Tommy: The Youngest Granddad in the World & his Heart-Touching Story

Tommy, a guy in his early 20s, was enjoying the prime of his life. He was excelling at school and enjoying his rewarding job as a real estate agent. Tommy was also a gifted athlete with a passion or sports. However, one day a surprising message on social media changed his life forever.

Tommy had no idea how that one message would give his life a
dramatic turn, and would one day make him one of the youngest grandparents in
the entire world-all in a matter of a few short months.

Needless to say, Tommy’s story is unique and very shocking,
and if you’d like to find out how this talented young man became the youngest
grandfather in the world, keep reading!

the Life

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Tommy was just another average student living his life as a carefree yet focused 23 years old. He was enrolled in the University of Sunshine Coast in the Australian state of Queensland. He worked as a real estate agent in his free time and was surrounded by the love of friends and family.

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He was a social animal and a remarkably talented athlete with a great many accomplishments to his name. His coaches believed that Tommy had a great deal of talent and potential, and he was on his way to compete on the track in the international arena. His dedication garnered his immense success on a regional level, and his passion for sport shone through his personality.

The girlfriend

Tommy also had a loving girlfriend and partner-in-crime, Olivia Taura, an ever-supportive partner who always encouraged him to follow his passions and dreams. Before dating, Tommy and Olivia were friends for eight years, and when he was hit by the greatest catalyst of his life, Olivia was there to support him.

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Tommy is a nature lover and harbors a profound passion for rock climbing, hiking, and white water rafting. During the summers, he picked up multiple part-time jobs and saved up all his hard-earned money. An energetic and full of life soul, 23-year old Tommy invested his time in all the wonderful experiences his country has to offer. Little did he know, he would soon be investing that time and dedication in raising his grandson?

Doing well

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Tommy had plans and dreams of starting his own business, and he was enrolled in a business and economics degree. Unlike the majority of the millennials, Tommy had a knack for money management, which allowed him to grow his savings and build financial security. He accomplished his goals with unwavering dedication, bagging a great many achievements at the young age of 23.

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Tommy had a perfect life, until one day-a message he received on social media broke through the perfection, turning his world topsy turvy. It halted his promising career on the track, bringing an untimely pause to many of his dreams. However, it wasn’t enough to turn the ever-optimist Tommy into a pessimist! Even a bumpy road couldn’t deter him from following his dreams.

Changed his Life?

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One day, Tommy received a message from a long-lost cousin,
Kiarna, on Facebook. He had lost touch with her after her family moved away to
Southport, and the two hadn’t spoken for almost ten years. However, the news
she had to give was alarming for the young man.

The two had been very close through the years of childhood,
as Tommy once described, “I was really excited to hear from her because I’ve
always had a soft spot for her. She was my favorite little cousin, she was the
sweetest girl and we got along so well.”

Kiarna was 16 when she got in touch with Tommy, and after a
few minutes through the conversation, Tommy realized her life had been hit with
devastating catastrophes. Since they had last met, Kiarna’s life had turned
into a brutal struggle. Tommy said, “She had become homeless, without shoes,
phone or anything other than a backpack of clothes.” More alarmingly, Kiarna’s
life was in alarming danger.

Dark times

His beloved cousin had a troubled childhood, and many issues
she faced at home forced her to head out on the streets. She spent her days and
nights outside the Gold Coast area with nothing to hold onto for security.
Survival compelled Kiarna to turn towards illegal activities, and soon, she
began getting into trouble with the law. Her boyfriend had landed himself in
jail, leaving her all alone to deal with the adversities of life.

Soon, Kiarna began consuming intoxicating substances to cope
with her challenges, and but at the time she contacted Tommy, she had abandoned
drugs completely. After hearing her heart-wrenching story, Tommy realized that
the 16-year old child was in grave danger. He realized that living alone on the
streets, the child had very few chances of survival.

Sharing Kiarna’s ordeal on Facebook, Tommy wrote, “Life
dealt Kiarna a poor hand, and she’s had to play it best she could. She’s spent
more time on the streets than anywhere else, and knows the police better than
she knows her own family.”

A Silver

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Soon, Kiarna’s life was about to change as Tommy was
determined to help his cousin. He was consumed with guilt over his lack of
awareness of Kiarna’s terrible situation, and he was determined to help her,
even if he had to sacrifice his own dreams.

She didn’t even have to ask him for help, and shortly after their conversation, he drove to the Gold Coast and took her out for lunch. Kiarna regaled her entire story to the young man, who had become increasingly upset to hear the devastating details. He recalled, “It made me want to do whatever it took to help her. It made any problems I ever had seemed irrelevant because the life she has had is so intense. My focus just immediately turned to her.”

