Unique and Cringey Nail Designs

Nail art is one of the best ways to express yourself and show your creative passion. Some women like nude nails with light tints of beige and whites, while others like to go for wackier designs. Have you ever seen a cactus design on nails or maybe some animal fur? These designs are sure to give you some creative ideas to tell your manicurist on your next trip. Some people even go so far as adding 6 inches on their nail extensions, which is pretty wacky! These nail designs are certainly out of the box, and if there were a competition for unique nail designs, these nail art would definitely be a hit. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your nails, look no further.

Bubble Gum Addict

In this design, two different things are happening. On one side, the mouth is chewing black bubblegum, and on the other side, a pair of dentures sit encased in glass. Maybe the right side of the nail is a foreboding of the left side?

Image Courtesy of Reddit.com

Whatever the person’s reason is for rolling with this nail design, we commend them for their originality. No one else truly has nails quite like hers. The baby blue tips make the whole design more gentle, and at least they didn’t choose a bright neon color.

Inspired by St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg church is a sight to behold with its colorful spires overlooking the sea. It’s the site of Russia’s famous cultural center with places such as the Mariinsky Theatre, which is home to various opera and ballet performances.

image courtesy wacky manicures/pinterest

This was a creative idea to do since it captures the sights of St.Petersburg, and the designs of the cross are super spot on. The bright colors they used also represent the lively city of St. Petersburg, and we are in awe of the detail in these nails.

Cardi B Nails

When we see these nails, we instantly remember Cardi B and her lavish outfits and hair extensions. She even goes to a special nail tech to do her nails, and it looks like this lady was inspired by female artists who are dominating the music industry.

image courtesy ugly manicures/pinterest

This “curly nail” design is also considered a fad, and many ladies are flocking to have this art applied on their nails. While it may look hard to function with them, you can’t help but admire the uniqueness in the shape of each nail.

French Manicure Overload

Typically, when getting a french manicure, the manicurist asks you if you want a square edge or a round edge. Then they take the file and your nail and try to get the shape that fits your hands the most. Often times, square-edged nails look best for french tips.

image courtesy of bemethis

This look though, looks like she layered on the polish way too much and didn’t quite file her nails properly. French tips are supposed to look more natural and are an everyday look. The ends here have different lengths, and she should’ve gotten a refund on these nails.

Wax On Wax Off

Waxing for women is relatively common, and many women do it if they feel like their body is too hairy. Other times, women will shave or even undergo laser treatments to remove the hair entirely. These treatments help to remove the hair altogether, with laser treatment being the most effective.

image courtesy @nailsunny

This lady wanted to get nail art with fake hair on it, and the nail is supposed to resemble a leg – complete with a pedicure! This is one of the weirdest ideas we’ve seen, even the foot’s shape is clearly spot on. We applaud this idea because it was truly a creative, if not kind of creepy one!

I Mustache You a Question

This person must really love mustaches, and since she couldn’t grow one on her own, why not rock a few on her nails? It’s pretty cool how each nail has a different nose and mustache of its own – such a creative idea!

image courtesy of piximus

It looks like each mustache has its own story. The one in the middle is the eldest and wisest of them all while the ones toward the end are still in the stages of growing their staches. Such an exciting unfolding of one’s facial hair!

Sailor Moon Nails

In Japan, Harajuku fashion is prominent and it’s a type of style where you incorporate anime influences with bright and pretty colors. This design would be considered “kawaii” or cute for its Sailor Moon motifs.

image courtesy of yukepo

The nail tech did her best and included the whole gang, including Sailor Mercury and even Sailor Saturn. While it may seem hard to function with these nails, Harajuku fashion isn’t meant to be worn all the time and is usually worn outdoors, so she probably only had this on for going out or for an event.

Love It

What better way to demonstrate your passion for McDonald’s and their delicious food than getting them on your nails? This Mickey D’s fan loves her french fries and strawberry milkshake, and we have to agree with her on this look.

image courtesy of scrollbreak

These nails look good enough to eat! Red and yellow are meant to be colors that stimulate your appetite, and when we look at these nails, we can’t help but be hungry. The length of these nails are just right, and we’d give this design an 8/10.

