.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

Underneath those black leather loafers lies a monster. He wanted to express his creative and fun side without having to be too serious. He’s the definition of someone who wants to be themselves but looks professional at the same time. We hope he aced that meeting!

Groot Job

For this teacher’s class, he assigned all the students to write a CV and cover letter in a Marvel character’s tone. This genius thought of embodying Groot’s persona and embody it he did. We’re not sure if his professor should give him a 100 or a 1 for this.

image courtesy of knowyourmeme

While it wasn’t supposed to be followed literally, he did so anyway. All Groot ever says is his name, so he followed the directions fully. Just not like he was supposed to. We commend him on the number of times he wrote Groot, though!

Honey I’ll Take the Floor

This man’s wife got fed up when the dog kept jumping on the bed, so he said he’ll take the floor with the dog, so she just let him make his own choices on where to sleep. The dog doesn’t seem so pleased when his owner decided to accompany him on the floor. Dad was patient, though, and he could sleep anywhere.

image courtesy of

He owned this moment by agreeing to his wife’s wishes since she didn’t want the dog on the bed. It looks like the two built their own floor fortress, and they look super comfortable. Well, at least the dad does. We hope mom allowed the two of them to claim ownership of the bed again.

Cheat Sheet or Work of Art?

This guy was looking out for the homies when he made this cheat sheet. He made sure to make the words comprehensible, and he even drew graphs for them to understand the notes better. Not only is this a work of art, but it’s also very technical.

image courtesy of dgustpizzariaechurrascaria/facebook

He must’ve put tons of hours into this piece of paper judging by the looks of it. We only hope to have someone like him in our future class! What a trooper he is for spilling out all the formulas on this piece of paper. Here’s a genius at work helping out his peers. Maybe he should be deemed Robin Hood of the classroom?

No Nose Support

After surgery, you’re usually required to stay home, rest, and drink lots of water. After this man’s nose surgery, he was asked not to apply any sort of pressure on his nose. He had to use his creative brain and think of a solution.

image courtesy of

This is what he came up with! Strings attached to his hat, attached to his glasses. Pretty nifty, huh? Some people get some crazy ideas sometimes, and this is one of them. We wonder if they ever fall off, though? This is the first time this invention has ever been made!

Pumpkin Lantern

When a school asked the students not to bring pumpkins for Halloween, a bunch of students thought of another bright idea. If pumpkins aren’t possible, pineapples should be fine, right? Well, it looks like their plan hashed out nicely.

image courtesy of knowyourmeme

They didn’t get suspended for this act, but instead, they were commended. Cutting a pineapple is no easy task, and the spikes can get annoying. Luckily, these students were able to muster the strength to channel their creativity in productive and unique ways.

Dinner is Served

When mom asked everyone to bring something to dinner, she expected them to follow the rules. Unfortunately, this family member was assigned to bring rolls and not the sweet kind. She expected a beef roll, veggie roll or something of the sort but instead got this.

He went above and beyond with the rolls but just not the kind she needed. Sometimes, giving more doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing, and in this case, mom would’ve appreciated one savory roll. Good job to this guy, though for trying – and even getting more than the usual roll!

Love, Your Son

Usually, when sending your child off to camp, you expect that they’ll be on their best behavior. And in some way, shape, or form that they’ll miss you too while they’re gone. But this son didn’t truly want to write a letter for his mom; he just had to do it.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

The big exchange was food, and even though he wanted to get his grub on, maybe he could’ve thrown in a few words for mom. This letter is pretty powerful, though, because it’s direct and simple, almost like a cry for help. He’s achieved boss level 900 at this point.

Free Peanuts and A Bottled Water

When this festival decided to monopolize the water bottle sales, someone decided to retaliate and turn it into an equal business. For each peanut that a buyer purchases, he gets a free water bottle. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right?

image courtesy of triz-journal

Now, if only other businesses could think this way. Instead of making people feel like they don’t have a choice, there should always be choices. Good on this peanut man for sharing the love of free water. With all those sweaty festival-goers, he truly is a godsend!

The Paint Job

When this tenant was told that he couldn’t paint his room any color he wanted, he decided that he needed to be creative. So he collected paint samples from the paint store and came up with this. This kaleidoscope of colors looks beautiful on his wall.

image courtesy of pholder

The best thing is he can tear it off easily, and the wall will look just as it was before the paint samples. This quick and easy trick is not only creative but super practical. We love seeing out of the box ideas such as this one, and this guy proves that you can always make the most out of a perplexing situation.