Without a second’s hesitation, the young man offered Kiarna
to move in with him. He was determined to help his favorite cousin, even though
it meant he would have to work harder to feed two. A lonely and uneducated
Kiarna entered his life, and Tommy’s focus shifted from his own dreams towards
carving out a good, fulfilling life for his little cousin.

However, unbeknownst to Tommy, Kiarna hadn’t told him everything-and was hiding a big secret that would change his life forever. The 16-year old had a devastatingly difficult journey, having passed through many foster families before finding herself on the streets. So Tommy did the one thing that made sense to him: offered to become her permanent guardian. Tommy was determined to make life better for his cousin and make sure she gets everything that had been denied to her.

He wanted young Kiarna to be a happy and healthy girl with prospects and wanted her to return to school and get an education.


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Little did Tommy know, Kiarna had a big secret: she was 23
weeks pregnant. The 16-year old was petrified that revealing such a secret
would cause Tommy to abandon her, but she was overjoyed when nothing changed
the young man’s resolve to make life better for his little cousin.

Instead of finding her another accommodation or a shelter,
Tommy was determined to keep her close and well-looked after. He didn’t care
much of the personal sacrifice, and he didn’t really understand how his actions
would impact his own life and goals.

People around Tommy found it difficult to believe that he
was still willing and ready to gain permanent custody of Kiarna, but Tommy knew
that he now had to protect two lives: Kiarna and her unborn child. He was more
determined to help her than ever!

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Kiarna was constantly in touch with the child services
authority, who had been following her closely and had informed her that the
child will be taken away from her soon after she gives birth. The 16-year old
was haunted by images of her child being snatched away, and throughout the days
of her pregnancy, she was stricken with grief over the impending separation of
the baby she carried 9 months in her womb.

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Her pregnancy became very difficult, but she dreamt of
giving her boy a much better life than she had had. She wanted a second chance,
to make things better for her and her child.

Difficult Journey

Despite finding a home and a doting fatherly figure,
Kiarna’s troubles were far from over. She had a difficult journey ahead to
retain her baby boy’s custody, but fortunately, she had Tommy by her side,
helping her every step of the way.

When the baby boy arrived in the world, Tommy was struggling
to ensure that all the legalities and relevant documents were compiled so he
could become Kiarna’s legal guardian. But the path laid out before them was
riddled with obstacles and unexpected challenges.

Taking responsibility

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On the very first attempt to file the papers, Tommy was informed that he was ineligible to become a foster parent. Kiarna and Tommy were heartbroken and stricken with fear over the fate of the unborn child. But a glaring optimist, Tommy wasn’t prepared to give up. He began obtaining legal advice and guidance, and he soon learned that there many ways to overcome the legal hurdles and become the legal guardian of his little cousin.

He was determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill his
dream of protecting Kiarna and her child, and he even moved into a bigger
apartment, spending his savings to allow more space for Kiarna and her unborn

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As his responsibilities and expenses grew, Tommy soon began
skipping training sessions at the track and his field competitions also came to
an end. His friends and family kept reminding him that he had taken up too big
a responsibility, but Tommy shrugged away all such thoughts, focusing on
Kiarna’s need for protection and security.

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He dedicated his time to working extra jobs, moving to a different place, and meeting officials from various departments, signing legal paperwork, and being monitored by the relevant authorities. All the while, he focused on raising money for Kiarna and the baby, creating her bank accounts, and investing in the baby they were about to welcome. He set up doctor’s appointments for Kiarna and invested in baby clothes and furniture.

He dedicated his life to helping Kiarna and began teaching her how to read, write and even how to drive a car. She soon passed her driving test and was given a learner’s permit. It appeared that Kiarna’s life was finally back on the right track.

a Father

16-year old Kiarna was a minor, and the second time Tommy
filed for custody, their prayers were answered and he became her legal guardian
at last! He said, “I am happy to say that she has a new home, and I will be
taking care of her.”

The two were unbelievably happy, and Kiarna was secure in
the comfort that there was always going to be someone to look after her and her
baby. Life had taken a bright and vibrant turn, and the life ahead filled her
with hope.

What people were thinking

The reactions he garnered from the people around didn’t dissuade him from taking up Kiarna’s responsibility as her legal guardian. Many dissuaded him by citing the threats to his dreams and goals, reminding him of how he had given up on his dreams of becoming a world-renowned athlete.

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Tommy didn’t care, as his life had always revolved around
his family, and now, Kiarna was an integral part of his life. Even though it
had created a great many disturbances in his education, he continued working to
secure the future of Kiarna and her baby.

Kiarna’s due date was soon to arrive, and surrounded by a
lovely house, life prospects and a caring guardian, she was filled with hope
and dreams about her future.

