Wedding Day Fails: Twitteratis Share Their Hilarious Wedding Day Moments

The wedding season is thriving in all its vibrancy and glory, and social media is abuzz with a couple of wedding hashtags and dreamy pictures of fantastical weddings. Our feeds are brimming with touching and romantic displays of love between brides and grooms, and needless to say, love is in the air.

Weddings are joyous occasions that create beautiful memories
to be cherished by the wedding couple for years to come. But for the wedding
guests, weddings are occasions for great fun, gallant displays of ever-lasting
romance, and many embarrassing moments that will keep them giggling for the
rest of their lives.

You see, weddings are merry affairs that combine an unending supply of drinks and food, and naturally, they lead to moments and disasters that end up becoming mirth-inducing memories that last us a lifetime. Come to think of it, weddings are an unprecedented saga of family drama, given the fabulous mix of elements, such as hard to please future in-laws, extended relatives, friends and acquaintances, and an open bar to encourage them all to booze up and let it all out.

To commemorate the wedding season, Jimmy Fallon, one of America’s most hilarious and widely adored TV Show host, encouraged all his followers to use the hashtag, #WeddingFail, to narrate all the embarrassing and bizarre wedding day tales that they encouraged throughout their lives. As a motivator, Jimmy said that sharing these tweets would give everyone a chance to have their tweet readout on his show, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

This encouragement was all it took for Twitteratis to
respond with a unique fervor, and before we knew it, social media was buzzing
with hilarious and mind-bogglingly bizarre tales of wedding day fails.

Here is a list of some of the best tweets for you to

Unexpected Twinning

Alex, a twitter user, shared an endearing yet funny tale of how three grandmothers ended up wearing an identical blue dress to the wedding. While we can all understand their embarrassment at wearing similar dresses, it is difficult to deny how intensely adorable they look like a trio. Talk about unexpected twinning!

We can’t help but be impressed by how elegantly and
charmingly they carried themselves and even agreed to take a picture together.
Little did they know it would find its way to social media, paraded around for
all to share their unexpected episode of identical dressing.

Dog Lover’s Disappointment

It is only natural for dog lovers to want their precious and
loyal furry friends to be an integral part of the bridal party, and this bride
was certainly no different in this regard. However, she made the terrible error
of dismissing the reasonable advice offered by her dog trainer, and her wedding
turned out to be a loud howling competition between a pack of huskies.

This teaches us the important lesson of always trusting the
advice of our dog trainers, and when it comes to wedding, being careful about
the number of dogs that we choose to invite to our bridal affair.

Falling in Love

Patrick, a groom, had the most hilarious tale to recall from
his own wedding, where he managed to allow his guests a mirth-inducing moment
of literally falling head over heels, with his wife in his arms. Poor Patrick
only wanted to carry his wife in his arms, and romantically walk out of the
ceremony as a knight in shining armor.

However, it is evident that Patrick hadn’t been hitting the gym for a long, long time. Hence, instead of carrying her out of the ceremony, he managed to make a great fall and land the bride unceremoniously on the ground.

Pant-Ripping Accident

This certainly tops our list of the most hilarious wedding fail moments, and we are sure that the bride and groom will also remember it for all eternity. Weddings can quickly turn into disasters, especially if the groom manages to rip his pants and the bride lands on her face, but it is always a choice to laugh off that moment and enjoy the rest of the evening without pondering on one’s embarrassment.

Best Man Fails

A best man narrated the funniest embarrassing moment of when
he let down his friend, the groom, who had entrusted him with the greatest
diplomatic challenge of giving the best man’s speech. It was his friend’s
second wedding, a precarious affair as all the guests are undoubtedly gossiping
about the failure of the first marriage, and memories of the events thrown to
commemorate it.

Well, the best man certainly didn’t help matters by starting
the speech with “Welcome back”. We strongly hope that the guests around him had
the decency to throw in a laugh to reduce the discomfort of the groom and his
newly wedded wife.

Groom’s Romantic Moment

Walking down the aisle, in an elaborate wedding gown is
certainly the most precious moment for any bride and groom. It is a moment
prevalently preserved in pictures, videos, and our memories. However, if this
poignant moment is ruined, it can lay waste to a great deal of wealth spent on
photographers, dresses, decorations, and a great deal more.

This groom certainly had an embarrassing tale to tell, and
we cannot help but think about the thoughts in his mind, which compelled him to
make such an anxiety-ridden face.

Minty Blues

Dianne, a gorgeous bride, had the most hilarious tale to
tell, and we are awed by her candid admission, and her adorable photograph that
preserved the memory. It is natural for brides to feel nervous jitters as they
walk down the aisle, and it is also natural to ask for chewing gums or mint to
calm one’s nerves.

