These Animals Have Jobs Just Like Regular People

Luna Is The Captain of Your Dreams

Do you want the best captain for your trip through the seas? Worry no further! Luna is here to give you the safest trip ever.

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It is what it is. Luna is the captain of this ship.
She has kept everything in order all through the journey. But as it looks right
here, Luna has to keep them all on sail. She just missed her way straight into
another ship. Cats are not the best captains obviously. But she has to save
this one.

Doug is the Attendant of the Year

Several employees struggle with their bosses majorly
over negligence of their duties while at work. But here we are, with an
exceptional example of a true devotee. Doug is not just the best veterinary attendant
out there. He surely deserves to be named the employee of the year.

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You just have to give it to Doug for his exceptional work drive. If Doug were a human being, he’d win employee of the month with that heartwarming look.

Also, if you have any issues with your appointments or rescheduling, Doug has you covered. After all, how could you say no to those eyes?

Legal Testimony Made Easier

It is not easy at all to testify in a law court. Even as an adult, taking an oath can leave you feeling tense. This is nothing compared to how it would feel like to have a young kid out there testifying. Not so easy, we bet.

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Here we have a dog helping a little girl out with her testimony. This is not only a job this time. But it’s also a duty. Usually when children testify in court, their knees lock and their jaws clench. Also, their tongues might get stuck in their throats and their testament might not flow as easily.

This furry friend assures that his company is enough to keep anyone’s emotions at bay.

Cart Problems, Anyone?

Would you not rather have your cart carried by an able assistant? This dog has quite a peculiar job. He is not the attendant, yes!

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But its duties go beyond that of an assistant. This dog will help you with your cart while you’re shopping. It does not end there. He’ll even carry your groceries in his mouth until you are done shopping.

You won’t even need the help of your friends or family, because this black beauty is there to save the groceries.

Into The Business Of Saving Lives

News Flash! Dogs are a set of very brave and fast swimmers. They are incredibly swift divers also. And with this edge of accuracy and pace, they are good fishers. They would pass as the perfect lifeguard.

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This is exactly the point with these dogs in Croatia. Sitting by the seashore, you can trust them to be lifesavers. Their wealth of experience is written all over them. Their concentration shows that they have been saving lives for a while now.

Forget the hunky lifeguard who rescues you after you come out of the water gasping for breath, this furry friend will rescue you from any tough wipeout be it on your surfboard or just swimming in the sea.

This Cat Works the Double Shift

With leadership comes responsibility they say. And this is truly said. Wilbur right here has noticed that. His wife had just delivered him a litter of kittens and this is duty calling for Wilbur. He’s even taking double shifts now to keep his family feeding.

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In the morning, he runs a store where they sell comic books. And he shifts at night to manage a restaurant downtown. With the star-studded tie, he’s got donned on, Wilbur is here strictly for business!

Modeling Career in the Works

While we have several models roaming the streets in
search of an agency to sign them, or an organization to sign a contract with,
someone seems to have it all set already.

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Chudleigh is having the time of his life as his career is rolling already. With his perfect and grand catwalk that will steal the show at any given moment, Chudleigh is doing a lot of work surely being the top-class model he is.

We love the lighting in this professional-looking picture, it almost looks like he’s glowing. Both of them are at least. He truly looks like an angel sent from above!

Well done puss!

The Best of Building by Betty

Betty would pass as one of the best builders around town as seen through her determination to work hard. Her work with the planks is not usual or common at all. They show pure expertise.

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One could imagine Betty had trained for years to be a builder. But, you can be sure that Betty just like any other cat is swift and can climb through any hole in the ceiling. She is simply just working fine with her hands around the house. Her amazing works prove that.

She almost looks like a child reaching for the cookie jar on the shelf with that wide stance and flexible figure. You go, girl!

The Best Design Genius Of Our Time

Not the young man with the neat suit or tee-shirt that
you were expecting. This IT genius is no other person but Luxe.

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This black and white pussy loves to have his best time with his personal computer. He is a renowned digital creator. His various meme designs reflects his humor and he seems to have a knack at it.

By the looks of it, he looks like he churned all his creative energy out in one go. Hopefully, this feline friend knows when to take breaks.

Not Your Regular Hospital Visitor

His name is from one of the characters from Mad Men. Not just that, Roger Sterling
is a “certified” hospital visitor.

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He goes in there to put a smile on the faces of little sick kids. And as part of his job, we would say he “allows” them to pat him all day. That means, in his own line of trade as a hospital visitor, he gets paid to be pet. “Truly taxing” we must say.

He probably never gets enough petting and cuddling!

Andre Is Here To Spread Cheer All Around The Office

This is not your ordinary office worker. He does not have his job cut out as yours probably. But one thing is certain with the look of our office puss. He’s all set for whatever work he is given.