Smart Kiddo

Having kids at home means that certain rules need to be setdown. Kids aren’t free to do activities to their heart’s desires whenever they want. Mom and dad need to come up with rules to keep things organized. This smart kiddo found a loophole in his mom and dad’s plan.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

Since having a phone in the kitchen wasn’t allowed, and food is banned from the living room – he had to find the in-between. We think that he could be a con man or even an actor in the future with his bright ideas! He was probably that nice kid in class who helped everyone find a way to get out of trouble.

Undercover Wo(men)

If you take a closer look, you’ll see that these aren’t men at all but women disguised as men in the Azadi Stadium. In Iran, women and men aren’t allowed to be in the same stadium. It’s usually only for men, but these women weren’t taking no for an answer.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

With their make-up skills and outfits, they were able to sneak in easily without any hassle. How awesome is that? They even have the beards down to the T. We’d love to know who did their makeup because this person deserves an A+ for their talent.

Carrier Dog

In New York, carrying your dog on the subway is a no-no unless the dog can fit into a carrier; this man decided to defy all odds and fit his husky into a huge canvas bag. While this option is usually only for people with smaller dogs, he thought: why not?

image courtesy of knowyourmeme

The husky looks pretty well pleased with his position in the bag. He isn’t complaining, and he looks all smiles. Who could complain if you’re nestled in a comfy potato looking sack back? His owner must be a sweetie, and he’s definitely dedicated to carrying his large dog on his shoulder.

Chips and Salsa

In Utah, it’s illegal to sell drinks in a bar without also selling food. This drinking joint wasn’t a big fan of offering food to their customers solely because they’re all about the beer. In addition to selling drinks, they also sold one dish.

image courtesy of knowyourmeme

This dish isn’t a common one because of its price. People are quick to dismiss these nachos because they are beyond expensive. We understand the thought process of the bar; they just didn’t want to sell food. If you have a lot of money, maybe you could afford this dish.

In Between Parking Spot

This biker thought it’d be a bright idea to park in between two signs where he knows he won’t get into trouble. Nowadays, it’s all about making sure you’re parking in the right areas. But sometimes, you need to make do with what you have.

image courtesy of Genius People Who Beat The System – Part 1 – YouTube

Motorbikes don’t have much of privilege when it comes to parking. Car spots are usually very common, and bike stands less so. This sweet spot was the perfect place to leave your bike while running errands. We admire his bravery for coveting this spot.

Free Chocolate Bar

Chocolates are life, and these kids were trying to sell their chocolates to earn more money. So they developed this marketing tactic that rewards customers. When purchasing a toothpick, you get a free chocolate bar. Would you prefer a toothpick or chocolate bar?

image courtesy of knowyourmeme

This smart tactic was made so that people can purchase chocolate bars and not just toothpicks. But they found a way to encourage customers to buy more chocolate. Such a sweet idea that people could learn from. When it comes to selling, you’ll always need a unique pitch.

Mobius Sheet

When this teacher told his students that they could have one cheat sheet, they had to get creative. They transformed a sheet of paper into a Mobius strip – a plane that looks like it’s more than one, but it’s just curved. It gives the illusion that it extends.

image courtesy of dgustpizzariaechurrascaria/facebook

This cheat sheet isn’t only cool but very original. Since it seems like a math or science class, rest assured that the guys in your class are brainy. They have to make do with the resources they have, so they try to make the most out of it. Impressive!

Straws For Days

This has got to be the world’s longest straw right? Well, you’re not far from the truth. These guys thought to have some fun with a bunch of straws to see if it would connect together. While this is impressive, it looks kind of unsanitary with the straws on the ground.

image courtesy of dgustpizzariaechurrascaria/facebook

This fun experiment was conducted by three lonely men who were not allowed to drink in the pool and looked for a way around that. This is what guys do when girls aren’t around, and they’re just having fun. Sneak a glimpse into the wondrous world of men who try to drink beer from the second floor of a building.

ID Time

Certain IDs have specific requirements. In some places, you can’t smile or show your teeth. While others require a special kind of attire. This guy decided to call on his best friend, Photoshop, for a quick little fix-up. No one would be able to tell the difference.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

The beauty of technology is that you can be whoever you want online. You can edit your pictures, straighten your nose and remove all blemishes. This guy took it another step and photoshopped clothes onto himself. Good job, dude! You have a potential career in graphic design.