Dianne’s brother, Peter, who was walking down the aisle
offered her to have some mint, but he certainly wasn’t doing his sister any
favors. The mint turned her tongue into a striking blue, certainly a sight to
remember for the groom!

Seagulls Galore

We are all aware that beachside weddings come with a
plethora of challenges, but who would have thought that seagulls could also
make it to the list. Clearly, wedding planning is a challenging feat, and
anything could go wrong at any point.

We cannot imagine the embarrassment of the poor mother of
the bride, who was became the recipient of a fish head, unceremoniously dropped
by a seagull.

Wedding Guest’s Conundrum

This poor wedding guest may have spent her entire time in the bathroom, cleaning her dress and getting it blow-dried to return back to the bridal party. Her dress was soiled, not once but twice, and in the most hilarious of manners. We wonder how she managed to get out those awfully stubborn wine stains out of the elaborate silk gown, and that too of such a light peach color. We hope someone would have asked the detergent or washing product she used!

However, that wasn’t her only ordeal as in the next
accident, she ended up with equally stubborn coffee stains, which must have
been another feat to clean.

Wedding Fires

While wedding fires are hardly funny enough to make us crack
up, this one certainly is. It tells the tale of an unfortunate bride who
managed to burn her wedding dress train. It pains us to even think about a
burning wedding dress, and all the effort and money, not to mention the dreams
that went into its designing and creation.

Nevertheless, the tale ends on a happy note as the elegant
bride managed to swallow this hiccup with pride and confidence. The DJ
certainly helped lighten up the scene with his remarkable choice of music!

Ripped My Pants

If we take into account the number of clothing fails and
ripped pants that take place at weddings, we probably wouldn’t be inclined to
spend a great deal of money on wedding outfits. This hilarious tale tells the
story of a passionate dancer who lost himself on the dance floor and managed to
rip his pants from the most peculiar place imaginable.

We can’t help but wonder, did this embarrassing incident
compel him to go back to his seat or did he continue rocking the dance floor
for the rest of the night?

Free Honeymoon Suite

What could possibly be better than a weeklong stay in a luxurious honeymoon suite without having to pay a single dime for the opulence? Terrific, right? It may be hard to believe, but it actually happened with this lucky couple.

Although none of us would want to suffer the disappointment of finding fraudsters copulating on our beds on our wedding night if it leads to an ending as happy as this one, what’s the harm? You know what they say, there’s always a silver lining!

Trippy Grandma

The old and the elderly are also cause for hilarious drama
and fun memories, and this memory is so endearing it warmed our hearts. The
bride and groom managed to land on the floor in their bid to save the groom’s
grandma from falling, and the photographer found the perfect moment to click an
unforgettable picture.

Falling certainly seems to be the best strategy to make
one’s wedding unforgettable and save up some mirth-inducing memories that would
certainly entertain our children for years to come. So, who’s up for falling on
their wedding day?

Pretty, White, Blurry Thing

Just before we thought the wedding fails on our list couldn’t get any funnier, we were struck with this priceless gem. This tale reminds us of how important it is to avoid rushing through our styling and readying rituals and give proper time to each and every chore.

However, it remains as a warming memory that allowed the wedding
couple to cherish a story as funny as this one. You see, weddings and events
don’t always go as planned, and whatever may be the outcome, the key is to find
a way to enjoy the precious moments of our Big Day!

12-year old Spiked

Now, we admit that spiking a 12-year old’s drink and plying
her with alcohol certainly warrants a serious reprimanding, but come to think
of it, the bride’s sister certainly must have made some unforgettable memories.

Mother out of Control

A wedding day is the bride’s big moment and it is all about her beauty, her exquisite wedding gown, and her romantic love story. No one-and by that we mean not a single person in the world is allowed to steal the bride’s thunder.

Now, wearing a white dress to a wedding is most certainly
the worst thing a woman can possibly due to the bride, and wearing a white lace
dress is a sin so unforgivable that it would even make the angels cry. However,
this bride’s mother turned out to be quite heartless, parading around in white
lace and doing lap dances with a Roman statue.

Listen to the Best Man!

A dramatic tale of romance and chance that had us gushing more than laughing and reminded us of the fact that love finds us all in unusual places in the most unusual of moments. It always reminds of the importance of listening the best man when it comes to advising about the groom.

Well, this bride certainly didn’t listen and ended up marrying
the wrong guy, only to get a divorce and do it all over again. How many of us
thought such tales only take place in movies?

Wedding at a Farm

As if a beach wedding weren’t challenging enough, it turns out that farm weddings are certainly no easier feat either. You see, the thing about choosing an outdoor location is that it eliminates your ability to control your wedding event, and the external factors that will rain over your parade.

Look at this story for instance, how could the bride and
groom possibly have imagined that a poor cow’s childbirth ordeal would steal
their thunder, turning their wedding into a farm escapade!