Tommy was determined to fulfill all her dreams, and upon learning of her love for cats and desire to own one, he got her an adorable little kitten. Now, the due date was just around the corner, and Tommy was ready to make sure everything goes smoothly. The two had no idea how severely they were going to strike by love at first sight, for the baby boy would change their lives in the most dramatic fashion!

a Granddad

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Two months after becoming Kiarna’s legal guardian, Tommy became a grandfather to her newborn baby. On March 16, she gave birth to an adorable and healthy baby boy, as Tommy waited in the hospital waiting room, diligently working on a college assignment.

He filmed the entire process, and even cut the umbilical
cord tying Kiarna to her baby himself. Despite all the tiring efforts, he still
managed to make to college for an important presentation the next day. Kiarna
named her son Kayden, and at 23-years of age, Tommy gladly accepted the
responsibility of being the youngest granddad in the entire world.

They brought Kayden home, and everyone doted on him, helping
with his chores and showering him with love. Tommy and his girlfriend, Olivia,
was overjoyed at the arrival of the little one, and together, they all became a
happy and close-knit family, however unique their situation.

Speaking of his cousin, Tommy often said that Kiarna was the toughest girl he knows and commended her dedication to give her son a much better life than she had herself experienced.

A Happy

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Now, Kayden, Kiarna and Tommy are living a fulfilling and
loving life with Tommy, who continues to look after them. Once Kiarna’s story
began circulating in their local community, many were moved by her struggle, and
one individual even started a GoFundMe profile for the young mother. Soon,
contributions and funds began pouring in for Kiarna and her baby.

Tommy didn’t mind putting his dreams on hold for one or two years, and he continued working as a real estate agent, alongside managing his college life. He continued to shower love and care upon his grandson and daughter, all the while investing in his goals and dreams for the future.

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Tommy never gave up on his dreams and continued to invest his dedicated into the real estate industry. He planned for the future, and continue to make dreams of having his own business someday. The passionate young man was a true optimist and determined to achieve his dreams of success and triumph, alongside managing the responsibilities of raising a family.

Dreams do
Come True

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Tommy’s story reveals that dreams do come true if you refuse
to accept defeat and combat your circumstances with an unwavering resolve to
succeed. He eventually managed to start his own real estate company, which he
named UN Real Estate. The story goes that his boss had challenged him that he
wouldn’t be able to start his own company due to his youth and lack of

A determined Tommy suddenly found yet another cause to fight for, and soon, his boss’s remarks became a challenge that consumed his energies. The ambitious and dedicated young man set about to combat the challenge and start his own business. His hard work and dedication allowed him to translate his dream into reality.

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He underscored that industry-wide perceptions of real estate
agents tend to depict manipulative, rude, cunning and cheesy salesmen, but his
company was determined to change perceptions. The company motto stated, “We
don’t wear ties, we don’t tell lies.”

With his new company under the belt and his thriving family life, life had certainly changed a great deal for the determined young man.


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Despite the feats and accomplishments Tommy and Kiarna had achieved, their surprises ceased to come to an end. To their utter surprise, his story of coming to Kiarna’s aid went viral on social media. Tommy was puzzled about how a tale of the family helping family could attract such surprised responses. He revealed that since their story went viral, their family garnered so many acts of kindness from total strangers.

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He urged others to learn a meaningful lesson from their story and to give back kindness to random strangers in order to receive kindness and create a ripple effect that could translate throughout the entire society. He said that social media does not have the power to change the world, but the small acts of kindness that we do can truly change the world for the better.

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Throughout his journey of helping Kiarna and raising her
baby, he lost a great many friends and family members he once held close. Tommy
shared that they failed to see the bigger picture of how the baby and Kiarna
were the best gifts in his life. He said, “All I wanted was to keep this boy
safe and happy.”

Writing on his Facebook, Tommy shared, “I’d pick him every
day of the week, 365 days of the year. I may not be your real dad, but I’m your
family and I’ll always be here for you. I haven’t seen my real dad for over 13
years. I learned that a father is what a father does…”

Kayden’s Birthday

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Kayden’s birthday was a joyous occasion for the family,
especially Tommy, who had grown a powerful bond with the little one. Posting on
his Facebook profile, Tommy made a heart-touching wish. He wrote, “Family is
what family does. Happy birthday to the happiest boy in Queensland, the best
looking boy in the family, the best anti-depressant that money couldn’t buy,
and the future world champion in whatever he chooses to do. I love you kid.”

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Little Kayden and his incredibly strong mother now have their own place, and they have even rekindled their relationship with Kiarna’s family members who had once abandoned her. Kiarna’s efforts and Tommy’s never-ending support allowed her to receive her high school diploma once she learned how to read and write. She got a full-time job and began supporting her adorable son all on her own.

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This heartfelt story allows us to understand the poignancy and power of helping others, and how it allows us to move ahead and reap success in our life. You know what they say, an act of kindness never goes unanswered!