Avengers Unite

This lady is a big fan of the Avengers, and it’s a wonderful show because of all the conflicts and resolutions that they’re able to tie in all together. She has almost all the superheroes on her nails gleaming, and she’s sure to be safe from world destruction with them by her side.

image courtesy of yukepo

This will be a great nail idea if you’re attending cosplay or even a comic book convention. It’s cool how she made one of her hands house the infinity stones complete with gold polish. This design was a unique one, and it goes to show that nail art truly has no bounds.

Squeaky Clean

Instead of grabbing a cloth and wiping dirty surfaces down, why not just place brushes on your nails to clean your home? This idea is not just economical, but it’s also a good way to make your house much cleaner.

image courtesy wacky manicures/pinterest

The bristles look like they could actually work against combatting dirt and grime. Meaning she could scrape away dirt from all those hard to reach places! Such a great idea that no one has ever thought of before until now that is.

Sweet Treats

These nails look good enough to eat and almost look like lollipops! The swirls blend together to look like mini lollipops resting on her nails. This is a nail design that’s called “3D art” where they make designs that look like they’re protruding.

image courtesy ugly manicures/pinterest

Besides looking like candy nails, it also looks like a vortex, and if you look closely, it almost looks like it’s starting to spin! These candy treat looking nails would be great for a special occasion, and the work that was put into it was very well done.

Sparkly Nails

Are these sparkly nails or maybe sparkly claws? This lady grew her nails so long that they started curving naturally. When your nails grow this length, the only way for them to grow is to be curved. She hasn’t cut her nails in a very long time, it seems.

image courtesy of bemethis

Then she thought it would be a bright idea to paint them silver with glitter. The design looks beautiful, but we’re not so sure about the length. She could have trimmed them a little bit, but it seems like this was intentional. If she can flaunt this look and be happy, then no one should try to stop her!


Avocadoes are great when mashed and made into a paste and served on a piece of toast. It’s also perfect to stuff into a tortilla, or in a smoothie with some hemp seeds. But this person decided to take avocados to the next level and placed them on her fingernails.

image courtesy OF fingernailfashion

It wasn’t enough to consume them regularly; she loved avocados so much she just had to have them with her all the time. The color choice is great because the light pink blends with the dark green and neon colors. If you’re a fan of avocados, then here’s some inspiration for you.

Under The Sea

At some point, all little girls would dream about being a mermaid princess after watching “The Little Mermaid.” This movie made us imagine worlds beyond our normal earth. It made us think of our wildest dreams and how they may possibly be true.

image courtesy nail sunny

This unique theme is based on the aquatic, and we’re living for the 3D mermaid. The nail extensions look like tiny pools with moss floating around, and the seaweed seems extra bright. This nail tech did a great job of bringing this mermaid to life.

Pearly Whites

Getting a new toothbrush every 3-6 months can be a huge waste. So this lady decided that having a toothbrush on her nails is both ecological and practical. This is a bright idea, and we hope the bristles are strong enough to stick to the nail.

image courtesy nail sunny

If the nail tech used gel nail polish, then she should be alright. In this day and age, with the influence of social media, no idea can’t be executed. Nowadays, beauty standards are about challenging the norm, and this nail art is doing just that.


Gummy candy is one of the best sweets out there. The texture is chewy, the taste varies from sour to sweet, and they’re just simply addictive! This lady seems to love gummy candy so much that she got them on her nails.

image courtesy nail sunny

While they may look great to eat, but they’re just nail extensions that imitate the look of the gummy candy. The colors blend together harmoniously, and while we’re staring at this, we can’t help but think about popping over to the store to pick up some candy ourselves.

Never Running out of Cotton Swabs

Almost everyone has a pack of Cotton swabs or Q-Tips at home.They are just a must-have bathroom basic that’s great for many uses. You can remove make up with them, clean wounds, and even clean your earwax – what a necessary bathroom staple.

image courtesy ugly manicures/pinterest

This lady seems to see the benefits of cotton swabs and decided to get them attached to her nails. We don’t think that it would be a good idea to keep them on your nails though after using them, though. They’re usually single-use, but hey whatever floats your boat!