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His beautiful tie is proof of that. Probably, he waltzes around the office spreading cheer as he is known for. And takes bites of food around the office from his generous human coworkers.

Either way, we hope that Andre isn’t just lounging and eating at work but also spreading his good vibrations and wacky ties.

Delta Is Here To See You In

This kitty is all ready to welcome you into the office and makes sure to satisfy all your needs. Is that not the work of a receptionist?

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Well, Delta is a hardworking receptionist. Her everyday dedication to work cannot be ignored. Even though she works very hard, she also works very hard to keep herself clean and presentable. She takes breaks to have herself groomed.

Not minding that she could take some time off to play
games on her system (which is not unusual), she is still a hardworking

Ozzy, The Workshop Kitty

He is not just there to work. Ozzy wants to be that special kitty that sets things in order and makes it clear to do things the right way.

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This is the kind of cat, every workshop needs. For Ozzy, it is not only about work. He considers his safety a necessity also. He knows exactly what he is doing. That is why you will see him in a reflective workshop jacket, and seated right beside the caution sign.

We’re drawn in by his gray tuff of hair on his chin. It looks adorable and matches his overall look in general. He looks approachable and a cat that you would certainly want on your team.

Trust Rusty To Cheer The Patients Up

Rusty is such an adorable pet. She does not only
volunteer at the hospital to help the patients in a happier mood. Rusty also
keeps his professionalism at the peak.

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He never leaves for work without him having his dress
on completely. He flaunts his well-designed bandana which he wears to work,
plus his cute glasses.

His work did not go unnoticed. The hospital had a painting of him to appreciate his diligence to his work. We think that the painting looks exactly like the actual dog!

Met, The Explosive Detective

The armed forces are really working hard. And their
importance in the safety of any nation cannot be negotiated. This must have
been the reason that had Met help out as a detective. A detective specialized
in detecting explosives.

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He has even shown how much work he is ready to do. He is ready for business with his fully packaged kits and business cards. Here you have the newest explosive detective. A certified one also. Look out Walter White, because this pup is on the prowl for people who are brewing sketchy concoctions in their home.

Therapy Buddies

When there is a pet in a hospital. You know how much joy and smile they can bring with them.

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They can be surefire therapists to keep patients donning a smile all day long. They’re also reliable partners to confide in and they can lend a furry shoulder when you’re down.

Imagine when they are more than one of them. Imagine having more than five (5) of them volunteer to work as therapists in a hospital. It’s certainly going to be a cheerful time in the waiting room seeing all their furry faces.

The Best Body Shop Customer Service You Can Get

I walked into a body shop some time ago after an accident. It wasn’t so great. But, my face lit up when I got to know that the one staring right back at me was a pet dog and not a regular customer service attendant.

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Even though I had my reservations, in his own way, this dog was able to provide me the best body shop customer service in a long time. It was all love and licks.

This Dachshund Is All Set For Work

Even with the problems dachshunds have with their
spine, this particular dachshund was not bothered with having to help out with
the automobile work here with the host of tools tied up behind him.

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This dog with his work coat straps has his working tools all strapped on him. This might not entirely be the best idea considering his spine. But, this dog here is ready to work and that means a lot.

Besides being a handyman (or should we say dog) he could also be a model with that stoic face and perfectly curved pose.

This Dog Is One Good Friend To Sea Turtles

Having been trained specially for this, this dog has
been a true devotee to what he does. He does not meddle with any form of
indolence when at work.

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His look spells enough seriousness. His beautiful gear
and other parts of his look show how ready he is to work. What does he do

He helps with the incubation of sea turtles. He also aids them to dig nests for a period of their lives. He also continuously guards them right before they hatch.

Have a Safe Trip

This was at the San Diego Airport. This wide-eyed pup was first discovered by an elderly man.

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They were seen at the airport as unpaid volunteers to just help travelers rid themselves of their anxieties and doubts. They made a great pair that brought smiles to everyone who passed by. The airplane was late? Who cares, with a view like this you wouldn’t mind waiting for the next airplane ride.

Anyone that comes across them will surely feel the weight of all their travel worries melting away.

Meet the Manager!

This furry friend is responsible for all our efficiency and diligence at work. The fact that we meet organizational goals is all thanks to her undyingly strict supervision.

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She makes sure everyone in the office complies with
every set of rules and regulations. With her exemplary outfit, she portrays to
us all how well we should be dressed. She does the same with her punctuality.

You cannot get out of line as an employee with her
around as the manager.

Finn Double Shifts To Get Dog Food On The Table

He understands how much work he will have to do in
order for him to cater to all his responsibilities. He even goes as far as
being on a double shift.

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During the day, Finn works as a bartender from where he renders all the help he can. This dog can probably whip you up a killer margarita. If you’re off the booze, then he also has an assortment of mocktail concoctions which you can choose at your disposal.

