These Hotels Deserve a Double Take

Hotel fails never cease to amaze us. As long as you’ve had to stay in a hotel at one time or the other – we’re sure you’ve come across a hotel fail that left you stunned. Some of them are so ridiculous, you’ll wonder what got into the minds of the people who entered these hotels in the first place.

If you’ve stayed in hotels before, you’d understand the struggle. Sometimes you expect pristine amenities and other times your expectations don’t live up.

Looking for a good laugh or a cringe moment? You ended up in the right place. These hotel fails will reveal that we’re not alone in the world of hotel mishaps.

Leaking Endlessly

Let’s take this top tier hotel in Helsinki for example, the sink in their washroom must be giving guests a headache.

Image Courtesy Of DiceGottFried/Reddit

You’ll wonder how the sink was allowed to be installed without someone putting a stop to it.

There was an architect, handyman, contractor, and plumber who worked on the sink and no one proposed a longer faucet. One thing is for sure, the countertop will always be clean.

No Privacy

Most people cherish their time on the throne and the privacy that comes with it. Well, this isn’t the case with this bathroom’s designer. They believe that time should be shared with your roommates.

It could be acceptable in some instances though if you’re sharing the room with your siblings. But we just can’t seem to come up with another instance where anyone would be okay using the bathroom in plain sight.

Image Courtesy Of jo_mi/Reddit

Imagine the horror of sharing the hotel room with someone from work and you’re faced with this bathroom? Your working relationship is about to be taken to new heights.

Time To Run

Although cleaning services try their best, we’ve seen instances where they cut corners with towels and bedsheets.

Image Courtesy Of time2fly80/Reddit

A customer found this in his sheets and the note says it all. It’s safe to assume the next couple or family that stayed in the room made a dash for the door.

Scary Shower Curtain

It’s hard to say which annoys us the most in this situation, the design fail on the shower curtain or the man jokingly clutching his throat.

Image Courtesy Of Mog-Player/Reddit

The horror of hearing a cry for help in the other room then seeing your husband holding his neck with bloodstains on the curtain. His wife would probably have had a heart attack from the sight of it.

He’s definitely not getting away with it.

Exceeding Expectations

When you requested room service when the hunger kicked in, this was definitely not what you expected right?

Image Courtesy Of nickykeeng/Reddit

Although the meal must have come cheap, the hassle in making breakfast while hungry isn’t. What we expected were well prepared scrambled eggs and maybe some waffles but not this. They didn’t even bother toasting the bread. So much for room service.

At least the food was well arranged on a cafeteria tray and they cared enough to add an apple to eat while toasting the bread.

Blocked or Not

When you take a closer look at this door we found in a hotel in San Francisco, you’ll know something does not sit right. At first glance, it looks like the railing blocked off the room and it’s off-limits to everybody.

Image Courtesy Of _ItsAllRelative/Reddit

Now, look closer, you’ll notice the hinge on the railing – this means you can actually reach the door. The only conclusion we could come up with is that there’s something behind that door or it’s just another hotel fail.

We will never truly know.

No Hot Shower

After spending the entire day in the sun, tanning, talking to friends, taking in the sights and enjoying your vacation – you’ll be looking forward to taking that warm shower that you’ve been dreaming of all day.

Image Courtesy Of Mclardass/Imgur

As you open the bathroom and you’re about to run the shower, you’re faced with this. We think the hotel intentionally did this to ensure their hot water bill doesn’t skyrocket. Ingenious isn’t it?

Well, they wouldn’t be getting a good review for it.

Wrong Translation?

We really hope this is a mistranslation and the hotel owners don’t mean it literally.

Image Courtesy Of Yonski3/Reddit

This could be as a result of asking the receptionist to translate the statement for non-English speakers. As most of her peers would do, she simply used Google translate to get the job done. Technically, it’s correct but scary nonetheless.

Well, they did their best to warn you. eep in mind that no matter how carefully you slip, you’ll still land on the floor.

New Word?

Some hotels are renowned for hospitality and they try to live up to the billing.

This hotel had everything mapped out. They planned to etch this night in the memory of this couple for eternity and they succeeded in doing just that – albeit for different reasons though.

Image Courtesy Of elosoyonki/Reddit

The concierge tried to use rose petals to write congratulations but ended up failing miserably at it.

On second thought, we probably are the ones missing the point completely. What if the person lodging at this hotel is named Tulation and he just got promoted at his job? Let’s just try to keep an open mind before we consider it a hotel fail.

The Hilton Public Library

There’s this misconception where people sometimes think most things in the hotel are already paid for and can be used by them.

Image Courtesy Of benem94/Reddit

If the items in your room are complimentary, then why aren’t these books free to use? From the look of things, Hilton put the books there to give the room a scholarly feel.

If you’re looking at things from the management’s perspective, there’s the possibility that most of their customers take the books without returning them. So you can’t really blame them if that was the case.

Art or Hair

Art appeals to different people on different levels. What some people call art may actually be trash to another person.

Image Courtesy Of one4buffett/Reddit

We’re not sure what to qualify for the piece we came across in this hotel room. Should we call it a piece of artistic genius or methodically arranged and framed clumps of hair.

