Ultimate Summer Escape: West Lake Provincial Park

None of the North Kr. Summer is not complete without a trip to West Lake Provincial Park. Known simply by locals as “West Lake”, the park is a summer holiday that attracts thousands of visitors each season. With miles of sandy beach and access to water, there are definitely plenty of activities, right? That’s right! Here are some of the most popular activities you and your families will enjoy. You can find more places to visit in Canada on the Prince George (BC) hiking trails.


Image courtesy of Archie Binamira / Pexels.com

The waters of West Lake are nothing but tempting. Therefore, swimming in the West Lake is the most popular activity. If you have small fish floating around your feet and gentle water knocking on your feet, it’s easy to spend hours floating on the surface of the lake. However, it’s not just swimming; visitors also enjoy tubing, floating on surfboards and lounging on inflatable water furniture.


Although the lake takes up a lot of space in the park, there is wide sand and grass, which is great for group sports.

It is not uncommon for groups of people to play frisbee, volleyball or beach soccer. In fact, sports in the park have most of the atmosphere.

BBQ lunch

Image courtesy of Free-Photos / Pixabay.com

There are no designated barbecue holes in West Lake. However, there are many ideal places to set up your portable BBQ and have a delicious lunch by the lake.

BBQ lunch by the lake and with friends is a great way to satisfy your hungry stomach as well as to communicate with loved ones, while also enjoying a great outdoors. Be sure to put your trash in the trash before leaving!

Stone collection

Since West Lake is partly water, it goes without saying that there are likely to be millions of rocks. If you are a rock collector, there are definitely a few gems on the lake that you can find.

You can stay by the shore and collect rocks near the beach, or wander on and round the larger rocks hidden from the general beach population. Truly amazing rocks have been pulled out of the waters of West Lake, so keep your eyes peeled!