The Whole Gang is Here

This is the meaning of being a true hardcore fan of Kiss. As a real fan of Gene Simmons and his legendary rock band, she made this nail art in tribute to them. Complete with the sparkling metallic and black boots!

image courtesy wacky manicures/pinterest

If you have a favorite band, what’s to stop you from wearing them on your nails? The face make-up is spot on complete with the signature tongue out. Even the wigs are all fitting to each band member, and if they could see themselves on someone’s nails now, they’d most likely be proud of the nail artists’ work.

Getting Crafty

Ouch! This nail art looks like it would be hard to perform the simplest of tasks. Not all of the tips look sharp, but even some of the blunt looking ones look like they could do some damage. It might be hard to hug someone without digging into their back.

image courtesy of scrollbreak

Maybe it would’ve been better to keep the edges blunt or to put a lid over the tips to keep them from hurting others. This person is a true DIY enthusiast and doesn’t seem to mind the design as long as it serves her. Maybe she works as a handy-woman?

Brace Yourself

These brace nails are super realistic, but why are the braces attached to each other? This look must have been for show because no way can she move her fingers without breaking the wire. It’s interesting to see how she made the ends look like actual teeth.

image courtesy OF fingernailfashion

Maybe this person just got their braces removed and wanted to celebrate this victorious moment. After all, braces can hurt, and removing them is a huge step in one’s life. We sure hope she’s happy with her new straight pearly whites!

This Little Piggy

Some people own dogs and cats, others own parakeets, and some people keep reptiles as pets. But this girl decided to showcase her love for one of her favorite animals: pigs! While some celebrities have pigs as pets, including Miley Cyrus, it’s not recommended to keep them as house pets.

image courtesy of nail sunny

So instead of getting a pet pig, this lady thought of getting fake pigs to show her love for them. Nothing wrong with that, but what’s strange is that if you look closer, you’ll see the piglets nursing from their momma! Now that’s one design you don’t get to see every day.

Creepy Crawly

These nails are not for the faint of heart. If you’re not a fan of insects, then make sure to keep away from these nails because they’ll surely haunt you in your sleep. Either this lady collects insects and wanted to share her love for them, or this is part of a costume design.

image courtesy of scrollbreak

The thought that was put into this design is impressive, and the legs look so real they send shivers up our spine! If the lady’s goal was to scare people, then she achieved that. We’re just not sure why any person would want to walk around with bugs on their nails.

Got Milk?

Judging from these girl’s nails, she might be a new momma. The milk bottles aren’t milk cartons but baby bottles, which might indicate a new addition to her family. Judging from her ring, it looks like she’s married and probably can’t wait to be a mom soon.

image courtesy of inforemedio

The craftsmanship is excellent, and the lack of white in the nails shows how some bottles are drained while others are full. It must have taken a lot of work to make the milk look realistic, and the artist really committed to the design 100%.

Beauty Guru

This beauty guru did a solid job of getting her nails done. Since she has a background in beauty and makeup, then she only chose the best of the best to do her nails. Nail sunny did not disappoint with this nail design, and she’s super talented with 3D pieces.

image courtesy of nail sunny

The eyeshadow palette looks so realistic you could almost grab an eyeshadow brush and dab it on the pallet then onto your lids. The dripping pink colors on the metallic nails are also a look, and even though all the colors are varying, they come together very well.

Munchies Time

Pizza, hotdogs, and burgers, oh my! Our stomachs are rumbling for these nails, and the 3D pieces look incredibly realistic. It reminds us of those fake ramen bowls in front of ramen shops in Japan. The attention to detail is crazy good, and we admire the work put into this.

image courtesy of nail sunny

When looking at her nails, you can’t help but drool and think of food. The dishes look delectable, and the food she’s holding in her hands only makes one more hungry. If food is one of your favorite things in this world, here’s an idea for you.

Is that a… Toilet Cleaner?

Oh gosh. These nails are toilet cleaners, and we think that this lady topped the list for us by having the strangest nails. If she was going for a unique look, then she certainly achieved it! While it’s imperative to own a toilet cleaner in your bathroom, it isn’t necessary at all to have one on your nails too.

image courtesy of nail sunny

The ends of the toilet plungers have a surprise, and it’s not the good kind. We highly disagree with her idea and think that the last part went a little too far. But hey, if you like the idea and want to go for the unique path- then that’s what matters!