Home Alone

When these parents left their son at home, they installed a video camera. For obvious reasons, they wanted to make sure he was doing his homework and taking care of himself. The son had the bright idea to print out a picture and place it on the wall.

image courtesy of Genius People Who Beat The System – Part 1 – YouTube

This idea is so out of the box that it almost looks real. We wonder if the parents ever noticed that nothing ever moved. That the light was always on? Maybe he should’ve also printed out an evening, afternoon, and night image..


Well, the sign did say “green cars only.” He was only following the rules as best as he could. This area though, was for designated drivers, and he wasn’t one of them. But still, he managed to find the loophole and land a nice parking spot.

image courtesy of pholder

Some people have class, and some people have guts. This guy has both, and he isn’t afraid to show it. If you see signs like this, maybe make sure you have the right sticker and aren’t intruding on someone’s spot. Or, unless your car is well…. green.

Dating Be Like

Dating in a sorority or fraternity house requires that you follow the rules in your house. This couple decided to find the middle ground by not actually being in the house together, while still enjoying a movie. It’s sweet how they even put the couch outside instead of normal chairs.

image courtesy of diply

Comfort and cozy time are the most important things for this couple, and they’ll go through great lengths to enjoy their time together. Seeing people come up with creative ways to break the roles is admirable; they got the guts and the hearts to match!

Play Outside

When this son’s parents told him to play outside, this isn’t what they meant. They wanted him to go outside and interact with other children, to be in the real world. The kid took it literally and brought even a desk and chair outside! He really loves playing outdoors.

image courtesy of pholder

In today’s world, technology is widely loved by everyone, including children. This isn’t too healthy for their young brains and going outside and getting some sun is optimal. It’s hard when you’ve started a new game and just need to level up. Just one more round, mom!

Unicycles Only

This kid is only following the rules. No bikes, roller skates, skateboarding or even scooters. But they didn’t specify anything about single wheeled vehicles. This kid found the gray area and took his single wheeler out for a stroll. No one could argue with him.

image courtesy of knowyourmeme

Riding on one of these takes practice and patience. This kid has balls for biking in the hallways – he’s probably late for class. If you tend to be tardy, this would make for great transportation. Just be sure you get to class on time.

Paper Belt

Some people aim to be a yellow belt or even a black belt in karate. While others settle for much lower dreams and are satisfied with their homemade paper belts. No shame in this belt; it’s one of the coolest we’ve ever seen!

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

Some students have to get crafty at school since sometimes lectures can be tiresome. This cool kid decided to do away with standard leather belts and display his creativity fully. We’re fully supportive of his new attire, and we think it matches well with the red shirt.

Hanging Outdoors

Kids are always trying to find the easy way out when their parents deny their wishes. This kid half-listened to his parents and half not. Since this mom said he couldn’t step foot outdoors, he made sure both feet were always inside.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

Such precision and accuracy in the placing of his feet. They are pressed on the wooden floor, and he’s sprawled out like a cat. He seems to get the best of both worlds, all while enjoying himself. That afternoon is made up of our biggest dreams. Oh, how wonderful it is to be young and without responsibilities!

Crassula Leaves

A husband’s wife collected these Crassula leaves after her husband said he was tired of her succulent collection. Instead of investing in more cacti and succulents, she went for a new hobby: collecting Crassula Leaves. And they look super nice.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

This reminds us of those old floral books where they had a scientific name for each flower. Each flower or plant symbolized something. But the scattered Crassula Leaves look like a painting in itself. We sure hope she dried them and framed them after!

Sneaking In

This picture reminds us of the good old days. When we’d have to sneak in to see our lovers through their windows. Because going through the front door was taboo for the parents. This couple demonstrated their love by seeing each other despite the distance.

image courtesy of pholder

The guy seemed to make his sneaky attempt work with the rope he used. We’d love to know what the material of the rope was using! We’re glad he made it to the top safely, and we only wish for good things for this sweet couple who seem able to overcome any obstacle put in their way.

Kids are Smart

Mom said, don’t put your feet on the grass, so this is what the daughter did. She tried to pull a sneaky one on her mom and lay down in this comfortable position. It wasn’t against her mom’s wishes since she followed them to the T.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

She wasn’t completely wrong, and this was a pretty cute move on the daughter’s part. We hope her mom had a good laugh about this too. It’s cute to see children disobeying their parents but in a smart way. We call them clever children who think out of the box.

Gender Fluid

A British public transportation company requested that all their employees adhere to a strict “skirts or pants” attire. This guy decided that he wanted to ditch the bottoms today and go for a more airy look. We don’t blame him after all; skirts are awesome.

image courtesy of People Who Follow The Rules So Literally That They Beat The System/youtube

They give you so much room to breathe and are perfect for warm summer days. This guy is breaking gender roles with his outfit, and more men should follow suit! After all, the skirt paired with the black shoes and long-sleeved shirt and tie look like an awesome outfit.