Regardless of our opinion, someone liked it enough and decided to share it with the public.

Getting In The Mood

Hotel owners go the extra mile to ensure the comfort of their guests. Knowing full well that you may be patronizing them for certain reasons, they try to set you in the mood in different ways.

Image Courtesy Of captainhowdy27/Reddit

Thanks to the strategic placements of these lights, it’ll be hard to miss the picture it paints in a man’s mind.

Whether it gets you in the mood or we give them an A for effort. The only problem is that most people prefer the lights off for things like that.

Cinema Room

We’re sure one of the key features this hotel used to attract customers is the fact that they have a movie room.

Reddit Image Courtesy of Syrupdash/Reddit

Usually, the purpose of one in an establishment is for people to relax and unwind, but with the size of this screen, we sincerely doubt it is likely to happen. We can’t begin to imagine the disappointment people feel when it was movie night and they saw this.

We wonder how those at the back would enjoy the movie because it doesn’t seem like they will be getting a bigger screen anytime soon.

Horror Steps

These steps would be a horror for some people especially since those that had a wild night involved lots of drinks. With the design used on the steps, it is hard to make out the individual steps and the possibility of slipping has never been higher.

Image Courtesy Of Mediagarden/Imgur

It’ll take extra effort from clear-headed people to climb up or down the stairs – so we’re trying to imagine how hard it’ll be for intoxicated people. On the other hand, maybe it’s the hotel’s way of trying to keep their customers sober.

What do you think?

Right or Left?

Confusing tourists and visitors have never been this fun and this hotel is taking it to a whole new level. This sign is like a puzzle and you can’t wait to find out if you’re in the right place or not.

Image Courtesy Of phoenix772/Reddit

Are rooms 201 to 216 on the right or on the left? You can never tell until you try.

If they have a sign like this to find the rooms, we wonder what other puzzles they have to task the brains of their guests. With this hotel, we’re sure there will never be a dull moment.

Blocked View

Lodge with us they said. We have a wonderful room with an amazing view they said. We wonder about the logic behind the placement of this curtain. Is there a secret passageway or door around there somewhere that we aren’t aware of?

Image Courtesy Of Puritycontrol/Reddit

Are they hiding something behind those walls – which could be the reason for the curtains? We hope the customer didn’t have to shell out some extra cash to pay for this room because he’ll definitely be requesting a refund.

Joke or Insult

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for most businesses and they drill it into the ears of their staff every chance they get. We’re standing on the bridge with this one because it could be seen as a terrible insult or a well-crafted joke.

Image Courtesy Of Fromaarontoashes/Reddit

Even if it’s a joke, they took it a little too far. Customer suggestions are one of the things that make businesses succeed. Whoever had the idea of using a shredder as a customer suggestion box would definitely be having a field day as the shredder is full.

Wisdom Nuggets

There’s a saying that goes “When in Rome behave as the Romans do.” This hotel took it to another level as they had some words of advice for their customers. Knowing some of their customers would be coming from different parts of the world, management dished out some wisdom nuggets that would make their stay pleasurable.

Image Courtesy Ofcode0011/Reddit

From the translation provided, it’s apparent the Management of Star hotel want their customers to be on their best behavior. We wonder what the punishment would be if anyone is found wanting.

To Smoke or Not to Smoke

If you’re looking for the graphical depiction of mixed signals, here you have it. This guest was given a hotel room where you aren’t allowed to smoke. But then again, there’s an ashtray in the room with a no-smoking sign on it.

Image Courtesy Of fromaarontoashes/Reddit

We wonder if there are other uses for ashtrays apart from smoking. Well, it could come in handy if you have earrings and rings you don’t want to lose during your stay.

If there are other uses for it, we’d like to know.

Smiling Red-haired

There’s nothing as welcoming as this photo of a red-haired man smiling at you. If you didn’t notice, he’s carrying a phone with the hopes of taking your picture to make you remember your stay at their esteemed hotel.

Image Courtesy Of spurlockmedia/Reddit

We wonder how imposing this picture would be at night when you’re trying to sleep or when you wake up to pee only for you to see this picture staring at you.

Surprise Surprise

There’s this sense of joy you feel as a customer when you notice your hotel went the extra mile just to put a smile on your face.

Image Courtesy Of Provenzer0/Reddit

It was pure joy for this customer when he found a large gift box waiting for him as he arrived in his room.

He couldn’t hide the disappointment on his face when he discovered that the box was empty except for two bars of soap. What other reminder do you need to stay clean?

Salt and Pepper

Although we know it’s not easy to manage a hotel. There are so many things to be done and the task can be overwhelming if they are understaffed. All it would have taken was to assign someone without too much on his hands to remove the pepper and salts from their packets.

Image Courtesy Of TNI Press/Daily Mail

We’re sure most guests would not be too happy to remove them from the pots as they’ll have to remove the packets themselves before use.

Unique Username

Everyone loves free Wi-Fi with fast download speeds. This hotel pays premium prices to ensure its guests have one of the best internet access to make their stay memorable.