Looking for the Right Couch

Ikea is one of the best places to buy furniture if you’re looking for easy to set up items. They not only have a catalog, but you can also choose furniture from the website and have it delivered straight to your home.

image courtesy wacky manicures/pinterest

These Ikea inspired nails sure hit the nail on the head with this look. The letters are spot on and even the couch! It seems like it would be hard to brush your hair or even to eat food with these nails, though even if they do look pretty awesome.

Make Up Forever

If you’re a make up fan, then this will nail art will knock your socks off. It looks exactly like a Mac make up brush, and the bristles are a perfect size. There aren’t too many hairs nor too little, and the brush size is ideal for each finger.

image courtesy ugly manicures/pinterest

This makeup fan is a true MAC lover and probably owns most of their products. Who can blame her? Their lipsticks and foundations provide excellent coverage, and they’re considered one of the best brands in the make up industry. You go, girl!

Dinner’s Ready

This design looks functional but maybe not entirely practical to say the least. While it boasts the idea of being environmentally friendly and saying no to single-use plastics (which is wonderful!) it seems like pain if someone were to touch you with these.

image courtesy of nailsunny

These utensils would be so helpful if you were trying to eat a piece of steak and some string beans. Instead of holding an actual fork and knife, you can ask the waiter to skip serving you them since you’ve packed your own.

Play That Funky Music

Now, this is one wacky nail design that works and even plays music! Placing a built-in harmonica into a nail extension isn’t easy and takes precision and art form. This lady asked the nail tech to place a harmonica on her nail, and she did it presto chango.

image courtesy of nail sunny

Just like magic, now she can play music on her nails and not from her hands. This idea is a crazy one, but we love the originality and thought put into this. The lady must be an avid music fan to have an instrument attached to her nail.

Those Pesky Earphones

Back in the good old days, people blasted music through boom boxes and paraded down the streets. Then they advanced to headphones and car stereos. In 2020, Bluetooth earphones became the big thing, and almost everyone you know now has a pair.

image courtesy wacky manicures/pinterest

The problem with Airpods or Bluetooth earphones is that they always go missing. You have the case with them, but when one gets lost, then the other’s pointless. This person decided to be more economical and thought that it would be a better idea to attach your AirPods to your nails. Because: why not?

Care for a Game of Puzzles?

Puzzles are a great way to unwind when your brain needs a little downtime, but you don’t want to hop on the social media train. They’re a lot of fun for the entire family, and once you complete one, the satisfaction sets in.

image courtesy of yukepo

These puzzle nails are a cool addition to any outfit and would look great with a plain white or black shirt. The artist did a great job of shaping the nail extensions into puzzle pieces, and this nail job is undoubtedly a work of art!

Soccer Fan

This design is unique because it shows that girly girls can also love sports. It doesn’t matter if you love sparkles or watching a game with the boys, but if you can do both, then that’s awesome! This girl decided to display her love for soccer on her nails.

image courtesy of tnaot

Usually, people wear their favorite player’s jerseys or even get a poster made. But she went out of the box and decided to get soccer nails. The player with multiple arms looks like an octopus, but maybe that’s just because he’s supposed to be moving.

Piña Colada

Anyone care for a Piña Colada? Not the beverage you drink but on your nails. These nails look perfect for the summer, and they’re a great idea if you want to go for more non-conventional nail designs. The ends look a bit too spiky, though! Ouch!

image courtesy of nailsunny

This design would be great if you’re into the fresh and fruity look – and it just happens to work. Just looking at these nails makes us thirsty for some fresh pineapple juice. Or maybe a delicious coconut on a warm summer’s day by the sea.

Toasty Nails

Bread is always better when it’s lightly toasted and served with butter and jam. Toasted PB&J is also delicious as a morning snack paired with coffee. This lady showed her love for toasters with this nail art and an actual Smeg Toaster on her nails.

image courtesy wacky manicures/pinterest

Maybe she loves toasters so much and has a great backstory and reason for placing them on their nails. The details on the oranges look like a mini painting, and this design is extremely creative. We give her a 9/10 for effort.