The Bridal Kiss

This sister-in-law simply couldn’t stop her cringe-worthy expression as her brother get up to kiss his newly wedded wife. The photographer found the perfect moment to picture the scene, and we seriously wonder how her relationship progressed with her brother’s wife after this picture surfaced in the wedding album.

Maid of Honor’s Shame

This bride certainly had the most hilarious tale to tell about her maid of honor, and we can’t help but feel sorry for the girl, in between fits of laughter of course. Maid of honors has a prestigious post in the bridal party, which warrants them to be elegant and ever watchful for the possibility of blunders. But this one wanted to dance the night away, only to end up with the lifelong trauma of having her private parts paraded for all the guests to see.

The Sleeping Priest

When selecting a priest for the wedding vows, it is
important to make instructions about his demeanor and conduct. A sleeping
priest is certainly no good to the bridal couple, especially if he is going to
sleep his way through the mass and end up mispronouncing the bride’s name.

Perhaps, this teaches us a lesson to make clear instructions
about urging our chosen priests to mind their sleeping hours, so they don’t end
up sleeping during our wedding ceremonies.

MIL’s Treachery

Mothers-in-law are notorious for leaving no stone unturned in making the lives of their daughter-in-laws a living hell, but this MIL certainly took treachery to a whole new level of competitiveness. On the bride’s wedding day, she stole her sons’ newly wedded wife’s thunder by wearing an almost identical white dress to the ceremony.

Could anything possibly be worse than this betrayal? Oh
well, the daughter-in-law certainly seems to have taken her revenge by sharing
her treachery for the entire world to see. Well played Amy!

Father of the Groom

Talk about the burden of satisfying our parents with our life choices and stifling under the weight of their expectations.

Well, this father in law certainly left no stone unturned in making his newly wedded daughter-in-law feel unwelcomed, and that too, in front of hundreds of guests. We cannot imagine the feelings of the wedding couple, but we can certainly share a laugh or two on their expense.

Priest’s Mistake

It appears that hiring the right priest to exchange one’s
wedding vows is no easy feat, even though it seems like the easiest part of
wedding planning. This reminds us all to make sure we familiarize ourselves
with the priest rather than waiting for the wedding ceremony.

Dancing Tribals

Clearly, weddings are certainly not the best occasions to
invite a troupe of exotic Indian dancers, regardless of how fascinating their
costumes and dance performances. You see, the wedding day is all about the
bride and the groom, and you dare not steal their thunder.

Here’s a reminder to all, jokes aside, never take up the
task of planning someone else’s wedding for them. Wait for your own wedding,
and if your own wedding passed decades ago, then-well, your wedding planning
days are clearly behind you!

Ex-Girlfriend Attacks

Now here’s a valuable lesson on why ex-girlfriends and
boyfriends should never be invited to one’s wedding ceremony, especially if
love letters have been exchanged, alongside promises of undying love. If you
know that your ex-girlfriend still hasn’t moved on, inviting her to your
wedding is a disaster waiting to happen, and you have no one to blame but

We cannot help but picture the giggles that may have erupted
amongst the guests as this young lady read letter after letter, regaling the
newly wedded bride of her husband’s past romances.

Bar-S Hotdogs

Who doesn’t love hot dogs? We all do, but they most
certainly don’t make the best food staple to feet a wedding party. And yet,
this father thought it fit to make a savvier investment by serving $200 worth
of hotdogs, fresh out of a $300 fridge. It reminds us never to entrust anyone
else with the important wedding chores that can make or break the event.

There are three reasons guests come to the wedding: food, open bar, and music. If you deny any of these three, the purpose of attending a wedding is utterly and completely lost. Raise your hands if you agree!

Similar Dresses

Now here’s an important lesson for the ladies: never pick
out wedding appropriate evening dresses from online shops. These dresses are
highly likely to be worn by at least one or two other guests that you see at
the wedding. It may seem like a fabulous bargain, but only until you see
someone else flaunting it as well.

Slipping down the Staircase

It appears that falling on weddings is the hip new trend amongst bridal parties, and we are certainly loving it. However, spiraling down a grand staircase is likely to be painful and excruciatingly uncomfortable. Needless to say, brides and grooms need to be much more careful about their attire and watching out where they step.

However, we have to admit, stories of these memorable falls certainly make wedding ceremonies all the more cherished and fun. These are memories that define our lives for years to come, allowing us a moment to share a laugh even during the most dreadful of times.

Legal Troubles

Last but not the least, this hilarious tale of legal
troubles reminds us of bitter divorces and how fights between parents can
impact the lives of their children. This mother of the bride saw it fit to
catch her husband in a tight spot by delivering him a subpoena during her
daughter’s wedding. Perhaps, she was tired of chasing him and saw it fit to
utilize the perfect opportunity that he won’t be able to avoid.