Security Watch With The Guard

This dog is one to be trusted with the security under his watch. This is glaring with this firm look of readiness as well as seriousness on his face. You certainly do not want to mess with him.

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One more thing that you can be sure of is that this dog does not come across as a security dog that chases after criminals. He strikes us as the kind of dog that’s ready to ignite peace and justice within the community.

Harvey Is Dapper

Just like everyone else on their first day at work, Harvey is all ready. He’s looking quite dapper in his tie and his white fur makes it stand out even more.

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What job could Harvey be interviewing for? He probably nailed the first interview and is moving on to the second one.

He Is The Reason For The Good Network

Are you wondering why your network service providers have been keen on answering all your questions?

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Worry no more! This dog is ready to answer all your pressing calls. His customer care services are undoubtedly the best and he can definitely crack a joke or two to keep you feeling lifted.

His diligence to work is obvious in his looks. You can be sure that all your complaints will be solved in a jiffy. Thanks, buddy!

Helping People With Seizures Is My Specialty

Despite being just a puppy with no training whatsoever he manages to keep people feeling safe and happy.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Despite his difficult job, he executes it with swiftness and sympathy. He also seems to be enjoying the snow brushing against his golden fur.

Job well-done comrade!

This Doggie is an Adorable Concierge

The people that you encounter at the front desk of a hotel signifies the overall atmosphere of the hotel. With this dog greeting you when you enter, you’ll be happy to make your way into your suite.

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Meeting an adorable pet dog in the reception is one of the warmest welcomes you can get surely. His look is crowned with his lovely tie. This shows how official and formal the dog is despite not being a human being.

He even looks more approachable than most people who work at the hotel reception.

Smart Chap

This dog looks like he’s ready to get the ball rolling. Donning transparent shades and a lab coat, he looks like he’s ready to hop onto a crime scene with all four paws.

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He also looks like he just discovered the cure to the world’s most puzzling virus. If we were a student in school, he’d make a reliable lab partner. Just make sure to hide your homework so he doesn’t eat them!

“Being A Therapy Dog Is What I Am Proud Of.”

Jerry here is all smiles whenever he is on duty at his
workplace. There is no look of discontent on his face. This doggie is so proud
of what he does.

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Jerry is just not a therapy dog, he is a registered one also. His days at work are the best for those around him. He fills the air with positive vibes. You cannot stay sad around Jerry with that huge smile and squinty eyes.

My Gym Just Added an Incentive As Worker

This new worker we saw at the gym is nothing but an incentive to many other workers working around. We had just walked in for our regular workout session before we caught sight of a new worker behind the counter.

He does not look like one without a direction. He did not stray in. That we know for sure. He had the “I’m ready to work look” on his face. Welcome man. Congratulations also on your new appointment.

A New Attendant on The Counter

With his new job attending on the counter, Doug seems all set. In fact, he seems to have settled down perfectly well. He is discharging his duties already.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

This dog does not look lost. He must have been well briefed on his duties on the counter. He is not allowing any distractions to phase him. He is willing to give his all for his job.

What job could this be? To give out enough Love and Licks? Good job, you gorgeous chocolate dog.

The Psychiatrist Just Got an Auxiliary

No doubt, the psychiatrist had all eyes out while
searching for an auxiliary. This dog is a perfect fit to work with a
psychiatrist. He looks all calm and ready to listen.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Sammy just got the job as an auxiliary working the office as the official emotional support and greeter dog at the psychiatric office. His jobs are well stated. Giving out loads of licks, and loves are his duties.

He is not going to allow anything at all to hinder the discharge of his duties.

The Best Comfort Dog

LCC just has the best array of comfort dogs. They have an edge with that certainly. From among them are the coolest and most hardworking comfort dogs, they definitely handpick the best pups.

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A little info about the LCC is that they work with charities. Their work is to send dogs to areas that had just experienced trauma. They’re primarily based in the United States. These dogs visit places of care like hospitals, elderly homes and anywhere else they can find those that need their comfort.

Meet The Most Diligent Officer

Biscuit is not just any officer out there. He has over time recognized the importance of hard work. And he has shown an excellent example of strength and diligence in his duties.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Even with his diminutive stature, Biscuit is not going to have his morale pulled down. Not when he is a Staff Morale Officer himself. He wears his ID a sense of pride and dignity while at work. Even when he’s off duty, he still manages to put a smile on everyone’s face.

While upholding his position with grace and passion.

Trust This Kitty with All of Your Wireworks

You can be sure of a perfect job with this kitty in charge. He surely has his ways with wires. Nicholas is a registered and a certified electrician.

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His own job, unlike other electricians, is to help you identify the spoilt wires that need to be changed. He picks out stray wires and helps you figure out which wires to change out.

He can also help you out with that charger that needs some chewing. Nicholas has no trouble chewing them perfectly.

Thinking of changing career paths? Hopefully, these furry pals will help you decide which path to choose next.