Job Interview Ready

It’s always a good idea to look presentable for an interview, especially if it’s your first one. Picking a collared shirt, taking a shower, and brushing your hair are the few things you should be doing before one (hopefully!)

image courtesy of tnaot

This lady wanted to show how presentable she is by making her first impression with her brush nails. While they look nice, maybe she should have stuck with only one brush nail, and the other nails normal? It seems challenging to do everyday tasks with this set of nails.

Bride to Be

If you’re about to be married, then this is an idea for your manicure that you might want to consider. The baby blue was a great idea because it fills the requirement for something blue, and the figurines on her nails are just too cute!

image courtesy topdizz

This bride to be wanted to show her love for her groom and their upcoming nuptials. She went to a nail tech and got a matching groom and bride design. Maybe when they have a baby, she’ll add a little one.

Oyster Craving

Oysters are a delicious aphrodisiac that many people love slurping down. The seafood is best paired with a pinch of salt and a dash of lime. As much as this person loves oysters, isn’t it enough to simply just eat them at a restaurant?

image courtesy wacky manicures/pinterest

This lady had to have her cake and eat it too. Or should we say, oyster. The pearls are placed perfectly on her ring finger, but we’re not quite sure how she manages to send a text message with a barnacle sticking out of her thumbnail.

Spiky Situation

The lady who got this must be a huge plant lover to get cacti nails. The design is spot on, and the spikes don’t look painful. It’s great to display your love for plants, but to put them on your nails too? That’s going a little too far.

image courtesy of wackynails/pinterest

How does she do everyday things like cooking? Cleaning? The spikes must be coming off with every flick of her finger. At least she didn’t have the idea to get a tree or even a bonsai on her nails!

Baby Toes

For some people, this design might look a little creepy, but the story behind it is heartwarming. This new momma wanted to show her love for her newborn baby by getting nail art that shows how proud she was about bringing him into this life.

image courtesy of yukepo

The hands holding the toes were carefully made, and the detail on the soles of the child’s feet is remarkable. She also used a tone for the rest of the nails that isn’t too overwhelming, and the purple sheen matches the greyish tones of the body parts.

Short of Hearing

Some people prefer crunchy peanut butter over smooth, while some people love dogs more than cats. This person wanted to show her love for.. ears? She also added a little surprise to the ends of the ears to emphasize them -earwax.

image courtesy of wackynails/pinterest

People are all different and have their preferences in life, so we are not here to question hers. On the plus side, the ears were well made and look exactly how they’re supposed to look. The nail tech is a true artiste!

Miley Fan

This hardcore Miley Cyrus fan decided to get the lyrics of Mother’s Daughter on her nails, including Miley herself. The only problem here is Miley’s hair should’ve been brunette, but other than that, everything else is on point.

image courtesy of inforemedio

The tight spandex, the wide aviators, and even the bright red lipstick are incredibly reminiscent of Miley. Do we wonder if her other hand has a different set of lyrics? This art job is incredible, and the length of the nails isn’t scarily long.

Nails on Nails

As if this woman didn’t have enough nails already! She decided to go the extra mile, and even her nails have their own set of varnished nails. This design would look great if they were horror-themed and worn during Halloween.

image courtesy ugly manicures/pinterest

But as an everyday working look, we don’t see how anyone could sport this manicure? It seems that it would be hard to function with these nails daily, but maybe if she were typing quickly on a keyboard, this nail art would help her increase her word count – the more fingers, the more words!

Handy Dandy Measuring Tool

This nail art would come in handy in college when you’re trying to solve the volume questions in a physics test. This would also be ultimate cheat because from afar, it just looks like lines, but when you look up close, you can see the units of measurement.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest.com

Cheating hack or nail art? You decide. People keep coming up with the most creative designs, and this one is undoubtedly one of a kind. The transparent nail truly makes it look like a ruler or a glass for measuring tools for baking.


No one likes to walk into a rose brush by accident. The thorns stick to you, and they can be painful to remove. This lady seems to like the idea of thorns on her nails and skin, and that goes to show how people’s styles are evolving.

image courtesy of nail sunny

Back in the day, bright red nails were the norm and now in this age, anything is possible. This look seems like it had a purpose and maybe she was preparing for a show or a Haloween event. Her nails sure have us spooked with this creepy yet cool design.