Mom Isn’t Pleased

Mom left a post-it note on a shirt for her son to hang but he took it quite literally. Instead of hanging the shirt, he went for hanging the note instead. Mom was clearly not pleased even though he wanted to get a few good laughs out of her.

image courtesy of pholder

She responded with this crazy text message, which shows her clear dissatisfaction. Next time, when the son pulls a joke like this, maybe he should just stick to little pranks. But then again, he did hang something after all – so it isn’t a total loss. It just wasn’t what his mom requested to be hung.

Scooby Crew

These kids are part of a school where Halloween isn’t celebrated – but they still wanted to keep the spirit alive. So the whole gang got together: Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and even Daphne! If this isn’t the cutest thing we’ve seen all day, we don’t know what is.

image courtesy of pholder

They wanted to keep their outfits on the down-low without other people noticing them right away since costumes at the school aren’t allowed. They look like they’re dressed in regular clothes, though, and it looks very inconspicuous. Nice job, kids!

Good Laugh

This guy got a good laugh when the Starbucks employee wrote Cark instead of Marc. Sometimes Starbucks employees do this on purpose to play with you. It’s funny when they do this because they simply want to brighten up your day.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

Sometimes, it shouldn’t be taken personally because it’s a cute gesture that’s intended to be light-hearted and funny. Being a Starbucks worker means that sometimes you’re faced with a monotonous routine. So making a joke every now and again is a great thing.

Graffiti 101

Usually, when people spray graffiti, it’s really important to make sure you’re doing it in an acceptable area. Meaning, existing graffiti has to be there. This person decided to challenge this person’s words by asking a simple question: why?

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

This powerful question turns the whole game around and makes the viewer question the whole piece’s purpose. Why should we question everything? Is there a greater meaning to all of this? It really gets your gears going and your thoughts running.

Getting the Angle Right

When baking, it’s essential to get the temperature right. If you aren’t baking it at the right temperature, the whole dessert could result in chaos. It’s important to make sure you have the right amount of degrees. The only thing is, this husband thought it was degrees on a protractor.

mage courtesy of knowyourmeme

We’ve never seen a protractor in an oven before, and this guy takes the cake for it. He only wanted to fulfill his wife’s wishes, but the only problem was he didn’t know what she wanted in the first place. Even though the dessert isn’t placed right, he sure was accurate with his measurements!

Making Do With the B

When this restaurant got a B rating instead of an A rating, they tried to hide it in a meticulous and well thought out way. Instead of the huge B appearing in the front of the store, they added extra words to make it look more acceptable.

image courtesy of People who beat the system/pinterest

Now the B rating was removed, and it turned into Sunday Brunch. Cool trick, huh? It’s important to make the most out of a situation when dealing with the tough cards dealt out. This quick change around garnered more customers and was a great marketing tactic!

Just Obeying Rules

Technically, this person wasn’t breaking any rules when he parked his wheelchair in the disabled section. After all, who says that this area should only have cars? If people with disabilities are wheeling around in their wheelchairs, then this should be accepted, right?

image courtesy of People Who Follow The Rules So Literally That They Beat The System/youtube

This is an example of people defying roles but also not borderline breaking them. It’s a unique example that it’s okay to not always be 100% right but it’s still acceptable. Maybe after this, parking lots will be more wheelchair accessible and friendly. This is making a statement!

Only One

When mom said he could only have one snack, the son had a sneaky idea. Instead of getting one strip, he managed to get two for one. So technically it’s still considered one, right? Well, he’s half right and half wrong, but either way, mom approves!

image courtesy of People Who Follow The Rules So Literally That They Beat The System/youtube

There’s always a way to get what you want if you think well enough about it. You don’t always have to stick to the status quo and what people are used to knowing. When you step out of your own boundaries, sometimes you get lucky like this guy.

Flag Pole or Statue?

This town is a little strange because statues are not allowed by the side of the road. However, this door company managed to find the sweet spot and build a flagpole and a statue in one. So technically it isn’t a full statue, and the state allowed it.

image courtesy of People Who Follow The Rules So Literally That They Beat The System/youtube

Nice one! We appreciate how well thought out this sign was. They also made sure the statue was carrying a flagpole to make it look legitimate. In the first place, it’s sort of a silly rule to disallow statues. Hopefully, they abolish this rule and allow both flagpoles and statues to be built.