Image Courtesy Of r/funny/ Reddit

However, something caught the guest’s attention when he looked at his personal ticket and discovered his unique username. he username is something he wouldn’t be forgetting anytime soon. If you separate the word in two, you’ll have another name for a dog and a sex toy.

Weirdly Shaped Towel

You are about to have your bath after a long day of toiling and sweating. You run the shower anticipating a long hot bath. Next, you try to get the towel only to see it wrapped in this shape, what will be your first reaction?

Image Courtesy Of Reddit

We’re just as surprised as you are to know someone took out time to fold a towel this way. For the fact that some people may find this offensive, we’ll classify this move as a fail.

Name Fail

The name of your establishment is very important as it’ll be on the lips of your customers every now and then. A rule of thumb is to always check the meaning of your proposed name in other languages before you make a decision.

Image Courtesy Of trevorm088/Reddit

This hotel name must have sounded cool in Thai even if we don’t know the meaning but when pronounced in English, it means something different.

Although it’s not spelled the same way, if you say the name of this hotel on live TV, it’ll definitely be bleeped.

Elevator Button

We’ve seen several things on this list that would leave you astounded, but this elevator button stands out. We have several questions that need answers – was it a misspelling or do they mean it in the literal sense?

Image Courtesy Of acrawf1/Reddit

Out of curiosity, a number of visitors must have gone to that floor after hours to see if they’ll keep to their word. They probably may be disappointed to find out the button meant to say “ Please push for after-hours assistance.”

Awkward Bathroom Time

The story behind this picture is that two people from the same office decided to share a hotel room only to discover the toilet looked like this. Even for couples that have been together for years, it sometimes awkward having to do your thing in the full view of your partner.

Image Courtesy Of HAZMA7/Reddit

Often times, bathroom time is a private time that most people cherish as they have time to think of several things – from relevant to mundane things. It would have been better if the bathroom had blinds or if the glasses were translucent.

In the Spotlight

Image Courtesy Of ted1618/Reddit

Sometimes we take some things for granted and never seem to appreciate them as much as we should. This hotel had to remind us about the importance of toilet paper by putting it in the spotlight. They had to remind us how diligent toilet paper has been and how faithful they’ve been serving us over the years.

For the first time, toilet paper finally came center stage and does not have to share the spotlight with anyone. It has finally gotten the recognition it deserves.

Inaccessible Seating Area

Having a seating area where no one can access is interesting. We believe several guests must have asked questions about this particular seating area.

he reason is not farfetched, there’s a certain appeal for things that are off-limits as it gives a feeling of exclusivity.

Image Courtesy Of HotelIndiaFoxtrot/Reddit

We’ll consider this a fail because they could have filled the space with several things like beautiful artworks, paintings, plants and everything that’s visually appealing.

Secret Passageway

If you’ve seen any of the Harry Potter movies then you probably won’t consider this a hotel fail. As you know by now, the students at Hogwarts have to run into a barrier at King’s Cross station to catch a train going to their school.

Image Courtesy Of drowse/Reddit

This was probably the inspiration behind the design of this stairway but we wonder where it leads to.

Although Harry Potter was a work of fiction, we might be wrong after all. This hotel’s stairway may be a portal to another dimension.

Bed and Bathroom

Some hotel designs are absurd, to say the least. We know that space is a premium but there are better ways to have designed this room. We can’t even imagine a situation where there’s a plumbing problem or a leaking pipe – that would be the nightmare of any guest.

Image Courtesy Of mosigastein/Instagram

Having a visitor over could also be a problem as they would be wary of using the bathroom while you’re lounging on the bed.

Wide Gulf

The inconvenience of not been able to reach for the toilet paper because its miles away can be very frustrating. Unlike the previous hotel where space was a premium, this hotel seems to have it in abundance and they don’t know what to do with it.

Image Courtesy Of Chappssss/Reddit

From the look of things, there are several productive things you can achieve in this bathroom. On second thought, think of the walk from the toilet seat to get the toilet paper a form of exercise.


In a bid to flush, this person realized the toilet was not working and he decided to check what the problem was – what he found was surprising, to say the least. He found several sex toys clogging the tank.

Image Courtesy Of Viva_Los_Doyers/Reddit

In a bid to discretely dispose of the toys, the previous guest of this room ditched the waste bin and went for the toilet tank instead. She probably didn’t figure out that sex toys and tanks don’t work well together.

Ewwwww Gross

There are some things you’ll encounter in your hotel that would give you bad vibes and this is one of them. The fact that they didn’t replace the toilet paper is annoying, to say the least.

Image Courtesy Of ohfakit/Reddit

What’s worse is the fact that they had to use the closest thing they could find to hold it in place, which happens to be a toothbrush. Personal hygiene is definitely not one of the strong points of this hotel.

Lovely Painting

Paintings go a long way in beautifying a room. This hotel loves these paintings so much that they want their guests to see it from any angle so they hung in two places in the same room.

Image Courtesy Of mildyinteresting/Reddit

This painting is not only beautiful but it seems like it has a calming effect so you need to see it more often during your stay.
Photo credit: Reddit